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For this project you will need a drill, a circular saw, a wrench, a brad nailer, and a table saw. A miter saw and an impact driver will also make this project easier. 2-3 shipping pallets or a few large shipping crates should provide enough wood for a barn door. Pulley wheels, rails, and hardware will get things rolling Great Ideas from www.camericaprojects.comSliding Barn Door Installation | Barn Door Hardware | DIY Sliding Barn Door0:00 / 10:51Creating a sliding barn door... 1 Supplies needed to build your own set of Sliding Pallet Barn Doors. 2 Planning out your project: Don't be afraid to revise your ideas! 3 Removing the Original Door Frame: Prepping for your Pallet Barn Doors. 4 Don't Get Warped, Prepping the wood up & handy tips I learned Step 1: Interior Pallet Barn Doors. This is what the door hole looks like with the original door frame removed and with a little bit of the new trim attached. This was also pallet wood I had stained and varnished. I varnished first so I would not be smelling up the house with the polyurethane varnish Checking Your Barn Door for Defects. Before signing off on your DIY barn door project, stand back about five to ten feet from your barn door and give it a once over, to make sure there are no sagging areas, the rollers are correctly set, the guide on the bottom of the door you assembled is working correctly, and a general sense of proportion is present in the work

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  1. For this project video I build a sliding barn door, from Up-Cycled Pallet wood. It features completely hand made hardware, from parts that can be purchased a..
  2. Every person want to be doors in their houses and it may be from connecting of two pallets to create an interior diy pallet home door.. I've always wanted to barn a pallet wooden door ideas in my house. First of all, i saw many different wooden home door projects online, so I did my own spin on one with the help of pallets
  3. Add middle boards and then fill the doors solid using extra pallet wood mostly in shape of single straight pallet lengths! Fill the entire door solid, or we can say that fill the whole plywood base with slats of pallets! Complete also the other side of the door in the same way and just add the cross decorative boards to finish the doors
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  5. Spice up your home cleaning game with this tilt-out trash bin made of pallets. Build the tilt out trash bin using pallet wood planks and 2x8s. First build the base, then frame and finally add the tilt out component assembled with 90 degree metal brackets. Cut the 125 parallelograms out of scrap pieces to make the decorative front
  6. ates the uneven staining on the wood in a lot of cases and it also gives you a rustic look

Pallets are rough and are in need of some TLC from the power tools. Attach two wheels of whatever size to the top of the door and the bottom. The top sliding track is held in place by any remaining boards from the pallets. Stain the wood and add additional spotlights for ambiance if desired Take a close look at these free pallet barn plans for additional coop ideas. Free Pallet Barn Plans: Gates. We have quite a few pallet gates on our farm, and they're sturdy, reliable, and have made it through several seasons. Highly recommend! Check out these free pallet barn plans so you can make a free gate

DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door and DIY Barn Door Track - AKA Design + Life. Today we're sharing a project that looks great and adds some beautiful texture to a room! I love that it is made using pallets! What a truly lovely rustic DIY sliding barn door and complete with a DIY Track, such a fabulous creation from AKA Design + Life 17. DIY Contemporary 4-panel Barn Door for $50. If you are someone who is looking to give a completely different makeover to the entire ambiance of the living room! Then this simple, polished wooden 4 panel sliding barn door is a pocket-friendly DIY barn door project that you can get in only $50. deeplysouthernhome The Best DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door out of 2 Pallets - Lehman Lane. A pallet barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing and is cheap and easy to make! Learn how to make yours today!!! Article by The Country Chic Cottage - DIY, Cricut, crafts, recipes, decor The Best DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door out of 2 Pallets - Lehman Lane. A pallet sliding barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing, and is cheap and easy to make. Learn how to build it and build yours today! Article by Lehman Lane - DIY, Farmhouse Home Decor & Gardening Ideas. 943

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First you have to accumulate enough pallets. Have your cat guard them until you are ready. It keeps rodents from forming nests inside them. To start, we built a frame using 4x4's anchored into the ground at about 3 feet and concrete blocks (to keep the pallets off the ground) for the smaller door, i used free pallet wood and bought the trim pieces at home depot. the entire door cost about $46. for larger 4ft door for my dining room, was built using a 4'x8' sheet of shed siding (cut to size). then i trimmed it out with wood as well

