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  1. In this tutorial I show you how to make a braided wirework bracelet. Please feel free to give it a go yourself and I hope you enjoy.-----Amazon.com..
  2. On this episode of Jewelry 101, Susan shows you how to make your own beaded bracelet at home. You can buy these supplies online here: https://www.jtv.com/pro..
  3. This is my first attempt at voice-over.In this tutorial I show you how easy it is to make a very cool wire work cuff bracelet. Very little tools are needed.
  4. 2 pieces of 21 gauge square wire (you can use round) 22 inches roughly, but it depends on the size bracelet you want to make.Beads(these need to have an extr..
  5. WireJewelry.com offers 100's of free Wire Jewelry Making Pattern & Jewelry Making Tutorials that are clear and step by step directions with images of each step of your new wire jewelry design
  6. Wire work tutorials are always popular. So here are more tutorials to try. First up is this wire wrapped bracelet tutorial by Sheri Herr of Lotus Beads. Sheri used 20G wire but you could also use 18G if you want a more substantial look

Cut any excess using the wire cutters. Using any cylindrical object (bottle, glass, rolling pin, etc.), wrap the longer section of the wire once, to get the shape of the bracelet. Cut according to your desired bracelet size. Create the lock by using your round nose pliers to create a hook at the end. 2 Free Tutorial Listings for Wire Wrapping and Coiling Projects Some of best on the web for those who love wire work. Knit and Crochet with Wire Using wire rather than yarn makes awesome jewelry. How to Make Wire Crochet Jewelry. Woven and Braided Wire Jewelry Video tutorials on how to weave or braid multiply strands of wire http://www.etsy.com/shop/wedoartEasy and Basic Wire wrapping Terminology. Wire Gauge, Head Pins, Eye Pins, Jump rings, perfect wire twist. The basics to get. Twist the wire until it reaches the desired tightness, but be careful not to overtwist and break the wire. When finished, slide the wire off the doorknob; cut the loop off one end and the bent wire on the other before using in the braid. Put Christina's expertise in braided wire jewelry at your fingertips with Kumihimo Wirework Made Easy

So check out these DIY 27 free wire wrapping jewelry tutorials right here and give your crafting hands a unique practice that would surely result fruitful. Make sure you have the right wire cutting, molding wrapping tools with you to get the most quirky types of ear rings, pendants, neck laces and the bracelets for your wardrobe Regular price $12.00. Basic Clasp Ring Pattern, Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $10.00. Bracelet Lovers, Learn To Wire Wrap 4 Jewelry Patterns and Save 9.00 Dollars. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $30.00. Charming Hearts 1, Wire Wrap Charms, Earrings, Pendants Tutorial Work-hardening makes wire stiffer - so your finished jewelry will be stronger and less apt to get bent or pulled out of shape while being worn. Here are three ways you can work-harden your wire: First, if you want to work-harden your wire before you work with it, you can pull your wire through your fingers, or through nylon-jawed pliers, or a. Jul 1, 2013 - Explore Mystic Lizard Jewelry's board Tutorials - Wire Weaving, followed by 1460 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about wire weaving, wire jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry

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Jun 6, 2021 - Explore Bonnie's board wire wrap tutorials for beginners, followed by 375 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jewelry tutorials, wire jewelry, jewelry making Sep 22, 2018 - Explore Audrey Allen's board Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorials, followed by 4858 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about jewelry tutorials, wire wrapped jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry tutorials

To make a memory wire bracelet, start by using heavy duty wire cutters to cut 3 coils of wire that are 1 inch longer than the size of your wrist. Then, use round-nose pliers to make a small loop at one end of the wire to hold the beads in place Wire Wrapped Pendant: Update: June, 2016Since I wrote this tutorial, I've taught three more years of classes and answered a lot of questions online. I've collected some of this additional info in an expanded tutorial that I sell on my website. If you're interested you c

