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  1. Fill a garden sprayer with half the water you need to treat your plant and add the appropriate amount of copper soap concentrate. After agitating the mixture, pour in the rest of the water and agitate again. If you're combining the soap with powdered chemicals, add and agitate the powders first
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  3. copper and the fatty acid combine to form a copper salt of the fatty acid, known technically as a true soap. The copper soap fungicide controls many common diseases using low concentrations of copper. The net result is an excellent vegetable, fruit and ornamental fungicide. Natural-Guard® Copper Soap Liquid Fungicide Ready-To-Use is suited for us
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To quickly oxidize your copper, the best mixture involves one cup (.24 liter) of plain white vinegar, 3/4 cup (.18 liter) of household ammonia, and 1/4 cup (.19 liter) of table salt. Mix the ingredients into a spray bottle for easy application, and shake it up to mix the ingredients thoroughly Most of the soap I make is cold process, but I also love making hot process and my favorite is to use very strong black coffee to replace 100% of the water. Adding lye to the strong coffee makes it smell really bad, but when you cook it for hot process, the bad smell completely leaves and you have a beautiful dark chocolate brown soap This video was sponsored by LastPass http://bit.ly/2OyIQLUI collect copper ore from an abandoned mine in California and extract the copper metal out of it th.. Using bar soap flakes will not make the solution stick to the plant unless you turn the bar soap into liquid first and then make the anti fungal solution with the liquid soap. @debra using Castile liquid soap soap works just as well as dawn.Typically horticulture oil is neem but can sometimes be combinations including neem and tea tree oil or. Bring the heat: You may need to add heat to the mix if your copper just won't shine. In a pot large enough to fit your item, mix one cup vinegar, one tablespoon salt, and three cups water. Place your piece in the pot and bring to a boil. Wait until the tarnish begins to fall away from the copper

Copper Soap is a copper fungicide, made by combining a soluble copper fertilizer with a naturally occurring fatty acid. It's active ingredient is Copper Octanoate Fatty Acid which can control many common diseases using low concentrations Make soap as directed, cooking it to gel stage. Add fragrance, color, and oatmeal. Scoop and press into molds. Soap is extremely hot. Certain fragrances may cause it to seize. Be prepared to scoop quickly if it hardens too fast. Cold Process: Make soap as directed, agitating it to trace stage. Add fragrance, color, and oatmeal How to make some 20% liquid copper sulfate. How to make some 20% liquid copper sulfate No Talk, Just Lather...Enjoy By mixing a soluble copper fertilizer with a naturally occurring fatty acid, a true soap is created. This soap shield not only prevents plant disease, but as it breaks down, it provides soluble copper and fatty acids that edible and ornamental plants alike can use as nutrients

Cold Process Soap Design Directory. There are so many designs that can be created with cold process soap. The ability to manipulate the texture from thick and pipeable to fluid and pourable allows a wide variety of possible techniques. For example, thin soap can be swirled in the mold to create a spin swirl Mix copper exactly using the stated ratio. Make sure that the product you have is right for the type of plant you want to treat. Follow frequency requirements and reapply according to the direction. Always buy copper in its original container and not loose at a feed store

US2397767A US504945A US50494543A US2397767A US 2397767 A US2397767 A US 2397767A US 504945 A US504945 A US 504945A US 50494543 A US50494543 A US 50494543A US 2397767 A US2397767 A US 2397767A Authority US United States Prior art keywords copper soaps fatty acids fatty free Prior art date 1943-10-04 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion Mix the lemon juice and the cream of tartar to make a paste that is just thin enough to easily spread onto the copper surface but thick enough to cling to it. Apply it and let it sit for around 5 minutes. Finally wash the copper with soap and water and rinse and dry Tomato paste can be used for more than cooking. It is also a very good copper cleaner. The weak acid and salt in tomato paste work create chemistry to dissolve copper oxide. Rub tomato paste on the surface of the copper, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse with dish soap and warm water

Fill a bucket with 2 gallons (7.5 L.) water and add 1 quart (1 L.) of the copper solution. Mix the copper slowly into the water and then finally add the lime. Stir as you add 1 quart (1 L.) of the lime. The mixture is ready to use Process for making copper soaps - PROCTER & GAMBLE. Title: Process for making copper soaps. United States Patent 2397767. Abstract: This invention relates to a method of preparing copper salts of higher fatty acids. More particularly, it relates to a method of making copper soaps by direct action of fatty acids and metallic copper

