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The action of the Wonderpole is very limber so I rigged it with six-pound test line. If you catch a fish of three pounds I'd advise playing it into shore and not lifting it out with the pole, it's a panfish rig and parts of it are comparable to an ultralight The WonderPole is a success!!! Talk about fine tuniing presentation and being able to drop it in tight, tight spots. It was a little wierd trying to haul in a crappie that's on 6' of line at the end of a 20' pole, but I figured it out

T. Edward Nickens on the best way to rig a cane pole How to put elastic through top kit on a fishing pole -This video is aimed at the novice angler and explains how to pole fish on a lake LIne to Use with a 10' Telescoping Shakespeare wonderpole And when you thread the slip float rig down thru the branches you need to be able to keep the line fairly tight (between rod tip & float), to keep the line from getting tangled in them I'd then wrap the fishing line down the length of the pole and hook the fishing hook into a keeper (piece of bent wire taped to the pole) to keep the line tight while transporting. If you ever hung up and broke off some line you could use what was wrapped around the pole without having to re-line the entire pole during your fishing trip Video of me catching fish with it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kpaTj57xjz0&list=PL2eL9173a4VBtZnDbFCR7J3IB_VfqO-jf&index=8Collapsible 4 section rodA..

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New Shakespeare Wonderpole 20 footer. I just received my new MTR 4B v2 rig in the mail on Friday and quickly got it on the air. I had to try it out and the unit seemed to perform as advertised. The receive audio could be louder as weak stations are barely audible Just tie a knot in the shock cord near one end and pass the cord through the center insulator from the bottom. Then put the upper end of the shock cord through the eyelet on the fishing pole with the cord lock above it to keep the cord from pulling through. It is simple to make and to attach both of which I like

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Who doesn't enjoy the simplicity and the fun that is to be had with a cane pole? Whether you are catching bait, dinner, or just trying to have a good ole fis.. Product Description. 8950-1365051. Pick off the panfish with Shakespeare's Wonderpole. These telescopic poles are perfect for reaching out to snag those big bream and crappie! Available in multi-piece telescopic poles. Perfect actions for bream and crappie. Includes spare rubber cap on poles Shakespeare Wonderpole Jigging Rod Best Spider Rigging Crappie Rods If it comes to crappie fishing lots of your success is dependent upon your equipment and techniques. If you are outside to fish for lavish and pleasure then a one-rod jigging method from the brush might be most suitable for you

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  1. 20' Camera Pole. Made In The USA! This opens in a new window. Our telescoping fiberglass Camera Poles come with our universal camera mount and deluxe heavy duty nylon carry bag. Just attach the mount to your camera or accessory, slip over and onto the Camera Pole, it's that easy . Fast, secure, and now your ready for elevated photography
  2. Shakespeare offers their Wonderpole, a nice multi-piece, graphite composite telescopic outfit in sizes from 10 to 20 feet long, costing about a dollar a foot. Department stores sell one-piece.
  3. 2: Shakespeare Wonderpole 12ft Telescopic Pole. Pole fishing is a popular method of catching fish whether you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater. Boasting an extra durable fiberglass construction, Shakespeare Wonderpole 8ft Spinning Rod is the perfect piece of fishing rod for all
  4. This Shakespeare fishing rod is designed to help you land bream and crappie. Shakespeare Wonderpole Fishing Rod: Available in multi-piece telescopic poles Ideal actions for bream and crappie Shakespeare rod includes spare rubber cap on poles Comes in your choice of 10' light (3-pieces), 12' light (4-pieces) or 13' light (4-pieces) Warranty Info.
  5. 20' Shakespeare Wonderpole (Walmart online @$25) + 16.75' wire + 4x 17' wires + Dacron line to tie off the radials. Easy peasy and cheap! Add a couple of Stauff clamps bolted to a 2x4 atop the tower for sturdiness (maybe additional $25-$35 at the most unless you could get by with a couple/three hose clamps to the tower)
  6. Shakespeare WonderPole Telescoping Crappie Rods Available in multi-piece telescopic poles. Perfect actions for bream and crappie. New EVA handle on 9' pole. Textured grip on others. Line keeper, and fluorescent colored tip. Includes spare rubber cap on poles
  7. Alertnate products for fishing-telescopic-rods including SHAKESPEARE WONDERPOLE-TELESCOPIC-RODS click here for similar choices. Visit The Fishin' Hole today or give us a call

