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Fill the jar up to the top of the label and microwave the open jar for about 3 minutes, carefully peel off the label with a rag, then use an alcohol based pad to remove the residual glue. Peggy L Burnette on Sep 02, 2020 Hi Alice, I remove labels with coconut oil. Remove as much label as you can, soak in hot (really hot) water Despite what the graphic above says the first step is to remove the labels and sticky residue from your Oui yogurt jars. I soak the label itself off in hot water and then remove the sticky residue using baking soda and coconut oil. First, rub coconut oil all over the jar. Then sprinkle on some baking soda and scrub the jar using a damp sponge Old fashioned idea here, cover the label with butter and let set, then clean off. If that doesn't work then use a chemicle called GOO GONE. Let it soak on. Might have to do a second time, then use a metal scrub pad to get it all off with hot water Three simple ways to repurpose those cute Oui jars Once I ate the yummy yogurt, I soaked the jars in really hot water and the labels peeled off. Afterwards I used a cloth with some rubbing alcohol to remove any renaming residue for the sticker label. I found that these labels come off much easier than other labels

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Wash the Oui yogurt jar, inside and out, with dish soap and water. Just before painting, you want to wipe the outside of the glass jar with alcohol and allow it to dry for a few seconds. This will remove any oil Let us know if it's any good! Also, as of mid-2017, Yoplait has a new line of French-style yogurt in glass jars called Oui. Keep reading for ways to use empty Oui yogurt jars and my favorite uses for Oui jars. First, the little glass yogurt containers come in a few different shapes like the ones below from Nestle Pull out that Oui yogurt jar! You need to make these crafts now! Here are some DIY crafts for using these adorable little yogurt jars. Before you start your crafts, you will want to check out a previous post on how to remove the glue residue after removing the label and the secret for removing the glue left from the foil lid The search results get delayed as there are several How To Get Labels Off Oui Yogurt Jars results that CouponMound recognizes by updating the stores' revised and latest coupons. This process of updating specific search results takes almost 1 second, and for normal search, it takes 0.25 seconds Enjoy some tasty yogurt, then upcycle the cute jar. Easily Remove a Jar Label When you are done with the darn tasty yogurt (perhaps having shared some with a friend), soak the jar in warm soapy water and remove the label. If there is any adhesive residue left on the jar, remove it with a product called Goo Gone

OUI jars - Thrifty way to decorate any space! DIY / 5 Comments. Oui - French style custard like yogurt is my new addiction! Let me be honest with you, I bought this yogurt because I was intrigued by its container I couldn't help to think about all projects that I can do with it. But first we need to clean them up, remove labels. Needlenose Pliers Start by drilling a hole in the bottom of your yogurt jar with a glass drill bit. This type of drill bit works best with a wet surface, so keep a glass of water close by and pour some water on the jar before drilling. I turned my jar upside down for easy access and the inverted bottom hold water well After eating the yogurt wash the yogurt jars. Remove the labels and clean the stickiness from the yogurt jars. Place a wick in the center of each jar and roll up the excess with a toothpick that lays across the top of the jar. Fill a pot with about 2 inches of water and put it on medium high heat My Secret Weapon For Removing Labels From Glass. It turned out that the solution to my problem of how to easily remove labels was already in my laundry room cupboard: OxiClean! Just one scoop of OxiClean and some warm water is all you need remove the labels from a whole batch of jars, bottles, or other glass containers Toss them in the dishwasher. These labels are affixed pretty tightly so you'll need more than a little soapy water to remove them. Here's how they look after they were dishwashed and the label was peeled away by hand. *This post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience

Today I'm sharing my tips for removing stubborn labels from glass jars and bottles. I love reusing the glass I get from the grocery store to keep my pantry o.. Start by washing your jars and removing the labels. If the label is being tough to get off, soak it in some warm soapy water and it should help. Once the jar is clean and dry start by pouring about a table spoon and a half of mod podge into one of the jars

