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Other conference ideas: 9. Pass the Problem -write patient medical Dx, nursing Dx, background on a sheet of paper -pass the paper to each group member--each adds ideas for client outcomes and strategies 10. Clinical Puzzle •Write a component of patient care on a puzzle piece (Assessment, lab data, history Teaching patients and their families can be one of the most challenging, yet also rewarding elements of providing nursing care. First-rate instruction improves patient outcomes dramatically. The value of patient education resources. For further resources that will strength your organization's patient-teaching, let Lippincott Advisor help im taking gi/gu right now and we need to do a teaching plan related to the course. it has to be 5-10minutes and it will be during clinicals in front of our clinical members (~8 people including the professor). what are some ideas i can do that would be very interesting and not boring? like if its.. May 21, 2020 - Explore Lynn Wallace's board Teaching Ideas, followed by 611 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about nursing students, nurse, nursing school

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Patient Teaching Projects. Multimedia websites, interactive educational modules and videos that are freely available to patients and medical professionals around the world. These mobile-friendly resources engage patients to learn more about their conditions. Sodium Restriction education program, known as the Kidney Smart Class℠ (DaVita, 2013), in adults diagnosed with stage III and stage IV chronic kidney disease. Goal The primary goal of this project was to measure the impact of the Kidney Smart Class℠ (DaVita, 2013) upon the knowledge level of patients diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Objective Create a Binder of Patient Education Handouts. This project is super helpful for settings that don't have easy to access handouts to give to patients. In my settings (acute care and inpatient rehab), I regularly have to search for and print out patient handouts, so having a full binder of worksheets to copy would be such a time-saver Nursing capstone projects comprise academic papers that encompass practical work, experiments, as well as facts that enhance the professional skills of students in the nursing field. A nursing capstone project exhibits the theoretical competence of a nursing student. It also defines their career trajectory after graduation effective patient education has been seen to improve adherence, self-management, and outcomes, as well as reduce unnecessary emergency room visits (Smith et al., 2013). It is the purpose of this project to enhance patient satisfaction and self-care through education materials and teaching reinforcement for nurses. According to Askren (2013), th

Patient education that is accurate and thorough is critical to allow patients and their caregivers to understand their disease and treatment plan. This is an important part of the healing process no matter the illness. Organized by clinical topic, our patient teaching tools are designed to help you communicate with your patients and offer the. Patient education including medication side effects are part of the score in HCAP. Project is to get staff to recognize those that have poor health literacy, and do something about it. Teach back and definition of health literacy. And the impact on patients. HCAP scores will be part of evaluation as will patient surveys 80+ Nursing Capstone Project Ideas You Can Borrow for Your Project. Compassion fatigue in Operating Rooms nurses. Burnout in critical care nurses. Why inpatient medication education matters. Reviewing clinical workload policy in nursing programs. Understanding nurse compassion satisfaction vs. burnout to boost productivity Reaching out to people in different settings also allows for greater tailoring of health information and education. Educational and community-based programs encourage and enhance health and wellness by educating communities on topics such as: Chronic diseases. Injury and violence prevention Objectives After completing Chapter 1, the reader will be able to: Identify the significance of patient education in health care. Discuss the importance of patient education in physical and occupational rehabilitation. Compare and contrast the impact of patient education in health care and in rehabilitation. Understand the importance of patient education as related to health care and reha

The Patient Safety Education Project (PSEP) was designed to address these challenges by combining dissemination of existing knowledge with steps to translate this knowledge into better practice outcomes. PSEP was developed by a core team of educators in the United States and Australia A capstone teaching project for undergraduate nursing students: development of a visual teaching-learning tool (composed by Epstein in 2007 and published in the Journal of Nursing Education) Implementing Nerve Blocks for Patients Undergoing a Bilateral Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction: A Practice Change (Capstone of Corey Beene. Fundamentals of Nursing authors Barbara L. Yoost, MSN, RN, CNS, CNE, ANEF, and Lynne R. Crawford, MSN, RN, MBA, CNE, share 10 ideas for infusing active learning activities into your classroom lessons.. Patient Teaching Pamphlets Creating sample patient scenarios is a great way to incorporate active learning into nursing and healthcare classes

