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  1. gly, though, the stories we told in 2020 were about an industry moving steadily forward — a theme reflected in this list of our most-viewed stories of the year. 10. Video: SkyDrive's piloted eVTOL makes its first public flight. On Aug. 25, Japanese eVTOL developer SkyDrive performed the first public demonstration flight of its SD.
  2. Vertiflite, March/April 2020. In the seven years since 100 invited visionaries gathered in Arlington, Virginia, for the first annual VFS Transformative Vertical Flight (TVF) Workshop, the dream of electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft has progressed from something perceived as a wild-eyed fantasy promoted by secretive companies.
  3. August 1, 2020 By Thomas A. Horne. The electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) phenomenon began to capture public attention after 2008 or so, when the first photos and videos began trickling out over the internet and YouTube. Illustration by Daniel Hertzberg. These spidery-looking multirotor designs received a huge amount of publicity.
  4. g up with Advanced Tactics Inc. on a new eVTOL design called the eTransporter. Ohio economic impact study makes case for investing in advanced air mobility Advanced air mobility could generate as much as $13 billion in economic activity in Ohio over the next 25 years, according to a new study

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  1. By eVTOL. Wednesday June 3, 2020. Kitty Hawk has announced it will be ceasing work on its Flyer personal eVTOL in order to double down on its primary eVTOL platform, Heaviside. Kitty Hawk will be retiring its Flyer eVTOL, originally intended as a personal recreational aircraft, in order to focus completely on its Heaviside aircraft
  2. Oliver is an associate editor of eVTOL.com and the award-winning editor-in-chief of Vertical Magazine. He has been covering vertical-lift aircraft since joining MHM Publishing in 2012. View more posts . news. Bell unveils electric four-ducted Nexus 4EX at CES 2020. By Oliver Johnson
  3. At the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Bell showed the new version of its Nexus, along with a dynamic presentation on urban air mobility.A partnership from Hyundai and Uber.

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EVTOL Crashworthiness Moving Forward eVTOLCrashworthiness Workshop #2. Bob Stegeman - FAA Small Airplane Standards Staff. October 9, 2020. Federal Aviation Administratio Vertiflite, March/April 2020. XTI Aircraft Company is playing the long game with the ongoing development of its TriFan 600 hybrid-electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. In the last year, the company — based at Centennial Airport near Denver, Colorado — refined the aircraft's design, launched flight testing of its large.

Three Opportunities to Learn About eVTOL/UAM in Anaheim. Anaheim, California, Jan. 24, 2020 — The Vertical Flight Society, the world's leading non-profit organization working to advance vertical flight, announces today its activities at Heli-Expo to highlight advanced new military and civil vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft. Heli. In July 2020, the Vertical Flight Society added the 300th eVTOL aircraft development program to its World eVTOL Aircraft Directory. 3 Over 43 companies or projects are at the large-scale eVTOL demonstrator phase. The top 10 eVTOL aircraft developers, including Joby Aviation, Lilium, Bell, and Volocopter, hav Hyundai at CES 2020 revealed a fullsize electric vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) air taxi concept and confirmed it has joined Uber's aerial rideshare initiative known as Elevate. Hyundai said the S-A1 concept, in addition to its VTOL configuration, is designed for cruising speeds up to 180 mph (290 km/h) for trips of up to 60 miles. 12 Jun 2020. German eVTOL aircraft maker Volocopter has recently partnered with two companies as part of developing its two-seat VoloCity multicopter. Aerospace equipment manufacturer AUTOFLUG GmbH announced May 7 it would supply Volocopter with its modular Flyweight family of seats for installation on the VoloCity. Under the contract, AUTOFLUG. How EHang Built an eVTOL for the World Vertiflite asked EHang's co-founder how the company developed its eVTOL models, and learned about the startup's culture, mission and history. By Nicolas Zart Vertiflite, July/August 2020 EHang is a.

eVTOL stocks are mostly priced near initial SPAC pricing levels of $10, meaning investors are getting in at the lowest price possible; EV stocks soared in 2020 but many investors missed the EV boom. The eVTOL boom is inevitable so this is your 2nd chance to cash in on the electric transportation industry Uber is working with partners like vehicle designers, manufacturers, infrastructure providers and regulators to begin testing vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles as early as 2020 There were plenty of noteworthy announcements about electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft developments leading up to the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest consumer products trade show, held Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada (see for example, The First Electric VTOL Unicorn: Joby Aviation, Vertiflite. VFS eVTOL Webinars June 27, 2020; Leadership Moves June 22, 2020; How EHang Built an eVTOL for the World June 19, 2020; Archer Flies Out of Stealth June 17, 2020; Agile Change in Air Force Agility Prime Launch Pays Off June 17, 2020; Financing the Electric VTOL Revolution June 17, 2020; FLYING CARpet Unveiled, Tests to Start in 2021 June.

