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Welcome to the Kiki London YouTube channel! In today's video I'll be doing my own nails using the Kiki London Easy Build Up Gel! I'll be incorporating bot.. Generally, the steps you would take to apply a builder gel would be something like this: Prepare the nail - clean, file and buff the nails. Push back and trim the cuticle. Wipe the nail with a lint-free pad using nail cleanser or acetone Suzie demonstrates how to apply Nail Tips on yourself to create beautiful Square Nails using Gel in this detailed Step by Step tutorial.Suzie has an Upcoming..

Hi everyone! Todays video is on how apply builder gel to my natural nails. I decided to apply builder gel on my nails rather than regular gel because I just. OPEN ME!Let's stay connected!!Instagram: @jasmyndestinehttps://www.instagram.com/jasmyndestine Twitter: https://twitter.com/JasmynDestinePlease LIKE MY FACEB.. Take a bead of your builder gel starting in the middle of the nail floating it towards the edges while working towards the tip of the nail. Cure for 90 seconds. It will half cure the gel which is what you would like to allow the rest to adhere without movement Plenty of our Bluesky users love infilling Hard Gel as it means they don't have to completely remove the product! To infill, file off the Top Coat and the colour until you reach the Hard Gel. You can then use the same colour of Hard Gel for your infill. After you have finished curing, buff over the nail to smooth down the product

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Watch Greg apply hard gel over a glued nail tip Spread the gel across your entire nail to complete the first coat. Gently push the gel back towards your cuticle to fill in around the cuticle. Pull the brush in the opposite direction, toward the free edge, to divide the bead of gel in half. Then distribute the gel on either side of your nail using the brush Many gel users struggle with extensions cracking off, being too flat, or keeping the gel on the form while creating the desired length. In this video I show..

Next, use the same BUILDER gel and apply it under the Gelly Tip. Make sure to apply this gel only to the area of the tip that will come in contact with your natural nail. To apply the nail extension, simply press the Gelly Tip on the natural nail with your thumb from the cuticle to the free edge firmly, making sure to remove any air bubbles Prep your nails. Apply Builder Gel: this can be applied to your natural nails, nail tips, or nail forms. Cure with your lamp

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Confused on how to build your apex with gel or how to get a smooth finish? Don't paint one layer at a time! Let the gel do what it does best by applying it.. How to Use Builder Gel: 1. Use a Buffer to buff the nail surface. 2

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How to use: 1: Trim your nails, and then apply the base coat. 2: Cut non-woven silk to the length you like with scissor and put it on your nail surface. 3: Use tweezers to fix the non-woven silk. 4: Apply a layer of the builder gel and then cure under UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. 5: Apply the builder gel again for 30 seconds Shop for Asp Nail Builder Curing Gel from ASP at Sally Beauty. An easy to use gel nail system helps you create a full set of professional looking nails. Free UPS Ground Shipping for Orders Over $3 Morovan Builder Gel Nail Kit - 3 Colors Hard Gel 1oz for Nail Extension Strengthening Sculpting UV LED Gel Base Top Coat Set with Nail Art Manicure File Nail Forms Gel Brush - Clear White Pink. 4.3 out of 5 stars. 33. $24.99. $24. . 99 ($24.99/Count) $6.00 coupon applied at checkout. Save $6.00 with coupon

BUILDER GEL APPLICATION. 1. Prep Nails: Shape Free Edge, Push Cuticles Back, Dehydrate Nails using Cleanser & or use Primer. 2. Apply 1 coat of Colour Me Pretty Base Coat. Cure. 3. Using a Gel Brush, dip into the builder gel & pick up a small amount on the end of the brush Nail Color Nail Lacquer Breathable 1-Step Manicure ORLY Builder Tips Tutorial: Shop ORLY. Nail Lacquers; Manicure Essentials; Tutorials on how to apply, sculpt, remove, perform fills and add color to your ORLY Builder In A Bottle Gel Extensions. Tutorials on how to apply, sculpt, remove, perform fills and add color to your ORLY Builder. STEP #1: NAIL PREP STEP #2: APPLY TIPS STEP #3: BASE LAYER • Sanitise your own and your customer's hands. • Push back and trim excess cuticles. • File nails into shape using a TGB 220/240 grit File. • Gently buff nails using a TGB 100/180 grit Buffer to remove any shine. • Dehydrate and cleanse the nail plate using 100% pure acetone 21 Gel Tricks, Tips, and Techniques. 1. Some clients are sensitive to gel cleanser. If you encounter one of these creatures, IBD educator Wende McLelland suggests applying a coat of builder gel to clean nails and curing thoroughly. Next, without cleansing the nail, apply a coat of Intense Seal and cure for three minutes Avoid this with correct preparation, use a 240 grit file to gently buff traces of peeling or flaking before gel application. A thin layer of a soft gel prior to overlay the natural nails before applying the builder or hard gel will help enhance adhesion of the nail extension and avoid lifting. Keep nail extensions short and be sure to shape.

