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ILLINOIS WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION SETTLEMENT CONTRACT LUMP SUM PETITION AND ORDER ATTENTION. Please type or print. Answer all questions. File four copies of this form. Attach a recent medical report. Workers' Compensation Act ___ Occupational Diseases Act ___ Fatal case? No. Lump Sum Settlements in Illinois Work Comp Cases Under Illinois' Worker's Compensation Act, workers have the right to accept a lump sum benefit or settlement for their injuries versus accepting ongoing payments To resolve this dispute regarding the benefits due the petitioner under the Illinois Workers' Compensation or Occupational Diseases Act, we offer the following statements. to promptly pay in a lump sum the total amount of . settlement stated above, and dismiss this case. IC5 page 2. Title: ILLINOIS WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION Author. Every year, Illinois workers' compensation claimants submit at least 40,000 settlement contracts to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission (IWCC) for agency arbitrators to review and approve What Is a Workers' Comp Settlement in Illinois? A settlement is an agreement between the injured worker and the insurance company to release some or all of the insurance company's responsibilities in exchange for a sum of money. In most cases, your settlement will be paid in a lump sum. However, you may get paid in installments over time, if

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Conversely, there is nothing in the law which prohibits designating part of a lump sum settlement as being for future medical benefits. Under Illinois WC law, an arbitrator (the individual approving any final settlement) has the option of designating a portion of the LS for future medical expenses Under Illinois workers' compensation, employees have the option of a cash settlement in lieu of weekly disability checks. The pros and cons of a lump-sum settlement must be carefully weighed because it closes your workers' comp claim. Experienced Legal Advocacy For An Important Decisio Lump sum settlements pay injured workers in a single payment. According to the Workers' Compensation Act, other rights may cease if a worker accepts a settlement

Illinois Workers' Compensation Settlements. February 17, 2020 McManus. How is the lump sum settlement that an injured worker receives at the conclusion of a workers' compensation case calculated in Illinois? Every workplace injury case is different. A lot of it depends on what your condition is at the conclusion of your medical care and. Since a lump-sum settlement to a workers' compensation claim is an agreement, all parties must be onboard for it to happen. This includes your employer, the insurance company, and the Rhode Island Workers' Compensation Court. To approve a settlement, the judge must determine that it is in the best interests of all parties Upon approval of the Lump Sum Settlement contract, your employer and/or their Workers' Compensation insurance company is no longer legally obligated to pay medical bills, Temporary Total Disability or any other type of benefit provided by the Act. HEARING - A trial is held before an arbitrator of the Illinois Industrial Commission In most cases the lump sum will happen at some point. I assure you that getting 75k now is way worse than collecting 50k over the next three years and then getting a big settlement of around 200k. . We are workers' compensation attorneys who help people with Illinois work injuries anywhere in IL via our statewide network of attorneys A wage differential is a substitute for the traditional settlement that happens in most Illinois workers' compensation cases. The insurance company isn't going to give you that in a lump sum because that's right now their worst case scenario over 15 years. Any settlement conversation would start with what 300k is worth in today's.

Understanding settlements for Illinois workers' compensation claims By Mike Helfand on February 6, 2015 Posted in Benefits Many workers' compensation claims settle in the end, and there are several things to know before you get to that point in your claim In Illinois, it is possible to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company to pay your PTD and other workers' compensation benefits as a lump-sum settlement rather than in weekly installments. This is the preferred resolution for many people with permanent disabilities, as it resolves the matter quicker than going to trial and it can.

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  1. Looking for Illinois Settlement Contract Lump Sum for Workers' Compensation forms and completing them can be a problem. In order to save time, costs and effort, use US Legal Forms and find the right sample specifically for your state in a few clicks. Our legal professionals draw up all documents, so you simply need to fill them out
  2. Illinois Workers Compensation Benefits May Be Immediate; Settlements Vary. Benefits are immediate as a way to provide medical care and a salary for an injured employee as temporary total disability, and workers are eligible for a lump sum for their injuries as permanent partial disability, depending on certain factors. They include
  3. The only way you would be able to prove your life expectancy would be to actually live it. The law allows a workers' compensation insurance company to pay your future benefits as they become due. That is, the insurance company does not have to pay you a single lump sum to resolve your case; it can elect to pay you on a weekly basis