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Wire Jewelry • DIY Wire Bracelet Viking Knit Tutorial. A New Zealand blog about my handcrafted jewellery design journey featuring wire wrapping, paua (abalone) shells, gemstones and more. Article by Ulrike Willis. 14. Diy Bracelets How To Make Viking Bracelet Viking Knit Wire Weaving Wire Crafts Wire Art Metal Jewelry Handcrafted Jewelry. Use appropriate wire thickness. I make jewelry of wire 1 mm (18 ga) wire for the frames and 0.4 mm (26 ga) thick wire for the weaving. You can use wire with a thickness of 0.8 mm (20 ga) wire for the frames and 0.3 mm (28 ga) wire for the weaving. Tension is important when weaving. Too tight and you will pull your frame wires out of shape, but. STEP 1. Determine the number of loops you want to use for your project and cut the wire. 6 loops were used for the bracelet. STEP 2. Stretch the wire gently until it is comfortable on your arm and a little easier to work with. This does not mean stretch to finished size. It can be formed after you finish At this point you may also need to wrap the short wrap wire around the eye a time or two. Hint: Check out the Double Wrap Bangle tutorial for instructions for a larger eye. 2. Step 5: Holding the two wrapped wire tails close together, use the wrapping wire to create a neck below the eye, wrapping 4 to 5 times to show

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Wire work Wire Pendant Tutorials Wire bracelet tutorials HikaShop , Joomla!® Online Shop System. Regular price $30.00. Swarovski Crystal Bracelet and Ornate Focal-Clasp, 2 Bracelet Tutorials 25% Discount. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $13.50. Wire Jewelry Lovers Tutorial Special 50 % Savings on ALL 28 Tutorials 49 Patterns & Variations. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $112.00 Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $0.00. 10 Minute (or Less) Wire Wrapped Pendant, Free Wire Wrapping Jewelry Tutorial. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $0.00. Adding Safety Chain 2, Free Wire Wrapping Jewelry Tutorial. Bobbi J Maw - MyWiredImagination. Regular price $0.00 Crochet Wire Cuff Bracelet Tutorial. Lovely Little Life. This is a crochet wire cuff bracelet tutorial that teaches you how to work a wider cuff-style bracelet with wire and beads. This is the kind of piece that is eye-catching all on its own, so you can wear a simple outfit, no other jewelry, and still stand out in a crowd..

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May 12, 2017 - wire wrap jewelry by Carla Kathryn Cope on Indulgy.com. May 12, 2017 - wire wrap jewelry by Carla Kathryn Cope on Indulgy.com. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures A few notes about choosing the right wire for this wire wrapped ring tutorial: If you're new to jewelry making, you might want to work with practice wire. That is, the cheapest wire you can find. However, if you're beyond your first attempt, you'll probably want a real metal wire - brass, copper, sterling all work Memory wire is a type of steel wire used in jewelry making that keeps its cold-forged shape. This characteristic helps keep wire designs in place after completion, making memory wire an excellent choice for quick and easy projects. Memory wire is typically sold in coils with pre-formed loops sized for bracelets, necklaces or rings, and is available in many plated metal finishes including gold.

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  1. Slightly pinching the meeting point of the coils, slip it over your hand making sure that. 1. Its a good fit for your wrist (if its a little big thats fine) and. 2. As it goes over your fist there is a bit of excess wire on either side of the pinch. The main idea of the bracelet is it's adjustable size
  2. Hi Melissa! I almost always use half hard wire. You can certainly use dead soft, but you will have more hammering to do to harden it up (see my post on 'work hardening' wire if you need more info).. The benefit to using dead soft wire would be if you are making intricate shapes with the wire before hammering it, so that it's easier to bend into those shapes
  3. d. This selection of projects includes a variety of beading techniques, assuring a successful first beading experience in peyote stitch, wire work, brick stitch, or bead stringing. Bead patterns and projects range from the cute and sweet to more refined wearables
  4. Woven Wire Bangle Bracelet Tutorial I have all these bangle bracelets that I bought for my dance costume but, alas, my wrists and hands are tiny and one quick arm thrust means the floor is now wearing my bracelets. So I've been trying out different methods of dressing them up to sell or give away, and so far this is my favorite
  5. Wire jewelry is an ancient jewelry making art that will never go out of style, If you want unique, hand made, one-of-a kind jewelry why not make it yourself? I know its seems a bit daunting to think that you could actually create your own, necklace,bracelet or earrings but believe it or not, it's indeed possible