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It can perfectly cure all kinds of UV/LED based gel products, no worry for curing hard gel/builder. With smart auto sensor and touch LCD display screen, 4 timers durable and easy to use. Detachable bottom design for curing toes and big space to enhance experience. ♥Nudes 12 Colors Gel Nail Polish: A collection of nudes, flattering natural. If the nails are being extended apply tips cut to length, shape and blend. Apply primer. Pick up small bead of clear gel and place it in the centre of the nail, work it up over the free edge and down to the cuticle area in small circular motions, covering the whole nail, being sure to leave a clear margin around the sidewalls and cuticle

1. Apply Perfect Match PrimeBond to the entire nail. Fit and apply LeChat DuoForm. Sculpt tips to desired length and onto 1/3 of the nail plate with Liquid Gel Builder and cure for 1 minute in LED lamp. 2. Brush a thin layer of Liquid Gel Builder onto the entire nail surface, make sure to cover sidewalls. DO NOT CURE Clear builder gel looks like gel polish, but once you cure it under the light, it's hard like glass. It's what techs use when they put on gel extensions. You can use it to add some undetectable.

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First, the tips are cut down to just above the tip of the natural nail, then it looks a lot like normal gel removal. The process is quite similar to soft gel removal, Nguyen says For clients who are hard on their nails, Builder in a Bottle, a soak off gel builder, doesn't chip or lift. For those who struggle to grow their natural nails, BIAB can be used as a base coat, and then easily infilled or soaked off when clients achieve their desired nail length. The natural nail will remain damage-free after the soak off Plastic-wrap nail art is one of the latest trending techniques for unique gel manicures and involves painting the nail with a polish or thick builder gel, then spreading plastic wrap over it and. Prep: Remove shine from nails, dust nails, apply nail sanitizer. Apply and blend tips. Dust and sanitize again. Prime: If liquid primer, apply and let dry as you would with acrylic nails. If gel primer, apply very small amount to nail and cure in light according to manufacturer's instructions (usually 1-3 minutes)


When comparing gel nails (or hard gel) with a gel polish Shellac manicure, gel nails are better by far. Yes, gel nails cost more and take longer to apply, but they are durable and last much longer. Also, a huge bonus of gel nails is that you can add length and essentially create the dream nails that you weren't born with The pristine performance of these thick viscosity gels utilizes Gel Suspension Technology (GST) which assures total control and workability for the technician. The results are distinct and great for anyone. Gelish Hard Gel is easy to apply, cures in 5, 20, & 30 seconds, out performs the competition, and is versatile in wear for longer nail.

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Apply base gel to the natural nail and pull it down on the form, creating an extension. Cure for 20 seconds and remove the form. This creates a thin extension for you to work on — much like a tip. STEP 4. Apply the builder gel.Now before you apply the builder layer make sure you wipe each nail surface with a cleanser or a nail dehydratorand. Warm Tips 1. Builder gel for nails cures with portable UV light. We recommend curing with 6W UV lamp for 2-3 mins. The curing time of different power UV/LED lamp is different. The speed of dry also impacts by the smear thickness of your gels, so you can try to extension the curing time as needed. 2. Wipe the builder gel on both side after. The newest revolution in nail enhancement technology! The easiest soft gel extension system just got even easier. With our Soft Gel Builder in a Bottle, you now have the freedom to extend the life of your Gel-X set with fills. This formula not only has the same durable yet flexible properties as our Gel-X tips but ca Some builder gels have a viscosity as high as 1,000,000 centipoise. As far as how they're used, a good gel nail technician can use any gel to do most anything. Some say that builder gels are better for making an arch and C-curve in a nail. While this is true to a great extent, an experienced gel nail technician can make an arch and C-curve.