Workers' Compensation Settlement Date: Mar 4, 2019. If you've been injured in an accident at work in Illinois, you may be aware that you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits.You may not be aware, though, that you are also eligible for a workers' compensation settlement.Deciding to opt for a settlement in your workers' compensation case involves a lot of different formulas. In Illinois, there are different ways to settle a workers' comp case, and many injured workers don't realize that they're eligible for settlement. A settlement is an agreement between the injured worker and the insurance company to release some or all of the insurance company's responsibilities in exchange for a sum of money. In most cases, your settlement will be paid in a lump sum Mayfield presents two questions: (1) is a lump-sum workers' compensation settlement net income within the meaning of Section 505(a)(3) of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act; and (2) if so, is the 20% rule-of-thumb set forth in Section 505(a) of the Act for calculating the per-child support obligation applicable to the. A workers compensation settlement is a way you can negotiate the immediate payment of injury benefits that may be owed to you in the future. Sometimes a lump sum payment is more beneficial and gives you more flexibility than receiving a small workers comp check over time. Or, if the insurer is denying your claim, you may reach a more favorable.

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Contact Information. Toll-free within Illinois only: 866-352-3033; Chicago: 312-814-6611; Springfield: 217-785-7087; Collinsville: 618-346-3484; Peoria: 309-671-301 A lump sum settlement is presumed not in the employee's best interest, and will not be approved absent a showing by a preponderance of evidence that the lump sum settlement is in the employee's best interests. Lump sum settlements are the exception - structured settlements are the preference. Can a workers' compensation liability carrier.

Lump Sum Workers' Compensation Settlement Exempt under 522(d)(11) Posted by NCBRC - February 11, 2015 Contrary to majority opinion, proceeds of a lump sum workers' compensation settlement were found to be exemptible under section 522(d)(11)(E), to the extent necessary for support of the debtor and his dependents The Commission concluded that [t]he Terms of Settlement and the Global Agreement, both of which are within the four corners of the Lump Sum Settlement and Order, and the actions of [the employer] and its workers' compensation carrier indicate that the workers' compensation claim was settled for $320,000.00 and not $1.00. ¶ 18. Settlement Contract Lump Sum Petition And Order. Download Free Print-Only PDF OR Purchase Interactive PDF Version of this Form. Settlement Contract Lump Sum Petition And Order Form. This is a Illinois form and can be use in Workers Comp A widow's challenge to a credit against future death benefits and the denial of her petition for lump sum payment were rejected by the Appellate Court in Salisbury v.Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission, 2017 IL App (3d) 160138WC Google Scholar | Illinois Courts PDF. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act provides for weekly benefits to a surviving spouse in the event of an.

John Popelka settled a Workers' Compensation claim on behalf of an Assistant Project Manager for $425,000 and established a $485,000 Medicare set-aside Trust. Our client had developed R.S.D. following a meniscal surgery to his knee. $335,000 lump sum settlement for a truck driver who was severely injured after being run over at a gas. Re: Lump Sum Settlement only serious cases that result in permanent impairment or loss of earning capacity are entitled to additional compensation. The amount can be negotiated and settled rather then have the comp court reach a decision Unless the employer/employee agreement specifies otherwise, a workers' compensation settlement approved by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission bars any future financial relief to the injured worker for the incident that caused the claim. Because of this, it is essential that you or your lawyer calculate your settlement accurately As part of the settlement, they will ask for some or all of the future wage losses in a lump sum benefit as well as an estimate of the value of their future medical care, rather than continue to receive their wages and medical care from the workers compensation carrier on a weekly basis Workers Compensation Settlements and Awards. $200,000 - January 2018 settled a leg injury requiring surgery for a lump sum of $200,000. $100,000 - December 2017 settled a leg injury that caused Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)/ Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) for a lump sum of $100,000