Also make sure that the copper or brass is clean, even though it maybe polished, it might not be clean from any polishing compound you may be using. You can use any number of clear fixatives to seal in the color such as Future floor polish (crazy as it sounds, it is basically a very thin acrylic sealer, use a paint brush) or a spray acrylic. To make colloidal copper supplements, microscopic molecules of copper are suspended in purified water. When purchased, it comes in a liquid, extract-like form that can be taken orally. It may also. 3. Scrub your copper piece with the salt and vinegar. Use the towel to rub the salt and vinegar paste into the copper item. Rub the dark stains vigorously to help remove them. Apply a firm, even pressure to pull up the stain. As you clean the copper piece, dip the towel in the paste again as needed to apply more paste

Homemade copper cleaner is easy to make, and its main ingredient is vinegar, a mild acid. Photo courtesy of dlisbona. Of course, lemon juice also works well to clean copper because it is also mildly acidic. Because ketchup contains a large amount of vinegar you see a lot of recommendations out there to clean copper with ketchup Make Your Own Colloidal Silver Gel and Colloidal Silver Soap: In this short video you'll learn how to make your own highly antibacterial colloidal silver gel and colloidal silver soap for just pennies, rather than spending big bucks on such products online or at your local health food store.You can use your colloidal silver gel on cuts, burns, insect bites, skin eruptions, sunburn and much more 0.784 lb. CS 2005. Copper sulfate pentahydrate. 19.9%. 5%. 1 gal. 0.418 lb. Note: Check labels for crops listed. Copper sulfate formulations are generally more soluble than other types and thus are more prone to phytotoxicity and washoff unless combined with lime as a safening agent Keep warming it up until you see the soap turning black and then shut the heat off rapidly and dunk it in cool water. Clean it up and the job's done You can see here that rather than watching for colors like on the steel, brass and copper process, the signal is the start of the burning of the soap, meaning it has reached the right temperature

Lemon juice and salt are useful for removing tarnish from copper in three easy steps: Squeeze the juice of the lemon in a bowl and then sprinkle the salt into the juice. Reichert does a 75:25 ratio, with three times as much lemon to salt. Stir for a minute until the salt dissolves. Dip a cloth into the solution and wipe the copper To make insecticidal soap, simply mix the following horticultural soap recipe ingredients thoroughly: Combine one cup (240 mL.) of oil, any variety, such as vegetable, peanut, corn, soybean, etc. with one tablespoon (15 mL.) of dishwashing liquid or other pure soap How to Bend Copper Pipe and Tubing Without Crushing It: I recently made a copper tubing coil to use in a solar-powered water-boiler and learned the right way and the wrong way to bend copper tubing. The tubing is easy to bend when making large-radius curves, but is likely to kink or crush when try Step 2: Rinse coin. Gently rinse the coin with distilled water. Pour distilled water over the surface of both sides of the coin. Or, set the coins in a shallow bowl of distilled water, and let them sit for a few minutes. Note: It's crucial not to use tap water, since the chemicals and fluoride found in tap water could damage your coin Fels Naptha soap is one staple product to have on hand. Here is an overview of the possible uses for this simple soap. Odor Eliminator - place unwrapped bar of Fels Naptha and place in area to freshen the air. Use as a Magic Eraser on counters and floors to remove black marks. Make sure to wipe up on floors so they are not slick

2. Cover one end of the PVC pipe with wax or baking paper. Wrap the wax or baking paper around the end of the pipe, making sure to cover completely so no soap leaks out. Then, take the masking tape and wrap it around the end of the pipe. Use a few layers of tape to make sure the wax paper is secure Coins made of nickel and silver will be easily cleaned; however coins made out of copper will be harder to clean as copper reacts to more materials than other metals. Step-2: Mix dish soap with water in a bowl. Put the coin in the bowl and slowly rub the coin with your finger from both sides. The dish soap will help to get rid of any extra dirt. When cleaning your sink, make sure to use a mild soap, warm water, and a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid abrasive chemical cleaners, metal scrubbing pads, or steel wool. Just like a pair of jeans, a leather jacket, or a sturdy pair of work boots, a copper sink will age based on how much you use it Place the pan in your sink and coat it in salt. Simply putting your copper pan in your sink and washing it with dish soap is insufficient. Instead, Hax recommends coating the pan's exterior with salt to help transform an ordinary copper pan into a bright, shiny piece of cookware. Add white vinegar to the salt on the pan, then use more salt on. In this article, I will show you how to make two homemade potato blight sprays.One is called Bordeaux formula- made with lime and Copper sulphate. The other is called Cornell formula- made with dishwashing liquid and oil.. Over 150 years ago, a fungal disease unknown to scientists invaded Ireland