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Market and promote the rural community culture - feeling of safety (low crime), strong education systems, active faith community, strong and vital health sector, lower cost of living. Contact North Dakota Department of Commerce for economic development ideas. Create leadership opportunities for community members in their 20's and 30's. Helping patients stay connected with friends and family One downside of being in the hospital is the potential to feel isolated from family and friends. One group proposed making Skype available. Teaching is what gives clients information, that information informs them about health promoting options and behaviors, ergo, lack of that knowledge can hinder a patient's ability to help. Patient Access. Project: Reducing the number of unscheduled ETC visits for Breast Oncology patients, City of Hope, 2019. Subcategory: Patient Education. Problem Statement: 58% of symptomatic breast cancer patients who present or are directed to the Evaluation and Treatment Center (ETC) during business hours (M-F 8:00am to 5:00pm) are. Project Title: Epidural Education for Parturients Using a Video Teaching Tool Purpose : To show evidence of the benefits for the use of an obstetric anesthesia video during the education process and to devise a plan for the implementation of video-assisted education during anesthesia consultation to help improve patient knowledge and.

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Patient Teaching Plan (Attachment C) with your proposal. Does your project involve a nursing practice or process change? If yes, attach relevant policies, procedures, or SOCs to your project proposal. Does your project involve an administrative practice or process change? If yes, attach the relevant policies to your proposal of the learner. Projects are developed because we want participants to gain specific knowledge and skills. Education projects are developed to promote public safety and the development of environmental and scientific literacy. Careful attention to the design and implementation of an education project will be reflected in learner outcomes

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  1. Health Topics. Read about symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention for over 1000 diseases, illnesses, health conditions and wellness issues. MedlinePlus health topics are regularly reviewed, and links are updated daily
  2. 20. Activity: Build Your Patient Worksheet This helps student learn the patient assessment process by writing their own scenario. Students write a trauma or medical patient scenario using a template. (See handout) 21. Activity: Teaching Brain Anatomy Take a square piece of white fabric the size of a bandana
  3. The FREE listing of DNP scholarly projects is available for your download. We now archive complete projects - not just the abstract. To participate in DNP Studies and Surveys, click here. Posting abstracts and background information is voluntary. This should not be considered a publication of professional work
  4. The Basics — The Basics patient education pieces answer the four or five key questions a patient might have about a given condition. These articles are best for patients who want a general overview and who prefer short, easy-to-read materials. Patient education: Osteoarthritis (The Basics
  5. Promotion in Place: Enhancing Trainee Well-Being and Patient Care Through Time-Variable Graduate Medical Education. Overseen by Partners HealthCare System, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Brigham and Women's Hospital, this project will integrate time-variable models for advancement in residency training
  6. Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico performed a quality improvement project to improve how it processed complaints from its members about quality-of-care issues at health facilities. Other projects include the following: The Safer Care Patient-Centered Checklist: This was an intervention to promote safe, high-quality practice and improved outcomes. . This project was conducted by the.
  7. DNP Projects from 2021 PDF. Technology-Based Advance Care Planning Education for Primary Care Patients, Taryn Achong. PDF. Promoting Antibiotic Stewardship in Primary Care Setting: An Evaluation Process of Treatment Practices for Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections in Premenopausal Non-Pregnant Women, Ira Amayun. PD

Students seeking degrees in nursing faculties have to participate in practical activities. When the studies end, students have to write about what they have learnt. The paper is known as a capstone project outline. In this paper, you mainly have to focus on the features of your field of study. You must make sure that your idea is interesting Tools for Community Health Workers (CHWs) Hispanic populations have low control rates for hypertension, a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Also, they have high prevalence of high blood cholesterol, and their diets are often high in salt and saturated fats. Reaching these audiences with effective messages about prevention can be. Educating faculty is the key to assuring that new nurses care properly for older patients. ACE.S is the go-to gerontological resource hub for accessing classroom-ready teaching tools and strategies. It has a wealth of information about upcoming faculty development events related to integration of care of older adults into nursing program curricula

Select a project topic: Students normally select their own nursing project topics but will need to get approval from their instructor or a project committee. Initial research: Background research on the project Project proposal: The proposal states the problem that will be addressed, gives some background and tells why it is important. Detailed information of how your project will solve the. Introducing Evidence-Based Practice Using a Common Referent: Internet Shopping. This teaching strategy uses simple language and a common referent to convey complex concepts practically to facilitate students' application. Following Knowles Adult Learning Theory, the course faculty developed this teaching Continue reading. May 6, 2021. May 6.