Wire Crochet for Beginners : The YoolaTube necklace is a simple yet powerful tutorial that can be implemented in many designs . A base is created and the silver, gold or colored YoolaTube is made from there. The preparation of thenecklace require the materials listed below alo 15 jewelry making tutorials for beginners 54 simple wire jewelry making tutorials wire work secrets for jewelry makers 3 chain links for jewellery making 15 Jewelry Making Tutorials For Beginners 54 Simple Wire Jewelry Read More. Wire Wrap Jewellery Tutorials. April 11, 2020 0. Wire wrap tutorial cloudoon cabochon pendant wire wrapping. Cut of any excess wire and make sure the ends are bent into the bracelet, not poking put where they can scratch. Do the same with the original tail end aswell. Turn the work to the opposite end. Insert the hook into the first stitch and pull a loop through. Holding the tail end firmly, chain 1

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Like most wire work books, this starts off with a sections addressing the tools used, and instructions on basic techniques. Jump rings, coils, coiled coils, spirals, wrapped loops and more. The meat of the book is the 15 designs Wire wrapping pendant tutorials. Prepare 4 pieces of wire. The thickness should be 1 mm and the length should be about 40-50 cm. Weave together all the wires approximately in the middle. Use any method of weaving. Check out my Free wire basic weaving course. Make a loop for a cord or chain and bend the wire

Metal Stamping, Jewelry Making Supplies, & Free Jewelry Making Classes. Whether you're an expert or a beginner when it comes to jewelry making, Beaducation is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to get started or take your jewelry business to the next level DIY Woven Chain Bracelet. Crafty, easy, stylish jewelry. Crystal Picot Bracelet. Beading Tutorials: Beaded Jewelry Cones. Today's necklace-a-day design features a favorite color combination - amber and dark blue. Wire Wrapped Agate Cuff Bracelet

Bend the wire end in the same direction as the curve you just made. Keep bending to make a nice hook: Now we're going to make the spiral end of the bracelet. On the wire end where you drew a mark 3″ (7.62 cm) from the end, use your fingers to straighten out the wire - beginning at the 3″ mark, out to the to the end of the wire A jewelry artist in my own right and a teacher, I was getting a little jealous. He always complimented me on my work but never said my work was sexy. I had to do something! I bought the book and I would recommend it to eveyone. Bring the sexy into your wire work. Lisa Barth does introduce wire weaving to anyone who is willing to learn LOVE these 2 bracelets. I've always enjoyed working with and wearing memory wire jewelry since I have bad arthritis in my hands and wrists making it difficult to operate almost all kinds of clasps. Love this unusual way of using leather cording and memory wire together. Wrap bracelets made easy to wear. Thanks so much for sharing Once you get to the end of your strand, use another crimp bead to secure it to the opposite end of your bracelet. Again, the short end can be tucked into the end bead with a pair of pliers. If you plan to twist your bracelet, leave the strand a little bit loose; 2-3 mm of slack wire will aid in twisting What you need to craft this wire wrapped bangle bracelet tutorial: An oval bangle with a clasp; 22-24 gauge wire (thicker will be too hard to work with, might break the beads; thinner won't hold well) Beads - I used 4mm Swarovski bicones in emerald, and 3mm mixed metal accent bead

Memory wire - a package should run around $4, but it will make up several bracelets. I have used about half a package on 4 bracelets so far. Optional charm(s) and jump ring to attach them; Wire cutters (the ones from your toolbox work fine, don't buy specialty jewelry wire cutters if you don't already own them SPEEDWOX 200 Loops Memory Wire for Bracelet Making 5 Inches Memory Wire Cutting Pliers Set for Jewelry Making Gold Silver Loop Jewelry Wire Arts DIY Making Supplies Hobby Work Tool. 4.5 out of 5 stars 42. $12.19 $ 12. 19. Get it as soon as Fri, Jul 9 A Sharpie pen, or something else to mark the wire with for cutting or bending. A ring mandrel if you want to make rings - it's indispensable. A bracelet mandrel for making bracelets, preferably oval, but round will also work. Files or sandpaper to smoothen down the sharp ends of your cut wire