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  1. Pick off the panfish with Shakespeare®'s Wonderpole®. These telescopic poles are perfect for reaching out to snag those big bream and crappie! TECHNIQUE ROD LENGTH ROD POWER NUMBER..
  2. 20 foot Shakespeare Wonderpole from Amazon, a 100 foot role of speaker wire from Home Depot (it's zip cord so you actually end up with 200 feet), a bnc to binding posts adapter, and a 25 foot piece of the coax of your choice bnc connectors and you're cooking with gas
  3. al Tackle Venom Lures Jig Heads, Rattles, & Hooks Water Gremlin Fishing Sinkers XCalibur Ter

Shakespeare Wonderpole Rod~4 Lengths~Telescopic cane pole~FREE Shipping. 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings B'n'M Black Widow Ready Rig Telescopic Poles CHOOSE SIZE. $18.39 to $27.99. Free shipping. B&M BW6 Black Widow Pole Crappie 20' 6-Section FW Telescopic Fishing Rod All my other fly rigs are a hodge podge of new and used gear - Bass Pro 5w, a South Bend 6w that I uplined to 8w, and a couple other off brands. These are my trash rods. What am I getting at? I have maybe $1200 tied up in 7 fly rigs from 2-10w. The shops want you to spend that on one rig

1919 East Calumet St Appleton, WI 54915; 920-750-6140; Sign in Register. Compare ; Gift Certificates; Car Get Free Shipping On $49+. Free Ship To Store On All Orders.. Shop Fishing Gear and Supplies all the Top Brands at Low Price 2018-05-23 So, this afternoon I took my FT-817, MFJ Model MFJ-204B Antenna Bridge, Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole and trapped antenna out to the back yard and set it up. The mast is 16' 6' tall. An initial check once all was setup showed the resonant frequencies were 13.85mhz and 6.78mhz Shakespeare WONDERPOLE 12 Telescopic Rods These perfectly carfted Shakespeare Wonderpol are perfect for enjoying the pole fishing. It comes with textured grip, line keeper, high strength tubular fiberglass blanks with rubber cap and fluorescent-colore

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Shakespeare Big Water Ugly Stik Downrigger Rod. or the challenge of big water fishing, fishermen the world over choose Ugly Stik Bigwater rods to haul in their trophy fish. Dependability and toughness best describe the Ugly Stik Bigwater Series. • Durable Ugly Tuff™ EVA grips, graphite Fuji® reel seats with corrosion resistant. I used a 20ft shakespeare wonderpole fishing rod to support the apex of an inverted vee dipole although since I forgot to bring the laneway markers I use to support the ends, I ended up using a couple of trees so the angle of my dipole elements was about 80 degrees, not the ideal 180 degrees. Rig a TenTec Scout at 5 watts. Straight key a. Total price: $65.55. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Show details. Buy the selected items together. This item: B&M BW5 Black Widow $25.39. In Stock. Ships from and sold by Tackle Shack Outdoors. B&M BW4 Black Widow Telescopic Rod, 13-Feet, 4 Pc (Telescopic) $24.08 But before giving up I did jury-rig it together and made it work, making one contact on 40m using my qrp rig. It feels a bit more robust now! I used my 20' Shakespeare Wonderpole to suspend it. It had excellent SWR on 20, 30 and 40 meters and I made four contacts on 40 meters, and two each on 30 and 20 meters. One of the 20 meter ones was.