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  1. PROJECT IDEAS . 1 FNP on interventional radiology 25 Implications of nursing education to chronic disease management 59 Toolkit in enhancing nursing education 60 Patient care improvement . 61 Electronic health record system for new employees 62 How to improve informatics practic
  2. 2019-2020 Projects Enhancing Fellow knowledge of catheterization laboratory workflow Reducing overuse of inpatient telemetry Efficiency improvements to stress echocardiography Reducing waste in outpatient clinic workflows Improving patient experience with informed consent Addressing contrast nephropathy due to coronary angiography 2018-2019 Projects Enhancements to a post-MI early follow-up.
  3. Games for Health: This initiative was designed to promote best practices, community building, and research into how cutting-edge game design and development methodologies can aid in the creation of health tools that range from direct patient application, to personal health education, and workforce initiatives. Get involved
  4. Capstone Nursing Project Ideas on the Elderly. Psychiatric care and mental health issues in adults. Productive programs for obesity and weight management among seniors. A case study of joint disorders in the elderly population. Interventions for managing socially impaired behavior among adult patients with dementia
  5. My goal is that these ideas will serve as inspiration. 1. Rethinking Advance Care Planning. Problem: Only about 30% of adults have an Advance Care Plan (ACP) expressing their wishes for end-of-life care. CBS reported that Medicare spent $55 billion on doctors' and hospital bills during the final two months of patients' lives, and that 20.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Final Projects Collection. The Doctor of Nursing Practice Final Projects Collection contains the completed works of students from the DNP Program at Arizona State University's College of Nursing and Health Innovation. These projects are the culminating product of the curricula and demonstrate clinical scholarship Patient Education. Through the Health in Aging Foundation, we provide patient education materials for our members and the public at large to advance our commitment to the health, independence, and quality of life of all older adults. HealthinAging.org is the Foundation's public education portal, providing older adults and caregivers with up. MSN capstone project ideas for a woman are represented here. Data about the MSN Capstone Project. The MSN capstone project is the graduate student's scholarly alternative to the thesis. For completion of this assignment, graduate students should conduct an academic project that reflects the integration of health theory and practice

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Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States, with a prevalence of an estimated 30 million people, which accounts for nearly 9.4% of the US population [].The number of patients with a diabetes diagnosis continues to rise at a significant pace, with an incidence rate of 1.5 million US adults per year [].While lifestyle modifications and medications have. Patient Education Infection Control Faculty: Rose Healy, Jill Scherrey, and Laurie Reyen Patient Education Objectives (Rose): Seminar content, clinical, and other learning experiences enable residents to achieve leadership skills to 1. Identify how the institution provides patient and family education across the continuum of care 2 List of 55 Nursing Thesis Topics. A comparative study of community nursing and health care needs in different cities. AIDS and its social impact: A study in public health. Alzheimer disease and the problems encountered by the spouses of the patients. Assessment of nutritional status of children as an essential part of community nursing Hand hygiene is one of the fundamental measures necessary for reducing healthcare-associated infections. The adherence of health care workers to safe hand hygiene practices is low worldwide, despite evidence showing compliance with hand hygiene guidelines decreases infection rate. This project focuses on the role of patients in promoting healthcare workers' compliance with hand hygiene practices

