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2019 Acura MDX visibility TSB (Bulletin BPaS11112020) Bulletin Date: Nov. 11, 2020. Component: Visibility. Bulletin Summary: Dealer message - american Honda motor CO. , inc. (ahm) is searching for certain 2019-2020 mdxs with a client complaint of a blower motor noise. The noise can be described as a high pitch or a whistle noise TSB 04-009: (2001-2004 MDX) Clunk From the Rear Brakes. TSB 04-017: (2001-2004 MDX) Glove Box Light Stays On. TSB 04-022: (2001-2002 MDX) Hesitation or Surging Between 30 and 60 mph. TSB 04-023: (2001-2006 MDX) Noise and Judder From the Rear When Turning. TSB 04-025: (2004 MDX) Rattle From the Subwoofer I see that the Odyssey has a TSB to reprogram the automatic transmission to prevent the torque converter lockup and prevent low speed judder. Is this available for the 2008 MDX? I see it is for the 2005 and 2006, but am not sure on 2008 MDX. Does anyone know the TSB number? Thanks

NOTE: The term flushing refers to repeatedly draining and filling the transmission with Acura Genuine . ATF-DW1. Other aftermarket flush systems are available, but American Honda strongly recommends that you avoid using them on any Acura vehicles. 1. Start the engine. Hold the engine speed at 3,000 rpm without load (in Park or Neutral. Acura TSB 19-004 Make: Acura Number: 19-004 Date: 1/23/2019 Title: 2014-19 Rlx Sport Hybrid And 2017-19 Mdx Sport Hybrid: Transmission Judders, Shudders, Or Surges While Drivin There have been 97 technical service bulletins issued for the 2017 Acura MDX. 1 2017 Acura MDX brakes (pws) TSB (Bulletin BPaS01062021901) Bulletin Date: Jan. 6, 2021 Acura Technical Service Bulletins. 2006 Acura Paint Codes, Exterior And Interior Color Code Locations. Power Mirrors, Auto Dimming Mirror, Power Seat Position Memory, And Windshield Washer Do Not Work. 2006-08 Tsx: Tqi Of The Dvd Navigation System With Voice Recognition. 2003-04 Mdx: Remote Audio Controls Do Not Work Properly

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@ACURA Service Bulletin 16-063 February 11, 2017 05608 Version 2 2012-15 MDX: Judder from the Torque Converter Lock-Up Clutch After Software Update Supersedes 16-063 dated November 2, 2016, to revise the information highlighted in yello MDX : ALL . ALL : BACKGROUND A judder from the torque converter lock-up clutch may be felt while driving between 20 and 60mph. The problem is typically diagnosed as a bad torque converter. American Honda investigated the judder and found that the torque converter was not causing the judder; rather, it was caused by deteriorated transmission fluid Acura MDX: Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls. Acura MDX Transmission Diagnostic Guide Transmission Diagnostic Guide There are many indicators of transmission problems and they can be tricky to pinpoint. This article applies to the Acura MDX.

Acura MDX: Technical Service Bulletins and Recalls. Acura TSX 2004-2008 Transmission Diagnostic Guide Transmission Diagnostic Guide The transmission is what drives your car. It is important to make sure it is in good, operating order. This article applies to the. Latest Acura Mdx Technical Service Bulletins . 2017 Acura Mdx Service Brakes, Hydraulic Service Bulletin 461939. NHTSA Item Number: 10087847 Service Bulletin Number: BMV16110 Customer letter - your 2016 mdx previously had the transmission replaced because of a leaking 9-speed automatic transmission fluid (atf) warmer. As the issue was under investigation when the transmission was replaced, your vehicle needs fur . Discuss it at Forum View This TSB List of 2015 Acura TLX TSBs - USA. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. TSB 15-021 - Transmission Slips or Shifts Hard When Cold This TSB is replaced by TSB 17-015 - 8-Speed Transmission (DCT) Has a Bump or Hard Shift When Coming to a Stop TSB 19-011 - Safety Recall: 2016-18 MDX and 2015-19 TLX V6 Fuel Pump Applies. 2008 Acura Mdx Technical Service Bulletins. Your path: TSB Home >> 2008 >> 2008 Acura >> 2008 Acura Mdx The following TSB(s) may apply to your 2008 Acura Mdx. The source of the information below is the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which maintains TSBs for vehicles sold in the United States.If there are no TSB's listed for your vehicle, that does not.