IBD introduces LED/UV Natural Builder Gel. IBD's top selling clear builder gel is now LED and UV curable for faster, beautiful nails. The new formula has the same leveling properties and viscosity as the current IBD builder gels. The cover gels offer opaque color coverage, mask fill lines, and can be applied over tips and natural nails for. CND PLEXIGEL™ System. A versatile and convenient brush-in-a-bottle gel nail enhancement system that provides up to 3+ weeks of strength, length, and shape. FILL IT - Save cracked nails with wearable patches. FIX IT - Repair broken nails. SHAPE IT - Plump and shape flat nails. BUILD IT - Create customizable length Both acrylics and gel can be used to create nail extensions. They also usually have a similar look, although gel tips may feel lighter. It's mainly about the structure of the nail, but the real difference lies in the polymerization process, ease of removal, and density. The process of using gel is definitely quicker Strong and Long Lasting: Use on weak natural nails, overlays, tips, and used as glue gel for pasting rhinestones for nails. If do a enough prep, the Builder Gel Nail Extension is hard to be cracked or peeled, and long-lasting for 2-3 weeks or more times with right application. Similar with Natural Nails: Strength of acrylics and clear look of gels Wipe again with a nail wipe. Apply IBD's bonder sparingly and cure under a UV nail light. Now you are ready to apply IBD Gel. Apply a thin coat of Clear Gel using the Gel Brush. Push cuticle back with nail pusher. Cure gel with UV nail lamp for 30 seconds. Apply second thin coat of Clear Gel, and cure 30 seconds

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  1. In.Hype clear builder gel is the thickest gel from the product line. It would be perfect for someone who is looking to make nail extension using tips or nail forms, or just give a nice shape to the flat nail. This gel is less self-leveling than other In.Hype gels due to hard viscosity
  2. IBD Clear Gel Clear Builder Gel For the best nail, you can ever have, use a best-selling builder gel like this one. A lot of gel technicians use and recommend this product and for a good reason. Even if you're a beginner gel nail technician, you won't have any trouble with the application of this builder gel
  3. Easy to use the poly gel/builder gel nail extension. Suitable for professional salon use and home DIY nail art. Application for Dual Nail Forms 1. Push back cuticle, buff surface of nail. 2. Choose a form shape that best fits the nail. 3. Squeeze small amount into form. 4. Spread polygel evenly with gel brush
  4. g Workshop Events: View Suzie's New Free Digital Magazine! Timestamps: 00:40 Form Application 02:03 Comparing Brushes 03:20 Comparing Base Coats 04:48 Hybrid Gel Application 10:53 Builder Gel Application 16:01 Shaping with [
  5. IBD Bonder is non-etching and is gentler on nails than traditional acrylic primers. LED/UV Bonder is a non-acid, low odor based product that creates a bond to adhere gel to the natural nail surface. Chemically matched to all IBS LED/UV builder gels for greater adhesion

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Easy to follow step by step directions. 24 reusable forms. DVD demo. Pro Tips. Using acrylic brush, dip into monomer, then into powder. Apply wet powder ball onto Form-A-Nail form and press down onto nail tip, let set and pop off form. Shipping Press-on nails can expertly take the place of a fresh coat of polish, and they're easier to glue-on than you might think. We asked celebrity nail artist and KISS brand ambassador Gina Edwards.

This is the trickiest part about using a nail form. Placement must be perfect and should avoid gaps under the edge.Although this takes some practice, one a nail tech masters this, using nail forms becomes faster and easier than using nail tips as no filing or thinning of the nail tip is needed. 2. Blend the Seam Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device. choosing a selection results in a full page refresh; Opens in a new window. Opens external website in a new window Directions for use: Always apply a Bluesky Base Coat before you begin. Apply 1-2 coats of Hard Gel, curing for 60 seconds LED/120 seconds UV after each coat. Continue with your gel colour and Top Coat as normal, or simply apply a Top Coat for a natural manicure with added strength Nail gel. 88 likes · 1 talking about this. CANNI Starry Gel UV/LED Color Glitter Shimmer Builder Soak Off Gel Nail Art Tips Description Type:UV/LED Color Gel File nails to desired shape and remove the shine with buffer of choice. Cleanse nails with Nail Surface Cleanse and a WIPE IT OFF lint free nail wipe. Apply pH Bond and FOUNDATION to natural nails only. Cure for 5 seconds in the 18G LED Light. Application: Squeeze PolyGel® from tube, slice desired amount of product, and roll onto the nails

