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kconfig: hide option for mcuboot support if image is mcuboot #28459. nashif merged 1 commit into zephyrproject-rtos: master from hakonfam: hide-mcuboot-option Jan 10, 2021. Conversation 25 Commits 1 Checks 6 Files changed Conversation. Copy link Quote reply Collaborator. A new gatekeeping Kconfig option that hides/shows other Kconfig options (but does not generate any code of its own), should be default y so people will see those other options. Sub-driver behavior or similar options for a driver that is default n. This allows you to provide sane defaults The script works since __HIDDEN_OPTION__ is never a configuration option, and thus it cause the dependency failed for all cases. Only those forceful select command can override it and select the configuration. Though Makefile gives an warning, due to the not-matched (never-matched) __HIDDEN_OPTION__ condition For 64 bit kernels, the option Support for large (2TB+) block devices and files (LBDAF) is hidden and not required. On 32 bit kernels, default ext4 filesystems become read only if its set off. A more subtle example is this error message from emerge ndiswrapper.. Make espfix64 a hidden Kconfig option. This fixes the x86-64 UML build which had broken due to the non-existence of init_espfix_bsp() in UML: since UML uses its own Kconfig, this option does not appear in the UML build. This also makes it possible to make support for 16-bit segments a configuration option, for the people who want to minimize.

# Hidden option: default n # When building for ECDSA, we use our own copy of mbedTLS, so the # Zephyr one must not be enabled or the MBEDTLS_CONFIG_FILE macros # will collide. depends on ! MBEDTLS: help: Use TinyCrypt for crypto primitives. config BOOT_USE_CC310: bool # Hidden option: default n # When building for ECDSA, we use our own copy of. config X86_ENABLE_TSS bool depends on! X86_64 && X86 help This hidden option enables defining a Task State Segment (TSS) for kernel execution. This is needed to handle double-faults or do privilege elevation. It also defines a special TSS and handler for correctly handling double-fault exceptions, instead of just letting the system triple-fault and reset # For a description of the syntax of this configuration file, # see kconfig/kconfig-language.txt. mainmenu Espressif IoT Development Framework Configuration # Hidden option to support checking for this specific target in C code and Kconfig files. This is a hidden option which needs to be set per architecture and left alone. Direct dependencies¶ (ITE_IT8XXX2_INTC && SOC_SERIES_RISCV32_IT8XXX2) || ARC || GEN_ISR_TABLES (Includes any dependencies from ifs and menus.) Defaults¶ 0. 16. 0. Kconfig definitions.

Hidden option used to indicate that the current image is MCUBoot Defaults¶ No defaults. Implicitly defaults to n. Kconfig definitions. This hidden option unconditionally saves/restores the FPU/SIMD register state on every context switch. Mitigates CVE-2018-3665, but incurs a performance hit. For vulnerable systems that process sensitive information in the FPU register set, should be used any time CONFIG_FPU is enabled, regardless if the FPU is used by one thread or multiple kconfig: Hide the DesignWare I2C driver on unsupported platforms. When users are configuring nRF applications they are given the option to enable the DesignWare I2C driver. But they should not be given this option because nRF SoCs do not have DesignWare I2C HW. This commit hides the driver by default by introducing the config option HAS_I2C_DW The help information is distributed throughout the kernel source tree in the various files called Kconfig. So one could use grep to search for whatever you wanted through these files. You can also use ? within menuconfig to summon the help on a given topic too. The key your lookinig for to show hidden menus and submenus appears to be z Cleanup ATA Kconfig, this patch replaces earlier RFC patches. Cleanup ATA Kconfig, hide the SFF option behind new PATA and SATA menu items, sort drivers into a single list, add missing if unsure, say... help text, this version gets the items indented in make menuconfig, som