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Education.com has assembled a vast collection of science fair project ideas written by science teachers, professional scientists, and educational consultants on popular science fair topics ranging from physics and chemistry to biology and even sociology. We offer free science fair ideas suitable for every grade level, be it preschool. ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias. Ambulatory Patient Groups (APGs) Amebiasis. Amebic Dysentery. American Indian Health Program in New York State. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Complaint Form (DOH-4487) (PDF, 53KB, 1pg.) Ammonia How will this module help me build a patient experience program for my practice? Introduction Six steps to create a patient experience program STEP 1 Assess the current state of patient satisfaction STEP 2 Define your North Star STEP 3 Engage key stakeholders in experience design STEP 4 Develop and implement your patient experience strategy STEP A Consider creating a Patient and Family. individualized patient care and increasing quality of life. Target population The target population for this project is elderly homecare patients with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure can affect the elderly in grave ways, due to th Ideas and Examples for Improving Workflow. As primary care providers, pediatricians and pediatric specialists, routinely deal with fixed insurance payments that do not allow them to routinely pass on increased costs to payers. Perception of patient flow through the practice provides the base to adapt and manage patient visits to the advantage.

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Improvement and Research Projects in Patient Safety and Quality. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Pinterest Share via Email Print this Page The Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality leads regional, national and international projects that reduce preventable harm, improve patient and clinical outcomes. As a member, you'll also get unlimited access to over 84,000 lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed The Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care research and dissemination project sought to identify concrete innovations and promising practices of United States hospitals that are top performers in delivery of patient-centered care, or who have made remarkable strides in this area. Culminating in a conference in September 2013, it brought. Using teach-back for patient education and self-management. March 11, 2012. James Banks, a 65-year-old white male, is newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. At 210 lbs, he has a history of hypertension and hyperlipidemia. At his doctor's appointment today, nurse Ann Rogers plans to provide patient teaching on how to manage diabetes at home

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Glickman, S. W. et al. Patient satisfaction and its relationship with clinical quality and inpatient mortality in acute myocardial infarction. Circ. Cardiovasc. Qual. Outcomes 3, 188-195 (2010). Finset, A. 50 years of research on the effect of physician communication behavior on health outcomes. Patient Educ. Couns. 96, 1-2 (2014) So, if a patient comes for a follow-up routine, doctors can immediately check up on their medical history and provide the necessary medical treatments. This is one of the popular projects for final year project ideas for IT students. Also read: Python Project Ideas for Beginners. 11. Opinion mining for social networking platform I have to teach a class with a partner this week to the patients, and I was searching to find ideas for a topic to teach. Thanks for the pointers! maame yaa on November 28, 2013: am doing a project about the education system of the mentallly handicapped,this article is a helpful guide Narcotic Drug Patient Education Copyright 2014 Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina. All rights reserved. Revised 4/2015 by Campus Health Service Improving Healthcare Transitions: Using Ask Me 3 to Structure Patient Education, Chiara R. Smith. Projects from 2019 PDF. The Impact of a Faculty Workflow Algorithm on Early Identification and Referral of Students At Risk for Academic Performance Issues: A Quality Improvement Project, Colleen Ann Kenyon. PD

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Patients with congestive heart failure and the quality of their life. The benefits and drawbacks of the cardiac skills checklist for teenagers. Asthma and diabetes education in the hospital for African American populations. Diabetes prevention. Non-pharmacological methods for dementia patient treatment. Nursing informatics capstone project ideas 2018 Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Projects. Scholar: Lucy Ankrah. Project Title: Using a Professional Language Interpreter During Discharge to Promote Self-Care Management for Spanish-Speaking Patients with Congestive Heart Failure: A Quality Improvement Project. Purpose: The overarching goal of this DNP project was to improve lifestyle management of Spanish-speaking congestive heart. Following up after a teaching session with a quality improvement project in which the new learning is put into practice by the whole team can help a lot. Quality improvement projects use a step-by-step approach to improving care by taking a long, hard look at what needs to be done; and by starting out with a small change, watching it, adding to. - Inpatient Diabetes Team Development Project • Improved patient & family satisfaction - Patient and family education ideas Input: Current State Phase 1 1. High admission rate for patients diagnoses with diabetes 2. Desire more community presenc included for this project. Results . Discussion . Over 500,000 new patients are diagnosed with CHF each year1. With the aging population growing, the number of patients with chronic conditions is also increasing. Hospital readmissions for CHF as well as other chronic diseases creates a huge impact on the healthcare system as well as on the patient

