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  1. A lithographed Counterfeit note with manuscript signatures and serial number noting plate A26 and flourishes between Confederate and States; the margins are trimmed close, but full frame lines are present: VF: $155: CF34157: 19: 137: N/A: 1861: $2
  2. Counterfeit Detection: Woodcut Confederate Counterfeits Posted on 2/16/2021 The PMG team discovers a woodcut Confederate counterfeit with many noticeable flaws. The 1860s were a very turbulent time in American history, and one area in which that truth is reflected is in some of the banknotes that were produced during that time
  3. The linked pages below are scans of the Confederate fake collection of David Kent that was sold at auction in April 2008. The pages, scanned in high resolution, are reproduced here with the permission of the new owner. They are a ready-made explanation of the most commonly encountered gallery of curious things
  4. Upham wasn't the only counterfeiter in the war. Winthrop Hilton also produced bogus Confederate scrip in New York, but his scheme backfired. Federal agents thought he was producing the real thing and jailed him for printing authentic Confederate bills north of the border. They thought he was cooperating with the Rebels

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A contemporary counterfeit Confederate note is a note that was produced during the War. It may have brown or dark colored hand signatures. The best known counterfeiter of Confederate notes during the War was Samuel Upham, a Philadelphia businessman who started by producing stationary that showed Jefferson Davis's head to resemble a jackass US Confederate States 1 Cent (Counterfeit) 1861 and 1862 Since less than 20 genuine Confederate States of American (CSA) cents were ever struck, any piece you find today is most certainly a replica of this famous coin. The coin in our picture is a counterfeit. It sells for a few US dollars as a novelty piece The Congress of Confederacy criminalized counterfeiting into an offense punishable by death and offered $10,000 if someone could deliver Upham to a Confederate court. As fractured as the nation..

According to CSANotes.com, the first Confederate money was issued in April of 1861 and continued to be issued until 1864 (the year before the war ended). The highest denomination was $1,000, the lowest 50 cents. The Union (North) attempted to weaken the Southern economy by releasing counterfeit money into the Southern states to inflate the economy FAKE ALERT: Confederate States Of America $500 Bill Feb 17th 1864. Note: This particular bill says copy. Many will not say copy. Just because yours does not say copy, does not mean that it is authentic. These have been printed since the 1920s. We bought these a few weeks ago at a museum Here is the story behind these fakes: Beginning in the mid 1930's a set of 14 counterfeits of the Confederate General Issue stamps was made and sold by a stamp dealer in Springfield, Mass. These facsimiles were also used in the so-called TASCO Booklets prepared in 1941. TASCO stands for Tatham Stamp Company of Springfield, Mass Counterfeit Confederate money is still big business. If you own Confederate money, the chances of it being counterfeit is pretty high. More counterfeit Confederate money is being made today than ever. Now the reason for my taking your time: In 1954 General Mills Co. decided to make play Confederate money and put it in boxes of breakfast cereal Fakes Various words are used to describe Confederate fakes: Counterfeit, fake, forgery, fraudulent, facsimile and fantasy. There are semantic differences in the meaning of the first five, while fantasies are a completely different category. Many times the first five terms are used interchangeably and in this discussion the term fake will be used

During the Civil War the Confederates States of America printed their own paper money. Confederate paper money was printed between 1861 and 1864. A general rule of thumb is that the earlier currency issues are worth more than later issues. The confederate currency guide below shows a picture and a link to more information about each issue 1861 Confederate Era Counterfeit $20 Note We also accept Checks and Money Orders

In the July-August 2004 issue of the Confederate Philatelist, Frank Crown describes and illustrates a newly discovered fake Type II Athens 5c Provisional Stamp. Even though this particular fake has been around since at least the 1870's, it was not recognized as a fake until now Confederate money was easy to counterfeit. Large amounts of it were printed in the North and circulated in the Confederacy in an attempt to debase its value. There was so much counterfeit that this has contributed as to how much legitimately were issued. One of the best counterfeiters was.. A Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency, History, Rarity, and Values By George B. Tremmel, Whitman Publishing, LLC 2007 Although war profiteering has existed from the beginning of time, the sheer volume of counterfeit confederate notes produced by northern printing operations during the Civil War is staggering. Tremmel's book is an.