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Learn Wire Crochet Jewelry Making. People that see my work for the first time find it hard to believe that they can actually learn how to make wire crochet jewelry with just a little effort and a small investment. But it's true, I write and film wire crochet jewelry instructions that enable almost anyone to recreate my designs on their own Step 11. Using a 2″ to 4″ piece of half round wire, begin to wrap the ends as shown. Step 12. Place the center of the half round wire behind the cross, flat side facing you. Step 13. Crisscross the wrap wires in front as shown and around to the back. Step 14. Bring the wires to the back and crisscross again. Step 15 I cut 4 loops of wire to begin with, with my shears. Memory wire is much harder than other jewelry wire, so it's tough to cut - you can use regular wire cutters, but memory wire shears work much better. To begin, add one bead, and a drop of glue to the tip of the wire. Glue on a memory wire end Step 110: Separate all but the center two base wires. With the remaining 28gauge wrapping wire, wrap the center two wires together for about 3/16, no more than ¼. Step 111: Trim the center two wires to the length shown. Coil wrap the longer of the two wires to within 1/8 of the end. Trim the 28 gauge wrap wire off In this tuttorial, you will learn how to make a rose cuff bracelet with wires, the main work is to weave the wires and add the aluminium roses. This Valentine's Day gift tutorial will show you how to make pink wire wrapped bangle bracelet within simple 2 steps

(14 gauge memory wire would break jewelry pliers and cutters.) And some metals, such as copper, need to be work hardened to be springy enough to keep a bracelet shape in 14 gauge. Memory wire is a nice compromise because it is already pre-formed into a bracelet size, and it's not too hard to make simple loops that also keep their shape Upper left picture: Bend the folded end of the 4 wire to make a hook. Measure recipient's wrist at this point and cut the hook to size so that the bracelet will fit when clasped. Work the wire patiently so that the hook end won't get any skin pinched inside it -- it needs to be quite closed at the operating end Adding Safety Chain to a Wire Wrapped Bracelet: This step by step tutorial was written to add safety chain to my Swarovski style bracelet, but can easily be adapted to many styles of bracelets. The techniques shown in this tutorial work for any bangle where the ends are wrapped, with or without

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Note: I made my bracelet 24 inches long, so it would wrap around my wrist 3 times with 3 inches to spare. However, I think 5 wraps would be better, especially for such an open-work piece. So I'll be adding more rings to my bracelet later to make it long enough to wrap 5 times around my wrist For this tutorial, I am using 16g wire for the frame wires and 26g wire for the weaving wire. I'm using these gauges to better show the detail in these weaves. That is why this tutorial calls for those two gauges of wire. If you would prefer, you can use different gauges for your practice work Cut a piece of memory wire 2 inches more than the circumference of your wrist. Using the round nose pliers, curl a loop onto each end of the wire. Place a dab of glue next to one of the loops and anchor the end of your ribbon. Wrap wire tightly, overlapping as you go. When you reach the other loop add another dab of glue and anchor your ribbon. It is important NOT to use pliers that have ridges in them, as these will leave marks on and damage your wire as you work. Chain nose pliers are necessary for basic jewelry making techniques such as bending wire, opening and closing jump rings, flattening crimp beads, tucking wrapped wire ends in, straightening kinks in wire, and so many more 26 guage or 30 guage craft wire beads Crochet hook Necklace closure, such as toggle set, lobster clasp, ribbon, etc. Wire cutters or scissors Small tip pliers, such as basic needle nose pliers or jewelry pliers if you have them. Ruler or tape measure For the specific pieces that I've made in the photos, I've used the following items:-26 gge Darlee Craft Designer Permanently Colored Copper Wire.

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Regular price $12.00. Basic Clasp Ring Pattern, Wire Wrap Ring Tutorial. Regular price $10.00. Bracelet Lovers, Learn To Wire Wrap 4 Jewelry Patterns and Save 9.00 Dollars. Regular price $30.00. Charming Hearts 1, Wire Wrap Charms, Earrings, Pendants Tutorial. Regular price $6.00 Instead of trying to work harden aluminum wire, it is probably better to just start with a thicker gauge for the strength you need. You can read up on various Jewelry Wire Materials and their different properties here. If you're new to making wire jewelry, you will find the rest of this series All About Jewelry Wire very useful

Both tutorials are wonderful. I haven't ventured into wire work but those delightful wire macrame earrings might just get me to do it. The jump ring bracelet is so simple but looks just dynamite. Thanks for sharing! Reply Delet More ideas from . Wire Art Tutorials Women's Jewelry Copper Jewelry Handmade Jewelry Jewelry Making Dragon Ring Wire Rings Wire Work Jewelry Patterns Diy Kits TUTORIAL: adjustable dragon rin You will need basic wire jewelry pliers (chain or bent-nose, round nose, cutters), a small file, a hammer and steel block. You will also need 16g wire and 24g or 26g wire, and a mandrel about 1/2 inch diameter a fat marker works well

