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these combinations as phonograms. These letter combinations, regardless of whether they are made up of one letter or 4 letters, only make one sound. For example, in the word though, the combination [ough] says the long o sound. It is important to recognize the various combinations based on the sounds being made The Natural Phonics Primer™ Phonograms Sequence Chart By Donald L. Potter August 13, 2006 Steps 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 1. a 26. sh 34.ee 58. ed 59. kn 2. e 27. x 35.ea 60. wr 3. i 28. ng 36.oo 61.ig

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  1. Phonics instruction involves teaching the relationship between sounds and the letters used to represent them. There are hundreds of spelling alternatives that can be used to represent the 44 English phonemes. Only the most common sound / letter relationships need to be taught explicitly
  2. BEGINNING BLENDS bl blueberries br bread cl clock cr crab dr dragonfly fl flower fr frog globe gr grapes pl plum pr pretzel tr tractor sk skateboard sl sleigh sm smile s
  3. Chart of Basic Phonograms identified by Logic of English. How To Teach. Reading. Handwriting. Spelling. Phonograms. Chart. Phonograms. Chart. Basic Phonograms. Pronunciation. Consonants Vowels R-Controlled Vowels. Basic Phonogram Resources. Basic Phonogram Flash Cards Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference Phonogram Game Cards Set.
  4. Take out the Phonogram Chart. Have your student color in or place a sticker next to the phonograms that have been mastered. Update this chart each time a Phonogram Card is moved to the Mastered pile. File the four Phonogram Cards that you are working on behind the Phonogram Cards Review divider in your student's Spelling Review Box

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A complete phonics program in 98 charts pdf. Mainly simple code with options to extend. The charts may be used for initial instruction or for a structured review of the sounds and spellings used in systematic sequential phonics programs. You should be able to use the workbooks shown below A phonogram is a letter or combination of letters that represent a sound. For example: CK is a phonogram that says /k/ as in clock. S is a phonogram that says /s/ as in sat or /z/ as in has. OY is a phonogram that says /oi/ as in boy. The word phonogram comes from Greek and is literally translated as the written symbol for a sound This pdf ebook contains all the word lists and sentences taught by the Ultimate Phonics Reading Program software. These are some of the best word lists and practice sentences you will !nd anywhere, and can be used to improve any reading program. 262 phonics-based lessons The word lists are organized into 262 phonics-based lessons These Free Printable Phonics Charts are colorful and so nicely laid out that your child's eye will be easily drawn to it. There's a chart for blends, digraphs, and vowel sounds - each one will help your child as he begins his journey to being a reader! Scroll down to get this cute set of Free Printable Phonics Charts * phonics flashcards with the letter or letter combination (such as ou) on front and clue word (such as out) on back Consider the Individual Set of 70 Phonogram Cards (item #IPC, $10) from Spalding Education International, available at www.spalding.org. It's helpful to also purchase the Spalding Phonogram Sounds CD (item #CD, $5.00) to lear

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This is just one version of a Spanish Alphabetic Code Chart and it is not definitive. Note from Grace Vilar: In Argentina and Uruguay, the pronunciation of 'y' in 'yo-yo' and 'll' in 'llave' is the same as /j/ in 'jelly'; there is n BEGINNING DIGRAPHS ENDING DIGRAPHS ch cheese sh shoe th three wh whistle ph pheasant quail kn knife write ch peach sh cash th teeth lamb ck truck ng ring watch badg Title: Phonics charts copy 2 Created Date: 20150908003204 Printable phonics rules charts pdf. This vowel is so happy filename. For suggestions on how to use the charts please see our phonics steps page. By clever classroom phonics chart phonics rules word work games word work activities first grade reading first grade classroom learn english kid learning english jolly phonics activities desk chart 2.