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  1. Tip: Choose good quality lumber when building a sliding barn door. When you're picking out your lumber, make sure it's not bowed, warped or damaged. Hold one end up to your eye with the other end resting on the floor, look down the board to check that it's straight
  2. This is a traditional style DIY barn door. If you are looking for a way to create this magnificent look in your own home, then you'll want to check out this tutorial. So go ahead, start looking for a place in your home to put this magnificent little door. You'll be so glad you did. Try this DIY barn door idea. 10. DIY Dutch Barn Door
  3. DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door - Lehman Lane. This wonderful DIY gives you a totally different look and slant on supplies. You will see how to build a Barn Door with all the charm and appeal with regular Pallet Wood! It has a great look and feel that no other wood could give
  4. Build all sorts of outdoor furniture with pallets like outdoor benches, pallet chair, picnic tables, patio lounge, poolside loungers, Adirondack chairs, and to fantastic L-shape pallet sofa and if you need to look at some ready-made samples, then just browse this list of 45 DIY pallet outdoor furniture ideas that are all amazing and creative.
  5. Wondering how to make stuff with things that can be repurposed like pallets and old doors? Here are things to do with pallets like pallet art, a pallet coffee table, a pallet daybed, pallet shelves and a pallet potting bench and well as cool things to make out of a DOOR! You're going to be blown away with these tables, cabinets, headboards, coat hangers, and even a secret passageway

So, I cut three pallet slats 38″ long for ONE side of my window. Don't forget! You will need to build two sets of shutters per window, so keep that in mind when counting how many slats to cut. For one window set you would need 6 slats. Next, I measured the width of the three pallet slats laying side by side, which gave me 11.25″ The pallet barn door cabinet in the plan has a sliding door, so half your stuff are in full view of everyone visiting your kitchen. So place all your pretty, organized knick-knacks in one side and all the unsightly ones in the covered side

For the wood for this project I used all reclaimed a pallet material such as these. Much of the pallets were collected last summer and the boards harvested, and left stacked outside to age naturally for several months. I started the project by making the track for the door, so that it could be hung and then measurements taken to build the door Build video on a recent project for my home. thanks for watching, cheers!!. In order to give tucker room to play and get the door out of the way we decided to give him a pallet sliding barn door. i had some pallets in the garage leftover from buying wood pellets for our stove so i decided to try and create a pallet sliding barn door. i think it turned out great! Make a barn door out of pallets. Sample images Make a barn door out of pallets. DIY Barn Door. Potting Bench Made From Pallets. Wood Pallet Wall Bathroom. Goat Barns Shelter. Desk Made From Reclaimed Wood. Share with friends : Facebook Google+ Twitter See Part 1 (How to build the hutch) HERE. So I have been wanting a barn door for ages. But I have nowhere to put one in my small house. When I convinced my wonderful husband to build me a hutch, and we decided to try out a barn door on it.. When I was researching how to build a barn door, most of the tutorials I found required expensive barn door hardware, or had complicated DIY's on bending.

Pallet Doors & DIY Pallet Screen Door | Pallet Furniture DIY from s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com. 1×6 cedar for face frame: Here is a great sliding barn door project we built for brandon williams @ willsheim design & build. Barn doors are all the rage these days as a great home decor accent One more pallet door is showing in this picture i think now you have an idea about wooden pallet which places in the house where you can use wooden pallet door. As well as you add doors of wooden pallet you can made some windows or cabins in your house with rustic wooden pallet. source. Pallet sliding barn door which you can see in those picture Extras: a pack of 3 and one of 4 inch screws, wooden frames, wooden rafters, varnish or paint and door knobs, if desired, in the end. The Step-by-Step Process For Building The Small Storage Shed. Map out the structure of the back part of your shed; Start filling up the rectangular structure; Remove all screws from the pallets with a pliers and.

