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Browse Our Variety Of Hardware and Other Products. Shop Today! Get the Quality Brands and Products You Need, When You Need Them This calculator is designed to give the approximate weight of sheet metal, based on length, width and thickness. Select the thickness. Enter the length, width and number of pieces Our Metal Weight Calculator Makes it Easy. It can be tricky to calculate metal weight, but our online calculator makes it simple. Follow these basic steps to take the guesswork out of the process: Select the metal type you are working with from the drop down menu, for example, Aluminum 6063 or Brass. Choose the shape of the piece from the drop. Sheet Metal Development Calculator is a really simple tool for calculation of development of a sheet metal part. Transition Patterns available:flat pattern segments lobsterback bend, elbow ,Ellipsoidal Dome Head,Tee, Offset Tee,Square and Rectangle to Round,Frustum Cone....

Wipe Bending Force Calculator. Sheet thickness (in): Die edge radius (in): Punch edge radius (in): Bend length (in): Ultimate tensile strength (psi): Factor of safety: Bending force (lb) Weight Calculator. Metal gets heavy, and whether you want to see how much shipping is likely to be, or if your vehicle (or back) can handle it, it's good to know what your order weighs. To help with that, we've got our handy weight calculator here. Fill out the information below and it will tell you how heavy that piece of material is

The metal weight calculator allows you to accurately calculate the weight in pounds for your steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, silver and much more With this free online tool we quickly get the sheet metal bend deduction, and therefore the sheet metal blank initial flat length, from the finished part measurements.. You only have to insert interior angle, flange lengths, K factor, inside radius, and material thickness. Cells on the right will output the desired values Contact Us. Steel Warehouse Headquarters 2722 West Tucker Drive South Bend, IN 46619 . Phone: 800-348-2529 Fax: 574-236-5154 Find More Locations . Mail Logi This online cut list optimizer is kind of cutting optimization software specialized for cutting rectangular material like wood, glass or sheet metal. Easy to use plywood cut calculator. In industry, 2D cutting stock problem is one of the most important tasks how to cut sheet material with maximal material yield and minimal waste Metal Roofing and Siding Estimator. A. Enter the exterior width of your building. B. Enter the exterior length of your building. C. Enter the ceiling height of your building. For an estimate of just the roof steel package enter a ceiling height of 0. D. Wainscot is a wall style option

Sheet Metal Bend Allowance Calculator determines the bend allowance (amount of metal to be added to the total layout) when forming sheet metal. Most sheet metal materials will conform to the calculations. Code to add this calci to your website. Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator K Factor in sheet metal bending is a constant used to calculate sheet metal flat length or Flat-pattern. Mathematically k factor value is equal to the ratio of position of neutral axis and sheet thickness. During sheet metal part bending, the inside bending surface is compressed, whereas the outer surface is stretched Sheet Metal Fabrication Calculator (Free to Use) Bending/Folding / 1 minute of reading. K Factor Calculator. Y Factor Calculator. Bend Allowance Calculator. Bend Deduction Calculator. Instructions: Input material thickness and and inner radius to get the data of. Sheet metal weight calculator. In this page you can calculate sheet metal weights without depending on any standard measure. You can calculate the closest weight to the actual weight by selecting the material. You can detail your project with multiple calculations

Online bend deduction calculator. Automatically calculate bend deduction, bend allowance and K-factor for sheet metal fabrication and forming The metal weight calculator allows you to calculate the weight for stainless, aluminum, steel and more! Use the calculator to determine how much metal you need for your project O'Neal Steel offers a simple and easy to use metal weight calculator including weight and conversions. just supply your specs and you're ready to go

Calculator for Steel sheets and plates Calculators. Steel sheets and plates Seamless steel pipes - circular Hollow structural sections - circular Hollow structural sections - square Hollow structural sections - rectangular Round steel bars Square steel bars Flat bars Equal angles Unequal angles Channels - GOST Channels - UPN Beams - IPN Beams - IPE Beams - HEA (IPBL) Beams - HEB (IPB Metal sheet. A metal sheet is no different than a rectangular bar, it is in the steel weight calculator for your convenience mostly. Metal tubing. A metal tube or pipe is a bit more complex to compute than a round metal bar, since we need to know either both the inner and outer diameters, or one of the diameters and the thickness of the tubing A metal roof is one of the most durable material options for your home. When ordering supplies it is important to estimate materials correctly to allow for an efficient installation process. Estimating the amount of metal roofing materials you need starts with estimating the square footage of the roof itself Bend allowance is the amount of metal to be added to the total layout. The most important considerations when bending metal is the min. bend radius. When bends are made smaller than the required min. radius, metal will crack at the outside heel of the bend. The min. radius of a bend is determined by the hardness and thickness of the metal