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  1. Wire Wrapped Jewelry With Copycat Wigjig: Wire wrapping is such fun and with a jig it's quick, easy and thereby leaving room for loads of creativity! I came across the wigjig, and the site slowly reeled me, but it did not hook me cause I'm an INSTRUCTABLE member! I need to make rather than
  2. Rena's wire jewelry video class: 26 Videos + 27 PDF cheat sheets, checklists, forms, and transcripts. I highly recommend this class for any wireworker who wants to make the jump from following tutorials to designing their own jewelry. ~ Teresa. Learn Mor
  3. You can definitely make this clasp without tumbling it and it will be sturdy because it is a thick enough gauge of wire. Tumbling will polish the clasp if you oxidize it and help to work-harden it. You can also work-harden the clasp with a rawhide or rubber mallet and a bench block. thanks for this generous tutorial
  4. g for a half-size larger than the size you're planning to make. If you're not sure what size to make, 7 is a pretty common size. Once you have each end of the wire wrapped around the mandrel, bend each end around the bead
  5. Part 3: Jewelry Wire Shapes. There are a variety of different wire shapes on the market, including round, half-round, square, and twisted wire. This post covers what those different shapes are generally used for in making jewelry. Part 4: Jewelry Wire Materials. There are a LOT of options available when it comes to jewelry wire materials

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9 Fun Beading Projects to Keep You Busy and in Style. Top 10 Free Bead Patterns. Free Charted Peyote Stitch Patterns. How to Make a Daisy Chain Beading Stitch. How to Choose Elastic Cord for Stretch Bracelets. Easy Beaded Bracelet Projects and Tutorials. How to Choose the Right Size Needles and Threads for Your Seed Beads

Wire Wrapping Class at Lithos Mineral, Fossil, Meteorite, Book and Hobby store in Arvada, Colorado! Perfectly Twisted Jewelry, Wire Wrapping 101. UPDATE: The February 23rd class is sold out!!! All next wire wrapping class schedules are located here.. when you get there, SHOP / CLASSES 25+ Stylish Tutorials for Wire Wrapped Earrings. Wire wrapping jewelries give them a unique and elegant look. If you have a fascination for stuffing your jewelry box with varied designs of enticing earrings, then make your studs or danglers look even more attractive by wire wrapping them. Take a look at the following tutorials to get a clear.

Wire Wrapped Ear Cuff Artistry by RockTime - The BeadingImage result for celtic spiral knot chainmaille tutorialWire Wrapped Bangle Tutorials - The Beading Gem's JournalOcean Pearls DIY Hoop Earrings | AllFreeJewelryMakingOur Favourite DIY Bracelet Tutorials - SortashionHeart Wrapped DIY Wire Ring | AllFreeJewelryMakingMaking Copper Wire BraceletsWonderful DIY Wire Crochet Jewelry [Free Pattern]

Get jewelry making tips and techniques to learn how to make jewelry more easily, achieve quicker, faster results, and take your jewelry making to the next level. I'm a sucker for tips and tricks that make any project faster, more fun, or more simple to complete The more common way to follow this wire heart pendant tutorial would be to use a thinner wire to wrap the center points together. Hammering serves more than one purpose. It not only adds gorgeous hand-crafted texture, but it also work hardens your piece, making it more durable Memory wire is a type of steel wire that keeps its cold-forged shape. This characteristic helps keep wire designs in place after completion, making memory wire an excellent choice for quick and easy projects.Memory wire is typically sold in coils with pre-formed loops sized for bracelets, necklaces or rings, Memory wire bracelet supplies Now, add the teardrop bead onto the long end of the wire, and bring the wire up to where the loop of the bail meets the top of the bead - making sort of a figure 8. Wrap the short end of the wire around the bottom of the bail 1-2 times, and cut off the excess wire - so that you only have the long end of the wire to work with as you wrap A few notes about which wires to use to wire wrap stone: Tip: you can check out my full tutorial on copper jewelry making if you're new at this!. Hardness - One of the most important features of the wire you use is how soft it'll be. Softer wires bend more easily, will wrap more neatly, and will be easy to work with