Cut the Trim Pieces. Cut long 1x6 pieces to match the vertical dimension of the DIY barn door and attach them to the plywood with 1 1/4 brad nails. Measure the width between these two boards, and cut three 1 x 6 pieces to fit. Attach them to the top, bottom and center of the door to create the frame Sliding barn door from reclaimed pallet wood. I saw many different sliding door projects online, so I did my own spin on one. I was able to get several old pallets for free (pine and oak). I went to Lowes and bought a few 2x3s which I used as the frame, and the track hardware which was only $13! Most doors I see are mounted from the wall, but. Statement Barn Doors for Storage Cabinets Using Pallet Wood. Nickell wanted to create some doors to close off her wood storage cabinet and opted for pallet wood barn doors to serve as a statement piece of artwork in her living room. 1/4 plywood strips were nailed in a chevron pattern, using a circular saw to trim off any excess overhang

Frugal Barn Door. An economical twist on the popular barn door. Lighted Pallet Bed. A twist on the pallet bed that is a favorite pallet project. Check out our Outdoor DIY Pallet Projects for Your Manufactured Home for even more ideas! Have you created something beautiful from a pallet? Is there a lesson you learned or a tip you'd like to. Barn doors in the home are so on trend right now- and like the rest of the world, we LOVE them! Whether you prefer ordering a pre-made barn door, or building your own, they are a beautiful addition to just about any space.Not only do they make a great statement piece, but they are also functional! Win, win! We are so excited to share our version of a DIY Barn Door we built for my kitchen Step 2: Making the Center Weathered Barn Doors. The center doors were made using a sheet of 5/8″ plywood for the backing. We found pre-weathered boards from Home Depot that came in a pack of a variety of colors for the facing boards. Cutting the 5/8″ plywood backing to size. The sets of weathered wood from Home Depot The Best DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door out of 2 Pallets - Lehman Lane A pallet sliding barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing, and is cheap and easy to make. Learn how to build it and build yours today

We made a barn door out of 2 Pallets. I think it turned out great! It brings some rustic to the room, frees up space, and looks really cool!! You have to first dismantle the pallets to utilize the wood. You have to take care with removing the boards. Hopefully you'll have better luck at removing the boards than I did Your barn door will hang from a track or rail above the doorway. Wheels attached to the door slide on the track when you open or close the door. The hardware for DIY barn doors can support up to 200 pounds. The track or rail for your barn door project must be twice the width of the door to slide completely open

Building a door frame. 1. Build a door frame out of 2x4s. Building a shed door from scratch is not hard. It's just attaching a few 2x4s together which makes for a heavy-duty door! Plus, you can customize the size. Learn how to build the shed door HERE and weather-roofed it HERE. So next up is the super fun part of building a barn door for a. Hey buddies! We have an awesome building project for you today. We're building sliding BARN DOORS! This is going to be a two-part series; the first sharing how to build the barn door, and the second will be talking about barn door hardware and installation in our attic family room! We started out in the lumber isle at our local hardware store Purchase an off-the-shelf carport, assemble it, clad it with timber, add a door, and you have an awesome low-cost barn. You could cut costs even further by cladding with wood stripped from free wooden pallets. If you ask around local businesses, you can get an endless supply of free pallets. See our 160+ pallet tutorials post for more pallet. Pallet Wood Projects You May Like: Please also your vintage-loving customers by making adorable vintage pallet furniture for them using pallets, a very fantastic example here is the wooden pallet desk that comes with reclaimed old table legs! Earn also a handsome amount of money by making and selling the bike trailers, which are a matter of minutes to make with pallets, check out a given. Step 4 Assembling the Door. Using a 2 x 4 as a guide on the outer edge of the back of the door frame - and with a nail gun, we nailed in all of the 48″ tongue and groove boards across the door opening - nailing on the top and bottom, and to the 29″ 2 x 4″piece as well. You could use pallets or reclaimed boards here just as easily

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Create a comfy bench for the deck or porch using shipping pallets and outdoor cushions. Easily transform the area from summer to fall with different colored throw pillows and fuzzy blankets to cuddle up in. Complete the look with a portable fire pit. Use wooden pallets to build a sturdy seat for your deck Build a stylish DIY Dutch barn door from scratch, to your custom measurements. The lower section makes a perfect baby gate or pet gate. After I designed the barn door baby gate for the stairs, I realized that I could add the same type of door up above and make it into a Dutch barn door. Double the barn door, double the love