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To bend a copper pipe with a tube spring: Use an indelible marker to mark the spot on the copper tube where you want to make the bend. The mark should be at the outermost point of the bend's radius. Clean off any burrs on the end of the copper pipe from cutting. Choose the correct size of spring for the pipe CONTAINS COPPER - The active ingredient of Liquid Copper is Copper Octanoate, or Copper Soap. Copper is a naturally occurring chemical which makes it a much safer option for use on all of your plants. EASY TO APPLY - Product instantly mixes with water and should be applied using either a hose-end sprayer or tank sprayer If you are making hot or cold process soap, do not use aluminum, tin, or any other metal except for stainless steel. Sodium hydroxide reacts with these metals and contact with them will release dangerous hydrogen gas. Avoid this by sticking to silicone, sturdy plastic, glass or stainless steel.. Soap molds need to be either lined with wax paper or be made from a flexible plastic. Never make soap in a glass or aluminum mold. ONE: Weigh and combine your Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil and Caster Oil. Make sure all of the oils are in liquid form so you might need to melt the coconut and palm oil in the microwave or on the stove

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4. Use a Homemade Copper PolishThis homemade polish can be made ahead and also stored in a glass jar for future use.Simply mix equal parts of flour, salt, and any powder detergent. To this, add a little white vinegar, lemon juice, and some water We are making significant commitments to use less, recycle more and make sustainable choices easier for you. Dawn dishwashing liquid is now using 35% PCR (post consumer recycled) content in clear bottles. Dawn Powerwash. Dawn's powerful formulas, designed with sustainability in mind, help you get the job done right the first time Remove and clean the aged silver with soap and water, gently buffing the high points with a clean cloth to reveal a rich patina. Photo: istockphoto.com Method #2: Photo-Finish Copper Pennies are made from copper or copperplated zinc. Copper is a highly reactive metal that will oxidize or discolor quickly. When pennies are first minted they have a bright orange-red color. As time passes, the copper reacts with the different impurities in the air. As the coins circulate they encounter oils and acids from people's hands

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Put 1 pound of oil-based soap, 1 gallon of mineral or horticultural oil and one-half gallon of water into a saucepan. 2. Mix in 1 pound of copper sulfate and stir until it is dissolved. Store. You can make your own Bordeaux mix with ground limestone and powdered copper sulfate. The most recommended strength for dormant application is 4-4-50. Mix four parts of each with 50 gallons of water. If you need less, like for a gallon, reduce the recipe for this homemade plant fungicide to 6 1/2 to 8 teaspoons of the copper sulfate and 3.

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Traditionally, though, copper pans were lined with tin, and that's what Jim does. Tin is a softer metal that's more prone to damage; eventually all tin-lined copper pans require re-tinning. On the upside, tin is a naturally nonstick metal, making it more of a pleasure to cook on than stainless steel, which sticks to foods much more ⅓ cup liquid castile soap (where to buy castile soap); ⅓ cup honey, preferably raw (where to buy honey); ⅓ cup carrier oil such as olive, jojoba, refined avocado, fractionated coconut oil or sweet almond oil (where to buy olive oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, and almond oil); 30-60 drops essential oil, optional. I usually don't add anything because the body wash already has a light. I use the silver solution as the water part when making soap. When lye is added to the silver solution it turns bright silver, then dark gray before becoming completely clear. The silver is left behind in a form that is usable by the body. When you wash with soap made from colloidal silver, 99.99% of bacteria is killed and removed Always make sure food or cooking oils are in the pan before it gets hot. Dry your copper pots and pans as soon as you finish to keep from getting pesky water spots on the copper exteriors. Cleaning your copper pots and pans promptly after each use with warm water and dish soap is the best way to prevent buildup over time 2. Slightly Aggressive Copper Cleaning. Salt and Vinegar - Since acid is the main chemical used in cleaning copper it makes perfect sense to use vinegar to clean copper cookware. Combine the vinegar with table salt and you have a combination that rocks when it comes to cleaning copper

