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- Do not recharge the battery pack outside the allowable ambient temperature range of 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F). Also, do not exceed the recharging time. - Do not insert any foreign metallic objects into the electrical contacts of the camera, accessories, connecting cables, etc. • Keep the back-up battery away from children The aperture setting is measured in f-stops. Setting to a wide aperture like f/1.2 or f/2.8 - you will let more light into the sensor and create a narrow depth of field. A narrow DOF means that a small portion of the image will be in focus (such as the portrait subject), while the background will be blurred out Canon's Picture Style settings make it easy to get optimum image quality by choosing from a few overall styles. Each setting has its own subtle look to color rendition, contrast, and sharpening. You can further modify each as needed in your camera's menu, or with Canon's Digital Photo Professional (DPP) software The exposure setting will be displayed. The exposure level icon < > lets you see how far you are from the standard exposure level. 5. Set the exposure. Check the exposure level and set the desired shutter speed and aperture value.: Standard exposure level.: To set it to the standard exposure level, set a slower shutter speed or a larger aperture For this post, I'll be using my trusted Canon Rebel T3i as the demo camera and I'll be shooting with a Canon Rebel T2i. Really though, so many aspects of the cameras in the Canon Rebel line are similar, so you may be able to use what I share below with the other models, such as the T4i, T5i, T6i and the latest (at the time of this writing) T7i

Every Canon camera has a two-second and ten-second timer. The Self-Timer/Shooting Mode button is normally on the back of your camera. You can see the icon above. Press it, and select either the icon with the 2 next to it for the two-second timer or the regular icon for the ten-second timer using the D-pad Shutter Speed. Photo by Canon EOS 5D Mark IV + Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM. Shutter speed for real estate photography doesn't greatly affect the quality of both interior and exterior shots. Judging by the amount of natural light you have at the spot, you need to keep shutter speed between 1/60 -1/2 a second

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Use Burst Mode. By definition, action and sports move quickly, and it can be difficult to keep up. Use your camera's continuous shooting mode (often called burst mode) to take 4 or 6 shots at a time, giving you a much better chance of capturing a good image. Use burst mode to capture the definitive moment. Image by Angel I just got a new camera (XT-2) and am learning the manual mode so I'm still trying to understand the camera settings for low light as it's very confusing when I thought I need low f stop and slow shutter speed to achieve this but your article is really helpful in explaining the different setting combination to use for this Full Behind The Scenes Photoshoots + Free Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and Much More- https://www.patreon.com/svitlanavronska NEWBORN DIGITAL.

Start by setting your ISO to its lowest value. This is generally ISO 100, but might be ISO 160, ISO 200, or ISO 50, depending on your camera. Then simply point your camera at the scene you want to photograph and carefully observe the exposure bar at the bottom of your viewfinder A wide aperture lens (the 50mm 1.8 is quite tight on the 400D, creating an effective 85mm length, but is quite inexpensive. Personally, I mostly use a 28mm 1.8), a high ISO (it's better to get a grainy picture at 1600 than no picture at all) and a good awareness of the qualities of light and how your camera will react to them are going to be your key weapons

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You see close-up (or macro) photography used in many nature photographs and most product photography. Your Canon EOS Digital Rebel can take close-up photographs, and you don't necessarily need a fancy macro lens. Following are some tips on macro photography. Check your owner's manual to find out the minimum close-focusing distance of your lens. How [ Step 5: Set Your ISO to 1600. As you increase the ISO, the image becomes brighter, but there is also more noise. This is simply a compromise you need to make at night to get a properly exposed shot. Most modern cameras can take a nice clean photo at ISO 1600, though. Step 6: Take a Picture and Analyze the Exposure Learn how to setup your Canon Rebel T7 (EOS 1500D) for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. Easy to follow, step-by-step cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings to use with your t7 (1500D). Get out of auto and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes. Print or save to your phone In this guide, I'll go over all the needed settings in detail. You will find out the best way to set up your camera to create irresistible product photography, that will make even iPhone product photography look good. To bring your creative product photography ideas to life, you need to pay attention to aperture, ISO sensitivity, and shutter speed On sunny days with clear blue skies, it's common to have snow seem to pick up a slight blue tint; experiment with the Cloudy or Shade WB settings to warm-up the overall color and neutralize that blue color cast. If you shoot RAW images, you can change your White Balance while editing, regardless of your camera settings at the time of shooting