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4. Small Mobile HF rig 5. Magnetic loop Antenna or as a backup a resonant wire antenna. For this I like the OCF as its useful on multiple bands, and less wires then a fan dipole, and no traps. Draw back are finding trees. Alternative to no trees is some kind of adjustable Vertical antenna, but I'm not a fan of base loaded antennas Made of three or four telescoping segments, these 9- to 11-foot-long bream poles, like the Shakespeare Wonderpole, the B'n'M Black Jewel Original BreamBuster or Lew's Bream Stick. Shakespeare. There's no fish like your first fish. And nobody knows that better than Shakespeare. For over 100 years, Shakespeare has been one of the most recognizable brands in fishing. As more and more newcomers discover the joy of fishing, Shakespeare will be there, providing the gear and inspiration to make sure that the next bite will. 20′ wonderpole. Posted on September 21, 2012. by sturgeonrod. Reply. These rods are awesome. Telescopic 20′ rods 4-10# line, A great primitive fun way to catch all kinds of fish. Constructed for Bream and Crappie fishing. Some flat head catfish caught near Pitt Meadows The B'n'M Black Widow Ready Rig rod is 100% fiberglass. It's very affordable. Glossy black with red accent stripes. Features fiberglass reinforced joints, metal eye tip, line keeper, and 25 foot of ten pound test line. Includes BB shot sinker, hook, and cigar float

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Antenna Option #3 - Using the vehicle to your advantage. I have one half of a linked dipole cut for 40/80 that screws into the 3/8-24 antenna mount. The truck acts as the counterpoise. I use this with a 20' Shakespeare Wonderpole to support the far end. Imparts more of a NVIS effect and dead easy to deploy and build With a bank rig, you're fishing close to shore. When you catch a fish, you don't reel. If you need to play the fish before landing it, you use the flexibility of the pole to add that shock-absorbing resistance. Works well for small fish, but unless you have a stout rig you won't land any big ones this way The B'n'M Black Widow® Crappie Rod is a telescoping rod that extends up to 10' to 20' depending on model. Its 100% fiberglass construction and fiberglass-reinforced joints provide extra durability and increased sensitivity—an excellent rod for jigging live bait. Rods are equipped with a metal eye tip and line-keeper clips Finding the best mast rod suitable for your needs isnt easy. With hundreds of choices can distract you. Knowing whats bad and whats good can be something of

Buy Freshwater Bream Feeder Fishing Rods & Poles and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item In a nutshell: Length: 40mtr, 63ft of #16 vinyl insulated wire. 20mtr, 33ft. of vinyl insulated wire. Feedline, 25ft of RG174.Tie off line for the elements, 1/8 inch shock cord with cord locks.Mast, about 17 feet, the Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole minus the top 3-1/2 ft section Shakespeare Ugly Stik Catfish Rods Shakespeare has created species specific Ugly Stik rods for catfish. These rods feature actions and components that are perfect for this type of fishing. All Ugly Stik rods feature the Ugly Stik quick-taper Clear Tip® design, as well as the blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity Shakespeare Wonderpole Fishing Rod. Pick off the Panfish with Shakespeare's Wonderpole.These telescopic poles are perfect for reaching out to snag those big bream and crappie. mor 4 Rod Holder Crappie Spider Rig T-bar And Base Only. Free Shipping! Rod Rests & Holders » Product details. $29.99. $29.99 Shakespeare Wonderpole Rod~4 Lengths~telescopic Cane Pole~free Shipping. Rods & Poles » Product details. $27.99. Shakespeare Crappie Spinning Reel And Fishing Rod Combo Sports Outdoor 66 2pc

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Trusted by 12 million anglers 350+ brands 80.000 products Free shipping over $50. Pro members enjoy free shipping over $10. Shipping to all U.S. states Houston tossed his bait right in the same place and he also had a nice fight on his hands. He was using a 12 foot telescopic Shakespeare Wonderpole fiberglass pole and as the fish stretched the line, you could hear the wind whistle around it like a guitar sting that is so tight it is ready to pop Shakespeare WonderodGlastik Bait Casting Rod#1190 5'2 This is a one piece with detachable handle ShakespeareGlastik Wonderod. Model#1190 rod is 5'2 in length. Shakespeare only used theGlastik logo on their very early models around 1947-1948. Originally listed for $30.00