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At a basic level, Uber is seeking an eVTOL air taxi capable of flying at cruising altitudes between 1,000 and 2,000 feet with a cruising speed of 150 to 200 mph. The air taxi will be fully electric using a distributed electric-propulsion architecture and four sets of electric-powered propellers dedicated solely to take off and land vertically Transitioning eVTOL with 36 ducted fans on tilting banks, five seats, 186 mph top speed, 186-mile range The company told us midway through last year that it's expecting to be certified in 2020. The Vertical Flight Society's 7th Annual Electric VTOL Symposium was held on Jan. 21-23, 2020, as part of the 2020 Transformative Vertical Flight Meeting, in San Jose, California.This sold-out event had close to 500 attendees and was another notable event in advancing the progress of electric VTOL and urban air mobility Archer eVTOL. Archer is a California-based startup that on May 21, 2020, announced plans to develop an all-electric, four-seat, fixed-wing eVTOL aircraft to fly up to around 60 miles at up to 150 mph. The company has yet to complete the detailed design phase of this program and nor has it published a timeline for entry into service EmbraerX's eVTOL, Formerly Known As DreamMaker, Resurfaces As Eve. EmbraerX continues to be extremely secretive about its plans to bring an eVTOL aircraft to market. Back in April 2017, the advanced technology division of the Brazilian aerospace group was named as one of the early partners for Uber's planned air taxi network, but since then.

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The company sold Uber Elevate in December 2020 to another aviation company, Joby Aviation. Joby Aviation has teamed up with car manufacturer Toyota to develop another air taxi service. This service will involve five-seater eVTOL air taxis with a range of 150 miles and top speeds of up to 200 mph November 11, 2020; The new Orlando-area Lake Nona development is set to be the site of the first vertiport in a planned air mobility network for Florida. In a November 11 announcement, German eVTOL aircraft manufacturer Lilium said it will partner with Tavistock Development Company and the city of Orlando to build a vertiport at the heart of. Venture capital firm Levitate Capital has released a white paper focusing on the future of the drone economy and advanced aerial mobility, and predicts full-scale eVTOL aircraft operations won't start until at least 2028.. Released on Monday, the document is a comprehensive analysis of the economic potential, market opportunities and strategic considerations in the drone economy An eVTOL aircraft currently being developed by Airbus A3, called the Vahana, has a tandem tilt-wing con guration. This type of aircraft has tilting wings with propellers on them that allow the aircraft to takeo and land vertically like a helicopter, but cruise like an airplane. This con guration is one of the many solutions that allow achievin

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  1. This eVTOL ambulance designed to airlift critical patients will commence in Australia in 2023! By Gaurav Sood 11/25/2020. Come 2023 and you could be seeing the Australian skies dotted with emergency responder eVTOL aircraft. This dream will become a possibility as innovative Australian start-up AMSL Aero has developed an eVTOL (electric.
  2. Airbus continues to work on developing eVTOL aircraft technologies, the European aerospace group's CEO, Guillaume Faury, confirmed on Tuesday, but the company doesn't expect fully viable commercial urban air mobility (UAM) operations to get underway until the second half of this decade
  3. More than 150 new designs were added in 2020. When VFS launched the site in April 2017, only a dozen eVTOL programs were under development. The site now also includes 435 eVTOL news stories, including some 200 in-depth articles from the Society's Vertiflite magazine, the leading periodical on eVTOL and rotorcraft developments
  4. Looking like a cross between flying wing and flying saucer, the futuristic black ellipse—leaning forward at a rakish angle and sporting two nacelles top and bottom, each with two propellers—appears ready to take off. It stands at NASA's Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, California, in sharp contrast to nearby airship hangars dating to the early 1930s and 1940s
  5. Nicolas Zart. - Mar. 2nd 2020 10:01 am PT. The first prototype of the Lilium Jet eVTOL aircraft out of two was destroyed in a fire. It will be replaced by the only one left in the flight-test.