5. The Path to Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. Lesson Type: Individual Activity & Class Discussion. Because you may be teaching students about CNAs for the first time, don't forget to talk to them about the path to becoming a CNA. That means more than just helping students pass the CNA certification exam A. Patient's ability to open the box B. Number of pills the patient takes in a day C. Size of the agency logo on the box D. Patient's visual ability 5. Your agency is requiring all nurses to use a new medication teaching tool as a guideline for patient education related to medications. You feel like you have always done a goo Introduction. For decades, medical educators and patient advocates have stressed the importance of communicating with patients and their families during medical encounters, and communication has emerged as an important physician competency. 1 -,5 There is a consensus about the essential elements of communication skills relevant to medical encounters and the need to teach those skills to.

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Projects. The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree to prepare advanced practice nurses at the highest level. This professional nursing preparation will include advanced coursework in leadership, research translation, and clinical knowledge and skills Nursing requires creativity and innovation and reflective writing helps develop these skills. Reflective essays that focus on clinical and medical experience can contribute knowledge to the discipline and help serve the greater good of humanity. Ideas for reflective essays start with reflective journal writing and.

Models of Evidence-Based Practice. Multiple models of EBP are available and have been used in a variety of clinical settings. 16-36 Although review of these models is beyond the scope of this chapter, common elements of these models are selecting a practice topic (e.g., discharge instructions for individuals with heart failure), critique and syntheses of evidence, implementation, evaluation. patients at high risk for falls, improving communication among staff regarding fall risk status, ensuring safe patient transfers while toileting, using equipment such as low beds and mats, and improving staff and patient education to successfully reduce patient falls.10 This project utilized Robust Process Improvement® (RPI®)methodology t management and that patients must be adequately skilled, dependable, and responsible for taking care of themselves (Dalton, Garvey, & Samira, 2006). Diabetes self-management training (DSMT), or the process of teaching diabetic individuals or patients to manage their condition, has been proven to be a cornerstone in clinical managemen Capstone Project Examples. The goal of the doctoral capstone is to provide an in-depth exposure to one or more of the following areas: clinical practice skills, research skills, administration, leadership, program and policy development, advocacy, education, and theory development. Following are real-life examples of capstone projects completed.

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Patient education begins with an assessment of learning needs and other characteristics because the teaching should be based on those needs and individualized for each patient. Clinicians use several strategies for this assessment, including asking the right questions during informal and targeted conversations and observing the patient 6. Patient Education (Patient Teach-Back) Nurses are in charge of most of the communication between the healthcare team and patients. This includes informing patients and family members of health conditions, diagnoses, treatment plans, and medication protocols Dayna is a National Faculty member with the Buck Institute for Education, a former high school social studies teacher, and a project-based learning (PBL) and authentic learning trainer and advocate Patients frequently leave hospital uninformed about the details of their hospital stay with studies showing that only 59.9% of patients are able to accurately state their diagnosis and ongoing management after discharge. [1][1] ,[2][2] This places patients at a higher risk of complications. Educating patients by providing them with accurate and understandable information enables them to take.

patients and reduction in the rate of adverse events. Effective. Effective education aimed at staff, patients, and family members is the standard of the delivery of health care. Decision supports for a change of behavior and adaptations to behavior have a major role in client care and are best served by case managers A nurse-driven community education program for older adults. January 27, 2017. O rganizational involvement in community service is a key component of the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Recognition Program ®. Healthcare organizations with Magnet ® recognition can address community healthcare needs through partnerships and.

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An example of how one DNP student followed this 5-step evidence-based process to develop a quality improvement project with the goal of reducing delays in treatment for patients with hand trauma: Step 1. A quality improvement project was initiated to avoid delays in care for patients with hand trauma. Step 2 MedActionPlan is one of the best tools for teaching and communicating medication regimens with patients. The program makes it easy for patients to understand and follow the times, how many to take and why they take their medications. This program really makes a difference, especially with our low literacy patients Quality improvement is an integral component to assuring that every child gets the right care every time. The organization's vision for quality links clinical policy development, an activity that provides a central member benefit and drives education and policy endeavors to a robust dissemination and implementation process to assure all.