The charts may be used for initial instruction or for a structured review of the sounds and spellings used in systematic, sequential phonics programs. For suggestions on how to use the charts, please see our Phonics Steps page Downloadable phonics charts 11-13 introduce digraphs, diphthongs, R-Controlled vowel sounds, and consonant blends, to be used with phonics step 8 teachers.net/gazette/current 70 Phonograms b bat y yellow ow now wh when c come baby row oa boat cent my ou out ey they d did a at four key f for navy you valley g go. Why practice phonograms? Systematic and explicit phonics instruction is a key component of effective reading instruction. Knowledge of letters and their sounds is essential. Research studies report that systematic and explicit phonics instruction significantly improves word recognition, spelling, and reading comprehension

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How to use the sound chart. Set aside 2 minutes of your phonics lesson. Point to the phonics sounds your student has already learned on the chart. As you point, have your student say the sound. This simple activity will help your student learn each phonics sounds location on the chart. This is beneficial Phonics Rules Charts Pdf Rakak. Give your phonics teachings an added boost with these brightly colored phonics charts. Abeka phonics charts pdf. Some of the worksheets displayed are abeka academy grade 2 14 abeka academy grade 3 abeka alphabet chart pdf greece christian school first grade scope and sequence a beka basic sounds phonics and. phonograms can be drilled from the Phonogram Drill Chart or from the Phonogram Flash Cards. 1. a at ate father ball 21. ck back 41. eigh eight 61. ew threw 2. m mom 22. qu quack 42. au haul 62. eu feud 3. n noon 23. k kid 43. aw paw 63. ir first 4. s sat as 24. e pet he 44. ar.

Vowel . Title: Phonics charts copy Created Date: 9/8/2015 12:29:56 A Phonics Progression Chart Phonic Phase Set Sounds Covered Example words Tricky Words 2 1 s a t p sat, pat, tap the, to, I, no, go, into, and 2 i n m d din, man 3 g o c k dog, cod, kip 4 ck e u r rock, men, sun 5 h b f ff l ll ss hill, puff, lip, mess, tub

PHONICS CURRICULUM COMPARISON CHART ©2021 This chart was assembled by Rainbow Resource Curriculum Consultants and is intended to be a comparative tool based on our own perceptions and understanding of the programs and not necessarily reflective of the publishers' opinions. Some designations are best fit, not absolute. (TM) are PDF. Uses AAS Phonics Cards These phonics cards were designed to be used for teaching and drill purposes to support an existing phonics program with an established scope and sequence. For example, you can use the cards in conjunction with your school's reading series. The cards can be utilized during both whole and small group instruction to support th 6 7 Unit 1 WoRD StUDy SkiLL PHoniCS SkiLL Week 1 Suffixes Word ending -ed 2 Word endings 2Suffixes-or, -er 3 Multiple-meaning Words Word ending -ing 4 Synonyms and Antonyms Compound Words 5 Suffixes Related Words Unit 3 WoRD StUDy SkiLL PH oniCS SkiLL Week 11 1Multiple-meaning Words Multiple-meaning WordsLatin Word origins 22 Multiple-meaning Words Greek Roots bio, phon

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phonics rules charts pdf. A pie chart is the most regularly used graph to demonstrate frequency circulations. A pie chart is comparable to a vertical bar chart. A pie chart is comparable to a bar chart. At initially, histograms look very much like bar chart. Although they are comprised of bars, they are not bar charts Phonics Chart 1 Systems chart, page 7, or the Assessment Sequence for Primary Grade Students or Assessment Sequence for Upper Grade Students charts, pages 12 and 13, or your school or district assessment plan. Be aware of the student's behavior during testing. If the stu-dent is tiring or making many consecutive errors, discontinue testing at that time

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FREEPhonics is a systematic, sequential guide to hands-on phonics. The 82 lessons introduce phonics patterns one by one and then contrast each new phonics pattern with other similar patterns. Phonemic awareness skills are part of the word building because children must listen for differences in words and build new words from previously built words To make them even more useful I have included a FREE phonics chart! Alphabet Flashcards A-Z DOWNLOAD Pack 1 (Pre-k level / Preschool level) Pack 1 All flashcards come with easy to read bold lettering and colorful pictures. The first set comes with a simple picture with only the uppercase letters. There are two sets for teachers to choose from *-y, *-ey, *-ie as word endings are often pronounced between /i/ and /ee/. On this chart examples appear in the /ee/ row. The complexities of the English Alphabetic Code include Fetal Stimulation Using Phonogram Word Cards Take a moment to sit comfortably and center in your heart. Then speak directly to your baby out loud. Tell her that you have Phonogram Word Cards that go with the phonograms you showed her. Ask the baby to use her ESP (clairvoyance) and to look at the cards with you

