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step by step recipe of Yellow Pumkin Halwa or Dumroot Halwa with koya/mawa recipe: heat a tbsp of ghee in a pan and add the grated pumpkin and saute well.saute till they are start releasing water or for approx 8-10 minutes on a low flame. Once it reaches the thick consistency, add sugar Pumpkin halwa is a delicious Indian dessert made using red or yellow pumpkin. Milk, sugar and a dairy product named khoya or mava is added to make this halwa. It is garnished with dry fruits and green cardamom powder. This is also known as kaddu ka halwa and is prepared during Indian festivals Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Ka halwa is a North Indian dessert which is typically cooked during the festivals or fasting days. This halwa is very simple to make. We can make it just like carrot halwa with khoya or condensed milk. An Addition of khoya makes the halwa delicious and nutritious

Halwa Kaddu (Pumpkin) Halwa, Made with Milk & Khoya (English Subtitles) | Umme MohammedFollow Me On My Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/umme_mohammed_cha.. Pumpkin Halwa. I have prepared this dish in my electric pressure cooker, Instant Pot DUO60 6 QT. This Pumpkin halwa is very light and delicious. You can make it richer by adding ¼ cup of khoya/mava or almond flour. Pumpkins are naturally sweet so adjust the sugar accordingly. I have used kabocha squash for this recipe Pumpkin halwa recipe with step by step photos, easy to make quick pumpkin halwa recipe with condensed milk. Usually we add khova / khoya while making pumpkin halwa but this time I added condensed milk and made pumpkin halwa in the same lines of carrot halwa. In this pumpkin halwa recipe, only 2 tablespoons ghee is used

Since pumpkin is known as Kaddu in Hindi. This halwa is called kaddu ka halwa. Here very less amount of ghee and no khoya is used. So it is very light on stomach Pumpkin halwa tastes light, delicious and can be served as a good after meal dessert or an evening snack. I have used a golden pumpkin. Sometimes I also add khoya/mawa to make this pumpkin halwa. It tastes great and rich, a special sweet that can be made during festivals Traditional halwa uses khoa or khoya or mawa (milk that is cooked down so most the moisture is evaporated). This adds texture and richness to halwa. I use almond meal instead of khoya. Almond meal adds great flavor and helps thicken the halwa Pumpkin Halwa A simple halwa is made by using the yellow pumpkin as the main ingredient with milk and khoya as the immediate ingredients. This halwa will be done in 30 minutes.Pumpkin halwa is my favorite among all the other halwas and I have mastered making it now. Check it out the Pumpkin Halwa Recipe here!! Photo: pumpkin halwa Recip Now add 1 tsp of ghee in a another pan and add khoya and fry well. once it become little crisp remove it. Add the khoya with the halwa mixture and mix well, the consistency of the halwa should like be a pudding or pumpkin puree

Dumroot Halwa recipe, make pumpkin Halwa with koya (mawa

Cut up the pumpkin. Remove the seeds and pith and grate the flesh. Place to boil with the milk and cook gently till all the milk dries up. Heat the ghee in a large saucepan and fry mixture till it turns reddish in color. Add sugar and khoya and fry gently on a low heat. Blanch the nuts and chop fine Kaddu Ka Halwa Recipe or Pumpkin Halwa is a unique vegetable-based dessert like Lauki ka Halwa which turns stupendously toothsome. Handcrafted by sautéing dry fruits, grated pumpkin, sugar, and khoya, it has this awesome taste that lingers in your mouth for quite some time Steps to make pumpkin halwa. Melt the ghee or butter; Add the grated pumpkin and cook until soft; Drizzle over the milk and mix in; Add the sugar and cardamon and cook a few more minutes. Tips for making and serving the dish. This is really easy to make but there's one slight watch-out: make sure the pumpkin is properly softened before you add.

Halwa is an Indian sweet pudding or dessert made with either semolina, flour or nuts like almonds or veggies like pumpkin, carrot and beetroots. There are even some unique halwa recipes like green peas halwa, potato halwa. I had a couple of organic fresh beets and put them to best use in this halwa along with some fresh khoya and loads of nuts Pumpkin Jaggery Halwa Kripa Bhatia @cook_19753850. #jrc. Ingredients. 4 servings. Half kg pumpkin 4 tablespoons jaggery powder 2 tablespoons ghee 1/2 tsp cardamom powder 2 tablespoons grated khoya (dried milk) 2 tablespoons poppy seeds.