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Online metal weight calculator which helps to calculate the weight of Aluminum Sheet metal. Aluminum Sheet Weight Calculation Material Alloy Steel Aluminum Beryllium Brass Bronze Cast Iron Columbium Copper Copper Alloys Gold Lead Magnesium Molybdenum Nickel Plastic Silver Stainless Steel Tantalum Titanium Tungsten Zinc Zirconiu Metal Weight Calculator: Enter value, select units and click on calculate. Result will be displayed. Enter your values: Material: Shape: Quantity:. Sheet Metal Gauge Size Chart Gauge (or gage) sizes are numbers that indicate the thickness of a piece of sheet metal, with a higher number referring to a thinner sheet. The equivalent thicknesses differ for each gauge size standard, which were developed based on the weight of the sheet for a given material TIME STAMB AVAILABLEA Casio CalculatorTo Calculate Sheet metal fabrication for InsulationIt has everything you need to calculate your templateand you can tes..

The following are K-factors for common materials. Soft copper or soft brass: K=0.35. Semi-hard copper or brass, mild steel, aluminium etc.: K=0.41. Bronze, hard bronze, cold rolled steel, spring steel, etc.: K=0.45. Definition of the K factor: the K factor is the ratio of the neutral layer position thickness (t) of the sheet metal to the. The curved steel cone calculator from Chicago Metal Rolled Products makes it easy to find the precise curved steel cone dimensions you need

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  1. ing the weight of complete constructions is quite complex, but the weight of sheet metal parts can be easily deter
  2. The weights calculated on this steel weight calculator page are for guidance only. They are calculated using average densities for the materials. The exact composition of the material will affect the weight of the actual piece. The information provided in good faith and is for your guidance only
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  4. The Sheet Metal/HVAC Pro calculator is certainly very highly specialized. It is licensed to the International Training Institute, a training agency for sheet metal and air conditioning professionals, and intended for the exclusive use of members of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association.In addition to a full set of specialized keys for situations as arise in HVAC calculations.
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The metal weight calculator is very easy to use on your desktop computer, your smartphone or iphone. Need a hand showing how to add the icon to your smart phone. The densities used to calculate metal weights based on dimesion are taken from reliable sources such as MatWeb and Metal Suppliers Online Carbon Steel Bending. Sheet Metal Bending. Stainless Steel Bending. Calculators. Radius Calculator. Flatbar Hardway Calculator. Pipe or Tube Ovality Calculator. Stringer Calculator. Metric Conversion Calculator Metal Siding Length Calculator. Metal Siding Panel Length Estimator. To use this panel length calculator for your pole barn enter whole numbers and decimals only (no fractions). You can refer to the image to identify the type of overhang you plan to build, if any This calculator predicts what the minimum bend radius should be to avoid chacking or orange peeling on the outside radius of the bend. Here again, a Minimum Bend Radius is not necessarily the same thing as a Sharp bend. A Sharp bend will always be less than a Minimum bend radius but, a Minimum Bend radius does not need to be sharp.. Minimum Bend Radiu

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  1. Sheet metal design guidelines are followed to achieve better quality and reduced cost sheet metal parts. Turnaround time for good designed parts is also less. You can use this calculator to design sheet metal parts for manufacturing. You can check more sheet Metal Calculators Here
  2. um, cast iron, nickel, copper and more. It also supports standards such as round, sheet, tube, rectangle and S beam. Solidworks Helper ($1.99; Google Play Unrated) Anyone who has used Solidworks understands that there.
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  4. The calculation tool was programmed with best care and attention. For all that Rime does not guarantee the correctness of the calculation result! The tool is using this formula: Weight = L/1000 * W/1000 * T * S. L = Length in mm. W = Width in mm. T = Thickness in mm. S = Specific material density (Steel = 7.85) Steel Plate Weight Calculator In.
  5. um, or copper. Select your gauge and fill in the measurements to deter
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Steel Weight Calculator, stainless steel pipe weight calculator, Metal Weight Calculator, Weight Calculator for metal sheets and plates, stainless steel pipe weight calculator, Carbon Pipe Weight Calculator, Calculator for Seamless steel pipes - circular, structural steel weight calculator Unit Conversion Decimal To Fraction Round To Square Calculator Temperature Conversion Weight Conversion Sheet Metal Gauge Conversion Steel Hardness Conversion Metal Weight Calculator. Round-to-Square Calculator. Desired Width. Desired Height. Note: Tolerance of .125 will be automatically added to each dimension Part Name: Qty per set: What you have chosen is: Plates / SPCD/SPFC/SPCE/SPCC (Q195-212A) 677. USD/TON CNY/TON EUR /TON GBP/TON. Updated On: 9/7/2020. Alternatively, you can just send us your drawing package and our engineers will quote for you. We handle metal fabrication projects from simple to complex, from medium to high volume