Ways to Use the Chart. 1. Introduce the chart. The first thing I did was review blends and digraphs with him by talking about what they sound like {blends make two individual sounds and digraphs make one sound.} We looked at each image and he named them. We listened for the blend or digraph in the word. 2. Play a sound game Phonics Charts and Games • Consonant Chart B • Chart 2B Learn to recognize the consonants and their sounds. Phonics 6 Easy Steps to Reading 30970201 01/17 EG abeka.com 1-877-223-5226 U.S. and Canada P.O. Box 19100 Pensacola, FL 32523-9100, USA Learn to recognize the short vowels an Phonogram Sound Charts. Download letter sound read: Letter to Sound Chart for Reading (PDF file, for use with Lesson 28) Download sound letter spell The phonogram chart includes 72 phonograms, as well as single-letter and multi-letter phonograms. Another chart has vowel digraphs and blends with the basic rules for spelling on the other side. The consonant chart has consonant letters with more than one sound, consonant blends, consonants with one sound, and phonics sounds. ~ Gina

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My latest printable phonics charts are based on the international phonetic alphabet (IPA) and designed in different size formats - small A4 paper size format to be used as handout anchor charts and large A3 paper size format that I print out as posters for my classroom wall decoration.My phonics charts are colorful and full of pictures to attract kids' attention S-46 English Spelling Chart A4 (Larger two-sided deskchart for Individuals) £2.00. S-49 English Spelling Chart A0 (Large Wallchart for Classes) £24.00. S-96 THRASS Spelling Log (Handy logbook for Individuals) £1.50. S-87 Tap or Clap the English Keyword Raps (size A5, 40-pages, for Individuals) £4.00 This worksheet PDF may help identify the phonics sounds like 'ew','ai', 'oo', 'x', etc. MCQs: Choose the correct answer from the options provided. You can practice the concept of long and short vowels and consonant sounds, diphthongs, and homonyms by solving this worksheet for adult phonics learners. Write missing letters in.

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Phonics From A to Z, 3rd Edition iley Bleins Scholastic nc Name Date Phonemic Awareness Assessment Oddity Tasks C. Assemble picture cards for the following word sets. Display each picture-card set. Ask the student to find the two pictures whose names begin with the same sound. Circle the student's choices. 1. sun, sock, fish 4. pig, pan, do Printable phonics charts colour coded a5 size phonics sounds and graphemes charts to print with phonics lesson plans and ideas for use. Phonics instruction teaches the connection between word sounds and written letters. English phonics rules chart for kids. Its a key part of learning to read. But phonics instruction also teaches spelling patterns • Essentials 1-7 Teacher's Guide + Answer Key • Essentials 1-7 Student Workbook • Essentials 1-7 Morpheme Flash Cards • Spelling Journal • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards (phonograms taught in this volume) • Spelling Rule Flash Cards (Rules taught in this volume) • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards (phonograms taught in this volume) • Grammar Rule Flash Cards (Rules taught in this. Alphabet Phonics Worksheets - The first PDF bundle here has 11 pages for the first sounds of the 26 letters. The list has words that start with the letters in alphabetical order so you can review the consonant and short vowels as you teach the alphabet. Most of the words use the short vowel sounds as with short a, e, i, o, u

The Phonogram Sounds app is a free app that is included with our programs. Use the app to reinforce the sounds with your child as you are teaching or to learn the sounds before you teach them. The Letter Sounds app is a free app for beginning learners that can be used to teach the first sound for each letter in the alphabet phonics assessment (i.e. CORE Phonics) or Spelling Inventory. Student is in Grade 1 or above. Descriptor - Materials Yes No N/A Student has been given the appropriate sound box mat or worksheet for the list selected. Student has been given a writing utensil, and if needed, an eraser. Interventionist has a word list THRASS Guidance Notes - for using the S-97 English Spelling Chart Pack resources. THRASS Work and Answer Grid - for Blends and Rhymes ~ see p6-7 in S-76 Handbook. THRASS ESCS Class Checklist - Date, Shade or Tick the boxes for the 10 skills. THRASS Teaching Grids for Weeks and Sessions - 1-72 weeks or 1-72 sessions All About Phonics and Word Families: Charts, Posters, Videos and More. Please find resources below to break down phonics into it's basic elements such as consonants, short and long vowels, blends, digraphs, etc. plus word families. PHONICS is defined as a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with letters or groups of letters Our most popular products are now available for download on FetchApp. Simply pay a nominal fee (our products now range from $4.99 -9.99), download your produ..