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  1. Using Pallets to Build. Using pallets is one of the best ways to build a simple standard blind, especially if you're operating on a tight budget. More so, pallet blinds are more preferable for hunting during spring. Besides being cheap, pallets are very easy to build with and do not take much time
  2. The doors were beautiful but I think with the weight, over the years, one of the wheels stopped spinning. I was ready for a refresh so it was a good excuse to build a lighter-weight, new set of doors. I am LOVING the new look of my Easy DIY Barn Doors and I've got the how-to video and free plans for you to build your own
  3. Mar 6, 2016 - A pallet sliding barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing, and is cheap and easy to make. Learn how to build it and build yours today
  4. The Best DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door out of 2 Pallets - Lehman Lane. A pallet sliding barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing, and is cheap and easy to make. Learn how to build it and build yours today! Tina Partyka saved to Building Projects . Article from.
  5. The Best DIY Pallet Sliding Barn Door out of 2 Pallets - Lehman Lane. A pallet sliding barn door adds a lot of character, saves space, looks amazing, and is cheap and easy to make. Learn how to build it and build yours today
  6. DIY Pallet Projects. Wood pallets are easy to come by and they can be used to create some amazing things. Here is a collection of 30 projects using wooden pallets. There is something for the beginner all the way through advanced DIYers. 1
  7. How to make a themed pallet wall bar Find a pallet **This post may contain affiliate links. Which means I earn a small commission on links used at no extra cost to you. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.** For this project, you will need a pallet in reasonably good condition

3 DIY Horse Projects With Pallets. Many horse owners love do-it-yourself projects! Not only are they fun, but they can help you cut costs and personalize the object. Pallets are a great option for those looking to save a few bucks and still have something sturdy and wooden. There are a ton of tutorials on how to build what you need for your horse Building a Barn Style Chicken Coop from Plywood Pallets Still need to do a bit more of the framing and then make the doors. the red color is perfect and the fact that you built it out of pallets is awesome. Thank you for sharing it with Share It One More Time. Cathy June 29, 2015 at 3:46 PM. Happy Wednesday peeps! As promised, I'm back with the tutorial for the DIY Faux Barn Doors AKA: How to Make Hollow Core Doors look Sexy. They're probably my favorite project from the 24 hour Modern Farmhouse Makeover I did over the holidays. If you missed the reveal with all the before and afters make sure you check it out These barn door plans include three sliding options. Before starting, take a careful look at the area where you would like to install the door and figure out what door setup works best. If you want to cover the opening with one door, you'll need an area on one side of the opening that's wide enough for the door. Make sure there aren't any. Mr.F had to change out the cable connector to one that turned 90 degrees and the plugs on the TV to flat plugs (on the left side of the doors and lamp on the right side of the door) in order for the barn doors to open while everything was plugged in

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Stand the Pallets up on end starting in one corner and screw them together one pallet at a time until your perimeter is complete. Leave the last pallet loose as a door. Add two hinges to one end to create a door for your pig pen. Add a latch to keep your door closed. Your pig pen is now complete A few slats from an old pallet provided the roof pieces and door trim, and the metal stars tacked to each of the ends are re-purposed Christmas ornaments. Designed to attract robins, the birdhouse resembles an old barn or rustic farm stable

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  1. You can make all kinds of doors out of pallets, from sliding barn doors to rustic doors for home interiors. 60. Cabins. Whether you need it for a vacation home or a primary residence, you can build a cabin using re-purposed pallets. 61. Shutters
  2. Pole barn doors can add to your convenience, especially when moving heavy equipment or other large items into your pole barn. There are many types of pole barn doors that you can install or build such as swing doors, sliding doors, overhead doors and more. However, if you wish to build tough, durable pole barn doors, you can do so using.
  3. My very first compost bin was built with used pallets. It was very simple to make. I bolted together 3 pallets at the top a bottom to make a U shape, then hinged the forth pallet on the front as a door. The slatted spaces on the pallets provided great air circulation and the hinged door made it easy to remove the finished compost
  4. Step 1: Dismantle Pallets. Use the circular saw to cut the edges of the pallet away from the rest of the pallet. Gently bend the slats to separate from the center board. (You may need to tap the slats lightly with a hammer.) Use the hammer to remove any remaining nails from the slats