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  1. The Steel Coil Calculator can be used for Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, PPGI, Aluzinc Coils. The calculated results are only to be used as a guide and cannot be guaranteed. You can calculate: Know OD, ID and Width of a Coil, want to estimate the WEIGHT of Coil. Know Weight, Thickness and Width of a Coil, want to estimate the LENGTH of Coil
  2. Consider a sheet with a 20 mm thickness and a length of 300 mm as shown in Figure 1. We are going to review three bending scenarios with three different bending angles; 60, 90 and 120, and we will calculate K-Factor, Bend Allowance and Bend Deduction for them. The bending tool has a radius of 30 mm which means that our Inside Bend Radius (R) is.
  3. Four steps to calculate the manufacturing cost of sheet metal products April 2017 News In today's competitive markets, understanding the structure of the costs of a product is essential to the improvement of the process as well as to a correct pricing strategy
  4. um and Brass the thicknesses will be different
  5. Metal Calculator. SD. Metal Calculator allows you to calculate the approximate weight and length. Metal Weight Calculator Pro. Pixelsdo Mobile. Probably the fastest way of Calculating Metal Weight. Kouzaitap. TOGUCHI Co., Ltd. Calculates the weight (kg) and surface area (m2) of steel used in Japan
  6. um, steel and galvanized steel. Custom Architectural Sheet Metal Fabrication Our Craftsmen are Copper and Zinc Specialists! 15 Reardon Road - Medford, MA - 02155 Tel.: (781) 396-0070 - Fax: (781) 396-8890 : Home.
  7. ology. Air Bending - One of the three types of bending for sheet metal where the outside mold line is not pressed against the die. Air Bend Force Chart - A chart used to calculate the tonnage required for a bend based on thickness, tooling and length

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This Springback and Inside Radius Calculator estimates the amount of angular change and the relaxing of bend radius that occurs when metal is bent and released from pressure. When the proportional limits of a specific material are reached or exceeded the material remains bent, figure one. In the forming process, both sheet metal and plastic are. ECalc - Calculator for quick trig, triangle, circle, and fraction math solutions; Metal Summary Report - Summary of total metal usage, including number of sheets, costs, and labor. Metal Piece Report - Details metal usage for each part. Cleat List - Lists cleats to fabricate and organizes them by type, size, etc

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Metal Fencing - Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist. Get at least 3-5 estimates before hiring a Metal Fencing contractor — estimates are typically free, unless it's a service call for a repair. Expect the Metal Fencing prices to fluctuate between various companies - each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head So, if you got K factor value now, you can easily calculate bending allowance.. Calculating K factor. There are standard charts available with sheet metal design handbook for calculating K factor (ideally it should be 0.5). But the most accurate way to find out K factor is reverse engineering of a small but same sheet metal sample piece. Procedure is as below Enter the distance between the inside radius of the bend and the neutral bend line, and the sheet metal thickness to calculate the K Factor. Bending Stress Calculator; Tensile Strength Calculator; Factor of Safety Calculator; K Factor Formula. The following formula is used to calculate the K Factor of a bend. K = D / T. Where K is the K facto Sheet metal bending parameters calculator. This tool allows you to determine tonnage, internal radius, V-die opening and minimum flange. You just have to insert the characteristics of the sheet metal to be bent. The tool can calculate the required bending force for bending aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and Weldox® or Strenx® high.