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  1. Canon evidently didn't want people getting noisy pictures, preferring to let them have perfectly-exposed, smooth blurs. Jon-----Cocker Spaniels Maryland and Virginia activities Image Posting Rules. and Image Posting FAQ Report SPAM, Don't Answer It! Rebel XT and Sports setting
  2. I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and need to buy a flash attachment. The built in flash is no longer adequate. I am an amateur and know very little about flashes. Any help or reference links would be appreciated. Thanks . The Canon 430EX II is one step down from Canon's top of the line professional flash. It has good power output, and is the.
  3. EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi/EOS 400D DIGITAL Instruction Manual buttons, dials, and settings correspond to the icons and markings on the camera and on the LCD monitor. - Do not recharge the battery pack outside the allowable ambient temperature range of 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F). Also, do not exceed the recharging time

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  1. One of Canon's entry-level DSLRs, the EOS Rebel T6, is, in many ways, similar to its predecessor, the EOS T5.One of the biggest differences, however, is that it offers Wi-Fi for sharing images and.
  2. Get more from your Canon DSLR camera with these cool tips and tricks for beginners. ️ Canon tips you may have missed : https://youtu.be/T2dUaB14cHg ️ 7 Can..
  3. 3. Press the < > button to display the Quick Control screen. 4. Press the < > keys to select [backgnd: Blurred <-> Sharp], then press < >. REFERENCE. Background blur. If [OFF] is set, the degree of background blur will change depending on the brightness. If it is set to other than [OFF], you can adjust the background blur regardless of brightness
  4. Learn how to setup your Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. Easy to follow, step-by-step cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings to use with your T3i / 600D. Get out of auto and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes
  5. I disagree and Av is the correct setting. Not Tv. Light is the problem not shutter. All you can do here is to max out the ISO to whatever the highest setting is you can find acceptable. However either, AV or Tv is likely to max out the camera/lens combo. Any camera, even the best most expensive camera made will reach its limits

The mode dial on the right side of the Canon Rebel XTi's top panel lets you select various exposure modes, with the same range of options presented as on the preceding Rebel XT. Canon divides the. I have a Canon t2i (which I recently upgraded from one of its predecessors, the Rebel XT); both are capable of taking higher ISO images so long as you understand their limitations. I wouldn't take my t2i to 6400 or 12800, but have had luck @ 800. These cameras are nowhere near 'high-end' So long as they don't also exceed the hard limits (30s or the max shutter speed for the body, or the maximum or minimum aperture of the lens) they will be made at the expected settings. For example, a Canon 40D shooting a scene where 18% gray meters 1/125 @ f/8, configured to shoot in Aperture Priority, with a exposure compensation of +1 stop. Here are a few top landscape photography lenses for Canon, Nikon, and Sony camera systems. Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM UD Built specifically for Canon's APS-C crop sensor cameras, the EF-S 18-85mm lens gives you excellent focal range to get wide shots as well as more tightly framed images of smaller details in the landscape One of the cameras I shoot with often is the Canon Rebel Xti. When adjusting the camera settings it is quite obvious how to change ISO and shutter speed, but changing the f-stop / aperature isn't quite as obvious or intuitive. You'll need to be in Manual, P, or AV modes in order to adjust

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  1. Snow makes everything outdoors look amazing. Everyone loves the snow and once a storm passes, most photographers probably can't wait to start taking stunning winter photos (weather permitting). There are few things you need to know about Snow Photography in order to get your images to reproduce accurately
  2. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. Small and compact, the XT still packs a full-featured camera inside Rob Sheppard. Updated July 1, 2016 Outdoor Photographer may earn a small commission if you buy something using one of the retail links in our articles. Outdoor Photographer does not accept money for any editorial recommendations
  3. Settings for Indoor Photography. Put you camera onto M for manual (this is the setting on Canon's, not sure about other models). Set you aperture to as big as it will go eg. F4.0 or F2.8. Set your shutter speed to around 1/60. It is hard to shoot handheld with anything below 1/60
  4. If you're serious about getting into action photography, then the first step is to ensure that you have the right gear for the job. Ideally you'll need a camera that offers a high frames-per-second (fps) burst-shooting mode - the entry-level EOS 750D and EOS 760D offer 5fps, which is a good starting point, while the more advanced EOS 7D Mark II shoots at 10fps