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act is written to protect all employees in the State who are injured or become disabled on the job. The Act provides benefits to the employee including: a lump sum settlement. Only Pay When You Win. All of our personal injury claims are handled on a contingent fee basis, meaning we are only paid from the. PPD benefits are typically paid out in a lump-sum settlement. A worker may be entitled to receive PPD benefits for the permanency of an injury even if that worker returns to his or her previous job. However, there are many cases in which a worker may be unable to return to his or her old job because of permanent medical restrictions, even after. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act has a special provision to deal with wage loss situations and Rubens Kress and Mulholland has successfully negotiated large lump sum settlements for truck drivers and other employees who cannot return to their former job. Often truck drivers only have experience in driving Workers' compensation settlements are far less common than weekly payments in Ohio. Of the more than $1 billion of compensation paid to injured Ohio workers in 2016, lump sum settlement payments amounted to about $21 million. In the right situation, however, settlements can be beneficial to both employers and injured workers.. The lump sum of money and injured worker gets in settlement if they get hurt on the job is called PPD. This stands for Permanent Partial Disability. It is basically a lump sum of money you get at the end of the case for any permanent problems you have as a result of the work-related injury

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Settlement: According to Illinois workers' compensation law, you may receive a lump-sum settlement for your injury. Keep in mind that this is just the Illinois law. Your state may have different stipulations, but the principle is always the same: injured workers deserve support and compensation for lost wages, medical treatment, and loss of. Illinois Workers Compensation Benefits. By doing this the worker can reduce the amount of offset. A worker may also want to allocate a certain amount of a lump sum settlement to future medical expenses to avoid an offset Illinois Workers' Compensation Comm'n, 391 Ill. App. 3d 202, 207-08 (2009). Thus, the Commission's approval of a settlement contract becomes a final award after 20 days if no petition for review is filed in the circuit court. Alvarado, 216 Ill. 2d at 558; Burzic, 391 Ill. App. 3d at 208. The claims were settled by lump-sum settlement. ILLINOIS WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION SETTLEMENT CONTRACT LUMP SUM PETITION AND ORDER ATTENTION. Please type or print. Answer all questions. File four copies of this form. Attach a recent medical

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  1. Lump Sum Workers' Compensation Settlements. Many worker's compensation claimants will settle their cases before a hearing or trial. In many cases, disabled workers give up any entitlement to monthly worker's compensation benefits in exchange for the employer paying an immediate lump sum payment. Social Security is wise to this fact and will.
  2. The amount of a workers' compensation award depends, in large part, on the salary of the injured worker and the extent of the injuries sustained. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act provides injured employees with the following worker's compensation benefits: Medical expenses, including doctor visits, follow-up visits, physical therapy, and prescription medications
  3. In a lump-sum settlement, you will receive the full amount of compensation at the time of the settlement. In structured settlements, you receive some of the money upfront and then receive the rest over time. It is important to have an experienced Illinois lump-sum settlement attorney walk you through the legal process. We take a detail-oriented.
  4. Typically, lawyers will deduct these costs before attorneys' fees are calculated. For example, suppose you settle your claim for $50,000, your lawyer has already paid $2,000 in costs, and the contingency fee is 20%; the attorney would receive $9,600 in fees (20% of $48,000) plus $2,000 for costs
  5. At times, a workers' compensation claim may settle for a lump sum amount rather than continue on with months or years of regular paychecks. For many cases, negotiations with the insurance company will arrive at a settlement value that is based on what you'd reasonably be able to recover for it in court

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In general, it is not a good idea to accept a lump sum settlement from an insurance company for a workers compensation claim if: An injured worker will likely be eligible to extended benefits (for example, if the worker will be entitled to permanent partial disability benefits after his temporary total disability benefits have expired) Slip and fall injury settlements. $560,000.00 plus reduction in workers' compensation lien for a truck driver who sustained a torn rotator cuff with surgery as a result of a fall in a rail yard. $310,000.00 for a shoulder tear with surgery that resulted from a slip and fall accident. $295,000.00 for a slip and fall victim with an operated back

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The Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission dealt specifically with Section 8 (d) (1)'s language concerning the average amount which a claimant is able to earn in some suitable employment or business after the accident.. Appellate court warns practitioners to comply with Supreme Court Rule 341 (h) (3) or have their brief stricken By. Workers' compensation payments from structured settlements guarantee a long-term source of tax-free income. About a third of workers' compensation cases result in structured settlements over a cash lump sum. Currently laws in 20 states restrict the sale of workers' compensation annuities