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This item: FIREDOTS Copperplate Mica Powder - 100g of Copper Mica Pearl Pigment Powder for Soap Making, Epoxy Resin, and More - Cosmetic Grade Copper Mica Powder - Epoxy Resin Color Pigment $16.99 Only 14 left in stock - order soon Salt. Vinegar. Paper towels. A dropper. Before trying to clean the pennies with salt and vinegar, have your kids try to wash them with soap and water. Soap and water won't clean the pennies because oxidation is a chemical change. Washing pennies with water is a physical change. The pennies will need a chemical reaction to make them shiny again

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5. Spray tomato plants with copper sulfate two to four weeks after transplanting them into your garden. Cover the plant stems and the tops and bottoms of leaves with the spray. The fungicide helps. Metal Soap Pumps - Copper Soap Dispenser Pumps for your DIY Crafts. /// Purchase our reproduction zinc lids or our black lids and create your Mason Jar Soap Dispensers - or put together some Liquor Bottle Soap Dispensers Includes 2 pumps w/ 9 tubes and 2 white collar rings. With tube in the pump, it will reach down as far as 10-1/2 from the. How to clean a copper sink. Wet the bowl with warm water and add a mild dish soap. Use a soft sponge to clean it and never use any type of scourer as you may scratch it. Dry the sink thoroughly to prevent green spotting. For any stains you can use a little baking soda. Create a paste with a little water and apply this with the soft sponge If soap and water isn't available, hand sanitizer works as an effective second option. If you're out of soap completely, you can follow our guide for how to make soap at home. However, know that if you're using customary, handmade soap make sure to use it within one year. It may expire after that and not be as effective at removing germs Ferti-lome Copper Soap Fungicide Concentrate features a unique formula that helps control plant diseases on fruits, vegetables, and roses. It contains Copper Octanoate as its active ingredient which helps protect your plants against diseases such as anthracnose, needle blight, black spot, leaf spot, fruit spot, cedar apple rust, powdery mildew, peach leaf curl. early blight and late blight on.

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Mason Jar Foamer Soap Pump Kits Copper, Bronze, Galvanized, and 304 Stainless + Extra Collar onedreamdesigndotcom 4.5 out of 5 stars (918) $ 1.05. Add to Favorites Hummingbird mason jar soap dispenser CloverhillArts 5 out of 5 stars (18) $ 25.00. Add to Favorites. Metal Copper Toilet Soap Moulds Soap Dies Soap Making Machine , Find Complete Details about Metal Copper Toilet Soap Moulds Soap Dies Soap Making Machine,Soap Moulds,Moulds Making,Copper Toilet Soap Mould Dies from Moulds Supplier or Manufacturer-Kaifeng Jasun Industry Co., Ltd Neglecting to properly clean the fixtures leads to water spots, grime, and soap scum build-up. Thus, you can prevent the fixtures from fading by not leaving hard water, dust, and loose dirt to accumulate on your bathroom fixtures. Always wipe off the tub and sink faucets with a soft cloth after each use Make sure to rinse acidic food down the drain. Don't leave cans in the sink or use a scrubber to clean items in the bottom of the sink. Clean the sink by wiping out the food waste with a paper towel. Wipe again with a paper towel soaked with a tiny amount of Goo Gone. This works for me. Good luck

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SEVEN: Add the Copper Sparkle Mica, and use the hand mixer to blend in until completely incorporated. Test the color on your skin. If you prefer a deeper color, add more Copper Sparkle Mica into the mixture 1 teaspoon at a time until you are happy with the color. Transfer the body butter into jars and seal. Store the body butter in a dry, cool. Vinegar, Salt and Flour. Treehugger / Christian Yonkers. These versatile home staples can be combined to make a paste to clean tarnished brass. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of salt into one-half cup of. Make a paste of the ingredients and rub on copper or brass with a soft cloth. Rinse and dry. For more on homemade copper cleaner recipes, check out our copper cleaner tips.. You want to keep your brass objects and copper pans nice and shiny, whether they are simply decorative or if you use them regularly Fill your sponge with dish soap, warm water and baking soda. Make sure to add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint is the best!). Scour your wet bathtub and fill your bathroom with the scent of essential oils at the same time. 24. Eliminate mattress stains with Dawn Dish Soap, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda In fact, soap made from goat's milk is considered to be among the purest and gentlest soaps you can make.Check with your health care professional for advice if skin irritation persists after switching to hypoallergenic soaps. Combine 10 cups of goat's milk with 10 ½ ounces of lye in a large earthenware bowl or enamel pot. Stir carefully with a.