Photography Cheat Sheet Learn How to Move up to Manual Photography. Moving from Auto to Manual Control of your Camera or graduating from a Compact Camera to a DSLR Camera can be daunting and so many are so troubled that they never to progress beyond the Camera's inbuilt Program Settings.On the new DSLR Cameras whether they be Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Samsung, Sony there are so many presets. You can find EOS R firmware updates on Canon's website. My recommended settings for the Canon EOS R: Shooting Menu 1: Image Quality, change quality to RAW and JPEG to - since most phone apps and desktop apps support RAW photos now there isn't much reason to shoot JPEG. Setting the camera to only shoot RAW files Both Canon and Nikon have White Balance buttons (marked as WB.) Hit your WB button, and cycle through the icons until you find a setting called K. Bingo! This is it! Then use your main dial to dial in a Kelvin number that corresponds to the lighting conditions you're shooting in, as shown in the chart above If you find that the image is too dark when you use these settings, adjust the aperture to make it wider (i.e., moving from f/8 to f/7.1) or boost the ISO (i.e., moving from ISO 400 to ISO 800). If you find that the image is too bright using the settings above, close down the aperture (i.e., to f/11) or reduce the ISO (i.e., to ISO 200)

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On the next screen, you will see a prompt confirming that you want to Clear all external flash settings. Select [OK]. *On the EOS 1300D/EOS M3: From the [Flash control] menu, go to [External flash func. setting]. Press the DISP button to select the [Clear Speedlite settings] function. Select [OK]. Reset the flash custom function. Consider a long lens such as a 300mm or 400mm if you can afford it. If not get a 70-200mm. Choose a lens with an f/stop of f/2.8 or f/4. Try and avoid f/5.6 like the plague. The bigger and heavier the lens, the better it usually is. Make sure the lens has a tripod mount built in

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  1. Getting Started With Your Canon EOS Rebel T7i. The latest model in Canon's entry-level Rebel DSLR series, the T7i, is a great entry-level camera with plenty of room for you to grow your skills.
  2. Advanced Photo Modes. Your Canon has three modes that let you decide how much control you have over your settings. Manual Mode : In this mode you have full control over the settings on your camera. Remember to use the camera's light meter to check that your exposure is balanced. Shutter Priority Mode (Tv) : Perfect for when shooting motion
  3. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. This is the camera I'm using for this article. Setting Up to Record, Quickly If you're moving the camera into the outside from an indoor location in a single take, they get around the limitations of no aperture control with modern lenses or clicky iris rings in older lenses, and can save your footage from completely.
  4. Spring is here and that means the start of the annual airshow season in the United States. While there may be any number of relatively smaller shows at various locations throughout the country featuring both military and civilian performers, the top-tier shows will include the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, U.S. Navy Blue Angels or Canadian Air Force Snowbirds flight demonstration teams
  5. It also requires good craft skills - a mastery of your camera and an understanding of photography's technical aspects. Luckily, all this stuff is learnable as none of it is terribly complicated. In that spirit, here are seven things you can do right away to start taking better photos with your EOS camera. 1. Use the Creative Zone
  6. If you used your camera for something other than real estate photography, reset everything so you are ready to go once you arrive at the property. Generally, these are the settings I use: Exterior. Image Quality (RAW) ISO 320. f/8.0. White Balance (Auto) Drive (2s Timer) Bracketing (3 frames, -1, 0, +1

Canon EOS 70D through an 80mm refractor telescope. Most point-and-shoot style digital cameras give you limited control over the camera settings, and do not perform well in low-light situations. As an example, my Canon SX series point and shoot camera offers an impressive 50X zoom feature, which can be useful for capturing the Moon 2. There are 3 things that control how much light enters your camera: Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO - to get a properly expose picture you need to balance those 3 with the amount of light you have. If you are shooting outside in direct sunlight start with Aperture:f/8, Shutter Speed 1/400 and ISO 100 (those are middles-ish-of-the-road values. Download Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT / EOS 350D DIGITAL Firmware Update for Windows to update the firmware on your Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT / EOS 350D DIGITAL to take advantage of the latest. 7 Tips for Taking Photographs in the Snow. Y ou're bundled up under appropriate layers, complete with warm, waterproof boots, fingerless mittens, and disposable hand warmers for added comfort. Spare batteries are tucked under layers, close to your body, to keep them warm in an attempt to prolong their life outside

Introduction to taking pictures with the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. In February 2011, Canon released a new version of its Ti-series cameras called T3i. In some parts of the world, this camera uses the model number Canon 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 in Japan). All these versions of the camera are identical.The Rebel series of cameras are Canon's entry-level SLR For better--or sometimes worse--the feature set of the Canon EOS Rebel XTi remains roughly the same as the XT's. The kit version comes with the f/3.5-to-f/5.6, 18mm-to-55mm EF-S lens (28.8mm-to.