Pumpkin modak recipe. Pumpkin modak is a soft modak and they are a new modak for all pumpkin lovers. There are so many recipes made from a pumpkin-like pumpkin curry, pumpkin pie, pumpkin halwa so, I said why not try Pumpkin modak. Pumpkin modak I made from khoya and pumpkin as a main ingredients. And tasty ,yummy ,soft new flavor modak comes. Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Ka halwa is a North Indian dessert which is typically cooked during the festivals or fasting days. This halwa is very simple to make. We can make it just like carrot halwa with khoya or condensed milk. Pumpkin halwa instructions. Peel & chop pumpkin in small pieces, discard seeds. Pumpkin halwa is very easy to prepare with less ingredients. In this recipe i used sugar for making halwa. but you can use Jaggery. you can also add unsweetened condensed milk or khoya for extra taste. I didn't use them to make a less calorie sweet. I never used pumpkin in 12 years of my married life. but on one day when i read an article. Kaddu ka halwa or Pumpkin halwa is a sweet Indian pudding made by cooking pumpkin in milk and ghee. In previous posts, I have posted recipes for Carrot/gaajar ka Halwa, Atte ka halwa (whole wheat flour halwa) and semolina/suji ka halwa.This recipe is similar to the carrot halwa. Traditionally halwa uses khoya and that's what I have used in this recipe

Pumpkin Halwa Kaddu Ka Halwa - Raksha's Kitche

Making gajar halwa recipe with khoya: Heat the ghee in a pan on medium heat. Once hot add grated carrot and saute for 2-3 minutes or till the carrot starts to soften. Now add milk and let it come to a boil. Simmer on low-medium heat till all the milk evaporates Using the Pulse + Liquefy mode, in just a few seconds, large chunks of carrot and pumpkin were chopped into a very fine mince. You can prepare the same halwa using carrot, pumpkin, bottle gourd or beetroot. I use Milky Mist brand khoya. If you have no access to khoya, try preparing with the addition of half a cup of milk powder Halwa is also called as aluva, alva , chalava, helva, halva and many more . The traditional way of preparing halwa is by using semolina, ghee, sugar and nuts but now as time changes lot of variations came along and halwa is being prepared with vegetables, fruits and flours. Today I am showing Pumpkin Halwa Kaddu Ka Halwa | Pumpkin Halwa Recipe | Let's Enjoy CookingIce-cream recipehttps://youtube.com/shorts/oSI63sCx6bg?feature=shareHow to cook rice recipehttps:/.. Steps to make Pumpkin halwa. Sauté the pumpkin - heat the ghee in a pan and add the canned pumpkin to this. Sauté over medium high heat for 3-4 mins. Add the other ingredients - add the condensed milk and ground cardamom to the pumpkin ghee mixture.Mix to incorporate well. Thicken the halwa - this is probably what takes the majority of the 20 mins

Pumpkin Halwa (Kaddu Ka Halwa) Recipe by Archana's Kitche

Halwa Kaddu (Pumpkin) Halwa, Made with Milk & Khoya

Pumpkin Halwa (Pudding) Kaddu ka Halwa - Indian Veggie

Pumpkin Halwa or Kaddu Halwa. Note: This recipe yields a small quantity, about 3 servings. Ingredients: 1 15oz can pumpkin puree OR 2 cups mashed/pureed fresh pumpkin 8 tbsp (1 stick) unsalted butter 2 cups milk 1/3 cup + 1 tbsp sugar 1/4 tsp green cardamom powder Nuts for garnishing (slivered almonds, pistachios, cashews, coconut) Method Instructions For Making It. Step 1. Firstly, rinse pumpkin well and then remove the peel of it. Step 2. Grate pumpkin in a bowl. Step 3. In a pan, add ghee in it and roast almonds, cashews, pistachios and raisins in it. Roast them for 2 minutes and then remove them from the pan, keep them aside. Step 4 Badam Halwa is a quintessential Indian sweet that is made during festivals, special occasions like a wedding or a new home. In this halwa, badam is soaked and ground into a coarse semolina style mixture. It is roasted in ghee and then cooked in a saffron milk to give it that rich taste. Try the delicious Badam Halwa and serve as a sweet for the festivals like diwali or a special occasion like. How to make the Halwa. Wash and grate the pumpkin in a bowl. Discard the seeds, keep the water. In a nonstick pan, heat ghee, add chopped nuts, roast, and remove. Then add grated pumpkin and saute well for about 4 to 5 mins. Keep stirring all the while. Then simmer and add milk. Cook for 5 mins

