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It can be hard to say no to someone who asks to use your car. But before saying yes, decide whether you trust the borrower to drive safely, since a single accident could have a lasting impact on. Saying No for the Sake of Your Sanity. Request: A friend asks to borrow your car (because hers is in the shop to repair the dent she got while driving, talking on her cell phone, and unwrapping her kid's juice-box straw). What you should say: I don't lend anything worth more than $1,000 5. Neutral Newbie. June 29, 2007. Any Bro or Sis got any good ideas as to how to reject a friend or relative in borrowing your car? i know a few friends who friend everytime ask to borrow his car. ↡ Advertisement

Hypothetical situation: A dear friend or family member comes to you and asks you to co-sign for their loan. Let's say the reason they need the money is not a life-or-death type of situation. Perhaps they need something (a car, to get to a job) or want something (a kitchen renovation) - but we're not talking about a serious medical or other emergency issue Tell him:Sorry, I cannot lend you my car. If he has the cheekiness to demand you for a reason you DON'T have to answer that

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Question: Can I borrow your car? Answer: If I can be honest with you, I really don't feel comfortable letting other people drive my car. Sometimes, honesty really is the best policy! 7. Answer With a Question. When you need to say no, answering a question with a question can divert attention away from your answer For example, if your friend asks to borrow your car, and you're uncomfortable with the idea, you can either be direct and say no, or you can use any of the following, assertiveyet diplomatic.. Good question. I feel like I was almost arrested over reporting my car stolen. I was at work and forgot my name tag in my car. I went back to my car and retrieved my name tag. I can only assume I dropped my keys at this point. Because at break tim.. During that time, your friend or family member might change his or her mind, find another solution or borrow the money from someone else. Meanwhile, you will be able to firm up your resolve and steel yourself to say no. If you need support, ask your spouse or another trusted friend, relative or advisor to help you. MAKE A RULE AND STICK TO IT

This is the tack that I usually take; I've needed an extra hands too many set of times to just turn someone down. The guys that burn ME are the ones who have no problem asking you to help, but God forbid they offer up gas money, lunch, or anything of the sort after you've helped muscle a couch and fridge out of a basement, and then up a 90 deg. flight of stairs into a second story apartment How to say NO if you are asked to do something that goes against your values: The best option is to say NO quickly. Don't hesitate at all or the person making the request will think there is a chance you will change your mind. No thank you, I don't drink Make it your policy not to lend money to friends and family. Once you decide that you just won't do it, it is easier to say no. You don't even have to use it as an excuse to say no (and you probably shouldn't — just in case you change your mind later). In your mind, though, if you have already made it your policy, it's easier to say no How to say no to.....the not-quite-close-enough friend who asks to borrow your lipstick: 1. Celebrity makeup artist and sworn germaphobe Mally Roncal says: I learned my makeup-sharing lesson in high school, when my friend used someone else's mascara and ended up with pinkeye

Proper Car Borrowing Etiquette . Be it for one day or even just one hour, borrowing someone's car can be a stressful endeavor. If you're like me, you treat other people's cars like they're made out of porcelain, driving super slowly like your great-grandmother and just praying to get from Point A to Point B without damaging anything What would you do or say in order to ensure that your friendship remains intact? Read on to find out the 5 useful ways you can use to reject someone politely. Ask him for a loan. If your relative or friend constantly borrows from others, tell him that you are about to ask him for a loan as well. It lets him know that you have none to spare and. Next time someone asks to borrow your car, think hard before saying Yes. I hate to be all lawyer on you here but people lending their car to someone have been successfully sued for damages or gone. Have and communicate strong boundaries with those you give to. This means the first time someone asks to borrow something, or for a handout, a loan or whatever, that you clearly communicate your..