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  1. Camera Settings. Turn off both Auto Focus and Image Stabilizer switches on the lens. Turn the camera switch to the movie mode (camera icon) Press the Menu button and adjust the following settings Canon Rebel T5i Video Settings Guide. Press the red video record button near the viewfinder to start video recording. Press once more to stop
  2. 7. Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6. The Canon EF-S 10-18mm is as compact as it is wide-angle. Referred to as ultra-wide, this lens will reveal plenty of what's in front of you.sigm. Combined with the compact body of the Canon T6 Rebel, this is a great street lens that'll take up very little space in your bag
  3. Canon EOS Rebel T7i (called Canon 800D outside the U.S.) is not easy to categorize - and the conclusion of this hands-on review might sound strange at a first sight: it is a great camera, yet it does not make much sense to buy it
  4. Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi (EOS 400D) The Canon EOS 400D (which will be called the Digital Rebel XTi in the US) is the successor to the current EOS 350D (Digital Rebel XT). The Canon EOS Rebel XTi is a 10MP DSLR with a 2.5 LCD screen and a price under $800, making it the lowest price 10MP DSLR available
  5. Digital SLR Camera: Canon EOS 400D / Rebel XTi DSLR Lens: Canon EF-S17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Exposure: 30 sec (30) Aperture: f/7.1 Focal Length: 17mm ISO Speed: 100 Exposure Program: Shutter priority Flash: Flash did not fire. Why this night shot worked. The ISO was kept to a high image quality 100, while the shutter speed set to a slow 30 seconds
  6. Canon DS126181. The Canon DS126181 is another name for the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi. Its updated version is perhaps one of the more popular cameras for the everyday user made by canon. It contains exceptional image quality, and effortless speed. Some of the highlights include an integrated cleaning system, live view function, powerful DIGIC.
  7. The letters AV (for Canon camera's) or A (for Nikon camera's) on your mode dial sets your digital SLR camera to aperture priority. Your camera then changes all other settings such as shutter speed automatically to suit. Once you have AV mode turned on, you can change the f-number by rotating the main dial above the shutter button

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Select Canon EOS Rebel and Samsung cameras (including the Canon EOS Rebel, Rebel XT, Rebel XTi, Rebel XSi, Rebel XT1i, Rebel T3i, Rebel T4i, Rebel 2000, Rebel G, Rebel T2, Rebel Ti, Rebel X, Rebel XS, Samsung GX-10 and GX-20 Digital Rebel T8i/850D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T7i/800D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T6s/760D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T6i/750D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T5i/700D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T4i/650D CheatSheet: Digital Rebel T2i/550D CheatSheet: EOS Digital Rebel Xsi 450D Digital SLR CheatSheet: EOS Digital Rebel XT 350D Digital SLR CheatShee Menu Settings For Canon. For Canon cameras, it's very similar. You make the changes in the Function then Auto Focus settings, and the rest is the same as when done with to a Nikon body. Remember, though, if you have multiple cameras, you are making the adjustment in the camera, not the lens, so you need to calibrate each lens on each camera Before now, technology used to appear complex and would require a great deal of expertise to handle solutions available. Today, we have technology applicable in the simplest human activities as smart products with intelligent algorithms powering them as they make error-free judgments and provide intelligent and analytic solutions

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How to shoot portraits with 18-55mm lenses. 01 Setting up. For our shoot we headed to the local park so that we'd have a backdrop that was colourful without being obtrusive, and which would look. The best suggestion would be to go through your camera's manual as it will have instructions specific to your model of camera. This feature is available to set up in most models of Canon cameras. The General Instructions To Set Up Back Button Focusing On A Canon Camera Are: 1. Change the AF mode to AI Servo

3. Adjust your camera and settings. Once your artwork is secured to the wall, double check that the camera is set to the lens lines up with the middle of the painting. You want to position your camera so that the frame is filled with most of the painting, with a bit of background that you can crop out later 1. Advanced Photo Modes. Your Canon has three modes that let you decide how much control you have over your settings. Manual Mode : In this mode you have full control over the settings on your camera. Remember to use the camera's light meter to check that your exposure is balanced. Shutter Priority Mode (Tv) : Perfect for when shooting motion You may have to choose a shutter speed of 1/60 or slower in order to capture a high-quality image. In these conditions, using a faster shutter speed simply wouldn't allow enough light to reach the camera sensor in order to produce a high-quality image. However, the more light you let in, the more motion you're introducing into the exposure The Best Canon Wildlife Lenses. Buy Rent 1. Canon EF 600mm f/4L IS III USM Lens. The Ultimate Canon Wildlife Lens. If I could have only one Canon lens to photograph wildlife with, this would be the lens. It's awesome, and especially awesome is the light weight of the IS version III lens, weighing about 1/2 as much as the IS version I lens