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The Dual Forms allow you to create a structured nail without having to use nail forms, which can be very difficult to apply and they take a lot of skill to create a sculptured tip. In my first attempt I used Gelish Hard Gel clear builder gel. Unlike the the gel polish hard gel is similar to acrylics, but unlike acrylics there is no mixing of. It depends what you mean by tips as well as gel nails gel can mean gel polish or builder gels. Then with tips it can mean the plastic tip you glue on for length or in reference to a French tip where you use a product to add color to the tip.

1. Prep the nail for traditional gel application. Apply a form and, using builder gel, apply a thin layer to the nail. Flash cure for 10 to 30 seconds depending on the gel used. 2. Using a sheer white builder gel, sculpt the extension and cure. Then, brush a thin coat of clear builder gel over the entire nail surface and extension but do not cure Reshaping Demo: Medium Round Soft Gel Tip to Almond Shape. New Soft Gel Tips from Gelish Professional are full coverage, pre-shaped with precision and uniquely designed to move with the contour of the natural nail. Watch as a set is reshaped to a clean, almond nail and then polished and perfected CND PLEXIGEL™ Builder is a clear brush-on gel enhancement that provides strength, architecture and moderate/long length to the natural nail. WHAT IT DOES. Creates strong, clear, lightweight, medium to long enhancements. Provides versatile service options; can be used over a tip or a sculpting form for customizable length Been using Builder gel to strengthen the nails. Look at the growth with no chipping what so ever! We then were able to shape into shorter squared nails with pink and blue tips Amazon has hundreds of sets for a variety of prices but make sure you read the reviews before you buy. My set included a U.V lamp for curing my nails, acrylic tips and the gels for building them up, nail primer and cuticle polish, acetone and finishing wipe, plus all the added extras such as files, a cuticle stick and a buffer. Step Two

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  1. PolyGel itself has a gel-like consistency and comes in a bunch of different colors and finishes—just like regular nail polish. The gel is applied using an acrylic brush and can be applied over your real nails, tips, or nail forms. Once brushed on and shaped, the PolyGel is cured just like gel polish with a UV or LED light
  2. 4. Use rubbing alcohol to cleanse the nail after buffing. If the extra nail debris stays under the gel polish it will cause lifting. Use 91% alcohol and a lint free wipe. 5. Use acetone to dehydrate the nails. You can use a clean nail brush and dip it in acetone, then brush the acetone on and let it dry. You can also use a lint free wipe. 6
  3. Prolonged use of gel manis and acrylics dehydrates your nails, making them dry, brittle, and fragile, says manicurist Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINSoon nail polish and salons. A cuticle oil is.
  4. I use a LED lamp. Remove any excess gel with a wood stick and then cure it under the light for 60 sec (or however long your gel needs). The second layer of gel takes a little more time and work. Apply a thin layer of gel over the whole nail. Then add a little bit more gel down the center of your nail (from nail bed to nail tip)
  5. These nails become hard when exposed to air. To do extension an artificial tip added on nail before using acrylic mix. After that the nails extensions are shaped, buffed for a shiny finish. Gel Nails Extensions: Gel is hair gel type of consistency that is applied either on top of an artificial nail extension, or directly onto the natural nail.

The tips and gel will be applied following the instructions for that system. There's no point in writing more as all systems are different. But all gels should be applied in layers. When your fingers are put into the UV lamp, it should not burn. If you get a flash of heat on your nails, the gel is too thick VHunter. A bonder gel is to act like a double sided sticky tape sort of, to help the other gels adhere to the nail plate. A builder gel is a thick consistency, with very little movement (doesn't self level) for 'building' the nail and the 'arch'. A self leveller is exactly that, it self levels without any bumps Hi Brittany - I'm a natural nail tech and don't use builder gel or acrylic. I honestly don't do much 3D nail art except for applying gemstones, which I use nail glue and my Foundation gel to adhere and then top coat over top. You can do nail art with regular polish (I use it with stamping) or acrylic paints over gel Using a remover-soaked cotton ball or pad, place one on each nail. Wrap the individual nails in aluminum foil, then wrap the hand in a towel. Allow to sit until the gel nail is crumbling or slides off. This may take 15 minutes and up to an hour. Be very careful not to file, scrape or scrub the nail bed