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Phonogram & Spelling Rule Quick Reference. $ 8 99. Choose Format. Printed Product Single User License PDF. Choose. Choose. Add to cart. This handy foldout chart is packed with the most essential information found in Uncovering the Logic of English and in Logic of English® curriculum. All the phonograms and LOE spelling rules, a colorful suffix. If you're tired of the same old, boring, black and white CVC worksheets to teach phonics, then the free phonics worksheets from BINGOBONGO Learning, called BINGOBONIC Phonics, are just what you need.BINGOBONIC Phonics is a completely free phonics program that's easy to use and simple to understand.. Rather than abstractly teaching sounds of letters followed by sounding out words that EFL. Product Description. Downloadable PDF A link to download this product will appear on your order confirmation. The Adventures in Phonics: Flashcards and Charts introduce and drill the upper- and lower-case letters of the alphabet and most diphthongs, digraphs, blends, and modified sounds used in the English language. The front of each card shows the letter or phonics sound, while the back. Numbers 1-10 Anchor Chart. Teddy Bear Number Charts 1-10. Numbers Chart 1-20 Simple Chart and Patterned Chart. Other Early Learning Charts: Parts of a Book Charts. 5 Senses Poster Charts Printable Color Charts - there are many different charts to choose from Phonics, Word Families SPC ED 587 And the Research says. . . • Ability to decode is NOT strongly linked to intelligence • Working memory (short-term) IS a factor in being able to decode, as is development of phonological awareness . Connors et al. (2001) Types of Word Recognition (Attack) Skills: • Phonics - teaching letter-soun

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Letters and Sounds: Principles and Practice of High Quality Phonics Primary National Strategy Letters and Sounds: Phase One Phase One Notes for practitioners and teachers Phase One falls largely within the Communication, Language and Literacy area of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. In particular, it will support linking sounds and. Phonics charts and blends charts are a great way to teach difficult concepts to beginning readers. Keep them around the classroom, and your students will be able to use them independently for increased confidence and learning! Here are 20 blends and phonics anchor charts we love. 1. Silent E. SOURCE: 1 and 2 with Mr. S Download Phonics Charts by Dr. Fry Pdf. This Book was ranked at 26 by Google Books for keyword Phonics. Book ID of Phonics Charts by Dr. Fry's Books is bPKVJGU7c00C, Book which was written byEdward Fryhave ETAG soJh+HnREmQ. Book which was published by Teacher Created Resources since 1999-07-01 have ISBNs, ISBN 13 Code is 9781576907627 and.

prepare for writing phrases and sentences creatively. After completing our series of Phonics courses, your child will acquire the skills needed to read and spell using letter sounds. Download the progression chart at the bottom of the page. To arrange a phonics assessment for your child, please call us on 2913 5100 for details Download, print and teach alphabet reading to kids using these colorful alphabet picture charts. These printable downloadable pdf are also perfect if you are looking for pictures of things that start with alphabet sounds in line with phonics rule A Comparative Chart (2011) Reading intervention programs play an important role in helping all students become confident, skilled readers. There are lots of programs available to Intervention programs for five components of literacy (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary) are included in the table

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Rigby Star Phonics Chart.pdf. Rigby Star Phonics Chart.pdf. Sign In. Details. Phonics Desk Charts. Phonic Sounds Desk Charts - One desk chart each for vowel and consonant sound/phoneme with associated letter patterns /graphemes. Upgrade. Upgrade for just $47/year to download this resource and hundreds more. Home › Teaching Resources › Phonics Resources › Phonics Desk Charts This Spalding Phonograms app is designed for helping students learn the phonics connection between speech sounds and written symbols that represent those sounds (phonograms). Learning the phonograms is essential for accurate and automatic reading, writing, and spelling. Teaching all the sounds of the phonemes represented by an alphabet letter. These lists are a great way to inspire movable alphabet work and help children refine their growing understanding of spelling. Each card features a single phonogram that match those in the green sandpaper letters and/or phonogram reading folders. Children read the words on a chosen list and notice the sound/phonogram that all the words share 1. Cover all the sounds of English with the simple one page Phonics Posters PDFs. 2. Make the jump to reading words & sentences with the I can read it!. Genki Phonics Graded Reading Stories (in the same pdf.) 3. Now it's time for writing with the 7 Let's start writing pdf Workbooks. Believe it or not that's everything you need.