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Canon Digital Camera 0296B002. Canon EOS 5D Digital Camera Instruction Manual. Pages: 180 Canon 40D 20 August 2007, replaced by the 50D in August 2008. Canon 5D (replaced by the 5D Mk II in October 2008) 30D (replaced by 40D in August 2007) 1D Mark II N (Replaced by 1D Mk III in February 2007) 1Ds Mark II (replaced by 1Ds Mk III August 2007) DSLRs - No Longer Available top. Rebel XT (replaced by Rebel XTi in 2006) 20D (replaced by. Introduction: Announced on the 23rd of August 2006, the Canon EOS 400D is a 10.1 megapixel digital SLR camera with a 2.5 screen - it will accept any Canon EF/EF-S mount lens and is also named Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi in the United States. The Canon EOS 400D DA 18-55mm lens I tested it with is equivalent to 29-88mm on a 35mm camera 550D / Rebel T2i Canon Firmware Version: 1.0.9 Latest Build: 2018-07-03 500D / Rebel T1i Canon Firmware Version: 1.1.1 Latest Build: 2018-07-02 1100D / Rebel T3 Canon Firmware Version: 1.0.5 Latest Build: 2018-07-0

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The Canon EOS 350D (Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT in North America and the Canon EOS Kiss Digital N in Japan) is an 8.0-megapixel entry-level digital single-lens reflex camera manufactured by Canon.The model was initially announced in February 2005. Part of the EOS range, it is the successor to the EOS 300D and the predecessor to the EOS 400D (or Digital Rebel XTi), which was released in August 2006 With Adobe Camera Raw, you can enhance raw images from many different cameras and import the images into various Adobe applications.Supported applications include Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, After Effects, and Bridge. The table below lists all cameras that the Camera Raw plug-in (versions 1.0 through 13.3) supports Side-by-side camera comparison. The side by side comparison tool lets you easily view the specifications of two or more cameras. Choose the cameras from the list of the left then press compare. The results will be displayed in a new window, so please make sure that you temporarily disable any popup blockers that you may have

Taking pictures at night can be quite challenging for beginners. It requires you to manipulate ISO, aperture, and shutter speed among many other things. Follow these eight useful techniques to help you shoot in the dark. Once you learn the basics, you'll find out that night photography is really fun. Don't be afraid to experiment and you'll be rewarded with stunning images you'll be. The general process of shooting in manual mode might look something like this: Check the exposure of your shot with the light meter visible through your viewfinder. Pick an aperture. Adjust the shutter speed. Pick an ISO setting. If the light meter ticker is lined up with 0 you have a properly exposed picture. Take the Shot

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EOS 350D (Rebel XT/EOS Kiss Digital N) 3.0 EOS 400D (Rebel XTi/EOS Kiss Digital X) 3.0 Note: Live view for Canon 5D M2 works only with the Still Only mode. Live View support - Nikon cameras. The following Nikon camera models support Live View in Lightroom Classic: Nikon D850 Canon EOS 90D. The top APS-C option from Canon is the Canon EOS 90D introduced in 2019. It can capture up to 10 fps—an improvement of 3 fps over its predecessor—the EOS 80D—and comparable to the EOS 7D Mark II, which was our top APS-sensor Canon camera for wildlife before the introduction of the 90D Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6: unrivalled performance, endless creativity - Game On! Canon New Zealand today unveiled the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, two revolutionary full frame mirrorless camera additions to advance Canon's EOS R System built on the RF Mount. News