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  1. Lump Sum Settlement Discount Table 2019 (2.875%) [pdf, 1MB] Workers' Comp / Workers' Claims / Publications Order Form for Physicians Fee Schedule 2018 [ pdf , 156KB
  2. Workers Compensation Settlements in Illinois; There are several ways to settle a case regarding work-related health issues. The settlement aims is to reach an agreement between the worker and the employer. An injured side can receive the payment in a lump sum. However, it can be paid with installments when one of the two things happens
  3. A lump-sum settlement in Pennsylvania — called a Compromise and Release Agreement — must be approved by a Pennsylvania workers' compensation judge before your employer can pay it. In return for a lump-sum payout, you can waive rights to future wage loss or medical benefits for your work injury
  4. When a worker in the university system is injured on the job, he or she deserves all the compensation benefits laid out by the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. These benefits may include lost wages, medical expenses, lump-sum payments, disability payments, money for future medical expenses, and more
  5. In Illinois, workers' compensation is overseen by a statewide commission, the IWCC (Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission). They arbitrate the claims and appeals process and oversee settlements between employers and employees. Typically, benefits are paid weekly if you are unable to work due to your injuries

Workers do not have the right to sue their employer for negligence, but in exchange take part in a no-fault system where their 1) medical care, 2) a portion of their salary and 3) compensation in the form of a lump sum settlement are paid for by their employer, more specifically, their employer's workers' compensation carrier settled a state workers' compensation claim related to his pneumoconiosis against his former employer for a lump-sum payment of $35,000. The settlement agreement states that the lump-sum payment is not a substitute for periodic payments. But it goes on to state that $27,677.50 of that lump-sum payment (th Disfigurement Benefits for Illinois Workers Compensation Claims. Disfigurement and scarring benefits are generally allotted as lump sum payments, which are based on the area of the body on which the disfigurement or scarring is located. In general, disfigurement and scarring benefits are allotted as settlements awarded as lump-sum payments. Illinois Workers' Compensation Attorney. If you are injured in the course and scope of your employment, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits for your injuries. P.C., can help convert these weekly benefits into a lump sum settlement. This can help a permanently and totally disabled person to use a lump sum of cash to start. Chicago and Northbrook Illinois Workers' Compensation Benefit Attorneys Helping injured people for 43 years! Let our experience work for you. If you are permanently and totally disabled a lump sum settlement may be made on the basis of present value and life expectancy tables

Lump-Sum Benefits Chicago Lump-Sum Settlement Lawyers. The burden of proof in a Workers' Compensation case is on the employee. An injured worker must demonstrate that he or she has been injured on the job, needs medical care and in cases resulting in short-term or long-term disability, cannot return to work for some length of time If you're in the process of making an Illinois workers' compensation claim, you may have already received a settlement offer from your employer or your employer's insurer. Choosing to accept a settlement offer, and in particular a lump sum settlement, is a common method for resolution of a workers' compensation claim Understanding Workers' Compensation Post-Lump Sum Claims for Benefits. Section 9 of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act (the Act) provides that instead of weekly payments made by the insurer to the injured employee following a workplace injury, a lump sum settlement may be arranged A widow's challenge to a credit against future death benefits and the denial of her petition for lump sum payment were rejected by the Appellate Court in Salisbury v. Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission, 2017 IL App (3d) 160138WC Google Scholar | Illinois Courts PDF The Illinois