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  1. In July 2015, Honda (the parent company of Acura) sent dealerships a technical service bulletin — TSB 15-034 — about the 2016 Acura MDX entitled Product Update: Vehicle shifts into Neutral and MIL Comes On with DTC P0657. According to Honda's TSB, While driving, the vehicle shifts into Neutral, the transmission indicator comes and DTC.
  2. istration (NHTSA), which maintains TSBs for vehicles sold in the United States.If there are no TSB's listed for your vehicle, that does not.
  3. 2016 Acura MDX. The problem: Drivers may experience erratic shift patterns, such as a sensation of acceleration while coasting down hills, surging when braking or a transmission that feels like it.
  4. g from the steering wheel (driver¿s airbag area) when turning or driving. to fully understand th
  5. 01/28/14: NHTSA ID: 10054472 TSB ID: IN-13-20 Acura: an investigation is being done regarding mil on with throttle control system malfunction, diagnostic trouble code (dtc) p2101. model 2012-2013 mdx, 2013-2014 rdx. 01/28/14: NHTSA ID: 10054476 TSB ID: IN-13-11 Acura: an investigation into cause of noise, ticking, clicking, rattling, or tapping, in steering column when turning steering wheel

7 2008 Acura MDX automatic transmission TSB (Bulletin B16-022) Bulletin Date: Nov. 17, 2016 : Component: Automatic transmission. Bulletin Summary: Service bulletin - in cold areas, the rear active dampers may be susceptible to leaking. If an excessive amount of damper oil has leaked, the active dampers may make a clunk or a bang when driving on. Latest service bulletins of the 2010 Acura MDX vehicles. Details of 47 technical service bulletins issued for the 2010 Acura MDX. Technical Service Bulletins of the 2010 Acura MDX . There have been 47 technical service bulletins issued for the 2010 Acura MDX. 1 2010 Acura MDX engine and engine cooling TSB (Bulletin B19-052 ) Bulletin Date. A lawsuit says Acura is ignoring a significant and immediate safety threat with the 3rd generation MDX and RDX transmissions. The 9-speed ZF transmission has numerous acceleration defects and can even throw itself into neutral if the throttle malfunctions while interpreting messages from various input modules

Acura World Since 2002 A forum community dedicated to Honda Acura owners and enthusiasts. Come join the discussion about performance, modifications, classifieds, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more! Open to all models including the Integra, RSX, RDX, and MDX 2001 Acura MDX Automatic Transmission Technical Service Bulletins TSB Number: 05024 NHTSA Number: 10017635 TSB Date: August 4, 2005 Date Added to File: November 14, 2005 Failing Component: Power Train:Automatic Transmission Summary: Shudder or vibration between 35 and 40 mph. Discuss it at Forum. TSB Number: 01162005 NHTSA Number: 10014766 TSB.