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Use 800 ml of 90% IPA and add 200 ml of boiled water. That will give you an approximately 67% IPA solution. If you want to use soap too, just add about ten drops of dishwashing soap to the solution. The 67% solution will remain because now you have more than 1 liter of solution. You don't need giant quantities of soap to make a washing solution Light Copper Colorant Mica Powder Pigment A perfect addition to any bath and body supply arsenal. Use it in polish, to formulate eyeshadow, or to color soap. INCI: Mica, Iron Oxide Cosmetics Grade and FDA approved. Safe for: Lips Eyes Skin Nails You will receive 1 ounce by weight. This is not While you can choose from a number of other bubble-blowing recipes, most involve the three key ingredients: dish soap, water and glycerin. Check the label of the dish soap you're using, and choose another product if the ingredients include ammonia or salt. Both are corrosive and may damage copper pipes Formulating your own cold process soap recipes is easy! The key is to start simple and go from there. Learn more below, and find cold process soap making supplies here. You can never go wrong with a 34/33/33 ratio. That's 34% olive oil, 33% coconut oil, and 33% palm oil. They're commonly used because they complement each other well

Lye and raw soap batter should not come in contact with utensils made of or coated with Teflon, aluminum, copper and their alloys, iron, tin, and plastic foams because strong alkalis react with these materials by destroying or melting them. Glass containers (common glass and Pyrex) should be avoided in the preparation and storage of sodium. Add to oils before mixing in lye solution. Beeswax. 1-3 of total oils, too much can make your soap draggy. Adds hardness to soap. Melt it with your hard oils and butters. Oatmeal. 1 tablespoon per pound of oils. Oatmeal is wonderful irritated and sensitive skin. Oatmeal is also an exfoliant The ensuing exudate of oleoresin, (essential oils and resins), collected and processed in copper stills. The vapours from the heated oleoresins are condensed for turpentine and essential oils, while the leftover resin is drained and filtered to make the rosin we use on the bows of violins and other stringed instruments, and other applications. Copper is a metal, but when it's dissolved and sprayed on a tree, it breaks down fungal diseases, such as peach leaf curl, fire blight, powdery mildew, shot hole and brown rot, says Shonnard's.

Copper Oxide. Copper oxide is an active metal that combines easily with oxygen, which means that it is very sensitive to oxidation and reduction atmospheres. It produces a very wide range of colors in glazes, from greens (delicate light greens to turquoise to deep emerald green), to red, pink, blue, black, yellow, and copper luster Now, of course, we buy it from the manufacturer and by the truckloads at a time. Applying It. When we started we used a regular bug sprayer. Use a three gallon pump sprayer, use one gallon of SH and two gallons of water (H2O) add about 4 oz. of liquid dish soap and spray from the roof top working your way down Apply the paste to any areas with soap scum, and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. After that, scrub the paste away with a non-scratch sponge and rinse with water. How to Remove Soap Scum from Ceramic Tiles and Bathtubs. If your tub or shower enclosure is made of actual porcelain, you'll probably have an easier time removing soap scum STEP 4: Make Soapy Water. Mix a marble cleaning product—or 1 tablespoon of non-ionic soap, such as Ivory—with 1 gallon of water. STEP 5: Remove Excess Debris. Dip a natural bristle brush into the soap and water mixture and brush along the surface of the marble headstone to scrub away any excess debris

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Mild dish soap; Old toothbrush or other soft brush; Steps to Clean the Utensils: Immerse the utensils in one of the above acidic food items. Allow the piece to soak for 2 hours. Remove the brass piece and wash it with the mild liquid dish soap. Use a soft brush or old toothbrush to scrub any hard to reach spaces. Rinse completely with water For Soap 4.29 oz Lye 32 oz Lard 12.16 oz filtered water Optional 1 oz fragrance or essential oil * If you are not scenting your soap, add 1 oz of water Tip: A good rule for soap making is that once a tool has touched lye, it should not be used again for food