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  1. For Illinois Workers' Compensation claims, you will ALWAYS cheat yourself if your do not hire experienced counsel. PPD, or Permanent Partial Disability, which is the lump sum settlement to which you refer. This is paid at 60% of the AWW and is based upon the type of injury, extent of injury, limitations for work, treatment, impairment.
  2. On the other hand, the average lump-sum settlement per claim in Illinois was in the middle of the ranking of the non-wage-loss states. WCRI reported that benefit delivery expenses per claim in.
  3. Editor's comment: Issues you may face in managing an Illinois workers' compensation claim is what to do when you receive a notice of claim for a lien or order for withholding against pending workers' compensation benefits or lump sum settlements. In looking at our Workers' Compensation Act, Section 21 addresses the issue of lien, assignment
  4. In many cases, the insurance company will offer you a lump sum settlement in lieu of receiving continual monthly payments. While getting a significant amount of money up front may seem immediately preferable, you never want to accept a settlement without first having an experienced workers' compensation attorney review the settlement offer
  5. Going back to our plumbing supply driver example, assume that as part of the worker's compensation case, the injured driver received a total of $10,000 in TTD payments while he was off work, that the employer paid $15,000 in medical expenses, and the lump sum settlement for permanency was $18,000. This is a total of $43,000
  6. Your employer may offer you a lump-sum settlement in exchange for your agreement to not pursue any further reimbursement for medical costs or other workers' compensation benefits. Types of Settlement Arrangements. There are two primary types of settlement arrangements: lump-sum and structured settlements. In a lump-sum settlement, you will sign.

If you receive a lump-sum workers' compensation settlement, the amount of the Social Security benefits you and your family receive may be affected by an offset similar to the way that regular weekly workers' comp payments are. The Social Security Administration has several ways of converting a lump-sum workers' comp payment into a monthly. In Illinois, workers who have sustained a permanent injury as the result of an accident are entitled to accept a lump-sum settlement award rather than accepting a series of ongoing payments. It is very important to fully understand the pros and cons of a lump sum settlement before you make a decision The plaintiff attorney fee can be paid as a lump sum settlement or the attorney fees can also be set-up in a structured settlement providing the attorney with a guaranteed source of future income. Q. The closure of the claim through a structured settlement is the major benefit to the employer

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Structured Workers' Comp Settlement. A structured workers' compensation settlement works almost exactly the same as a lump sum settlement except that you are agreeing to receive a certain amount of money divided up into regularly scheduled payments. This type of settlement will close and finalize your case just as a lump sum settlement would Work Comp settlements are not taxable. As far as how they are calculated, it depends on the body part involved. The Workers' Compensation Act has a schedule for different body parts. For instance, an arm is worth 253 weeks of pay where as if it is determined that the employee has lost 50% of the use of an arm or has a 50% permanent partial. How Settlements Are Paid. Workers' compensation settlements are paid out in either of two ways: a lump sum or through structured payments. If the settlement is paid in a lump sum, you'll sign an agreement concluding the case, and your employer or their insurance company will send a one-time payment Settlement Contract Lump Sum Petition And Order {IC5} This is a Illinois form that can be used for Workers Comp. Last updated: 4/13/2015 . Included Formats to Download. MS Word. Fillable PDF. $ 11.99. Subscribe today and SAVE up to 80% on this form. Subscribe Now. Description. ILLINOIS WORKERS' COMPENSATION COMMISSION SETTLEMENT CONTRACT LUMP. Employers are required by Illinois law to pay for workers compensation benefits. They typically pay directly into the state fund, through private insurance, or by completely covering the costs themselves. In some states, employees and employers may share in the costs. However, in Illinois, no part of the workers' premium or benefit can be.

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  1. A message from Chairman Michael J. Brennan of the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission: No authorization has been given to anyone to process pro se lump sum settlement contracts based upon an affidavit [in lieu of petitioner's personal appearance].. Pro se litigants and attorneys may appear before emergency arbitrators for contract approval on the second day of an emergency call
  2. Illinois Workers' Compensation - Uninsured Employers. February 27, 2020 McManus. for your lost wages and medical bills paid by your employer's workers' compensation insurance company as well as a lump sum settlement or Arbitration award at the conclusion of the case. It is required under Illinois law that employers have workers.
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St Louis Personal Injury, DUI & Car Accident Lawyer Personal Injury Settlements: When to Choose a Lump Sum Payment. Brown Law Office has more than 45 Years of combined Legal experience in personal Injury Cases, DUI, auto accident and workers compensation cases The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act allows for compensation for your injuries in the form of a lump sum settlement or award from an arbitrator. The insurance company may tell you your claim is closed once you have returned to work. However, you may still be entitled to compensation (a settlement or award) for your injuries Luckily, workers' compensation can offset such injuries. Like other types of insurance settlements, injured workers generally have the option of receiving a lump sum payout or a structured settlement (typically weekly, monthly or yearly) in cases of serious injury. As we discuss below, each settlement type has its pros and cons