kconfig: hide option for mcuboot support if image is

This eliminates the need of changing both the compatible property in devicetree and the Kconfig option selecting the driver type when a user wants to switch between SPI, SPIM, and SPIS for a given instance. Since all SPI_x_NRF_SPI* options are made hidden by this commit, all their occurrences in configuration files are removed Is there any kind of hidden or helper option on Kconfig that can't be set manually, but only could be set by other options? Where can I read about it (except `mconf.c`` of course, because I assume my problem is too well known to read the source) linux linux-kernel. Share. Improve this question make menuconfig is one of five similar tools that can configure Linux source, a necessary early step needed to compile the source code. make menuconfig, with a menu-driven user interface, allows the user to choose the features of Linux (and other options) that will be compiled.It is normally invoked using the command make menuconfig; menuconfig is a target in Linux Makefil Renaming this Kconfig option given it corresponds to a version string for a particular release. Signed-off-by: Vincent Wan <vincent.wan@linaro.org> vanti force-pushed the vanti:deprecate_cc2650 branch from ef00c50 to fdd3331 Jan 10, 202 Menuconfig takes the options from ESP-IDF components and from the given project. The values of the options for the project are read from and written to sdkconfig file in the project directory (the first run of menuconfig creates the file). Not all options show up in menuconfig, e.g. not supported or disabled options might be hidden

To get access to environment variables, Kconfig needs to define a symbol using option env= syntax. It is tedious to add a symbol entry for each environment variable given that we need to define much more such as 'CC', 'AS', 'srctree' etc. to evaluate the compiler capability in Kconfig On 08/03/2012 03:10 PM, Thomas Petazzoni wrote: > Until now, the PLAT_ORION configuration option was common to all the > Marvell EBU SoCs, and selecting this option had the effect of enabling > the MPP code, GPIO code, address decoding and PCIe code from > plat-orion, as well as providing access to driver-specific header > files from plat-orion/include. > > However, the Armada 370 and XP SoCs. >>>>> Previously the XILINX_INTC config option was hidden and only >>>>> auto-selected on the MicroBlaze platform. However, this IP can also be >>>>> used on other platforms. Allow this option to be user-enabled. >> bothered to add the small Kconfig fragment that is required to their >> kernel build. > The same interrupt controller was used.

Kconfig Language — The Linux Kernel documentatio

Linux kernel Kconfig: How do I de-select an option

The Linux kernel also has various configuration options that affect how SELinux is enabled (see security/selinux/Kconfig in the Linux kernel sources). By default in Buildroot the SELinux policy is provided by the upstream refpolicy project, enabled with BR2_PACKAGE_REFPOLICY Kconfig files describe a configuration database, which is a collection of configuration options organized in a tree structure. Configuration options may have dependencies (among other attributes), which are used to determine their visibility. Kconfig files are written in Kconfig language defined in the Linux kernel. Configuration options have. Options that specify fixed hardware configuration ¶. For example, avoid Kconfig options specifying a GPIO pin. An alternative applicable to device drivers is to define a GPIO specifier with type phandle-array in the device binding, and using the GPIO devicetree API from C. Similar advice applies to other cases where devicetree.h provides Hardware specific APIs for referring to other nodes in. Disabling this option will still allocate memory using the memory pool interface (le_mem), but switches the internal behaviour to use malloc and free on a per-block basis. This allows tools like Valgrind to accurately track the allocations and de-allocations at the cost of potential memory fragmentation

Message ID: 20170707183703.2190-5-alex.g@adaptrum.com: State: Accepted: Commit: 9a31c739d2c0f1383d8a73830c5b0bc444ba9d28: Delegated to: Joe Hershberger: Header Hello, Jean, I have the following queued, which should address your first point. Would adding default y address your other point? On RCU_CPU_STALL_INFO, I have a patch queued for v4.3 that eliminates this Kconfig option completely. Thanx, Paul ----- rcu: Clarify CONFIG_RCU_EQS_DEBUG help text Reported-by: Geert Uytterhoeven <[hidden email]> Signed-off-by: Paul E. McKenney <[hidden email On Wed, May 16, 2018 at 11:16 PM, Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> wrote: > Add a document for the macro language introduced to Kconfig. > > The motivation of this work is to move the compiler option tests to > Kconfig from Makefile. A number of kernel features require the > compiler support. Enabling such features blindly in Kconfig ends up > with a lot of nasty build-time.