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If you have been working in a sheet metal shop, plan to work in one, or just want to sharpen and improve your skills with sheet metal then this manual will help you to do that. The goal of this manual is to help you gain an understanding of precision sheet metal layout and show you how to do flat pattern development while becoming more efficient with math in the shop When working with sheet metal, the term gauge is often used. Gague are used to specify the thickness of a metal sheet. Gague (Ga.) is a length measurement unit for diameters originating in North America and belongs to the Browne & Sharpe metering system. Originally used in the fields of medicine and jewellery, the larger th

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The K-Factor in sheet metal working is the ratio of the neutral axis to the material thickness. When metal is bent the top section is going to undergo compression and the bottom section will be stretched. The line where the transition from compression to stretching occurs is called the neutral axis. The location of the neutral axis varies and. Sheet Metal Duct Friction Loss Calculator. 1. Enter Duct Airflow (CFM), Duct Velocity (FPM), Duct Length and the number of bends. 2. Read Round Duct Diameter (inches) and Friction Loss Per 100' of duct (inches of water)

Sheet Metal Weight Calculator. Use this calculator to estimate the weight of steel, aluminium and other metals in various shapes including sheet metal, flat bar, and extrusions. Select the material and shape and put in the number of pieces and dimensions to calcualte the weight. Please note that this is just an estiamte and does not include the. To activate your FREE subscription today, simply select which newsletter(s) you would like to receive and complete the form below. Miller respects your privacy concerns

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The description of Bending Sheet Metal App The calculator counts the the total flat length according to the K-factor you specify. If you do not know the value of K-factor, then the program, determining the the total flat length, depending on the method of bending and stiffness of the material offers approximate values of the K-factor Calculating Blank Size for Rolled Sheet Metal (Screencast) By Dave Hoffman. In this interactive object, students read how to calculate the blank size for cylinders in a three-roll pinch roller. A calculator is required for the brief quiz that completes the activity For a smooth outside radius in a 90-degree bump bend, you may choose to bump the metal only 2 degrees every hit. This means that after 45 steps, you will have created a 90-degree bump bend (45 steps × 2 degrees each step = 90 degrees). To obtain the radius pitch, divide the number of steps by the arc length

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Learn what a K-factor is in sheet metal forming, learn how K-factor is used, and learn how to calculate K-factor in this video. K-factors are a great tool f.. How much does a sheet of metal roofing cost? As of September 2020, you can most likely expect to pay between $6.75 - $14.00 per square foot of metal roofing including installation, or $675 - $1,400 per square - in roofing terms, a square or sheet refers to 100 square feet of roof or a roll that is designed to cover 100 square feet. EQUIVALENT DUCT CALCULATOR APP USER GUIDE Introduction Round is the most efficient duct shape for transporting air. Round duct has less surface area, weight and can search for it by entering ^Equivalent Round _ or visit Eastern Sheet Metal to download. The equations used in the app are standard ASHRAE equations for equivalent round diameter. Sheet Metal Two Flanges with Vertical Member Clearance Width Design Equations and Calculator; Sheet Metal Two Flanges Overlap Clearance Width Design Equations and Calculator Coil Calculator. Calculate the outer diameter, the weight, the length or the weight per mm width of the coil by completing the form below. The calculated results are only to be used as a guide and cannot be guaranteed, entering incorrect values will result in an invalid result

Duct-Pro: Sheet Metal Estimating Software for HVAC industry can be used to estimate the cost of Sheet Metal HVAC installing. Duct-Pro Sheet Metal estimating software is an easy to use yet accurate computer program for calculating Cost of Material and Labor for HVAC Sheet Metal Contractors. We offer affordable, easy, simple, accurate and free HVAC Sheet Metal Estimating Software Online calculator for making a flat cone. For instance cutting a guard from thin sheet metal to make a cone that prevents squirrels from reaching your bird feeder

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Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Copper, Bronze. No Minimum Orders! Fast Shipping 1) The physical limitations of the metal make it difficult to accomplish a bend radius less than material thickness without Coining or Bottom Bending the sheet metal. 2) When Air forming with a radius that is technically Sharp the bend takes on a parabolic shape as opposed to a true radius Let's Sum Up Your Project. Below are various open area calculators for perforated metal. Click on the text to expand and enter figures into any two fields to obtain your calculation. For additional information, please contact us Calculate the wire metal consumption. for welding process. Quick calculator. The quickest way to evaluate the best choice for your welding process. Step 1: Th - Sheet thickness (mm) Steel density. Seam length (m) d1 - Groove depth (mm) G - Root gap (mm) c1 - Cap (mm).