Acura MDX Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) 2007-2009 MDX - TSB 12-029. Problem: A shudder from the torque converter lock-up clutch may be felt while driving between 20-45 mph. To minimize the opportunity for the judder to occur, a software update for the transmission is available. Solution 2016 ACURA MDX Technical Service Bulletins . Bulletin Number: Customer Letter Bulletin Date: 11-03-2017 Component: 103000 power train:automatic transmission Summary: Customer letter - your 2016 mdx previously had the transmission replaced because of a leaking 9-speed automatic transmission fluid (atf) warmer. as the issue was under. Acura MDX Technical Service Bulletins. TSB 04-002: (2003 MDX) Creaking From the Headliner. TSB 04-003: (2001-2002 MDX) Idle Fluctuation With DTC P1129. TSB 04-007: (2003-2004 MDX) Sunvisor Will Not Stay Clipped Into Holder. TSB 04-008: (2001-2002 MDX) Navigation System 2.11C Patch CD: Fixes Problems With Personal Address or Previous. FEEDBACK: Honda/Acura Addresses 9 Speed Transmission Issues with TSB 15-054 12/22/15 - Acura MDX Forum : Acura MDX SUV Forums it looks some software updates are out for the 9 speed transmission for MDX Hi TheBirdMan, do you have any inside info on when this is coming to Pilot? Should be a big help to members who has a lot of problem with it Common Acura Transmission Problems. Let's take a look at common Acura transmission problems. Shudder and Vibrations when driving. A common problem that affects many Acura (such as TL and MDX) is transmission shudder and vibrations when driving. The vibrations can be most felt at highway driving speeds

I am stunned to learn after reading on this website that there have been so many MDX transmission problems! I purchased my 2004 Acura MDX new from our local dealer and purchased the extended warranty. It was my first ever brand new car and at $42,100 plus $2675 for the extended warranty, it was an expensive purchase Southeast Michigan. Oct 25, 2012. #2. I had a great experience with AAMCO in the past. At 170K, the 4th gear clutch shaft sheared in our old 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. AAMCO did a complete rebuild of my transmission (not a swap for a rebuilt one) and provided a 1-year / 10K warranty for $1300. That was in 2008

05-003 2005 Acura Paint Codes 05-001 2005 RL: Audio Unit Diagnosis 04-032 2005 RL: TQI of the DVD Navigation System with Voice Recognition 04-028 2005 RL : TQI and New Model Information 90-019 Acura Service Publications and Supplies 90-009 Automatic Transmission In-Warranty Exchange Program 88-016 Battery Test Procedur Sport mode in MDX holds revs for engine compression - feels much different than TLX, but I think Acura made a trade off on fuel economy with the transmission programming since '16 MDX is lighter, has more gears but did not improve fuel economy over the previous 6AT in the '15 model Chrysler issued Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) for the 2014 Jeep Cherokee to fix rough and delayed gearshifts, and Acura has issued transmission-related recalls for the 2015 Acura TLX. Production. Production of the 9HP started in 2013 at ZF's Gray Court facility in Laurens, South Carolina. 400,000 units are produced per year

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Bulletin Number: 1002. Bulletin Date: 10-16-2002. Component: 036100 service brakes, hydraulic:antilock:control unit/module. Summary: The compact abs/tcs (modulator, pump, and accumulator all in one) system does a self-check (a brief grunt or groan) when backing out of the garage or drive forward after the vehicle's been sitting. the noise is. Another TSB described the problem was issued in 2019. The complaint alleges that the fixes described in the TSBs do not solve the problem. In January 2019, Honda recalled 2016-2018 Acura MDX vehicles. However, the complaint alleges that the repairs done at the time also failed to solve the problem ACURA MDX 2007 technical service bulletin was issued Oct 19, 2012.ACURA MDX 2007 had a failed POWER TRAIN AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION. ACURA: SEE DOCUMENT SEARCH BUTTON FOR OWNER LETTER. A SOFTWARE UPDATE FOR TRANSMISSION IS AVAILABLE FOR THE TORQUE CONVERTER LOCK UP CLUTCH WHERE THE JUDDER IS FELT WHILE DRIVING, AND EXTENDED WARRANTY IS APPLIED TO.