Enjoy this sweet dish this winter season. 13. Cholia Halwa Recipe. Unique and an uncommon halwa recipe prepared with hara chana or cholia, cream, khoya, sugar, milk, and nuts, this dessert is amazing! An unusual Indian dessert made with cholia (hara chana), cream, milk and khoya. 14. Singhare Atte Ka Halwa Recipe The mixture attains the consistency of Halwa at this point.Step 4) Add sugar and cook till sugar dissolves.Step 5) Add dessicated coconut powder, finely chopped dry fruits, Chironji and raisins Sweet Pumpkin Halwa, is an Indian dessert which is rich with mild flavours. When Pumpkins are in season, there are so many dishes that we make at home using them, like Khatta Meetha Kaddu and this Halwa. Apart from the Pumpkin Soup, Pumpkin Bundt Cakes etc. Sweet Pumpkin Halwa is a nice twist to the Gajar ka Halwa or Damrot ( Ash Gourd Halwa). I add Poppy seeds to the Halwa to give a bit of. Lauki halwa also known as dudhi halwa, is a delicious Indian sweet made with bottle gourd, milk, sugar and ghee. Delicately flavored with ground cardamoms, garnished with chopped nuts, this is great to enjoy as an after meal dessert. In India, we make halwa with so many different kind of veggies and fruits like carrots, beetroot, pumpkin, ash gourd, pineapple, banana and even with mixed fruits

Pumpkin Halwa #1 White Pumpkin - a thick piece Sugar - 1-1/2 cups Cashews - 6 Milk - 3/4 cup Ghee - 3 tbs Cardamom - 2 Food colouring, if desired Peel the pumpkin and grate it into fine strips. Squeeze it to remove the water. You may also drain off the excess water using a fine collander Apart from fish, chef Mallah uses milk, desi ghee, cardamom, mawa or khoya, almonds, pistachio and char magaaz [pumpkin seeds]. He said around one kilogramme of the halwa can be served to around. Khoya 1 Cup; Dry nuts chopped ½ Cup; Directions: Cut pumpkin into two halves and remove seeds. Peel off the skin and grate it with the help of the grater. In pot,add grated pumpkin,mix well and cook on medium flame for 20-25 minutes or until it dries up and keep mixing in between. Add milk and mix well The delicious Kaddu Ka Halwa Recipe is most preferred when you have to choose for the days of fast. It is one of the delicious Indian sweet dish which is commonly made during sacred occasions or during the festival celebration. This is because pulpy pumpkin is veggie or the fruit that can be eaten during the period of fast

Now, add the grated pumpkin and fry for 4 to 5 minutes until the raw flavour disappears. Then, add milk and cardamom powder and allow the pumpkin to cook until it is soft. After this, add sugar and mix well until the sugar dissolves. Finally, add roughly mashed khoya and keep stirring until the halwa thickens and leaves the sides of the pan Chickoo halwa is one of the mouth-watering sweet dishes prepared from sapodilla/sapota (in India) fruit. This sweet recipe can be served as a snack or an after meal dessert. Chickoo halwa is one of the popular desserts which are served during the festive season or on any special occasions and this is one of the Diwali Sweets.. I suggest you select well-ripened fruit for this recipe to get a.

I am adding some lesser known halwas here. 1. Aloo halwa: It is mainly prepared during fasting. My mom used to prepare this on shivratri. I just love the taste of it. It consumes a little more ghee than the usual halwas. 2. Sweet Potato halwa: Sim.. Some of these recipes are more than 100 years old. Say the 'halwa': the method of presenting and adding an alternative layer of pumpkin and pineapple and make it with lots of khoya, ghee, and of course sugar and dried fruits define a new method of having halwa today Method to prepare carrot halwa using khoya. Take the carrots. Grate the carrots. If you have more carrots, then chop the carrots in a medium sizes and grate in a mixer grinder. It has come to 2 bowls for me. In a pan, add 4 tbsp ghee. For 1 bowl ( 2 tbsp) Add the chopped cashews and some raisins 2. Add milk. After a few minutes, add sugar and cardamom powder to taste, mix again, until the halwa becomes smooth without sticking to the base of the pan. 3. And it's ready! Just sprinkle roast cashewnuts and munch on. Pumpkin Halwa Ingredients ½ kg pumpkin 1 cup ghee 1 cup milk, ¾ cup crushed sugar, Cashewnuts for garnishing Metho White Pumpkin Halwa / Kasi Halwa Recipe with stepwise pics and a short YouTube video. If you like my video, please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel.This Kasi Halwa is prepared from white pumpkin or Ash gourd in English, Poosanikai in Tamil, Petha in Hindi, Kumbalanga in Malayalam but it is in no way related to the place Kasi in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, so puzzling, isn't it