plus The Synthetic Phonics Teaching Principles (with pictures) (Please note that this is the chart some universities are including in their phonics professional development literature for student teachers. To include in your university's literature, please contact us and we can provide you with a 'print-ready' PDF.) The English Alphabetic Cod Phoneme Sequence Chart and Word List as presented in School Phonics Phonemes A phoneme is a basic unit of sound that can change the meaning of a word. The words in the English language are made from 44 phonemes See how many rhyme words you can make with ending phonograms eg: ig, at, en, op, ut, Refer to the list of words you can make with this flip chart Point out that every word has a vowel At first, let your child look at the spelling of the words to copy Later, choose words to spell, eg Can you spell PIG Phonics Consonant Blends and H Digraphs Author: Teachnology, Inc. Created Date: 1/7/2006 12:09:24 AM.

systematic phonics program it is best to follow its sequence for the order of teaching. The Common Core Reading Foundations standards also provide some guidance related to a phonics scope and sequence. If you are not using a program, or if the program is not systematic enough, here is a suggested generic scope and sequence oa/ow/oe anchor chart The oa/ow/ow Big Box of Activities contains 11 interactive activities for learning and practicing this phonics skill. Great for small group instruction or for literacy centers! All the activities fit so nicely in this Sterilite container! If you like the oa/ow/. Title: Allie Alligator Author: St. Charles Parish Schools Created Date: 9/4/2015 12:27:41 P Note 1: The word an will be in an Intermediate Phonics book because it is a grammatical lesson. Note 2: Nan is a child's name for a grandmother. 27. Can I jump higher than a tree? b Can Can I? I? Little, tiny me? b Can I? 28. Tee, hee, hee is a silly way of laughing. Yes, I jump higher can than a tree • C-K Phonics Rule Poster By Lindsay Griffith • Open and Closed Syllable Sort By Katie Weicht • Sounds For -ed Ending (t, d, ed) By Teacher's Take-Out • The 3 Sounds of -ed! {Free Posters} By Teaching With Love and Laughter • Orton Gillingham -Syllable Division Posters: VC/CV V/CV VC/V CV/VC VCCCV By Seed Readin

The Phonics Snapshot Assessment is a quickphonics assessment created for any teacher who is teaching reading through phonics. The results will give you a snapshot perspective of your students' mastery of phonics and exactly what skill(s) you should teach next. Research shows that phonics is the most effective way to learn to read English tools for Phonics Bug). Printed books - 104 fully decodable Phonics Bug books and 394 finely-levelled Bug Club books, plus printed teacher guides. Online reading world - a virtual book bag for children, filled with eBooks, quizzes, games and rewards. Printed progress tests - linked to book bands ensuring each child takes a test that is righ Phonics Progression Charts These charts have been reproduced by kind permission of the publisher from Teaching the Brain - The New Science of Education, by Dr Duncan Milne, 2014, Junior Learning, which is a publishing house that creates educational resources. This book is a sequel to Teaching the Brain to Read, which you can find as a Effective Teaching of Reading: From Phonics to Fluency Timothy Rasinski Kent State University 402 White Hall Kent, OH 44242 330-672-0649, trasinsk@kent.edu The Bridge from Phonics to Comprehension: Three Components of Fluency 1. Accuracy in word recognition (word decoding). Approximately 95% word recognition accuracy is considered adequate fo

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Below is a complete set of Phonics flashcards for you to download and print for use with your children. Do this today: Print out the phonics flashcards on thick white paper (250 gsm to 350 gsm. Normal printer paper allows words to show through, and doesn't work well. FastTrack Phonics for Roots • Overview Lesson 21 | Presenting /sh/ Presenting /sh/ The Alphabet Chant Teach students the first two stanzas of The Alphabet Chant. Hear Sounds Show each Phonics Picture Card below, name the picture, and ask students to say the name after you. Then cue students to tell you the initial sound in each word Debbie promotes the use of Alphabetic Code Charts as high-profile visual aids as 'giant' main display charts and as 'mini' tabletop charts to support 'two-pronged systematic and incidental phonics teaching and learning' for mainstream and intervention as described here: The Potential of Alphabetic Code Charts and the Two-Pronged Approach to Synthetic Phonics Teaching: Systematic. Phonics Sounds Chart Phonics Sounds Chart Getting the books phonics sounds chart now is not type of challenging means. You could not lonely going afterward books buildup or library or borrowing from your friends to right of entry them. This is an utterly easy means to Page 1/2