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1. It's all about the shape. You need to find the correct nail size for your cuticles. Anything too big or too small will look crazy. 2. Get a powerful glue. Press-on kits either come pre-glued. Buff the shine off of each nail using a 220 grit or higher file or buffer. A higher number means a finer grit. If you just removed a gel polish manicure, simply buff the new growth instead of the whole nail. Tip: Don't buff too much or the gel polish may lift off of the nail. You want to create a course surface for the gel polish to adhere to. Once I was done, I grabbed Builder in a Bottle and applied it to the inside of the Fast Form, not my nail directly, making sure to use less product at the base of the form.If you spread on too. Use very little primer gel; it should have a matte and almost gritty look to it. Then cure in U-V light for amount of time as recommended by your manufacturer. (*Some brands instruct to apply gel primer to entire nail bed; new growth and old gel. Apply Gel; First coat of gel: Apply 1 thin coat of gel to nail. Concentrate on new growth area, and. 1. Shelloloh 4Pcs Poly Gel Kit 15ml Quick Builder Gel Crystal Building Gel 30ml Cleanser Plus Quick Building Mold Tips Dual-End Nail Brush Nail Art. (0) Regular price. $12.99 USD $12.99 USD. 1. Shelloloh Dipping Powder Acrylic Powder Nail Art Manicure Tools Kit Acrylic Liquid Nail Art Decoration Long Lasting Home Use. (0

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  1. An acrylic tip is made of plastic and requires a monomer liquid and polymer powder to create the sculpted nail. In contrast, gel nail extensions are pre-shaped nail tips that are made.
  2. Builder Gel Nails infills using CJP BOB finishing off with gel polish. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Builder Gel Nails infills using CJP BOB finishing off with gel polish Yesterday at 7:11 AM. Acrylic Nail Extensions using CJP core powder finishing off with gel polish green tips, hand drawn. English (US.
  3. One Stop Shop For All Nail Products! 3-in-1 Matching Dip & Acrylic Powder, Gel Polish, & Nail Lacquer. Nail Art Accessories, Builder Gel, Sculpture Gel, UV/LED Lamps, Wireless Efile. Shop iGel Beauty Now. Excellent Customer Service. Fast Shipping. High Quality Cruelty Free Products, SHOP Exclusive Affordable Pricing
  4. Hello there OP, Yes -UV gel is essentially a glue because it can be used to stick things together. It is cured by UV, i.e. using Ultra Violet light. Is a very good glue? It is primarily used in human finger nail beautification. etc. There are bett..
  5. How to Use: Learn how to do gel manicures like a pro. Just plug the ORLY Mini UV/LED Lamp into any USB power source and you are ready to go. Press the button for 2 seconds for a 60 second cure. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and YouTube for tips and tricks to use with your new lamp! Add To Cart
  6. The forms stick together at the tip so they keep the curve. 4. Add gel. Paint the UV-gel with a brush on your nails and continue on the forms. There's a grid to help you make your nails roughly the same length. Don't worry if the gel doesn't go on neatly, you'll do more layers and file the nails to form later

Let us know in the comments below the main reason you use and love Builder Gel or why you'd like to try it! We'll choose 2 lucky winners to get a free Easy Peasy Builder Gel NAIL TALK - Gel Polish Tips and Tricks for Beginners. ROSSI Cosmetics. 2.2K views · June 3. 0:27 Using a soft, fluffy brush to remove the excess powder after every dip will help you to apply these thin and even layers to build up your flawless nail look! STEP #3: Apply base & dip again. Next, select the Dip Powder color you would like to use! Use your Base a second time and apply it to the nail, just a hairline away from the cuticle

Gel nail extensions. They are made from the same gel that gel polish is made of, add length to your regular nails like a press-on, and are as strong and long-lasting as acrylics, but without the. Soak-off sculpting gel for nail extension. Applies like a soft gel, wears like a hard gel, and soaks-off when ready to remove. Effortless, all-in-one, brush-on builder application offers flawless, longer, more natural looking nails A new type of salon manicure from nail brand CND, Plexigel consists of two different main products— a nail shaper and builder are tailored to your nail needs. Shaper is for repairs, cracks. Repeat the process on each fingernail. Dry gel under a UV light for two minutes. Apply a second coat of UV nail gel to fingernails. Dry nails under a UV light for two minutes. Apply a clear topcoat to gelled nails. Allow nails to dry for 30 minutes. Apply cuticle oil using a cotton swab. Rub the oil into the cuticles