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kconfig confdata: Add an option to keep all .config backups - - ----2020-07-08: Maxime Chretien: New: kconfig qconf: Fix mouse events in search view kconfig qconf: Fix mouse events in search view - - ----2020-07-08: Maxime Chretien: New: kconfig qconf: Add grey background for hidden options kconfig qconf: Add grey background for hidden options The application is based on the zephyr architecture and uses a kconfig setup system to define what the settings are. I did have to change a number of settings in the kconfig files using the 'Configure nRF Connect SDK Project' menu option to anything at all to come out in the debug window which I find extremely disappointing Hi, Le mardi 17 juillet 2018 à 21:43 -0400, Theodore Ts'o a écrit : > This gives the user building their own kernel (or a Linux > distribution) the option of deciding whether or not to trust the CPU's > hardware random number generator (e.g., RDRAND for x86 CPU's) as being > correctly implemented and not having a back door introduced (perhaps > courtesy of a Nation State's law enforcement or.

cgroup core makes such a css invisible by removing the associated interface files and invokes this callback so that the hidden subsystem can return to the initial neutral state. This prevents unexpected resource control from a hidden css and ensures that the configuration is in the initial state when it is made visible again later Include a description of the new functionality and system call controlled by the option. Make the option depend on EXPERT if it should be hidden from normal users. Make any new source files implementing the function dependent on the CONFIG option in the Makefile (e.g. obj-$(CONFIG_XYZZY_SYSCALL) += xyzzy.c) Use <bytes> as the encryption unit instead of 512 bytes sectors. This option can be in range 512 - 4096 bytes and must be power of two. Virtual device will announce this size as a minimal IO and logical sector. iv_large_sectors. IV generators will use sector number counted in <sector_size> units instead of default 512 bytes sectors thread-prev] [thread-next>] Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2019 11:24:23 -0800 From: Thomas Garnier <thgarnie@...omium.org> To: kernel-hardening@...ts.openwall.com Cc: kristen.

option hidden KCONFIG Kernel configuration option dependency. For external modules, remove it. FILES Files you want to inlude to this kernel module package, separate with spaces. AUTOLOAD Modules that will be loaded automatically on boot, the order you write them is the order they would be loaded.. Introduction¶. ESP-IDF uses kconfiglib which is a Python-based extension to the Kconfig system which provides a compile-time project configuration mechanism. Kconfig is based around options of several types: integer, string, boolean. Kconfig files specify dependencies between options, default values of the options, the way the options are grouped together, etc

44d057a37868a60bc2eb6e7d1dcea701f234d56a - kernel/common

Control Group v2 ¶. Control Group v2. This is the authoritative documentation on the design, interface and conventions of cgroup v2. It describes all userland-visible aspects of cgroup including core and specific controller behaviors. All future changes must be reflected in this document That means you haven't changed the TARGET_AM335X_EVM in your file board/ti/custombbb/Kconfig In your configs/customboard_BBB_defconfig remove the line CONFIG_TARGET_AM335X_EVM=y and instead add CONFIG_TARGET_CUSTOM_BBB=y and in your board/ti/custombbb/Kconfig change 'if TARGET_AM335X_EVM' to 'if TARGET_CUSTOM_BBB' Cheers,--Prabhakar La I want to recompile linux kernel in order to add some new modules into it. But: There is unable to check them in the xconfig to mark it as module or built in. My approach: 1/ Edit -> Find typ