St Croix Legend Tournament Bass St Croix Legend Tournament Casting Rod Spinnerbait Rod Croix Legend Tournament Bass Shimano Cumara Swimbait Rod Musky Casting Rod Jig Casting Rod Crankbait Casting Rod Powell Max Loomis Crankbait Med-Heavy Fast Action Loomis Cbr Heavy Fast Action Casting Rod Carrot Stix Wild Croix Avid Casting Casting Rod 7'0 Im6 Casting Rod Gl3 Casting Gl2 Casting Flipping. 2020-05-11 After tweaking my KW4JM multi-band vertical over the last few days, it struck me that it is conceptually the same antenna as this QRPGuys 3-band vertical. I guess all verticals are the same, actually! Anyway, I decided to use my inductance checker and try to redo the coils on the QRPGuys to match the inductance of the coils on the KW4JM, 5.75uh for 30 meters and 11.7uh for 40 meters Shakespeare Wonderpole Colapsable Telescoping Rod 10 Foot 3 Sections. $10.09 New. 3 South Bend Tsr-6 Trout Salmon Egg Rig Size 6. $4.02 New. Go to next slide - Best Selling. 15 items found from eBay international sellers. 1.8m Telescopic Travel Fishing Rod And Reel Set. Carp Freshwater Fishing Tackle

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At the eastern end of Lake Quachita you find the biggest expanses of water, the largest group of islands, and the best sailing. The terrain surrounding the lake is low, so wind rolls in steady and straight. Because the lake is so big, that wind has time to make rollers, not just choppy whitecaps. Canoeists can get trapped on the island camps in. Shakespeare Wonderpole Pole 16' Telescopic Textured Non-Slip Grip - Line Keeper - Oversize1: ZCRFS502ULA: Zebco CRAPPIE FIGHTER ROD SPIN 5ft 2pc UL: ZCRFS702LA: Zebco CRAPPIE FIGHTER ROD SPIN 7ft 2pc LIGHT: Showing 151 - 175 of 175 Result Braking System. Centrifugal Braking is a physical, friction-based braking system. The faster the spool spins, the more braking pressure is applied. Magnetic Braking is an externally adjustable braking system. This system applies a constant force throughout the cast, determined by the magnets' proximity to the spool. Home / Seatbox Side Tray Sabiki Rigs; Fishing Tools. Fishing Plier; Splitring Plier; Braided Line Scissors; Carp Fishing Tools; Tents; Moistureproof mattress; AlpenStock; Account. Shakespeare. Shakespeare WONDERPOLE 12 Telescopic Rods ₹790.00. Add to Cart. Shakespeare Beta 7ft Telescopic Rod ₹790.00. Add to Cart. Shakespeare CYPRY Tele Carp 13ft Telescopic Rod. Shakespeare wonderpole SATELLITE ANTENNA AMSAT ANTENNA TV SATELLITE DISH 3D ROTATORS ELK SATELLITE HINTS AND KINKS EGG BEATER ANTENNA UNIQUE AND FUNNY ANTENNAS I have taken my rig to China, Philippines, Bonaire, Mexico, and the open sea by ship and on the Maritime Net 14.300 MHz @ Noon. * Karen and I spent a day on Bonaire and PJ4VHF in the.

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Being absorbed in the 20′ wonderpole and the total success it has been, i had to further my search for the ultimate fishing pole. Well I think I have found it. It's a little pricey but how much would you really expect to spend on a 14 piece telescopic 60′ ( yes I know It's ridiculous) 4lbs pole that can bring in a 20+ pound salmon. The opening in the rod is 7/16 and will accomodate the larger hooks found on some rigs. The rod allows the entire sabiki rig with all the hooks, to wind up and store inside the rod. NO MORE SABIKI HOOKS IN YOUR CLOTHES OR YOU! Best Price Shakespeare Six-Piece Wonderpole Rod, 20-Feet Overviews Wonderpole Six-piece 20'0 rod. Shakespeare Six.