Hey Guys! Today I'm showing you how I get labels and all the glue that comes along with them off of glass jars. I often buy products at the grocery store in.. Remove as much of the label as possible first. If the label is too difficult to peel off, soak the jar in warm, soapy water for 10 minutes, then peel the label off. You will have some residue, but that is fine. Avoid using nail polish remover or acetone if your jar is made from plastic Three Methods for Removing Labels from Jars and the Very Interesting Results. Step One: Fill a sink with warm water and add enough dish soap to make some good bubbles. Step Two: Add the jars you want to remove the labels from to the warm, soapy water. Step Three: Completely submerge the jars. I went a little wild with the water and bubbles. Step 5: Keep adding dots until you are happy with your design. Let it dry. Step 6: Once the paint is dry, remove the image from inside the jar and Viola! Say Oui to a cute little jar. You can spray the paint with a sealer. Keep eating yogurt and saving jars because there are so many other things you can do with these Remove the Oui Yoplait labels by soaking your jars in warm water. Mine came off easily after about 10 minutes. Then use Goo Gone and a paper towel to remove any adhesive residue. Wash your jars with soap and water and dry thoroughly. (I hit mine with a hairdryer to speed this along.) While your jars are soaking or drying, trace your bunny ears.

Soak in warm soapy water, peel the label, scrub and dry. Oui Heritage Collection Limited Edition designs are printed onto the glass and the product label is a sticker that can be easily removed for crafting and DIY projects. Follow the link for more helpful tips and DIY projects First, I dropped them into a sink of hot soapy water to get them extra clean and to help remove the paper part of the labels. Related: How to remove coffee and tea stains from mugs naturally You can see that on some jars, this pretty much took off all of the label and glue Enjoy some tasty yogurt, then upcycle the cute jar. Easily Remove a Jar Label. When you are done with the darn tasty yogurt (perhaps having shared some with a friend), soak the jar in warm soapy water and remove the label. If there is any adhesive residue left on the jar, remove it with a product called Goo Gone. This is handy stuff But I'm having trouble getting the labels off. So far I have about 50 oui yogurt jars that I'm going to make into candles. Those labels peel off really easily with just some soapy water. The other jars are a little tricky. Anyone have some fool proof ways to remove labels. I really don't want to use that goop-off stuff would like something more. The Oui yogurt labels come off the jars quite nicely. After cleaning the jars, wipe a bit of alcohol over the outer glass where you plan to place your daisies. Step 2 - Download the Flower

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Oui Yogurt glass jars After several months of peeling off labels, running them through the dishwasher and putting them in the back of a cabinet, we've ended up with about three dozen (I told you we like the stuff, ha) I'm too frugal to buy Oui yogurt myself, but I did come across a box of the empty glass jars at the Free Box on Friday and brought them home. (The labels had been removed, but it certainly is a challenge to remove all of the sticky residue that was left behind--even after soaking and also using Goo Gone on them.

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My tip on removing the labels from the Oui jars is to spray a mixture of white vinegar and water. Let it sit for about 10 minutes. Lift one of the edges, then pull the label off. You can even run it under hot water to get it started. The label comes off in one piece and leaves no tacky reside. The vinegar breaks down the glue The best way to remove labels from jars! We'll show you how to remove glue from glass without using harsh chemicals so your jars will be ready for a new life! Jars are so popular right now aren't they? I'm talking about standard Mason jars, of course, but also jars of all shapes and sizes. People are re-using them for crafts, storage, and. Directions. First, take two clean and empty Oui Yogurt Jars (or any similar small open glass jars you have on hand, just make sure they match) Next, remove the labels from the jars. I found running hot water over the label made it easy to remove. Then I follow-up with a quick wipe of rubbing alcohol if there is any residue left What you Need to Easily Remove Labels: Baking Soda. Vegetable Oil. That's it!! Mix equal parts of the two to form a runny paste. Once I remove the paper part of the label, I mixed up my magic paste. I apply a thick layer of it to the jar and smear it all over the gluey sticky part. I let it sit on there about 10 minutes or so

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How to Remove Labels from Plastic Jars. Removing labels from plastic jars is a bit more of a challenge as plastic is less durable than glass. You can't use boiling water as it might warp the plastic. You can't use a razor blade and you might not even be able to use a dull knife as they might scratch the surface of the plastic jar How to Create a Succulent Planter with an Oui Jar. We took one of our empty Oui yogurt jars, cleaned them, and dried them. We hand-washed them, but you can also just put them in the dishwasher. Just be sure the jar is completely dry before starting your craft (including the labels.) We opted not to remove the labels from the jar because we were.