These are the things you should have a look at when you are trying to make your choice between copper and CPVC. Benefits and Drawbacks of Copper. Most metal water pipes aren't as flexible as copper pipes. Whatever may be in the way of running piping to your exterior shower, copper is more easily maneuvered around them than other materials Bomar Aromatherapy is your source for essential oils, carrier oils, packaging, beauty textbooks, soap making supplies and a whole lot more. We are located in Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow, Ireland in our own 10,000 square foot warehouse. We also have a shop on site where you are very welcome to come and discuss your needs or to see the goods first hand The biggest mistake people make with their evaporative cooler is trying to use it on humid days. This will never work. The whole point of an evaporative cooler is to bring down the temperature by allowing a fresh water supply to dissipate into dry air. As water evaporates, it naturally lowers the temperature in that area, and this cold air is then blown where you need it by the system's fan How to make sulfuric acid by electrolysis of copper using an inert anode. Copper sulfate is very easy to obtain in large quantities at gardening and hardware stores and provides a convenient route to sulfuric acid if the appropriate anode can be obtained. Warning: This should be done in a well-ventilated area as hydrogen gas build up is explosive Record the volume of the soap and alcohol on the first data table. 4. Subtract the volume of the alcohol from the volume of the soap and alcohol to find the volume of the soap. Record the volume of the soap on the first data table. 5. Divide the mass of the soap by the volume of the soap to find the density of the soap. Measuring the density of.

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Manufacturers encourage letting a copper sink develop a deep, unique patina for a living finish, though some people do opt to coat the sink with beeswax to slow the process. Daily cleaning of a copper sink simply involves washing it down with dish soap and water and a soft cloth (no scratch-producing scrubber sponges or scouring powder Step 2. Spray the plants with soap. Combine two tbsp. of liquid dish soap with one quart of water into a bucket. Pour the solution into a spray bottle and spray the leaves of the plants to make them unattractive to the beetles

Soap crystals (Dud number 2) How to grow stalactites and stalagmites The following techniques make use of ingredients available in all grocery stores, are quick and easy to put together and produce fast results, at least fast as far as growing crystals is concerned. Copper Sulfate: This crystal, also called bluestone, is a beautiful. Make an oil infusion by filling a quart jar with flowers and olive oil. Leave on a sunny window sill for 2 weeks. Strain the oil and reserve. Calendula (Calendula officinalis)- Gather the blossoms in August and September. Make an oil infusion by filling a quart jar with flowers and olive oil. Leave on a sunny window sill for 2 weeks When your glassware builds up a not-so-appetizing layer of burnt-on grease, all you need is baking soda, a little soap, aluminum foil, and an old toothbrush. Learn how to make it shine again with.

Whole herbs and essential oils are added at trace, just before the soap is poured into molds. Herbs are used to colour the soap, scent the soap, and to add their beneficial actions to the soap lather. The stainless steel insert in the Instant Pot is nonreactive and suitable for soap making. The insert can be used for melting fats and blending oils If you can make Copper sulfate that is still in aqueous form, I.E. In Sulphuric acid. All you would need to do is come up with a means of delivering it to the roots. Whether it is a tree in your yard or close to it, all that needs to be done is to dig up a piece of sod in your lawn and fold it over. Then proceed to dig a least a foot down. And now, what you came here for HOW TO MAKE NEEM OIL FOLIAR SPRAY Ingredients . One gallon of water; 1 tablespoons of concentrated, cold-pressed neem oil; 1 teaspoon liquid soap OR 1 teaspoon pre-wetted silica powder, explained below; Optional: 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon aloe vera powder (recommended for cannabis plants) and/or a few drops of essential oils ; Scale all ingredients up or down. While the first version used a silicone putty to make an impression mold, the second using a pourable/brush-able liquid silicone to make a mold. Much like the putty option, EasyMold liquid pourable/brushable silicone rubber is great for a wide variety of molds: resin, wax, baking, chocolates, ice cubes, soap, plaster, clay, concrete, and low. Soap. Cleaning your old coins with gentle dish soap and water can loosen some of that built-up dirt. Fill a small plastic container with warm water, add a few drops of mild soap, immerse the coins, and rub with your fingers or a soft toothbrush to clean. Vinega Castille soap based shampoo is really bad for colored or damaged hair. There are quite a few posts around on it. Soap is not shampoo. It is soap and highly alkaline. Normal healthy hair is low pH-3.5-4.5. High pH like soap makes the scales on your hair stand out which lets moisture out and lets the color wash out