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These are extremely easy to identify. They will: The most frequently counterfeited bills are colonial notes, confederate currency, and Republic of Texas money. If the serial number on your bill matches something on the list below then what you have is a reproduction. $7 Aug 29, 1780 # 1702 or # A702 Apr 6, 2014 - Confederate currency that was fake, printed in the North by S.C. Upham, the Norths notorious counterfeiter, and distributed in the South. See more ideas about upham, confederate, prints A sad reality about Confederate money is that 97% of what is out there is fake. The 3% that is authentic usually isn't very valuable. The information below is a list of serial numbers of known counterfeit confederate money When it comes to money, there are a number of counterfeit and fake versions out there. Confederate paper money was not exempt from this fact, no matter how long ago it was. In fact, between the years of 1836 and 1896, Confederate notes were highly susceptible to fraudulent and altered notes. That time period in specific was branded as the Golden Age of Counterfeiting in the United States of. Real authentic Confederate money for sale online by the Gettysburg Museum of History. Buy genuine Confederate States of America (CSA) $20, $100 & $500 note

After the Civil War broke out in 1861, the newly established Confederate government began to issue its own money as legal tender to the citizens of the South. The 1st note from the Government of the Confederate States of America was issued in April of 1861. The North played a big role in this action by printing counterfeit notes and. Counterfeiting Confederate currency bills as souvenirs during the Civil War Samuel Curtis Upham (February 2, 1819 - June 29, 1885) was an American journalist, lyricist, merchant, bookkeeper, clerk, navy officer, prospector, and counterfeiter, during the later part of the 19th century, sometimes, known as Honest Sam Upham ct-66-cr-501-jeff davis, blue rev,1st series, flourish over con in confederate, forged johnson/baker signatures, vf $275 CSA CHEMOGRAPHIC BACKS-$10 1955 JENKINS COUNTY GA. ANNIVERSARY $75. Counterfeit Confederate money is still big business. If you own Confederate money, the chances of it being counterfeit is pretty high. More counterfeit Confederate money is being made today than ever

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Counterfeit Confederate one hundred-dollar note, 1864. (75 dpi resolution; 150 dpi resolution) Surviving counterfeits of North Carolina currency are fairly rare, certainly not as abundant as those misrepresenting Confederate issues or the notes of some sister states. This suggests that counterfeiting was not as large a problem here as elsewhere Confederate money has been counterfeited and reproduced for more than a century. We have a list of all Fake Confederate Money. Any fake confederate paper money is completely worthless and has no collector value. The good news is that there are still lots of rare and valuable confederate paper money available and waiting to be found I was recently contacted by Fred Reed, Editor of the SPMC journal and columnist for Bank Note Reporter. He pointed out to me that there was a Guide for eBay Buyers titled How to tell if Confederate money is fake. You can view this guide by taking the link (click the title in blue) A full margined counterfeit with printed signatures, Serial letter 6 and hand written Serial Number with the Criswell designation of 141--a choice specimen. Ch CU. SOLD. $110. CF29169. 22. 1861. $10. 141

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Genuine Counterfeit Confederate Currency. It was the early days of the Civil War, March 1862. The public on both sides of the Mason-Dixon Line, naturally enough, was hungry for any news about this upstart, self-proclaimed Confederate States of America. It seemed that they were actually serious, having elected a Congress and President, written a. If everything on the note was printed at the same time (and all the ink is the same color) that is a clue that the note is fake. Modern fake Confederate notes are - for the most part - worthless. Contemporary counterfeit Confederate notes are collectible and some are quite valuable. Hobo, Mar 24, 2011 George B. Tremmel is a retired information technology director who has been a longtime collector of currency and other items of the South. His book, Counterfeit Confederate Currency, is popular with collectors and shares more information than contained in this presentation

If it is a modern fake, reproduction, counterfeit it will probably be next to worthless. I looked through my reference book on Counterfeit Confederate Currency and I do not find any $1,000 notes listed. Keep in mind that $1,000 was a LOT of money back then The most expensive Confederate flag ever sold was the battle flag carried by J.E.B. Stuart, one of the Confederacy's most famous cavalry officers, for $956,000 in 2006. Most period battle flags. Civil War used. Fake C.S.A. 1862 Selma Arsenal 2nd Arkansas Regiment. Leather sides & strap. RING GAUGE: A flat iron ring with a wooden handle, used to determine the diameter of a spherical projectile. The gauge came in two sizes; the largest 0.02- or .03-inches greater than the true diameter of the projectile; the smallest 0.02- or 0.03. The Confederate flag became a symbol of protest against civil rights and in support of Jim Crow. segregation. It also became the object of a high-profile, youth-driven nationwide phenomenon that the media dubbed the flag fad.. Many pundits suspected that underlying the fad was a lingering Dixiecrat sentiment