The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act provides immediate temporary total disability (TTD) payments that cover 100 percent of medical care and two-thirds of an employee's average weekly wage. he or she is usually referring to settlement of a lump-sum payment that is known as permanent partial disability. there is great variety in the way that lump-sum settlements are used in workers' compensation programs. It seems clear that this also reflects the great variety in use of compromise and release settlements. Second, a compromise and release will terminate the claim with little or no uncertainty about the ultimate cost $200,000+ award for a construction worker injured in a fall but denied Workers' Compensation. $200,000.00 lump sum settlement for a Local #1 ironworker with an unoperated back injury. $195,000 for a handicap-accessible home and van for a union ironworker who became paralyzed after a fall Sentry settled all three of Sheppard's workers' compensation claims. To settle Sheppard's claim for the October 17 accident, Sentry agreed to pay him a lump sum of $50,000. The settlement agreement was prepared by Sheppard's former attorney, Bradley Dworkin, and sent to a claims representative for Sentry, Kelly Kumm

Over a hundred years ago, the Illinois government provided a safety net for injured workers through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act (IWCA). Under the act, you can receive benefits for your time off, medical bills, and a lump sum settlement at the end of your case Illinois Workers' Compensation Law Overview. We are Illinois lawyers, who since 2001, have been offering legal guidance and attorney referrals. Call our office at 312-346-5320 or 800-517-1614 to speak with an attorney for FREE and get pointed in the right direction. Or you can fill out our contact form to tell us about your situation and we.

Illinois Workers' Comp Claims. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act is written to protect all employees in the State who are injured or become disabled on the job. The Act provides benefits to the employee including: - Payment from lost income when not able to work, - Payment of medical expenses, or - In some situations, a lump sum. The Illinois Workers Compensation Act provides a remedy for employees injured at work. For an injury to be covered by the Workers Compensation Act, the injury must have arisen out of and occurred in the course of one's employment. The Workers Occupational Disease Act is a related statute that addresses health issues from work related exposures Compensation Settlement. Hurt on job in state of Illinois. I am getting excellent care, had back surgery, removed disk and had to do fusion in of course back. Out of work 3 to 6 months according to doctor. I am getting paid 2/3 of salary This uncertainly leads to the possibility that workers who resolve claims via settlement sooner or later could have proportionally different lump sums awarded versus workers whose cases resolve after there is more clarity about how the Illinois Workers' Compensation Arbitrators (Judges) are deciding the value of the lump sum in COVID-19 cases.

A Workers' Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement (WCMSA) is an agreement between Medicare and the Medicare beneficiary to take a portion of a Workers' Compensation (WC) settlement and set those funds aside for all future work-injury-related medical expenses that are covered and would normally be paid by Medicare. The goal of creating a WCMSA is to set aside money from the settlement. Workers' compensation pay in Pennsylvania and related benefits are based on your income, time off work, and the injury you sustained. Beyond workers' compensation checks and medical benefits, some injured workers may also seek a lump sum settlement. Here is how workers' compensation is calculated: Total Disabilit The only way to guarantee that you will receive future medical treatment is to have a hearing before an arbitrator at the Illinois Workers' Compensation Commission. If you settle with your employer or ask for a lump sum, you close out your right for further paid medical treatment unless it states otherwise in the settlement contract. to The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act governs workers' compensation claims in the State of Illinois. Among other things, the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act requires employers to provide injured employees with benefits including: Also known as a lump sum settlement, this benefit is meant to compensate you for your injuries if you. The Illinois Workers' Compensation Act provides that every worker who sustains an on-the-job injury or develops Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or any other type of Repetitive Stress injury as a result of performing their job, is entitled to receive specified benefits.. The following are some of the most important benefits provided by the Act: 100% MEDICAL EXPENSES-You are entitled to 100% of all. A workers compensation settlement is an agreement between you and the insurance carrier (or your employer if it is self-insured) where you agree to end your claim and the insurance carrier agrees to pay you a lump sum of money