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  1. d when you're deciding whether to let someone borrow your car -- whether it's a friend, a family member, and both have a say in deciding how the vehicle is going to be used, such as deciding the route to.
  2. Say no. Another way to ask this question: Are you rescuing this person—and has that been a pattern of behavior, asks Ford. If this is a pattern, you have to ask if you're really helping them or if you're just enabling them to stay right where they are
  3. Identify if your friend's borrowing is a regular trend. Sometimes friends borrow things for a temporary fix, like if they need to borrow a phone or a car since they don't have access to one for a little while. Other times, your friend may seem to taking full advantage, when you said in the past, Feel free to borrow anytime
  4. Here are three ways to nicely say no without guilt. By: Maralee You start to say no, but yes slips out. Yes seems to be your preset button because with every no you feel guilty. Then you need to say no when asked to join the committee that meets every Thursday evening — especially since you're already gone As someone once said.
  5. 5. Tell your boyfriend the truth: you can't afford to lend him money. Here's what to say when a man asks if he can borrow money: I think the world of you and I'm happy in our relationship, but I just can't afford to lend you money. I don't want a loan to come between us, or have a negative effect on our relationship

This may be difficult, but not impossible. Rely on your general knowledge about where this person used to live, work, hang out, former friends in common, etc. Once located, have it towed somewhere where they can change the door locks and the ignition key. Bingo. The car is back in your possession and no longer accessible to your former friend It's probably happened before. Your phone buzzes, and it's a call or text from that one friend or family member looking to borrow money. Or maybe it's your child asking for help with a large purchase or your best friend from college is in a bind. No matter who's asking, it can create an awkward situation If you people had any psychology skills or knew about human nature and communication with people than your discretion would need to use your common sense dont always think bad use your instincts to feel out the person's intentions if you dont have time than let it be knowbyn most people can relate ,+ communication is the problem their is a good. If he's always asking to borrow your car and you don't see him until nighttime when he needs somewhere to sleep, he's definitely using you. He's not spending time with you. He's spending time with his friends or probably another woman. Unfortunately, your just a means for transportation, shelter, and gas money Hypothetical situation: A dear friend or family member comes to you and asks you to co-sign for their loan. Let's say the reason they need the money is not a life-or-death type of situation. Perhaps they need something (a car, to get to a job) or want something (a kitchen renovation) - but we're not talking about a serious medical or other emergency issue

Saying no for the sake of your sanity. 8. Request: A friend asks to borrow your car (because hers is in the shop to repair the dent she got while driving, talking on her cell phone, and unwrapping. Whether someone asks to use your vehicle for a camping trip or a quick jaunt to the grocery store, it can be tough to say no - but there are a few things to consider before saying yes. When you. Schreier suggests that to avoid getting frustrated down the road as you wait (and wait and wait) to be repaid, tell the person at the onset that you don't want the money back. Say, 'Here's $100 and I'm happy to help. I don't even want the money back. But that's all the money I can give you for this.'. If you definitely want. Need permission to say no just because you don't want to? Permission granted. 30. Air your discomfort. If a friend asks to borrow money, feel free to say something like 'I'm not comfortable with lending money to people, sorry.' 31. I wish I could. In some cases, you might have to be a little softer in your approach Being asked for money is simply an awkward situation; there's no way around it. Being forced to say no, however, can feel even worse. Nonetheless, save yourself and the important relationships in your life, by not being afraid to say no. Be polite and firm and don't allow yourself to feel guilty for having to let someone down

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  1. How to Say No (Without Being an Asshole) Adam Dachis. 1/12/12 3:00PM. 78. 3. We aim to please, and so saying no to a request can be a hard thing to do. We don't like to introduce negativity into.
  2. Someone with permissive use: If you loaned out your car to a friend or neighbor, your ERIE policy generally will cover them - as long as you gave your permission. If they are a regular and repeated user of the car, they should also have coverage. The only exception is if a driver has been specifically excluded on your policy
  3. We all dread that moment when someone asks for your number, and you don't want to give it to them. Not only is it awkward in general to turn someone down, but it unfortunately means it's time to.
  4. Your newly licensed teenager may phrase it as 'borrowing' the car, but if they're using it to go to sports practice or the mall every weekend (and live in your household), you should add them to your insurance policy as a regular user. If you're the one borrowing the car, ask: Do I have permission to borrow the car