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Phonics Printables. Alphabet and phonics charts, blend BINGO, word walls, word families, phonograms, workbooks, file folder games, and more. (From the A to Z Teacher Stuff Store - Download Now!) Large A4 size. Includes capital and lowercase letters a a mat A cake schwa ear ur earth ir fear air bear ar heart or or for ur doctor 63% 37% ? 57% 28% 9% 6% 49% 51% ah father ar ar car ur dollarair marry planetary ur ur fur 0.2% 64% 36% 19% 100% ai A pail e said schwa er ur her other ir here air there wor ur word or worn 87% 2% 12% ere 99% 1% 93% 7% 95% 5% au au pause other ir ur dirt ir spirit war or warmar, schw Phonics is the ability to identify that there is a relationship between the individual sounds (phonemes) of the spoken language and the letters (graphemes) of the written language. Decoding is being able to use visual, syntactic, or semantic cues to make meaning from words and sentences. Visual cues are how the word looks, the letters.

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The chart correlates the phonics skills as they are presented in Phonics and English 1, Reading 1, and Spelling 1. The Phonics & English curriculum has 180 lessons; the Reading 1 curriculum has 158. This chart is only a suggestion, provided to assist the teacher in progressing through the program effectively Classroom Alphabet Chart Printables. This is part of the Learning About the Alphabet Pack with 114 printable alphabet pages in all. All the resources consistently use the same illustration and word for each letter of the alphabet.All letters, from A to Z, are covered. Suggested use: Use the cards to chant the alphabet in whole group or small groups (such as guided reading) This PDF includes 8 large phonics flashcards for teaching CVC words with the letter O. CVC words include dog, mop, jog, hot, log, mom, box, and pot. Download. CVC O - Small Flashcards. This PDF is a set of 8 smaller CVC O phonics flashcards. These are small for students to hold making them perfect for phonics card games

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Phonics Worksheets & Printables. Learning the alphabet and how recognize letters is the first step to literacy, but true reading fluency doesn't take shape until children master phonics. Understanding the sounds each letter makes and learning consonant blends are among an array of topics covered in our printable phonics worksheets Phonics anchor charts can be used as a visual reminder for first grade students. This free printable covers 30 different phonics skills. They include short vowels, long vowels, blends, digraphs and more! Oh- and don't leave yet- there are TWO freebies in this post! I've really struggled with teaching phonics the past few years Phonics K-1 Student Center Activities: Phonics ©2005 The Florida Center for Reading Research (Revised, 2008) P.013.AM1b Photo Chart picture cards: jug, kangaroo, lion, monkey, nose, ostrich, popcorn, queen, robo The symbols on this clickable chart represent the 44 sounds used in British English speech (Received Pronunciation). Click on each symbol or sample word to hear. ( See also: Printable Phonemic Chart) Monophthong vowels are arranged by mouth shape: left > right, lips wide > lips round. top > bottom, jaw closed > jaw open

Phonics Glossary of Terms Adjacent consonants Two (or three) letters making two (or three) sounds. Example: the first three letters of strap are adjacent consonants. Previously known as a consonant cluster. Blending The process of using phonics for reading. Children identify and synthesise/blend the phonemes in order to make a word Phonics word wheel: city, cent, face, ice, place, trace, race (*Note: Since there are not many simple words that begin with soft-c, these are not all initial consonant sounds.) Kindergarten to 2nd Grade. View PDF This chart explains the systematic way Floppy's Phonics builds reading progress through each phase of Letters and Sounds matching each book to each phase. Interactive Teaching Sequence Open the Teaching Sequence to see how these well-structured, carefully paced lessons follow a teaching sequence ensuring consistency in your phonics provision The Phonogram Page, a free service of Johnny Can Spell, is designed to promote phonics and handwriting awareness, parent involvement, and student mastery of the 70 common phonograms of the English language. About Us. N.I.N.E. Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1987 by Alice Nine to support excellence in education. Since then, N.I.N.E. Enterprises.