  1. America's Fake Civil War. New Eastern Outlook. by Gordon Duff. The United States, in the fourth year of the Trump presidency, is in near anarchy. On August 29, 2020, a 600-car caravan, mostly trucks, from the 'suburbs' of Portland, Oregon, drove through town on what was ostensibly a Trump political rally. Demonstrating in town, and at.
  2. Since shortly after the end of the Civil War, genuine Confederate paper money has been the subject of much research. While a number of publications are available today that describe and catalog the genuine currency, the availability of published information on its counterfeit counterpart is limited. What is available is somewhat incomplete, inaccurate and general in scope
  3. The Jerusalem Post used the image of white men with Confederate battle flag emblems for its article, Two arrested as armed militia group stands off with police in Boston. The image shows two men, one clearly armed with a rifle, wearing vests and camouflage. One man has what appears to be a three-percenter militia emblem crossed with a.

The Confederate government in Richmond, Virginia, assumed control over the economic, political, and military life of the South. Eleven states came to constitute the Confederate States of America as their state legislatures or populace voted to secede from the United States of America. Two additional states—Kentucky and Missouri—were. Economic and monetary historians have largely ignored the role of counterfeit money in the Confederate inflation because data are not available on the amount of bogus notes. Nevertheless, contemporaries and scholars of the Civil War have noted that counterfeit money posed a serious problem for the Confederacy (Hughes, 1992) Here we have some examples of fake Confederate Civil War era paper money currency. Showing several examples of fraudulent bills. Your comments and suggestion.. A lot of confederate currency is actually fake. We have a comprehensive list of counterfeit confederate currency here. Image: Description: T-1 1861 Montgomery $1,000 Confederate Paper Money: T-2 1861 Montgomery $500 Confederate Paper Money: T-3 1861 Montgomery $100 Confederate Paper Money The Civil War should have ended Southern pipe dreams about state sovereignty, although neo-Confederates still peddle that fake-fact fantasy. The hoary defense of hearth and home is counterfeit.

In 1862, a Confederate flag model in the windows of The Daily Dispatch of Richmond featured three color bars — white, black and red — to symbolize whites, slaves and Native Americans Legal scholar and historian puts the push to remove Confederate statues in context. The police killing of George Floyd sparked widespread protests and reignited efforts across the U.S. to remove Confederate and other statues viewed as symbols of slavery and racism. In several cities, these tributes have been vandalized or torn down by. During the Civil War, the Confederate states attempted to solve their huge financial problems by issuing their own paper money. Issued into circulation in 1861, the currency ran through 1864. Notes were printed in denominations of $0.50, $1.00, $2.00, $5.00, $10, $20, $50, $100, $500 and $1000. Beginning with the issues of 1861 and running. Confederate Artillery Coat Button by T. Miller, Houston Depot. CS 20 mm. Extremely rare button produced by T.E. Miller at the Houston Depot and issued to some Texas Artillery Units. Excellent condition with an untouched patina Hi..from the serial number it is a common fake.The way to check if the signatures are printed in black ink it is fake.All Confederate notes with the exception of the 50 cent fractional notes were all hand pen signed in brown ink and some in blue.Never printed in black

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  1. The antiquing process creates a banknote that looks and feels old. $500 Confederate States of America 1864 note $100 Louisiana 1863 note $5 Texas 1862 note $2 Tennessee (Bank of Chattanooga) 1863 note $1 Florida 1863 note $100 Alabama 1864 note Confederate Currency Set C Six antiqued reproductions of original Confederate banknotes
  2. 1861 $10 Confederate Note T26 PCGS 25 (73161) Grade: PCGS Currency 25. Buy: $179.00. eBay (finger-lakes-numismatics-fln) -1 collectors like this. Add to watchlist. 1861 $5 Confederate Paper Note Circulated. eBay (scottcoinman) -1 collectors like this
  3. Physical Dimensions. 18cm x 8cm. Medium. paper money. Description. Ten dollar note issued by the Confederate States of America, February 17, 1864 in Richmond, Virginia. Attribution. Joyner Library, East Carolina University. License
  4. Token US Confederate Novelty Pieces: 5 and 20 Dollars, 1/4 Cent (Counterfeit) 1861 to 1864. The Confederate States of America issued two coins in their short history. Genuine CSA one cent and 50 cent coins are worth thousands of US dollars, but there are many counterfeits and cheap imitations. The CSA did not issue any gold coins
  5. During the period of the Civil War, there were thousands of swords produced for both the Union and Confederacy. Civil War memorabilia collecting has become quite popular, and demand for these items has far outweighed the supply. This has created an unfortunate situation where many Civil War period swords and weapons have been counterfeited, an
  6. CS 44 Confederate Staff Officer's Coat Button With Excellent Detail & Nice Gold. Beautiful Example Of A Hard To Find Button. $1595.00. New, SU 407 22 MM High Domed VMI Coat Button, Although There is A Bit Of Ground Action The Button Is As Solid As A Rock And The Rarest Of The VMI Series. R&W Robinson Extra Rich In The Ribbon BM!