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  1. The gel will become thinner and thinner until it sort of just comes away from the natural nail. While the nails are soaking, Reed uses a cuticle pusher to gently scrape the surface of the gel product. And once the nails are finished soaking, she continues this process until the gel is removed
  2. missu collection. missu - make it super simple to use. The high quality, top of the range nail supplies dedicated to salons and professional nail artists. Flagship products include missu Gel Polish, Flexi Press Tips & Brush Up Builder Gel, so you can create any nail designs easily and quickly for your customers (or yourself). Shop missu
  3. Step 1: How To Do Your Polygel Nails at Home Prep The Nails. First, you must file down your own nail on the top. You can use a regular file but this is also where the electronic file comes into play. Because the electronic file will also help you get the skin around your nail. If you want your polygels to last you need to file your nails so.
  4. Step 3: Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip for each nail. Step 4: Put the hard builder gel into false nail tips by nail are pen. Press the hard builder gel to level in false nail tip. Cure under LED lamp. Step 5: Remove the false nail. Step 6: Trim, shape, buff and polish your nails for the desired look
  5. If you're dealing with persistent swollen, red, itchy eyes, your nails may be the culprit. We talked to dermatologists about the symptoms of a gel nail polish allergy, what causes it, and how to.
  6. Like acrylics, gel extensions require an overlay to lengthen your nail. Using a form under the nail helps to create the length and shape you are trying to achieve, Edwards says. Most of the.

Find the best Gel Nails near you on Yelp - see all Gel Nails open now. Explore other popular Beauty & Spas near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers Features: Effective Functions: Compared with acrylic and UV builder gel, this Poly Nail Gel is more natural and more breathable. It is suitable for creating a nail extension in different shape. Easy to Apply: This poly nail gel dries very fast, and the curing time for the LED lamp is 60s and UV Lamp is 90s

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  1. New usage way for fast & easy building nails, using step : 1. Select a suitable shape & size false nail tip 2. Put the hard builder gel into false nail tips by nail are pen 3. Press the hard builder gel to level in false nail tip 4. Stick the false nail tip to your real nail and make sure it fully plying-up 5. Curing 60 seconds by LED Lamp 6
  2. utes using acetone. However, acrylics are harsher on your natural.
  3. um foil or any nail wrap to secure and allow the remover to soak. 4. Soak for a

This 18w nail lamp is a perfect portable tool for curing all types of UV /LED gel, poly nail gel acrylic nail gel and builder gel with low heat. Only touch the on-off button to cure 30s. Hold the button.. Makartt. Classic Trio Qikgel Nail Builder Gel Kit (3 Colors) (66) $36.99. Makartt. Classic Trio Qikgel Nail Builder Gel Kit (3 Colors) This kit includes:3 Nail Building Gel Colors1 Base Coat and 1 Top Coat50 nail formsDual Ended Nail Extension Gel Spatula and Brush1 Nail File 1 6W LED UV Nail Lamp This New trendy qikgel nail kit using with. Create a stylish natural looking enhancement sure to complement any fashion. LED cured gel bonds to the natural nail using a fused keratin bonding system. Cures for 30 seconds in the 18G LED Light. Item #01387. (15 mL. - .5 fl. oz.) Item #01561. (50 mL. - 1.6 fl. oz.) Dark Pink Builder Gel

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Nails by Amy Worthing. May 16 at 7:13 AM ·. Fresh set for Helen Lapslie today . We have been strengthening her nails using builder gel and the transformation is amazing nails are so much stronger and growing so nicely! Today's look is @premier.gel Cappuccino with silver sparkle tips

9colors/lot Polygel Nails Acrylgel Acrylic Poly Gel 15ml100pcs/Set Quick Building Poly Gel Mold False Tips Nail UVMtssii 7ml Acrylic Poly Gel Professional Nail Art QuickAliexpressPerfect Summer Natural Color UV Gel Builder Soak off Nail