The answer is No. Other ways you can say it: I don't have the money. I can't afford that. I'm sorry, but no. Don't say things like: I WISH I could but I can't, because you're just going to leave that door open for them to re-ask for money in the future. Don't give them false hope You do not know when your money will be returned and this uncertainty can stress you out. It can be difficult to get the money back from your friend or family member because you worry that you may offend them if you repeatedly ask or remind them about it. Plus, once you have lent money to someone close, he or she may borrow from you again I'm sorry I would let you but the last time my friends, cousins, ex-girlfriends, sister in laws, friend of a friends, uncles, step daughters, teachers, boss's husband, mistress's, daughters suggerdaddys, big homies, little homies, grandpas, sisters, nephews, next door neighbors, pen pal, told him a story about borrowing a phone from someone and let's just say I will never let anyone touch my. Just Say No to Adult Children Wanting Money. It seems like every family has one — the Child Who Never Grew Up. They mooch off their parents well into their adulthood.. They frequently need to borrow money, with no intention of paying it back When someone approaches you and asks to borrow something, you may feel uncomfortable. If you have an item the person wants, but you don't want to lend it, you can always say no. However, if you are okay with letting him or her use it, make sure you have an agreement

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General No: Just say no - because in general you don't do xyz - good for money requests. Delayed No : Buy time by saying you will get back to them later (maybe they will get the money some other way). Conditional No : Say no, unless these conditions are met. However, be prepared to cough up the dough if your sib does meet your conditions. If you don't ask, they can argue that they assumed it was until they were ready. Instead, sit down (or write an email, or make a phone call) and ask them how long. Also ask what they will need—food, to borrow your car, for you to take them out, etc.—and then tell them your deadline. No problem, Rachel I let someone borrow my car in exchange for them making the payments. Everything is still in my name, the registration, tag, insurance. When I asked for the car back (because they were running red lights and not paying tolls, violations which were counting on my license) they refused and said they would damage the car if they had to return it If your friend has kept the car well beyond the agreed upon loan period, it is now a stolen vehicle. I agree with my colleagues that you need to press the police to take a report of your stolen vehicle. Then present the stolen vehicle report to your insurance company and ask them to pay for your stolen car

As for the apartment, try, 'I negotiated.'. If someone keeps pressing for the exact amount, I think it is fine to politely say, 'I don't want to focus on the price of the apartment.'. Your friend should get the message loud and clear. And if they really want to know, they can always do some internet sleuthing Borrowing money off your friend is usually fine. Let's say the pair of you are going out for lunch and you realise you've left your purse at home. No bother, you can always pay them back later.

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If letting someone borrow your car puts you in a tough or uncomfortable position, don't hesitate to say no. It may seem like you're doing someone a favor at the time, but a crash could easily sever a friendship and set both of you back financially Never ask to borrow money from a friend or family member. If you do, you're likely asking for trouble. When it comes to money there are a couple rules I encourage people to follow. The first rule is: Never tell anybody how much you truly make. You can share a portion of what you make, but not the entire number. Be particularly careful if your income is more than 50% higher than the median or. Sometimes You Just Have to Say No There are scenarios where the problem between you and your friend is simply a matter of miscommunication. Sometimes friends don't intentionally use you; they just get used to hearing you say yes all the time, so they ask for things and might not be mindful about it Don't go asking for a flat screen TV because you loaned them $20. But if you know of something, and you think they'd be more than willing to part with it, give it a try. Maybe they have two of. - Your policy covers the person who was driving your car. - The driver was a relative who lives with you. - The driver was a relative from out of town. - Someone borrowed your car without your knowledge. - Your car was taken by a thief in the night. - Your policy specifically excludes that driver from coverage

What do you guys say when someone asks to borrow your pen. So I had an encounter recently that left me a bit annoyed. I was at a meeting and getting some contact information from another attendee. He motioned for my note book and put his hand out for my pen (he is from Africa so he probably thought it was easier to write his name himself). I. And borrowing money can also be useful for spreading the cost of unexpected charges over time. Say you need a new car for your work, but you haven't saved up enough to buy one outright. So you buy an affordable car using a loan, which you repay over a set period of time. You have to pay interest, so the car does cost more If you ever heard them talk about me, you'd think I was a terrorist. It's easier said than done to say no to someone in your face begging like a spoiled pet, but the thing is, the ones begging will come back to you and beg for more without making any real attempts to not rely on you