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Acura MDX Whining Noise When Accelerating. A whining sound when accelerating is almost always caused by a bad accessory attached to your MDX's engine. Here are the most common causes of whining noises when accelerating: 1. Bad Alternator. When an alternator is going bad, it'll often begin to put out a high pitched whining sound. It should. Late last month, Acura issued two service bulletins to dealers — one covering the 2015-2016 TLX sedan, the other dealing with the 2016 MDX. In it, Acura warns that some transmission warmers were improperly manufactured, allowing engine coolant and automatic transmission fluid to mix Acura Client Relations - Recall Line (888) 234-2138 Monday-Friday: 6am-5pm PT Saturday: 7:30am-4pm PT For all other Client Relations inquiries, please call (800) 382-2238, Option 4 Monday-Friday: 6am-5pm PT acr@ahm.acura.co 2001-02 Acura MDX; 2003-04 Accord V-6; 2000-04 Acura 3.2 TL; 2001-03 Acura 3.2 CL; Unfortunately Honda's transmission repairs, especially for those engines that had less than 15k miles before the recall, were not guaranteed to keep working. According to the Wheels blog on NYtimes.com transmission - car lurches at low speeds and hesitates when you try to start off from a stop. i purchased a 2016 acura mdx from jay wolfe honda in kansas city, mo and so far my total overall experience is a 0 i have had my car in the shop for about 20% of the time i have owned it and my last repair was to replace the transmission with 10,000 miles on the vehicle

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  1. TSB 12-007: (2010-2012 MDX) Product Update: Software Update for Lock-Up Clutch Function. TSB 12-008: 2013 Acura Paint Codes. TSB 12-017: (2007-2010 MDX) WARRANTY EXTENSION: Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn at Low Speeds -> PS Pump is 7 years, 100,000 Miles from date of Purchase. TSB 12-024: (2013 MDX) TQI Information
  2. 2004 ACURA MDX Recalls (6) Campaign: 08E013000 on 02/04/2008. Component: Equipment:mechanical:carrier/rack. Affected: 2,032. Defect: Honda is recalling 2,032 hitch style bike racks sold as aftermarket for use on my 2003-2007 and some my 2008 honda pilot, ridgeline, and acura mdx vehicles. a pinch bolt exists between the bike arm bracket and the.
  3. Acura Jerky Upshifts Call for TCM Reprogram. This bulletin applies to all 2016-2019 Acura MDX, 2020 MDX AWD and 2WD, 2015 TLX 2WD and AWD vehicles, equipped with a V6 and 9-speed automatic transmission. The transmission may exhibit harsh or jerky upshifts with steady acceleration. There are abnormal TCM adaptation values in the TCM software
  4. Bob W., NE (2017 Acura MDX Base 3.5-L V6) External music device interface (e.g., smart phone, MP3 player) Very slow and problematic system, lags and freezes for about ten seconds at a time to.
  5. Torque converter issues. Looks like the widely known complaint about the torque converter and transmission issue in Honda Pilot and Acura MDX. My Acura MDX 2004 clearly has the grinding sound (intermittent) when driving 35-40 mph. The issue was known by Acura in Apr 2004 (recall), we bought the car new in May 2004 and were never told
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Choose High Quality OEM acura Parts. Don't replace parts or perform maintenance on your MDX with anything other than the best. With factory-grade Acura parts, you can know with certainty that your purchase will offer optimized performance and perfect fitment for your vehicle 2002 acura mdx, transmission died on highway in the middle of a trip. Vehicle wouldnt go over 40mph, 4000 rpm. Check engine light came on, D5 light flashing. Pulled vehicle over no reverse after shut off and restarted. Disconnected battery, touched terminals together, same exact thing