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  1. RALEIGH, N.C. (Feb. 3, 2009) - A 16-foot Shakespeare Wonderpole, a tube jig and an I-phone helped Kelly Williams land the latest North Carolina Freshwater Fishing State Record. The Virginia Beach angler reeled in a 25-pound longnose gar, measuring 53 _ inches in length and 18 _ inches in girth, from the Intracoastal Waterway near Coinjock on.
  2. This provides a clean way routing the ground plane wires away from the rig and then the wires splay out on the ground. to come up with a shortened wire antenna that could be supported by a 20 ft Crappie pole such as the Black Widow or Shakespeare Wonderpole that would work on 40m through 20m with the internal tuner in the KX1
  3. Shakespeare One-Piece Medium Heavy Action Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Casting Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch) Shakespeare BWCL220066 is a friend of my friend. I want them to be of good quality, but I really would recommend it to you. Although Shakespeare One-Piece Medium Heavy Action Ugly Stik Tiger Lite Casting Rod (6-Feet 6-Inch) Shakespeare BWCL220066 may be a.
  4. Shakespeare One-Piece Ultra Light Action Ugly Stik Spinning Rod (4-Feet 8-Inch) is the most wanted product that a lot of people searched in internet in this month. We know that Shakespeare One-Piece Ultra Light Action Ugly Stik Spinning Rod (4-Feet 8-Inch) is the best product ever made. If you're interested to Shakespeare One-Piece Ultra Ligh
  5. Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Action Ugly Stik Tiger Spinning Rod, 7-Feet Shakespeare BWS2201270 is a friend of my friend. I want them to be of good quality, but I really would recommend it to you. Although Shakespeare Two-Piece Medium Action Ugly Stik Tiger Spinning Rod, 7-Feet Shakespeare BWS2201270 may be a product with the brand
  6. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Original Shakespeare wonderpole. TP1050-520 5 Sections 17ft 1/2 foot immaculate at the best online prices at eBay! Free delivery for many products

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Shakespeare Alpha Big Water Spinning Combo 10' Saltwater Fishing Rod and Reel This is a preowned. Shakespeare Alpha Big Water 10' Spinning Combo(Inventory# 9406864190 LM) This combo is in good cosmetic condi tion and good working condition. As well. If you are looking for a great deal on a saltwater spinning combo. Your search is now over The Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo is the next generation of rods which combines, are known for, this and a seven-year warranty makes the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Combo an outstanding, Big Labels Small Prices Here are your favorite items Effortless Shopping Tax-Free. Free Shipping Here are your favorite commodity Okuma TACTICAL 7'0 Spinning rod. ₹2,890.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Okuma V-System G2 Telescopic (Lure) Spinning Rod. ₹3,290.00. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Shakespeare TRAVELMATE 6' 6 (6 Section) Travel Rods Yaesu FT-817 Integration to the Elecraft T1 Tuner. Posted on August 16, 2016 by ve3ips. The proper way to tidy up the cables between the FT-817 and the T1 tuner. Note the power cord strain relief as per OH2KJ. I am using and Anderson pole on mine as the power connector jack. The ground screw is a M3-6mm one

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Best of all, most of them are cheap and easy to find! Best Fiberglass Telescopic Cane Pole: Shakespeare TSP20 Six-Piece Wonderpole Fishing Rod. Best Carbon Fiber Cane Pole: Goture 1 Piece Carp Fishing Pole. Best Tenkara Alternative: Uxcell Traveling 9 Sections Telescopic Pole Fishing. Best Budget Cane Pole: B&M BW4 Black Widow Telescopic Rod Shakespeare Wonderpole Pole 10' Telescopic Textured Non-Slip Grip - Line Keeper. Sale price From $10.99. Sold out. Sold out Quick view. Lews Mr Crappie Slab Daddy Pole Telescoping 10' With Rig. Sale price From $13.99. In stock, 146 units. Choose options Quick view. B&M Rigged Jointed Pole Slip Type 10' Mahogany Varnished Bamboo Pole - TL-102 I use a 20 foot telescoping surf fishing rod by Shakespeare and called a Wonderpole ($20) as the method of raising the wire. The holder and the ground plane can stay in the ground and the pole can be attached in minutes when you want to work.-- Jim, KJ7EZN 73 2/18/20 #76153. With regards tonsoace considerations, if you are going with a 20m monoband the support system could be pretty simple. My first portable antenna mast was a 20ft Shakespeare Wonderpole that can be had for not much over $20 and is very light. You could support a sloper EFHW for 20m with that