distribution) the option of deciding whether or not to trust the CPU's hardware random number generator (e.g., RDRAND for x86 CPU's) as being correctly implemented and not having a back door introduced (perhaps courtesy of a Nation State's law enforcement or intelligence agencies). This will prevent getrandom(2) from blocking, if there is [PATCH 14/19] kconfig: Add search option for xconfig From: Roman Zippel Date: Sun Apr 09 2006 - 11:31:46 EST Next message: Roman Zippel: [PATCH 18/19] kconfig: warn about leading whitespace for menu prompts Previous message: Roman Zippel: [PATCH 16/19] kconfig: create links in info window Messages sorted by From: Konstantin Komarov <> Subject [PATCH v22 08/10] fs/ntfs3: Add Kconfig, Makefile and doc: Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2021 19:01:00 +030 The full dynticks Kconfig is currently hidden behind the full dynticks cputime accounting, which is an awkward and counter-intuitive layout: the user first has to select the dynticks cputime accounting in order to make the full dynticks feature to be visible. We definetly want it the other way around This driver uses the P2SB hide/unhide > + mechanism cooperatively to pass the PCI BAR address to the platform > + driver, currently GPIO on the following SoC products. > + - Apollo Lake Why do we need Kconfig option for this? I think better is to make P2SB available on CPUs which have one, and that can be detected runtime

The codec Kconfig options were hidden and intended to be selected by the machine driver that requires them. But that means having either a dedicated machine driver or building all codecs. This patch makes the Kconfig options visible so that they can be selected independently of the machine driver, allowing the codec to b > was to do the same kind of turn this Kconfig option on and turn an > option under it off trick that LTO uses, so that neither make > allnoconfig nor make allyesconfig would require Rust until we've had > plenty of time to experiment with it. No, please make it a is rust available automatic config option. Th to get IO or MMIO bar hidden by BIOS. Create a driver to access P2SB for x86 devices. Signed-off-by: Yong, Jonathan <jonath - Move Kconfig option CONFIG_X86_INTEL_NON_ACPI from [PATCH 2/3] x86/platform/p2sb: New Primary to Sideband bridge support driver for Intel SOC's.

sdk-mcuboot/Kconfig at

  1. In other cases, options will be hidden until the things they depend on are enabled. One famous example, if you turn off PCI bus support, anything that only makes sense if PCI support is enabled goes away. If you really want to see all the options, use one of GUI config tools. xconfig, gconfig etc. They all have a menu option to show everything
  2. On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 10:29 PM, Masahiro Yamada <yamada.masahiro@socionext.com> wrote: > Move the test for -fstack-protector(-strong) option to Kconfig. > > If the compiler does not support the option, the corresponding menu > is automatically hidden. If _STRONG is not supported, it will fall > back to _REGULAR. If _REGULAR is not supported, it will be disabled. > This means, _AUTO is.
  3. Re: [PATCH v2 04/21] kconfig: reference environments directly and remove 'option env=' syntax I've been kinda busy lately, so that's why I disappeared. I'll try to go over this patchset in more detail over the weekend
  4. The Cortex-M cores only support Thumb-2, not Thumb. In fact, Thumb-2 is a superset of Thumb, and we could have a single option for both in Buildroot, since -mthumb on ARMv4/v5 means original Thumb, while -mthumb on ARMv7 means Thumb 2. However, for clarity, it makes sense to have two separate options
  5. unhandled exception. This patch adds an option to view the registers at. the time of the trap, similar to the linux output on a kernel panic. Signed-off-by: Sean Anderson < [hidden email] >. ---. Changes for v2: - Renamed PC to EPC. arch/riscv/Kconfig | 3 +++. arch/riscv/cpu/mtrap.S | 3 ++-
  6. > > option is changed. > > > > Consider a defconfig with CONFIG_BROKEN=n, and a driver that is enabled > > in this defconfig gets for some reason marked as broken in the Kconfig > > file - this will give exactly the same result as the one you describe. > > Adrian, Hi Russell, > The defconfig files in arch/arm/configs are for platform configuration