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  1. A fake 11-Star Two-Piece Confederate Officer's Sword buckle. Authentic examples of this buckle are exceedingly rare. Rafael's is worth about $35,000. It's assumed that practically no unknown.
  2. Fake Currency Nearly Collapsed the Union Financial System During the Civil War. May 11, 2017 by jimrada. Since the founding of the country, counterfeiters had been devaluing currency through the use of fake bills and coins and the Civil War created opportunities for even greater profit. Even as counterfeiting grew in prevalence, law enforcement.
  3. ations from 50 cents to $1,000

T- 3 $100 1861 Confederate States of America PMG 50. Montgomery notes are considered to be the most important Confederate note... Seller: Kagin's Inc. (0) Posted: 06/25/21. $26,500.00. 40. T- 4 $50 1861 Confederate States of America PMG 40. Montgomery notes are considered to be the most important notes produced b.. THESE PHOTOS SHOW EXAMPLES OF FAKE & COUNTERFEIT BLADES. Click on any thumbnail for more detail information. Fake Confedeate Bowie's. Fake Markings. Fake D-Guard. Fake Leech & Rigdon. Fake Confederate Saber. Fake Confederate Saber. Fake Ames Rifleman's 1849 Knife 2 photo. State Of Alabama $1 One Dollar Civil War Era Confederate Currency Note 1863. 2 photo. 1864 T - 69 $5 The Confederate States Of America Note - Civil War Era Rmc 155. 2 photo. 1864 $50 Confederate States Of America Richmond Virginia Collectors Estate. 3 photo. Civil War Confederate 1862 25 Cents Abraham Lincoln Augusta Georgia Paper Money

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A fake 11-Star Two-Piece Confederate Officer's Sword buckle. Authentic examples of this buckle are exceedingly rare. Rafael's is worth about $35,000. It's assumed that practically no unknown examples exist, so if one suddenly pops up that raises a red flag automatically The group White Lies Matter created a fake chair out of wood and foam and passed it off as the real Confederate monument in photographs. News Sports Business Go Play Opinion Obituaries E-Edition. Like other Civil War photographers, Alexander Gardner sometimes tried to communicate both pathos and patriotism with his photographs, reminding his audience of the tragedy of war without forgetting the superiority of his side's cause. Sometimes, the most effective means of elevating one's cause while demeaning the other was to create a scene -- by posing bodies -- and then draft a dramatic. Confederate States Elections (My Own Dixie) 1867 Confederate States Presidential Election. 1873 Confederate States Presidential Election. 1879 Confederate States Presidential Election. 1885 Confederate States Presidential Election. 1891 Confederate States Presidential Election. 1897 Confederate States Presidential Election Confederate Dollar: A currency issued by the Confederate States of America during the U.S. Civil War, which served as the currency of the eleven southern states. Confederate dollars became.

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TAMPA, Fla. — If anyone still questions what the real-world impacts of spreading fake information can do, look no further than the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol Receiving fake documents supplied by Union superspy Allan Pinkerton, he assumed a fake identity as a Confederate soldier — Wilde was now a Maryland secessionist volunteer named John Buzzcock. Flawlessly imitating a Baltimore accent, he infiltrated the Confederate Treasury guard with the help of the Union spy network, and pulled off the. Charlottesville to remove Confederate statue at center of deadly 2017 protest. (R) - The city of Charlottesville, Virginia, will remove two Confederate statues on Saturday morning, nearly. A recent trip South allowed me to photograph some item's from a family member's curio cabinet. All of these were collected by my great-uncle, mostly during the 20s and 30s in the South. One fascinating item is here - what my aunt says is a counterfeit coin maker used during the Civil War.. Charlottesville removes two Confederate statues as onlookers cheer. Bronze statues of two Confederate generals were removed from public property in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Saturday, almost four years after they were a flashpoint for a violent Unite the Right rally that left one person dead

Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency. In his new Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency, George Tremmel updates his ground-breaking note-by-note research, and expands into counterfeit bonds, shinplasters, and Treasury note sheets. Along the way he immerses the reader in an engaging history of the events and people involved in. A Guide Book Of Counterfeit Confederate Currency. Whitman Publishing, LLC, $29.95. Hardcover, 352 Pages, full color. In his new Guide Book of Counterfeit Confederate Currency, George Tremmel updates his ground-breaking note-by-note research, and expands into counterfeit bonds, shinplasters, and Treasury note sheets 1861 $20 confederate states of america counterfeit pmg choice fine 15 (023) grade: pmg 15. buy: $159.9 Growing increasingly worried, the Confederate Congress brought in the death penalty as the punishment for counterfeiting. By the time the operation ended, Upham had a $10,000 price on his head and.