Step 6: Add Flavor, Color and Nuts. 2 More Images. Continue cooking until the halwa reduces into a deep amber and glossy mixture. After a while, the mixture will not stick and comes out clean from the pan. Now add the Cardamom powder. Add the food color, mixed in a little amount of milk, to the pan and stir well Add ghee and cook the pumpkin well. Add khoya to the halwa and cook it till it gets thick in consistency. Take a little halwa in your fingers to check the consistency. Step 5 : If it is sticking to your finger and starts to set onto it, then its time to turn off the flame.. Sugar Free Pumpkin Halwa by Pragya Chaturvedi. 1 serving; 5 ingredients; 15 min to prepare; 30 min for cooking; This recipe is a low-carbohydrate version of the Kaddu ka Halwa or Pumpkin Halwa which is usually eaten during fasting. The best part is that unlike other recipes, it does not use any high-carb ingredients like cashews, condensed milk. In a pan heat 1 tsp ghee and saute cashew nuts and raisins till golden, remove and set aside. In the same pan add the remaining ghee and saute the grated pumpkin on medium heat till the raw smell of the pumpkin leaves. Add cardamom powder, sugar and khoya to the pumpkin. Cook till the ingredients combine well and the moisture dries up To make the Khoya - In a large heavy bottom pan, heat 1 tbsp of the butter. Let it melt and then add the ricotta cheese. Mix it well and then keep cooking it over medium low flame until crumbly and light brown in color (about 20 mins). Remove it and keep it aside until needed. In the same pan, heat 3 tbsp of butter

Pumpkin halwa recipe Easy pumpkin halwa recipe Cook

  1. utes
  2. To tell you the truth, I never ate Gajar Ka Halwa in India. The place where I was born and grew up ( West Bengal) offers so many better desserts and sweets, our taste buds are pampered badly. I am sorry to offend my other Indian friends, but the f..
  3. Peel and cut pumpkin into small cubes. Pressure cook pumpkin in 1 1/2 cup of milk for a whistle and allow it to cool. Grind cooked pumpkin with milk to a smooth paste using mixer grinder or food blender and keep it aside. Heat a tbsp ghee in a pan,fry cashew nuts till golden brown. Take out from pan and keep it aside
  4. utes. Add Khoya. Sprinkle cardamom powder. Drizzle 3 tbsp. of ghee on top and combine well. Fold in raisins and cashewnuts. Add dry fruits, cardamom. Serve Gajar ka halwa hot for dessert
Pumpkin Ka Halwa/ Kadu Ka Halwa/Pumpkin Se Banaye Soft And

Pumpkin halwa recipe, Kaddu ka halwa (How to make pumpkin

Mar 11, 2020 - Explore Kiranrana's board Khoya recipe on Pinterest. See more ideas about khoya recipe, best indian recipes, indian food recipes Cardamom with Halwa 29 recipes: Mung ka halwa (split green gram indian desserts), Wheat flour halwa/godhuma halwa, Gajar ka halwa (with homemade khoya), Hyderabadi sevian, white pumpkin halwa, pohe ki kheer & dry fruit fudge, Mirchi ka halwa/ green.. Pumpkin Ka Halwa for Diwali This weekend is one of India's most vibrant and biggest festivals, Diwali (or Deepavali), the festival of lights . Deep means light and availi means row, so as the translation suggests, streets, houses and pathways are lit up with endless rows of lights, with everything in full illumination , and the.

Kasi Halwa is one of the most scrumptious halwa, which will melt-away the moment you put it in your mouth. This popular South Indian traditional sweet is made with white pumpkin, sugar, ghee and nuts. The preparation is very simple and is usually enjoyed during weddings, festivals and special ceremonies. Here goes the easy yet delicious recipe for you to try at home..: Pumpkin and carrot halwa is ready to serve. Serve hot or cold and garnish it with some fried almonds and relish this delicious halwa anytime. Note: You can make mawa with powdered milk in a microwave. In a microwave safe bowl add one cup of powdered milk, two tablespoons of ghee or butter, half cup milk and mix it well Coconut boli, karupatti halwa, kachayam & tulasi vadai. (13 votes) , (1) , (7) Main Dish Easy 40 min 1 h 20 m. Ingredients: 1)Coconut Boli ( Thenga Boli ) For the dough: 2 cups maida or finely ground wheat flour A pinch salt 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder 1/4 teaspoon sugar 1..