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Your suggestion is probably best, but my DH has a method where he will only give (yes, give) 10%-20% of the amount asked for, and it is a gift, no expectation of repayment. This offer is a one time only thing per person, but he has done it about a dozen times Say No to Co-Signing Helping someone get a loan can affect your credit score and your ability to borrow money. by: it's usually a good idea to say no if asked to be a co-signer. And even if. If you tell someone your bank account number they can take money out of your account. A scammer might trick you into helping him transfer stolen money. He could ask you to accept a check in your account, and transfer money. If you get involved in a scheme, you could lose money or personal information and get in legal trouble

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Get out your own writing implement or ask to borrow theirs and point out the numbers you want to discuss. counter the too low: Stay Firm. If the salesperson cries foul and says you're asking for too low a price, tell the salesperson you know that what the dealership paid for the car is lower than your asking price Then one day, your friend is late on rent and asks to borrow $500 from you. He promises to pay you back when he gets his next paycheck, but you're not so sure. You're worried that loaning out money could put a strain on your relationship — but you really want to help your friend in his time of need

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This isn't to say that you should take out a loan with 17% APR if your parents are willing to lend to you at a much lower rate. But you do want to be sure you're financially prepared to meet your obligations, no matter where you borrow from. Be sure they can actually afford the loan Notice that the prepositions that often follow the verbs are different.We borrow from someone, but we lend to someone.. Let's say you and I go shopping, Tina. I need to sign my name on a receipt. Exercise your right to say no to a customer when these situations take place: Your customer asks for a discount that does not exist. Your customer asks if you can get them a better discount. Your customer asks for free merchandise. Your customer asks to use a coupon that is inactive or expired. Your customer asks to use a coupon that is.


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How to say no when your employee asks for more pay. Topics: Comp Communication, Comp Strategy, Retention. Jessica Miller-Merrell, blogging4jobs In a perfect world, every time you wanted to. Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX should consider contacting the police to report the vehicle stolen with the objective of the police paying him a visit to compel the return of the car, or in the alternative have the vehicle towed to a place of your choosing. As the registered owner of the vehicle you are free to have it towed as you see fit How to ask your boyfriend for money politely. So if I understand you correctly, you are looking for the best way to ask your boyfriend for money politely; i.e., without sounding demanding, right? I know what you are trying to do right there. The truth is that most guys derive joy seeing their girlfriends ask them for money Here's how you can effectively say no: 1. Say it. Don't beat around the bush or offer weak excuses or hem and haw. This only provides an opening for the other person. Don't delay or stall either.

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If it's an occasional use, say I borrow your car to go pick up milk, and as long as permission has been verbally granted, you'll typically be covered. But, borrowing a car under other circumstances may not be as clear-cut. It depends on your insurer and your particular policy When you ask if someone minds that you do something, you show a little more determination to do it. you are not asking for their permission the way Would I be able to does; instead, you generally have made up your mind and just want to make sure you will not bother the other person If your policy provides limited or no coverage for permissive use of your car, then you might want to think twice before letting anyone borrow your car. It is possible that, if your friend borrows your car and gets into an accident, your friend's own car insurance policy might cover any damages, but that is no guarantee either When your grandkids reach driving age, they may ask to borrow your car. With this kind of help, though, you may need to think twice before you say yes. Your first instinct may be to hand them the keys and tell them to be safe Here is a simple 3-step guide to deal with situations where friends (or people in general) ask to borrow money from you. A. To Loan or Not To Loan? If you have a friend asking to borrow money, whether you want to lend him/her the money depends on four factors: Your relationship with the person: How important is this person to you? Are you guys.