Eat the yogurt! That's your first step. It's easy and, more importantly, quite enjoyable. Once you're done, soak the glass jar in warm soapy water for 10 or 15 minutes. The Oui label should peel off easily after soaking. There will still be some sticky residue and for that you need one of the following products [Tweet Remove labels from jars like a chemist! @chemistrycachet] Chemist Tips. Why does this method work so well? Chemically, sodium bicarbonate works as an abrasive. It helps scrub off left over labels that may still be on the jar. The use of dishwashing liquid or dish soap is to act as a surfactant. Surfactants were designed to lower. Siemienas wrote that approximately 40% of the glass used in the production of Oui yogurt jars was recycled. Very early on we felt that there was a place for (glass) and we happened to be right

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Eat your yogurt and then remove labels and wash thoroughly. Take your clean jars and place a few small rocks inside for drainage. Fill your jar to the top with soil. Gently p.. The label peels off pretty easily, but if you're having trouble removing all of the glue, I suggest something like this Goo Gone. Let's dive in! {ONE} Food Storage. Okay, so this is the definitely the most obvious way to reuse these glass jars. Since their original purpose was to hold yogurt, why not clean and use them to store other kinds.

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  3. Use your yogurt within seven days if you plan to use it as starter in place of a store bought brand listed above. I store my yogurt in the glass jars that grocery store yogurt came in. These Oui jars are great. It's the dickens removing the labels, though. Yoplait, the maker of Oui sells lids that fit perfectly on their jars
  4. utes. Once thoroughly soaked, the labels should easily peel away

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Oui by Yoplait glass pots Hot water and cleaner to remove the labels Tape Spray paint Craft store shelf Succulent. What to do: Enjoy delicious Oui by Yoplait yogurt Wash the glass pot and use hot water and cleaner to remove the label and sticky residue. Adhesive remover works great too! Once dry, tape off the top portion of the pot Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt, Lemon, Non-GMO, Gluten Free Yogurt, 5.0 oz at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users The steps for these DIY Oui jar faux succulents are so super easy to do and follow and you'll probably have most of the extra's you need already in your pantry! The first thing you'll want to do is gather your supplies. Along with your faux succulents, rocks and jars you'll need: coconut oil, baking soda, and a hot glue gun

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 12 Oui Yogurt Glass Jars Label Free & Clean at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Clean the Yogurt Jars. Soak the labels in hot soapy water. Use a bucket so the labels don't go down the sink drain and cause a clog. Once the labels are off, scrub the residual adhesive off the sides and rims of the yogurt jars. We found that Orange Goop hand cleanser worked best when used with a stainless steel scrubber

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The gluten-free yogurt starts with simple, non-GMO ingredients like whole milk, real fruit, cane sugar and yogurt cultures. With a delicious base of key lime flavor, the French-style yogurt is poured and set in individual glass pots for eight hours to create a satisfyingly thick, subtly sweet, fresh-tasting yogurt The gluten-free yogurt starts with simple, non-GMO ingredients like whole milk, real fruit, cane sugar and yogurt cultures. With a delicious base of sweet lemons, the French-style yogurt is poured and set in individual glass pots for eight hours to create a satisfyingly thick, subtly sweet, fresh-tasting yogurt Storefron

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5 for $5.00 (when you buy 5) Oui by Yoplait Yogurt, 5 - 5.3 oz., :ratio Keto or Protien Yogurt, 5.3 - 5.5 oz., assorted varieties. Expires 06/29, Unlimited Use. Clipped. Clip coupon to save. Icon details. Product description. Made with whole milk. Gluten free Follow these instructions. Clean out your glass yogurt container ( here's a handy guide on how to do it) and remove any visible labels. Cut 4 equal lengths of cord, about 3 ½ to 4 feet long. Hold them together, fold in half, and knot a loop at the fold point to create a handle These little jars I am painting on today are re-purposed Oui yogurt jars from Yoplait. I love the yogurt and I am so happy they use glass instead of plastic. Much more environmentally friendly plus so fun to make into DIY projects. I wash them up and remove the labels. The labels have a very tough adhesive, I use CitraSolv to remove them First, wash out your Oui yogurt jar, and remove label. MATERIALS. Oui yogurt jars. rosemary. twine. powdered sugar. tea light candle. Tie two pieces of rosemary together using twine to create Rosemary wreath. Place rosemary wreath on top of yogurt jar, and add powdered sugar to bottom of jar. Then add a tea light candle inside jar