Uncover, add sugar (or apricot mixture if using) cook stirring intermittently for 25 minutes or until the halwa reduces into deep amber and glossy mixture. Squeeze all water from goji berries, add it to the halwa. Continue cooking for another 5 minutes. Add cardamom powder, mix well and take off from the heat Gajar Halwa is a classic carrot dessert from the Indian subcontinent, a favorite for all. Carrots cooked in ghee, milk, sweetened with sugar, flavored with cardamom, saffron, and topped with nuts. Some add Khoya (milk solids), some add rose flavoring, some top it with cream, either way it is absolutely delicious and hard to resist

pumpkin halwa (kaddu ka halwa) - Swasthi's Recipe

There are many healthy and tasty sweet halwa recipes that you can prepare for Navratri. Some of the best halwas you must try are carrot halwa, pumpkin halwa, badam halwa, aloo halwa. Best Fasting Recipes For Navratri. So, today being the fourth day of Navratri, we shall tell you some of the best halwas that you can prepare for the festival Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayakar Chavithi falls on 25th August 2017 this year. Vinayakar Chaturthi is celebrated to mark birth of Lord Ganesha, worshipped as God of Wisdom, good fortune, prosperity and all Hindu worship Ganesha before starting any work even we worship Ganesh when we buy anything new doesn't matter whether it's house, car, tv or even a laptop Unsweetened Khoya - 1/2 cup, crumbled. Method: 1. Combine the milk and pumpkin in a pressure cooker. 2. Cook until 1 whistle and remove. 3. Cool and grind well. 4. Transfer to a heavy bottomed pan and place over medium flame. 5. Add sugar and stir well. 6. After a minute or two, add the khoya. 7. Stir to mix well. 8 Pumpkin Halwa: Enjoy the flavors of winter with this yummy Pumpkin Halwa Recipe. Pumpkin Halwa is a must eat in winter to treat your taste buds. Give this scrumptious recipe a try and share your feedback with us. Then add khoya, coconut, almonds and pistachio. Mix well and serve hot. 6 . Tasty Kaddu Ka Halwa is ready to serve..

Pethe Ka Halwa – Food FusionGaram Masala Tuesdays: Chhetri Bhaiya's Pumpkin/Kaddu ka

Let me share the recipe of Kasi halwa | poosanikai halwa. Take out the skin and the seeds from the pumpkin. Grate the flesh of the pumpkin in a small grater. In a pan add little ghee and fry the cashew nuts till golden brown. Keep it aside. In the same pan add the grated pumpkin and cook in a low flame Chocolate Khoya Burfi Recipe - Step by Step Recipe - Easy Diwali Sweets Recipes 31 shares If you are looking for more Diwali Sweets then do check Khoya Besan Laddu , Tambittu , Suji Kakara Pitha , Bread Rasmalai , Pal Rava Kesari and Pumpkin Halwa Add 2 table spoon khoya and keep stirring it. After a few minutes, put it in a bowl and add chopped almonds, raisins and enjoy your hot winter dish. Beetroot halwa - All you need is 3 grated Beetroot, Sugar- 1/2 cup, Elaichi Powder - 2-3 Ts, 7 Cashew nuts, Milk and Ghee. Tasty And Easy Beetroot Halwa Recip Karnataka Style Kashi Halwa Recipe With Ash Gourd is an authentic Udupi style recipe. Udupi Recipes are popular around the world and is known for its delectable Sattvic Vegetarian Cuisine. White Pumpkin or Ash gourd is used in this recipe. Ash gourd is known as petha in Hindi, poosanikai in Tamil and kumbalanga in Malayalam. Ash gourd is grated and cooked till soft then sugar and ghee is added. Milk, sugar, and khoya are also added in. Kaddu ka halwa is a good choice of dessert during Diwali celebrations. This is a Thai pumpkin custard dessert. A custard mix is made with coconut milk and.