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Sometimes you'll hear you're welcome used when no one said thank you.. This is a way to remind someone that they need to thank you or make fun of them for forgetting. But be careful—this should only be used as a joke between friends. Otherwise, it's very rude. John: Hey, can I borrow your pen? Here are 5 excuses to borrow money from family. 08 School. Your family members are probably already encouraging you to attend and excel in school. But we all know that attending school, especially college, is not a cheap endeavor. Working while attending classes can be difficult and, in many cases, impossible If Someone Borrows Your Car and Causes an Accident. It's perfectly legal to loan your car to someone, and as long as you've given that person permission to drive your vehicle, your car insurance should cover them if they cause an accident (assuming they're not specifically excluded from your policy).. If the car-borrower has his or her own car insurance coverage, there can be gray areas in. Don't assume you can borrow my car. This is a huge ask with a lot of consequences. A car becomes almost a physical extension of us; someone else driving makes me uncomfortable. Better to wait for me to offer this option if I can't give you a ride. Don't assume I'll be the designated driver When the citizen answers no, the police officer asks (in the strongest language he can without demanding) to check that for himself. Then you wouldn't mind if I took a look in your trunk. or Why don't you step out of your car. Most people acquiesce to the 'requests' because they don't realize they have the right to say no

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Therefore, the borrower's failure to obtain your permission to use the car is equivalent to his having expressly asked to borrow it and received a clear no in response. In the same way, the government could argue, the failure to give consent for a search is legally indistinguishable from an affirmative response of no to a request for consent By allowing another driver to operate your vehicle, you are taking responsibility for the driver. Most insurance companies will surcharge a vehicle owner's policy with an at-fault accident. 3 Insurance companies base your insurance rates on the likelihood of a future claim. Even though your vehicle was loaned out at the time of the at-fault. Non-owner car insurance typically costs less than what you'd pay for the same level of liability coverage on a car you own. However, this may vary depending on your driving history, where you live, coverage limits, and other factors. Also, keep in mind that any infractions on your record may impact the cost No questions asked. No doubt about it. You can't allow them to push boundaries with manipulation, seduction, or control. Always go the extra mile: Going the extra mile is a wonderful thing to do. A demand letter is a letter that summarizes your claim and the relief you are seeking. If the person still refuses to return the property, then consider filing a civil suit. Remember, breaking into the person's home to take back your property is never a solution. It may result in trespass charges

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Here's how a typical car title loan works: You want to borrow $1,000 for 30 days. The finance fee is 25%. That means that you have to pay $250 to borrow $1,000. You give the lender the title to your car, and the lender gives you $1,000 in cash Does car insurance cover accidents when you lend your car? Insurance covers when a car is lent because car insurance follows the vehicle, not the driver. Your car insurance will cover the damage to your vehicle, even when letting someone borrow your car. Learn more about permissive drivers and auto insurance here Pro Tip: If you have any hint that you may lose your job, or that any sort of personal financial downswing is on the horizon, don't lend money to family members or friends. Tell them honestly that you have a tenuous financial situation, and can't spare the money. 10. You Could Lose Your Money and Relationship Confirm Your Insurance Before Letting Someone Drive Your Car. Remember, all of this being said, different insurance companies may have different limitations, so it's best to check-in with your insurance agent before letting someone else drive your car. That way you know what you may be facing if they were to get into an accident

How to Say No to Your Boss. Thoroughly explain your reasons for turning down an assignment and don't wait too long to do it. Give your boss the opportunity to assign the project to someone else. Make it crystal clear that you have given it serious consideration. If you are qualified to work on a project but have too much else to do, your boss. Though it may seem impossible to get a loan with bad credit, the good news is—it's not. While having a good score may help you get approved for an auto loan with favorable terms, there are still options available for people with poor credit.. There's no minimum credit score required to get an auto loan, which means people with poor credit may just need to find the right lender or loan in. Don't ask to borrow money. Most of us have forgotten to bring cash or our wallet to work once or twice. Randall says that in this rare occasion, it might be OK to ask your understanding coworker. 26+. Does your current policy cover you in a rental vehicle? If you borrow a friend's car? If someone steals your car? If you run into a pothole? If your windshield cracks? Etc. Ask questions about real-world scenarios they probably won't know the answer to in order to show your value as an expert

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