To find out if your Acura has any outstanding recall or product update notices enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) below. Please note this website only provides information on recalls/product updates issued after January 1, 2000. Your Vehicle Identification Number: Submit A driver and/or a whole family could die. You should go after Acura before someone has to die as a result of Acura's negligence. My 2016 Acura MDX had its first transmission replacement in October 2016 at around 14,000 miles and about 18 months into ownership. I had purchased the vehicle as a brand new car from an Acura dealer Recall no. 19V060000. Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2016-2018 Acura MDX, 2015-2019 Acura TLX and 2015-2017 Honda Accord vehicles, equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine. Owners may contact Acura customer service at 1-888-234-2138. Acura's number for this recall is M49. Summary: Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2014-2019 Acura MDX and 2017-2019. Torque Converter Problems. NHTA website reveals numerous complaints about judder (Acura's TSB terminology) noises coming from the transmission at speeds of 25-45 MPH (on first generation models). These are the precursor to the TC (Torque Converter) going bad. This also may lead the replacement of the entire transmission

Have a 2012 Acura MDX with 88,000 miles. Between 40-55 MPH it stutters almost like it wants to stall out. There are buttons on steering wheel to up/down shift. If I down shift it catches and is fine. Can't find specific info on warranty but had heard it was up to 100,000 miles. Called.. Summary: Honda (American Honda Motor Co.) is recalling certain 2016-2018 Acura MDX, 2015-2019 Acura TLX and 2015-2017 Honda Accord vehicles, equipped with a 3.5L V6 engine. Particulates in fuel. The Acura MDX Reliability Rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, which ranks it 2nd out of 14 for luxury midsize SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $571 which means it has average ownership costs. The severity of repairs is low while frequency of those issues is average, so major issues are uncommon for the MDX The Acura MDX is by far the best vehicle I have ever experienced. The seat adjustments on both the driver and passenger seats allow the ultimate in comfort. The cargo area is more spacious than most SUVs and the third seat underneath is a great option for small children

Chirps may also haunt 2014 MDX and RDX crossovers. In T.S.B. 14-025 issued on July 31, Acura said noise from the timing belt might be caused by the belt contacting the crankshaft pulley 133 of 137 people found this review helpful. Purchased: 2016 MDX Advance. This is my second MDX (my wife's car) and while I am big fan of the vehicle, Acura made some horrible tweaks to the car. All-new 2022 Acura MDX, the next-generation premium, 7-seater SUV. Take the cutting-edge exterior of the all-new MDX to a whole next level of awe with racing-inspired A-SPEC additions. Make your statement loud and clear with darkened headlights and taillights, A-SPEC front and rear fascia, plus premium shark-grey wheels The torque converter in the automatic transmission is known to fail in the 2017 Acura MDX. The torque converter is a fluid coupling that transports rotating power. The torque converter links the power source to the load. This problem can affect vehicles that have 25,000 - 169,000 miles Acura MDX P2197: 02 Sensor B2S1 - Signal Stuck Lean. P2197 is a general DTC code that indicates that the signal coming from your Acura MDX's first O2 sensor on the bank two side of the engine is stuck giving off a lean signal. The voltage reading from a normal oxygen sensor should look something like a heartbeat, whereas with P2197 the.

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-- Select Emission & Transmission --Filter Results. We offer a full selection of genuine Acura MDX Oil Pressure Switches, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Please narrow the Oil Pressure Sender Switch results by selecting the vehicle. 16 Oil Pressure Switches found February 2015: New vehicles added including 2014 GM. • View New Vehicles October 2014: Release of 2013 along with initial 2014 Vehicles • View Vehicles View All News and Updates: • Go To New Performance & mpg. The 2016 Acura MDX employs a 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque. A nine-speed automatic transmission is standard, as is front-wheel. The MDX is EPA-rated 18-20/26-27 mpg city/highway. The new 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid is powered by a 3.0-liter V-6 engine mated to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and the automaker's. Although Acura just updated the MDX last year with a new 9-speed automatic transmission and other fresh features, this year it's even more substantial. New to the lineup for 2017 is the MDX.

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Filter, Acura MDX 2003-06 Transtar Part Number: 50801B. This filter is now available for the Acura MDX 2003-06 (transmission codes MDKA, BDKA). Buy Now These changes come on top of the 2016 upgrades, led by a paddleshifting nine-speed automatic transmission. Also new is the 2017 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid with SH-AWD (super-handling all-wheel drive.