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  1. Airbus' new eVTOL that aims to usher in an era of flying taxis just took its first public flight - take a look at CityAirbus Thomas Pallini 2020-07-28T18:42:29
  2. For instance, WatFly, the Canadian startup, on October 2, 2020, developed single seat eVTOL aircraft featured with 4-rotor manned multicopter; the maximum speed is 200 km, and it is FAA certified. The WatFly will be commercialized by 2021, which might open up new opportunities in the forecast period. EVTOL Aircraft Market, by Applicatio
  3. NASA / FAA eVTOL Crashworthiness Virtual Meeting . April 7. th. 2020. Justin Littell Ph.D. NASA Langley Research Center. Structural Dynamics Branch . April 2020. Survivable Crash Events. 11. July 2013 - Asiana Flt 214 (777 - 3 fatal, 49 of 187 serious inj/307) August 1997 - KAL Flt 80
  4. July 14, 2020 Air. Unleashing eVTOL Technology By Brittany Kuhn. C ompanies around the globe—from legacy aerospace titans to agile startups—believe electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles are the runway-independent technological solution for our transportation needs. They can unlock potential in urban areas in ways.
  5. eVTOL Insights Podcast: EP Systems shares its deep expertise on battery technology and its EPiC module range. Jason Pritchard 24 June 2021
  6. Eve's human-centered, eVTOL design represents a simple and intuitive design that continues to reach development milestones, including the first flight of the engineering simulator in July 2020 and proof of concept in October 2020. In addition to the aircraft program, Eve is harnessing the expertise of both Embraer and Atech, a subsidiary of the.
  7. Press Release Global eVTOL Aircraft Market Size to Surge at 20.50% CAGR over 2020-2025 Published: June 15, 2021 at 3:41 p.m. E

2020 was an incredible year and despite Covid-19, the hype around the eVTOL aircraft revolution is really starting to gather pace with nearly $1 billion invested in the industry during the first half of 2020. From new eVTOL concepts and designs through to test flights, mergers and acquisitions, 2020 saw the market develop on an international. In November 2020, rival eVTOL aircraft developer Lilium announced plans to establish longer-range services in Florida. These are set to begin out of a purpose-built vertiport to be built in.

Archer Aviation is developing an as-yet unnamed four-seat, all-electric eVTOL aircraft that it launched in May 2020 The global eVTOL Aircrafts market size is projected to reach US$ 9523 million by 2027, from US$ 21 million in 2020, at a CAGR of 152.2% during 2021-202

eVTOL: The Lilium Jet. Range: 186 miles. Cruise Speed: 186 mph. Power: 36 electric motors powered by a 1 MW lithium-ion battery. Seating: One pilot, four passengers. Latest Program Developments: Under a new agreement established in November 2020 with Tavistock Development Company, Lilium is developing a new electric air mobility network in Lake. In this study, the years considered to estimate the market size of Electric VTOL (eVTOL) Aircraft Infrastructure are as follows: History Year: 2015-2019. Base Year: 2019. Estimated Year: 2020. Forecast Year 2020 to 2026. For the data information by region, company, type and application, 2019 is considered as the base year Under a strategic-partnership agreement announced last July, Honeywell will provide systems including triplex fly-by-wire computers for a prototype that is due to fly in 2020. Vertical's eVTOL is. 2020 Webinar Archive; Forum 76 Videos (2020) Heli-Expo 2020 (Jan 2020) 7th eVTOL Symposium (Jan 2020) Forum 75 Videos (May 2019) 6th eVTOL Symposium (Jan 2019) Electric Aircraft Symposium (July 2018) Forum 74 Videos (May 2018) eVTOL Short Course (May 2018) 5th eVTOL Workshop (Jan 2018) eVTOL News Videos (2017) Publications. Overview; Vertiflite.