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sprite-minus. Slow 3fps burst rate. Canon has finally put a modern 24MP image sensor in its least expensive SLR. But the EOS Rebel T7 ($549.99 with 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II lens) doesn't offer any. Note that owners of Canon APS-C cameras, like any EOS Rebel, can use lenses designed for full-frame cameras. Owners of full-frame Canon DSLRs, like the EOS 5D IV, cannot use lenses designed for APS-C cameras. This guide does not cover lenses designed for Canon's RF-mount mirrorless cameras On most cameras, setting aperture priority is as simple as turning the PASM dial to the A setting (or Av on Canon cameras). Some cameras, like the Nikon D850, have a Mode button instead of a PASM dial, with the identical function. On a few cameras with retro designs - mainly Fuji and Leica - you get the same result by rotating. The Canon Rebel series is a good one for astrophotography. Although the included lens will deliver decent images, you'll want to spend extra to get a lens with a wide angle and a wide aperture Click on the Rebel XT for a QuickTime VR tour (Note: The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT and EOS 350D are the same) The 6-megapixel Canon EOS Digital Rebel came on the scene in late 2003 and instantly established a new category of affordable digital SLR cameras with a price of under $1000, including a zoom lens. It rapidly became the best-selling digital SLR of all time and as with all things.

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SUPPORTED CAMERAS / LENSES. DxO PureRAW and DxO PhotoLab process RAW-format images from more than 400 digital cameras calibrated in our laboratories. Check that DxO PureRAW or DxO PhotoLab supports your camera's RAW format. You can also check which lenses are supported for each camera by clicking on the Modules button EOS R5 (RF24-105mm f/4L IS USM) Make way for the new king. The EOS R5 is here with groundbreaking 8K resolution video recording, included for the first time ever in a Canon camera. With all-new Animal Detection AF and powerful In-Body Image Stabilization that goes up to 8 stops for edge-to-edge high quality images and video made possible by the. To enable raw capture on the Nova 5T, do the following: In the camera app, press the More tab and press Pro to enable Pro mode. In Pro mode, press the cog icon in the top right of the screen to go to your Settings menu. Here, press the Resolution option. In the Resolution menu you will see a Raw Capture option near the bottom

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Canon's EOS Rebel T7i DSLR offers an improved autofocus system in both standard and Live View modes, giving owners of older Rebels a compelling reason to upgrade The Canon Rebel SL3 also has significantly better battery life at 1,070 images per charge versus 600 from the T7i, and it's smaller and lighter, making it all the more portable Best Portrait and Travel Lenses for Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art ($949): With a large 1.4 aperture, the Sigma 50mm 1.4 prime lens is a pro level performer for shooting everything including portrait photography, landscape photography, studio photography and street photography.It is a full frame lens (50mm focal length) and it can be used on Canon APS-C cameras (80mm.

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Supported cameras. Canon Rebel XS, Canon Rebel XSi, Canon Rebel Kiss X2, Canon Kiss F, Canon Kiss X3, Canon Kiss X4, Canon Kiss X5, Canon Kiss X6i, Canon Kiss X7i, Canon Kiss X7, Canon Kiss F, Canon Kiss X50, Canon 8000D, Canon Kiss X8i, Canon Kiss X80, Canon Kiss X9i, Canon 9000D, Canon Kiss X9, Canon Kiss X90, Canon Kiss X10, Canon Kiss X10i, Canon Kiss M NEW: Laowa 65mm f/2.8 2× Ultra-Macro Review. For Sony, for Fuji and for Canon EOS-M APS-C mirrorless cameras.. Metal 52mm filter thread, 11.2 oz./318g, 0.54 feet or 6.5 or 0.165 meters close focus, 2× double life-size maximum macro reproduction ratio lets us fill the frame with something only ½″ or 12mm across!! A digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera uses a mirror placed behind the lens to show you the true image you'll see in the photo. This gives you a more accurate picture than a camera with a viewfinder. When choosing a digital SLR camera, consider whether you'll be shooting in automatic or manual mode. In auto mode, you don't need to adjust the.

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CANON EOS REBEL XT DIGITAL 35MM CAMERA AND ACCESSORY BUNDLE. This bundle includes the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, 18-55mm Canon lense, 50mm Canon lenses, 70mm Sears Model No. 202 lenses, 3 lenses hoods (various brands), 2 Canon battery packs, 1 Canon battery charger, 2 Pocket Wizard Plus II Transceivers, 2 Vivitar lense filters and camera bag Fast 3 frames-per-second shooting with a 14 frame burst & 0.2 second startup time The EOS Digital Rebel XT was designed from the ground up to be faster & more intuitive than the Digital Rebel. From the ultra-fast 0.2sec. startup time, shutter release lag of 100msec. & viewfinder blackout time of 175 msec., the Digital Rebel XT will never keep. Canon EOS 2000D (Rebel T7) DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens & Deluxe Accessory Bundle ¨C Includes: 2x SanDisk Ultra 32GB SDHC Memory Card, Extended Life Battery, Carrying Case & MOR