Cadillac XT5 sales grew 83 percent in Q2 2021, placing seventh in the segment. The XT5 was outsold by the Lexus RX, BMW X3/X4, Acura MDX, and 3 other models Bulletin Number: B16-062 Bulletin Date: 02-11-2017 Component: 103700 power train:automatic transmission:torque converter Summary: Service bulletin - a judder from the torque converter lock-up clutch may be felt while driving between 20 and 60 mph. the problem is typically diagnosed as a bad torque converter. american honda investigated the judder and found that the

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Acura: there are guidelines for various situations and procedures including: tire pressure valve stem installation, trailer stability malfunction light is on, engine oil application guide, new software, new transmission fluid, notchy steer ACURA MDX 2013 Technical Service Bulletins are recommended procedures for repairing vehicles. Technical Service Bulletin is issued when there are several occurrences of an unanticipated ACURA MDX problem. HONDA ACURA: PARTS ARE BEING REQUESTED FOR SOME VEHICLES EXPERIENCING A NON DEPLOYMENT OF AN AIR BAG OR NON-COLLISION AIR BAG DEPLOYMENT Acura RDX, MDX and TLX Transmission and Infotainment System Defects. Acura is facing multiple class action suits regarding Acura MDX, Acura RDX, and Acura TLX models, along with several models from its sibling brand, Honda . One suit alleges the following transmission problems: Jerking. Slipping

It's an MDX. They're known for transmission problems from 2011-2013. There's an available reflash under a 2014 TSB that consists of a trans reflash and recommended complete flush and filter replacement. Start there, because otherwise you're looking at trans r&r or replacement. 1 [2] Automobile Transmission A unbiased introduction to automotive transmission operation and common transmission problems and maintenance issues. [3] MDXers The premier Acura MDX Forum on the internet. Discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance articles The only way is to tell for sure is to have a transmission shop or Acura dealer take a pressure test and also scan the computer for any transmission trouble codes. If it is a pressure problem then it will be confirmed during the pressure test and will probably mean a transmission overhaul 2013 ford fusion 1.6 got a p0016 followed the tsb and still 11/26/2019 1/1/0001 My car is runing hot 11/26/2019 1/1/0001 2004 Acura TL keeps on locking driver side door

Jul 23, 2010 - Dupont, IN - Automatic Transmission ACURA 2004 MDX TORQUE CONVERTER SHUDDER OR VIBRATION. View Details; Mar 15, 2010 - Concord, MA - Automatic Transmission SUDDEN TRANSMISSION FAILURE ON THE HIGHWAY. LOSE ALL POWER FROM THE ENGINE TO THE WHEELS. HAS TO PULL OVER SUDDENLY IN TRAFFIC TO AVOID BEING HIT BY OTHER CARS TRAVELING AT. Those who own an Acura MDX are faced with a bit of a good-news/bad-news situation. The good news is that Honda (Acura) makes some of the nicest interiors per dollar in the industry, and some of the best engines known to man. The bad news is that according to Sport Compact Car Magazine, the transmission is a case. [3] MDXers The premier Acura MDX Forum on the internet. Discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself repair and maintenance articles. [4] Acura World The most active Acura online community. Pictures, modifications, discussions, Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and a wide range of Do-It-Yourself service. Automatic transmission problems are a common concern on the Acura MDX, which was introduced with a 3.5 L V-6 engine and a five-speed automatic transmission. The MDX is popular in Maryland, and repair is often necessary due to the unique design, causing them to experience transmission shifting and slipping problems.acura mdx & honda automatic.