The Barn Door Headboard Project - Building a barn door from traditional lumber, salvaged wood or pallets. A simple project to make this weeken A pocket door might work, but the maximum opening for such a door is about 48″, and I'd prefer to keep the 60″ width, if possible. So, I was considering using a sliding barn door and constructing a cover for the open door. That is, I'd build out so that the door slides into a pocket when open (I hope this is reasonably clear) You can build every stylish and featured model of a wooden headboard with pallets so check out 40 DIY Pallet Headboard Ideas as a great proof here and have been shared only to give a boost your creative thinking! The list pallet headboard ideas will also guide that you how you can personalize your.. I recently I was building a new lean-to onto the out building for lawnmower storage. I had sticker shock from the price of concrete here and looked for another option. As we a big problem with termites here in south Georgia, I didn't want wood touching the ground. What we found was a used pallet dealer that had a load of plastic pallets 25 DIY Pallet Wood Projects. Lee has over two decades of hands-on experience remodeling, fixing, and improving homes, and has been providing home improvement advice for over 12 years. Free for the taking and bursting with raw style, pallet wood has quickly become a favorite building material for savvy do-it-yourselfers. Pallet wood board is.

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I know I've mentioned at least a few (dozen) times that I want a barn door in my house. I really wasn't sure if it would ever happen, so I made a cabinet with a mini barn door on it. I love that cabinet and use it all the time, but I really wanted a bigger version, so when my husband built another cabinet into the wall in our entryway, he fashioned the door to look like a barn door That's a BIG DOOR! We started with 6- 12″ wide planks - 8 feet tall. Then just screwed 2 - 6″ wide boards across them all. There's 5 in each 12″ board at each end - imagine a cross pattern to attach it to the smaller plank. Wide Rustic Barn Door. Supply List. 6 - 12″ x 8′ x 1″ boards. 2 - 6″ x 6′ x 1/2″ boards. I'm very picky when it comes to closet doors, I don't really like any of the options out there. First you have the rolling closet doors that, always, cover half the closet half the time and are a bit of a nightmare to install, hate em.Then you have the old fashioned kind of closet doors where its basically just two interior doors side by side that open out, I like this idea but they're.

Use the PALLET BUSTER to get those pallet boards off--so easy! I then added a diagonal board. I just place the board where I want it and pencil out the angle and then cut accordingly. I drilled through the front and let the screws show because that is how authentic barn doors are made. I painted it pretty sparsely with red latex paint I love the look of industrial hardware combined with a simple wood door, and how this style of door can save space in a room. (Pocket doors are high on my list, too.) When I renovated my basement two years ago, one item was a definite must. Somewhere, somehow, there would be a barn door

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The use of occasional plywood for the door and paneling for the inside came from the pallets too. Granted the outer walls and roof were cladded with vinyl, it's amazing that this huge chicken house was made almost entirely out of pallets! Check out this awesome build here. 13. Pallet Palac Recycled doors are tall enough to provide the height, and most doors are no less than 30 inches wide. Screw a 2-by-4 stud at the top and bottom to make panels, and attach the panels to posts or between existing buildings or even trees. For a conversation piece, install one or two of the doors to swing open like a gate Once the board is off the pallet base, hammer the back of the nails out. If they don't pop out automatically, use the back of the hammer to yank out the nail. It's quite a workout, and I'm not as good at this as Silas, so doing two pallets is enough to make me really tired and super sweaty. But it is so worth it in the end Lately we've been getting more requests for furniture DIY projects. Luckily this awesome tutorial from Sarah Torrence of 508 Restoration & Design for a salvaged barnwood headboard landed in my inbox, and was just too pretty to pass up. Due to their size and the amount of use they receive, headboards can be intimidating, even if the form is fairly straightforward

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Pallets do not seem to be a standard size or shape, I found out from the 7 pallets I intended to use for this daybed project. I waited a few months trying to get free pallets all the same size but gave up and decided to try and make them out of what I had. It is also time for our next blog hop for 'Do It Over' Designers Pallet house to save the world or a garden shed., Intro: pallet house to save the world or a garden shed. my middle school class designed and built a basic prototype for a house made of pallets.. Diy pallet garden • diy wood projects • 1001 pallets, Lounge sets, picnic tables, decks, playhouses, chicken coops, fences, garden.