Pumpkin Halwa with Saffron Veggie Belly Vegetarian Recip

Methods. Soak saffron in 1 tbsp water in a small bowl for a few minutes. Spread a layer of rose petals on an aluminium barfi tray. Put desiccated coconut in a non-stick pan, add half the khoya, ghee, green cardamom powder and half the condensed milk, mix well and cook on medium heat When we saw this photo, the bright orange jam made us sit up and stare. What was this intense orange stuff?Turns out it's doce de abóbor - which is Portugese for sweet pumpkin. It's a traditional sweet found most commonly in Brazil, where sometimes it's made very firm and chewy like a candy, and other times soft like a preserve. It's often made with dried coconut, too Method. Peel, deseed and cut the pumpkin into very small cubes. Grind the cardamom with the 1 tbsp sugar to a fine powder, sieve and keep aside. Heat 2 tablespoons of ghee and fry cashew nuts to golden brown and keep aside. Boil the remaining sugar with ¾ th cup water and make syrup of one-thread consistency This Indian dessert is called kaddu ka halwa. Nuts like cashews, almonds, and pistachios are fried in ghee and mixed with grated pumpkin. Milk, sugar, and khoya are also added in. Kaddu ka halwa is a good choice of dessert during Diwali celebrations. This is a Thai pumpkin custard dessert. A custard mix is made with coconut milk and palm sugar. There was a time when khoya was not readilly available abroad. Of course, now you get the frozen ones too and can stored for around a month in the freezer.I have thought upon many options on how to make khoya quickly. I have also made khoya with whole milk several times.But its a long time consuming process and take almost 2 hours of your time in the kitchen

Pumpkin Halwa Recipe - Recipestabl

  1. utes till it reaches a soft fudge-like consistency. Taste for sugar at this stage and add more based on taste
  2. Carrot Halwa using Khoya recipe is such an easy dessert as it takes really half the time as that of preparing the traditional carrot halwa using milk. So we can say it as Instant carrot halwa recipe too. Carrot Halwa Using Khoya Carrot halwa using khoya recipe with easy step by step instructions for your easy understanding and learning
  3. PETHA HALWA / पेठा या कद्दू का हलवा (Spiced Pumpkin Halwa - a heirloom recipe) And after bidding a delicious farewell to the summer squash in my previous post, here is EFS saying a big hello to the winter squash aka pumpkin, with a variety of Indian spices added to glam up its flavours
Gajar Halwa Recipe with Khoya (Carrot Halwa) - Spice UpLahori Paitha and Gajar Ka Halwa - Lahore Food - PakistaniMeethay Kaddu Ka Halwa Recipe by Rida Aftab – Recipes in164 best Diwali Dishes & Decorations images on Pinterest62 Easy and Delicious Diwali Sweet Recipes To Try80+ Indian Sweets and Desserts - Desi Sweets | Simple

Squeeze out excess water from the grated pumpkin. Heat ghee in a non-stick pan or heavy bottomed pan and add grated pumpkin. Sauté it over low flame until raw smell goes off and almost all moisture is absorbed or for around 6-8 minutes. Add milk, stir well and cook until it turns soft or for around 8-10 minutes Pumpkin slices, peeled and cubed. I prepared a very small quantity with left over pumpkin, and it was enough for me and my hubby. If you are thinking of preparing it for a bigger crowd, do increase the quantities accordingly. Pumpkin ka Meetha/Halwa Makes- 2 small bowls as in the picture. Ingredients Kasi Halwa. Halwa is a North Indian sweet dish. While there is another sweet called by the same name in South India (read Kerala), it is an entirely different thing from the Halwa of the North India. The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear the word Halwa is Bollywood movies This Lauki Halwa, also known as Dudhi / Doodhi halwa is very similar to carrot halwa. As carrot halwa is to North Indian cuisine, there are South Indian favorites as well. White pumpkin halwa / Kasi halwa which happens to be my husband's favorite ever, is made with ash gourd Apple halwa recipe made with apples, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla. Apple halwa is a delicious halwa that is easy to make. This apple halwa does not use sooji (rava), milk, khoya or milk powder. Just apples, sugar (optional) and ghee. Flavorings and nuts of your choice can be added to the halwa Mirchi ka halwa is a unique and interesting preparation of boiled green chilli paste cooked with khoya and semolina. 2.Haldi Ka Halwa Another marvel from North India, Haldi ka Halwa is a treat most commonly relished during the winter season as it keep you warm from within and also boosts your immunity

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