Lilium plans to begin flight testing of its Lilium Jet seven-seat eVTOL regional air taxi in 2022, having agreed on the certification basis with EASA at the end of 2020 2020 Chevy Silverado 2500 2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty 2020 Mazda CX-9 2020 Hyundai Sonata 2020 Toyota 4Runner Tesla Model 3. Best Cars. Cadillac's eVTOL is an electric, autonomous personal. Global eVTOL Aircraft Market: Overview. The global eVTOL aircraft market shall witness a substantial growth during the tenure of 2020 to 2030. The growth of the global eVTOL aircraft market is the result of growing energy production and conservation across the globe Blade Urban Air Mobility to use Eve's eVTOL aircraft across its Southern Florida and West Coast markets from 2026. Jason Pritchard 24 June 2021 In 2020, despite the impact of COVID-19, air mobility companies raised a total of $1.3 billion in private investment, an increase of 80 percent from the pre-COVID year of 2019, according to venture capital research and data provider firm Pitchbook. Perhaps one of the most obvious pickaxes for eVTOL vehicles could be the in the e that comes.

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Chinese eVTOL manufacturer EHang joined Ambular in August as a hardware provider, committing to contribute rotors, motors and potentially other necessary hardware to aid in the aircraft's design An Australian company has popped out of stealth mode to reveal a new electric VTOL aircraft that is already at the pre-flight prototype stage. AMSL Aero's Vertiia aircraft can fly up to 800 km. The report predicts the global eVTOL aircraft market to grow with a CAGR of 22.2% over the forecast period from 2020-2026. The report on the global eVTOL aircraft market provides qualitative and.

June 4, 2020. 1. California-based electric transportation solutions company Kitty Hawk Corporation announced on Wednesday that it is retiring its Flyer ultralight electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. According to Kitty Hawk, a total of 111 Flyers were built and more than 25,000 Flyer flights were conducted Joby Aviation has agreed to G1 certification conditions with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for its electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the company announced on Feb. 9 The global Electric Vertical Take-Off And Landing (eVTOL) Aircraft Market research report, recently added by Value Market Research, is entailed of various market parameters including market outlook, share, trends, growth, value and factors that are currently influencing the market dynamics. The report discloses forecast for the period 2020-2027 based on the historical data 2020 was a fundamental year for the eVTOL flying car industry. At Airspeeder, we completed our Mk3 multicopter VTOL design and showcased our aerospace engine.. 2020 Lincoln Corsair road test The all-new Corsair, Lincoln's smallest SUV, is stylish and offers a high-quality cabin, comfortable ride, and a lively powertrain. The upscale Corsair is pricey.

The report predicts the global eVTOL aircraft market to grow with a CAGR of 22.2% over the forecast period from 2020-2026. The report on the global eVTOL aircraft market provides qualitative and quantitative analysis for the period from 2018 to 2026. The study on eVTOL aircraft market covers the analysis of the leading geographies such as North. VFS Leads eVTOL Efforts at HAI Heli-Expo 2020 27-Jan-2020 Source: The Vertical Flight Society The Vertical Flight Society, the world's leading non-profit organization working to advance vertical flight, announces today its activities at Heli-Expo to highlight advanced new military and civil vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft Population for the region is expected to grow to 3.6 million by 2050. The cost of congestion was estimated in 2015 to be $500 million and will rise to $1 billion annually. Unlike many large. New battery technology developed at Berkeley Lab could give flight to electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and supercharge safe, long-range electric cars. News Release Theresa Duque (510) 424-2866 • July 20, 2020. Researchers at Berkeley Lab and Carnegie Mellon University have designed new solid electrolytes that light the. Presented at the VFS International Powered Lift Conference 2020, San Jose, CA, January 21-23, 2020. This is a work of the U.S. Government and is not subject to copyright protection in the U.S. relevant flight dynamics of eVTOL multirotor configurations (quadrotors in this instance) can be systematically modele

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Electric-vertical-takeoff-and-landing (eVTOL) aircraft, known as urban air mobility or flying cars, are being considered for widespread use as air taxis, emergency medical transportation, sightseeing vehicles, and rural transportation, owing to their reduced-size, low-cost, and low-noise characteristics. In this study, we conduct an interview at a Japanese hospital that currently uses a. Bradley Berman. - Apr. 11th 2020 1:57 pm PT. eVTOL electric racing. The Formula E electric-vehicle racing series was conceived in 2011. Nearly a decade later, EVs are well on the way to mass. - March 12, 2020, 6:30 AM Survice Engineering's TRV-150 system won a U.S Navy-sponsored tactical resupply unmanned aircraft systems fly-off competition held in January 2020 in Yuma, Arizona

Joby Aviation received the first military airworthiness approval for an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle from the AFWERX Agility Prime program, Will Roper, Air Force and. Transformative Vertical Flight 2020 and eVTOL Symposium. The Vertical Flight Society, the leading advocate for the advancement of helicopters, rotorcraft and other vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL), announces details for its unique conference, Transformative Vertical Flight 2020, being held in San Jose, Calif., Jan. 21-23, 2020 November 1, 2020; 4 minute read; Uber Elevate is planning to launch its Uber Air electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) ride sharing program in 2023. Los Angeles, Dallas, and Melbourne will be the three cities to launch the program. To ensure that high safety and sustainability standards are met with this innovative service, the company.