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  1. Cook's Note. If your cooler is larger enough to fit more mason jars, go ahead and add more. Or, better yet, make more yogurt. If you don't have mason jars, feel free to use quart-size plastic.
  2. ishing-size pieces using scissors or a knife. Cut a 1/2-inch piece for the bottom layer. The next piece will be 1/2 the half-inch piece. The next piece will be 1/4, then 1/8, then.
  3. Oui yogurt. It's worth buying a four-pack of Yoplait Oui yogurt just for the little glass jars. Remove the label, scrape the glue from the rim, and you have a lovely five-ounce cup. Perfect for holding cream or milk. Perfect for holding hot water to pour over instant oatmeal. Perfect for holding a couple of ounces of whiskey while the news.
  4. To begin, I have eaten the yogurt many times but tossed the jars. I found it very hard to remove the label and didn't want to fight with them. The best way I have discovered to get off any stuck on label is to remove as much as possible by hand then use a product such as Goof-Off or Goo-Gone and finish up with Blue Dawn liquid dish detergent
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Take your Oui jar and remove the label if there is one. The best jar for this is the small size, the ones that come in four packs of Oui. They don't have labels and their size is slightly better. But if you don't have one, the larger ones are OK. Make several snips along the top of the metal. You are making flaps you will fold inward The first thing you'll want to do (after savoring the yummy yogurt of course) is to thoroughly wash the jars and remove all the sticky residue left from the labels. The labels peel off easily but you'll probably need to use Goo Begone, nail polish remover, or lavender essential oils to get all of the gunk off (thank you Amanda for that tip, it. The below tricks work for labels, stickers, sticky tape and other sticky situations. How to remove sticky labels from plastic and metal. Removing stickers from plastic and metal can be tricky. Chemical removing agents can damage these materials, and anything abrasive can leave marks or dents. You will need: Hairdryer; Eraser (rubber) Washing up.

Made with whole milk and real fruit, this uniquely thick and creamy yogurt has a subtly sweet, fresh taste. Turn Oui by Yoplait pots into simple decoration ideas for your holiday party! Paint the outsides of cleaned pots and fill with a winter bouquet. Voila! Crafts With Glass Jars. Glass Bottle Crafts Glass Craft. Diy Bottle DIY Herbs and Spices Apothecary Jars - glueing the labels on the jars. For the final part of this project, I used Mod Podge to adhere each labels to its corresponding jar. I flipped over each label and placed it on a paper towel so I could easily brush the glue on the back. Then I air centered it as much as I could and I placed it on the jar

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Empty Yoplait OUI Yogurt Glass Jars. Great for Crafts, Weddings, Storage, Plants, ect Besides being packaged elegant glass cups like many yogurts are in Europe, Oui by Yoplait is a return to cup-set yogurt, the method by which all Yoplait used to be made. Cup setting is a method of making yogurt where a liquid is deposited into individual jars where it firms up into the texture we expect from yogurt I make 2 gal of milk into yogurt about every 6 to 8 weeks. Today I pulled the dehydrator off the shelf for my todays batch and found a surprise qt jar of yogurt still in the dryer! I cautiously took off the lid and found what looked like perfectly acceptable yogurt in the jar - no mold, odor or spoiled look

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2. Wash the jar in warm, soapy water. Begin by removing any labels attached to the jar, along with the leftover adhesive left behind. If the adhesive proves stubborn, use a rubbing oil to assist, such as orange oil or eucalyptus oil. Glass jars also tend to get a lot of fingerprints on the outside Move over, Mason jars. The new rage in crafts and décor is now Oui French Yogurt glass jars. With their compact size and unconventional shape, they ar I also use glass jars in the refrigerator to store leftover sauces, dips and pesto. Tip: add a piece of plastic wrap under the lid when the jar is filled to the top or when the content has a strong odor - it will keep the lid odor-free and clean from sauces and oils. Here, home made pesto: 4. Breakfast yumminess in a jar Oui yogurt jars; Twine; Hot glue; Lemon essential oil; Cotton pads; Directions: Wash out the empty yogurts jars with soap and water; Peel the labels off the jars and use lemon essential oil on a cotton pad to remove the leftover glue residue; Dry off the jars and use hot glue to secure twine around the bottom half of the jar