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3. Make a Goat House from Pallets. Not in a position to invest a lot in building a protected outdoor residence for your goats? Then build a great model of goat barn using free pallets. Just make the pallets stand vertically to build the wall for the goat house. Cover the as much area as you want and then finish with a metal tilted roof. You can make a barn door-inspired headboard using reclaimed wood such as the boards from a wooden pallet or some wood from an old barn. Align the boards and the headboard will start to take shape. Then place two thinner boards diagonally over the aligned one to get that barn door look. You can find a few more details on ourvintagehomelove Tip:Check out my Pallet Safety post on how to find the best pallets for crafting and building. 2. Once the pallets were deconstructed, I used a hammer to knock the remaining nails out of the wood. I made sure to be really thorough because I didn't want any nails to get caught in the saw or planer later. 3. After prepping the pallets, I ran. I've been drooling over barn door headboards for years now and finally found the perfect one. Simple to make, fit the budget, and most importantly, a willing father to help! My dad came into town for the holidays and we busted this thing out in probably a total of 8 hours all together. It was insane. And the price that's the best part

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Calculating the total area depends, of course, on the number of heads of your farm. It is recommended to build a pig pen with a reserve area. Depending on the material of the pen you should choose the type of foundation. If you plan to build a rather small pen for pigs, it would be wise to make the earth floor out of pallets A well used wooden pallet may not really seem like it has the lifestyle over and above it's utilized in shipping. Even so, this weathered wooden may bring an old-fashioned overall appeal to a bedroom when you convert it into a headboard. While many expensive stores can charge 100's of dollars for bed headboards, But free pallets can typically be purchased at a very low cost or free from many.

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2 pieces @ 71 1/2″. 2 pieces @ 21″. Make the following cuts from the 1x6s: 3 pieces @ 17″. 2. Assemble barn door face frame. Add two pocket holes with the Kreg Jig to each side of the three 1×6 pieces. Then, attach to the top, middle, and bottom in between the two 1×4 pieces using 1 1/4″ Kreg screws Removable slats front panels or doors make it easy to turn the pile and remove compost when its ready to spreadfollow our cedar compost bin plans to make a rustic little structure that will help you keep your yard thriving year round. Each side will be 28 high and 40 long made up of 4 2x6s and 2 2x2s. Pre drilling the nail holes will make This headboard is really fun. The reclaimed barn wood was used to create a distressed faux door at the head of the bed. The door is made of boards in different hues of brown, some of which seem to have leftover paint on them, and is completed with fake hardware as well as a shelf at the top. via funkyjunkinteriors. DIY Stained Pallet Headboar How To Install Pallet Flooring Correctly (DIY) Step 1 - Find the joists Step 2 - Lay the planks Step 3 - Stick and nail down Step 4 - Complete the room. Presuming that you are not only using industrial strength glue/adhesive to attach the pallets, find and mark the joists throughout the floor

Wood Shed Made From Pallets. How to build free or cheap shed from pallets diy garage, Part 5 of build cutting the steal.. Pallet shed building - rural route diaries, To start, we built a frame using 4x4's anchored into the ground at about 3 feet and concrete blocks (to keep the pallets off the ground). not everyone uses the 4x4 2 barn door hinges $2 each; 1″ hardware cloth $15; Now it was just finding the time to build something. My idea was to start with a pallet and build on that. The ducks weren't much help but were cute to look at So the first thing I did was take the 2 end boards off the the back of the pallet and place a 8″ 4×4's in each corner Through our sustainable designs from re-purposed materials like pallets, barn wood, and reclaimed materials often thrown out, we are able to create beautiful home designs that can be enjoyed! We believe that wood has a natural beauty that should be brought out and restored, not covered or thrown away Get DIY Chicken Coop Plans. We have now built 3 chicken coops, and we saved money by using collected materials from around the farm including some metal roofing, spare lumber, and old pallets. We only had to purchase hardware like screws and locks for the door as well as ¼ hardware cloth to keep the chickens safe

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A pallet coop that's one pallet wide and two pallets long is big enough for 10 hens. That's plenty of hens for most backyard chicken keepers. Make it one pallet wide and three pallets long and it will hold 15 hens. You can then build the roof out of pallets supported by at least three 2×4 ridgepoles and a 2×4 ridge beam laid flat

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