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Cur836. 1861 Confederate Era Counterfeit $20 Note. T-18. Richmond, Va., September 23, 1861. Vignette of large sailing ship at center, sailor at capstan at left. This is a contemporary (NOT A FAKE) counterfeit produced and circulated during the War Between the States to help undermine the C.S.A. currency and their economy Confederate bills money. Real or fake. How to tel How the Confederate battle flag became an enduring symbol of racism. A man carries a Confederate flag at the January 6 rally of President Trump's supporters that led to an armed siege of the U.S. The Confederate flag is a symbol of hatred — hatred for Black Americans. Countless times, I have been told, If this flag offends you, you need a history lesson.. Let me be clear: This flag offends me, but it is YOU who needs the history lesson. A century and a half ago, our nation faced a civil war. More than 620,000 Americans lost.

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The story begins in Richmond on Sunday, April 2, 1865, when Confederate President Jefferson Davis received an urgent message from General Robert E. Lee while attending a church service. Lee warned. Looking through some of my father's 'stuff' and found this curious belt buckle. Steve Mullinax on his Fake Buckles site describes a similar buckel as, a fantasy Confederate buckle. The age job isn't bad, but this buckle never existed during the Civil War Confederate scientist. Union Spy. Illicit lust.Emily Tidwell crosses the Atlantic disguised as a Southern Belle to determine the nature of a secret weapon being developed by Confederate sympathizers in London.Emily's calamities aboard ship begin the first evening when she is.. Confederate Short Sword Side View, Left is Fake, Right is Authentic Confederate Short Sword Blade, Top is Authentic, Bottom is Fake C.S. Star Artillery Sword Pommel, Left is Fake, Right is Authentic I Recently purchased a Confederate Artillery Sword that was for sale at an online auction, going against my better judgement ( because if something.

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Ironically, the lenient approach allowed Robert E. Lee and other Confederate leaders to become heroic figures to later generations of Americans of all sections, said Blair, citing words written by Union Gen. George Thomas in 1868: The crime of treason might be covered with a counterfeit varnish of patriotism, so that the precipitators of the. VIRGINIA (CONFEDERATE) TREASURY NOTE $1 OF 1862. $24.95. In stock. VIRGINIA (CONFEDERATE) TREASURY NOTE $1 OF 1862 quantity. Add to cart. Categories: AMERICAN CIVIL WAR 1861 to 1865, Confederate States of America - Banknotes & Paper Money, PAPER MONEY, SCRIP & COUPONS. Description

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Discover Times Square Station Fake Tiles in New York, New York: Fake subway tiles were installed to cover a design that resembled the Confederate flag—it's unclear if the resemblance was. 1 Ulysses S. Grant Stole Hearts After The Civil War With A Fake Photo. The Civil War was the bloodiest battle fought on U.S. soil, but America being America, some people's chief concern was How can I get rich off this? As such, photographers stormed the fields alongside soldiers, certain that the images they took could maybe buy them a modest. That Stone Cold Confederate Flag Post Was Probably Fake, Like Everything Else. As a casual comedy website, we don't take many hard political positions, but we've got one big one: Stone Cold Steve Austin was really great at wrestling, and therefore, he should probably be the governor of one of the lesser states (we're looking at you, Idaho) Description CT41/315 Counterfeit $100 1862 Very Fine; CT41/315A Counterfeit $100 1862 Very Fine. Both of these counterfeits have bogus large format Jackson, MS Assistant Treasurer's Office issue stamps, complete with the missing left frame line Fake Money, Greenbacks & Counterfeit Soldiers on the Eve of the American Civil War. We reflect upon the deeper significance of currency ( greenbacks ) in our society while looking at some of the. The most simple fake structure on the field, the Decoy Structure is made to be easily set up, modified, and left to distract enemy forces. Due to the skill of the Confederate builders, many of these structures can be built to look like anything from a Construction yard to a PAWI Array. All that's needed is a good enough look at the exterior.