News of a merger between eVTOL company Blade and SPAC company Experience Investment (EXPC) has EXPC stock on the rise Tuesday. December 18, 2020 By William White, InvestorPlace Writer Dec 15. BETA Home - BETA. The Future. of Flight. The ALIA electric vertical aircraft is just. simple enough to be revolutionary. Learn More. Our Mission. Mission: Design a self-sufficient eVTOL aircraft ecosystem that satisfies the needs of humans, embraces the laws of nature, and works in harmony with the planet Volocopter was announced as the first vehicle and operations partner for the launch of the urban air mobility industrial branch in Paris in September 2020. Now, the company is planning to open a local office and is recruiting staff and expanding local partnerships to ensure the new UAM solutions meet local demands

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By Aviation Week Network September 30, 2020 — Marina, CA (Photo above: After more than six years of secret development, Joby Aviation lifts the lid on its innovative eVTOL air taxi program. Credit: Joby Aviation) A [ This is the second of a series of workshops intended to discuss eVTOL occupant protection, vehicle crashworthiness, and paths to certification for the urban air mobility market. DATE : Friday, October 9, 2020. Crash Workshop Intro and Need: Download PDF. Workshop # 3: DoD Considerations for Crashworthiness of eVTOL Vehicles - Purpose and Need Rotor X's big-blade quad-rotor eVTOL promises extreme efficiency. Arizona's Rotor X wants to step up from being the world's biggest kit helicopter manufacturer and get into the eVTOL game, and to do so, it's put forth a design it claims is dramatically more efficient and less expensive than all other eVTOL concepts being proposed or. Jaunt Air Mobility is planning to have a electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft in full rate production by 2026, but between now and then they will have to forge a path toward.

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Germany's Lilium has announced a 7-seat version of its gorgeous eVTOL air taxi, as well as plans to have a commercial operation up and running by 2024. Oh, and like approximately every other eVTOL. At the 2020 World UAV Conference in Shenzhen, As with many eVTOL designs, it's built to transition, rising and landing vertically as a hexacopter on six large props, then transitioning to. ASR Says It Has A Parachute For Every eVTOL Aircraft. January 4th, 2020 | by Nicolas Zart Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) — a leading parachute safety company that won one of Revolution.Aero's. May 26, 2020. A new eVTOL player enters the race with 60-mile range electric air taxi. They announced details on their plan to build an eVTOL aircraft with a range of 60 miles on a single charge At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Intel unveiled a video of its CEO, Brian Krzanich, flying the first Volocopter eVTOL aircraft. Volocopter is a fully electric VTOL aircraft featuring 18 rotors with no combustion engine. The aircraft, which is designed to fly autonomously or with a pilot in the cockpit, has 18 electric drives that.

EmbraerX Begins Simulated Flights Of eVTOL Air TaxiElectric VTOL News™ - News on electric vertical takeoffVertical is set to fly a winged eVTOL prototype in 2020New Heights! Seraph eVTOL Aircraft Filmed DuringeVTOL to be used as ambulances in the coronavirus crisis

Jan 23, 2020. Joby Aviation. Toyota is the latest major automaker to invest big in all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft with the goal of producing flying taxis. The Japanese. The Complete Market Overview of the eVTOL Industry. Welcome the The Hangar - the location for all the information that you need to understand the urban aviation industry. The TransportUP team has stratified the industry into two groups - a watchlist and a comprehensive list - to allow you to learn about the manufacturers you're most interested in The global Electric Vertical Take-Off And Landing (eVTOL) Aircraft Market research report, recently added by Value Market Research, is entailed of various market parameters including market outlook, share, trends, growth, value and factors that are currently influencing the market dynamics. The report discloses forecast for the period 2020-2027 based on the historical data. Additionally, this. 2020-09-17T15:29:00Z The letter F. An envelope. It indicates the ability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. A smaller iteration of the eVTOL, the V20, is also.