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MEMBER. 2001 ACURA MDX. 6 CYL. AWD. AUTOMATIC. I have a 2001 Acura MDX with 120,000 miles and well maintained. The rpms fluctuate rapidly about 50 or so when cruising between 1200 - 1500 rpms in 5th gear and not in the other gears. I have tried to remedy the problem by changing transmission and transfer case fluids, spark plugs, and EGR valve Welcome to the OEM Honda/Acura parts and accessories division of Acura of Peoria near Phoenix, Arizona. OEMAcuraparts.com is a leading supplier of OEM Acura parts along with parts and accessories for Honda vehicles. Our mission to our customers is to provide them with one place to come for discount Honda and Acura parts and accessories. Browse our selection of Oem parts and accessories to find. Information in this discussion reveals that numerous owners have reported a clunking or slamming sensation during certain gear shifts on models equipped with the (2016+) nine-speed automatic transmission and towing package. Acura released a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB #15-054) to try and address the problem, with limited success as reported. Acura MDX vehicles have 9 reported problems.The most commonly reported Acura MDX problem is: Check Engine and D4 Lights Flashing. Check Engine and D4 Lights Flashing. The acura mdx may develop issues with the automatic transmission. rough shifting may occur, and the d4 light and..

According to J.D. Power research data, Acura MDX buyers are younger than the median average age for the Midsize Premium SUV segment, at 52 years, compared with 57. Also, 48% of MDX buyers are members of either Gen X (born 1965-1976) or Gen Y (1977-1994), compared with 35% for the segment. Average median household income is lower for MDX buyers. acura oem factory trailer hitch and wire harness kit 2014-2016 mdx . these items are new and being sold by an authorized acura dealer. these items come with acura's 12 month 12,000 mile warranty that can be used at any acura dealer in the united states MDX 04 AT; (3.5L). Warranty on this transmission assembly DOES NOT INCLUDE seals of any kind located anywhere on the transmission. Failure to inspect and/or replace seals is done at installer's risk Acura suspension noise pop, clunk, thump MDX Acura MDX suspension noise pop, clunk, thump. Acura MDX drivers complain of suspension noise coming from their 2001 and later MDX vehicles. They report three distinct noises. They come from the front suspension. 1. Metallic pop heard during braking and acceleration 2. Clunk, heard when driving on. The Acura MDX is the best-selling luxury three-row SUV of all time, and it has undergone a substantial refresh for the 2017 model year. A tweaked beak, optional second-row captain's chairs, 20.

While you are there, go lookup all the Acura MDX TSBs and Recalls (the list of titles is free to anyone, but the details are inside the manuals). ALLDATA is also the only publisher I know that offers a money back satisfaction guarantee, and check this out: if you ever trade your Acura MDX for a different vehicle during your subscription period. Rostra Dual Linear Solenoid for the 03-04 Acura MDX & 06-08 Honda Pilot Transtar Part Number: 30428C. This is a complete solution for replacement of OE part (28250 RDK 014). Rostra quality ensures the part is precisely matched to the application and includes a new gasket for a complete repair. Buy Now MDX has been trouble free except for one TSB that was taken care of easily. Both drive well but the MDX is a better driver while the GL has way more zip and is a brute that screams down the road. Having each vehicle in my garage, I am of the opinion that you can't go wrong with either one but a Benz is a Benz!

The MDX was the first luxury brand crossover to offer three rows of seating, and Acura was rewarded accordingly. For its tenth model year the second-generation MDX has received a refresh. But is there enough here to maintain Acura's position in an increasingly crowded segment? Much of the Acura MDX's exterior remains the same with [ Discover Acura's exceptional line of cars and SUVs built for exhilarating performance and unsurpassed comfort. Enjoy top safety ratings across the entire model line Those used values are roughly $15,000 to $20,000 less than MSRP - like most Hondas and Acuras, the MDX holds its value pretty well. 2003 Acura MDX. Click image to enlarge. Canadian Red Book puts a 2001 model at as low as $20,450, while a barely broken-in 2006 MDX with Tech Package is worth $51,050