X86_ENABLE_TSS — Kconfig referenc

ESP8266_RTOS_SDK/Kconfig at master · d-a-v/ESP8266_RTOS

  1. You need to add this option to the C compilation options in your makefile, probably defined as CFLAGS, but we can't be sure unless you post the makefile you are using in the body of your question. - Mike Kinghan May 5 '20 at 17:2
  2. From: Pavel Begunkov <asml.silence@gmail.com> To: Justin M. Forbes <jforbes@fedoraproject.org>, axboe@kernel.dk, io-uring@vger.kernel.org, linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org Subject: Re: [PATCH] io_uring: Remove CONFIG_EXPERT Date: Wed, 26 May 2021 23:55:41 +0100 Message-ID: <0d335e81-9a94-ca60-5659-bb46080b9242@gmail.com> () In-Reply-To: <20210526223445.317749-1-jforbes@fedoraproject.org> On 5/26.
  3. The below patch adds the %pK format specifier, the CONFIG_SECURITY_KPTR_RESTRICT configuration option, and the kptr_restrict sysctl. The %pK format specifier is designed to hide exposed kernel pointers from unprivileged users, specifically via /proc interfaces. Its behavior depends on the kptr_restrict sysctl, whose default value depends on.

Hi everyone, Somebody knows how can hidde the english options on language field at the PPM Login Page, I want mantain only Portuguese options. I ran ./kConfig.sh but only appears the portuguese options to disable Best, Luciano Salin From: Wenyou Yang <[hidden email]> To prepare to remove the SoCs options such as SAMA5D2, SAMA5D3 and SAMA5D4 from the CONFIG_SYS_EXTRA_OPTIONS option which is deprecated, add the SoC options to Kconfig. Signed-off-by: Wenyou Yang <[hidden email]> --- arch/arm/mach-at91/Kconfig | 108 +++++----- 1 file changed, 80 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-) diff --git a/arch/arm/mach-at91/Kconfig b/arch/arm.

GEN_IRQ_START_VECTOR — Kconfig referenc

The --emit-relocs linker option was kept instead of using -pie to limit the impact on mapped sections. Any incompatible relocation will be catch by the arch/x86/tools/relocs binary at compile time. If segment based stack cookies are enabled, try to use the compiler option to select the segment register * adds kconfig_symb as module attribute * updates modpost to set KBUILD_KSYMB macro as value for kbuild_symb attribute Note: the content of the file Module.ksymb is generated for all modules that have only one associate CONFIG option. All others are considered to be components linked at the final modules but not final modules itselves Ipconfig /release . This option terminates any active TCP/IP connections on all network adapters and releases those IP addresses for use by other applications. Ipconfig/release can be used with specific Windows connection names. In this case, the command affects only the specified connections, not all connections The Depends on: boolean expression must evaluate to true before the kernel option is visible. Go into menuconfig. Press 'z' to toggle the display of hidden symbols. The Search will work, so you can read the help but the option will remain unselcatable. The Symbol will be > Dear Mr Dagenais, > > I have just tried your w1-ds2408 linux driver on a TP link mini router running openwrt with w1-gpio. I was able to successfully update a 2408 outputs by writing a byte to the /output file. > However, I would like to drive an LCD screen, and this method seems limited to 3/4 chars per second

Modern systems do not use usbfs; the entries within it are files, not device nodes, and do not support ACLs which are the default way to provide access to USB devices to untrusted users commit: 2afe5de2f3123c29a315ec96110718dad8a588b2 [] [author: Lee Jones <lee.jones@linaro.org> Tue Apr 27 21:51:14 2021 +0100: committer: Lee Jones <lee.jones@linaro.org> next prev parent reply index Thread overview: 53+ messages / expand[flat|nested] mbox.gz Atom feed top 2018-04-13 5:06 [PATCH 00/30] kconfig: move compiler capability tests to Kconfig Masahiro Yamada 2018-04-13 5:06 ` [PATCH 01/30] gcc-plugins: fix build condition of SANCOV plugin Masahiro Yamada 2018-05-04 14:21 ` Masahiro Yamada 2018-05-04 16:21 ` Kees Cook 2018-05-05 1:35 ` Masahiro Yamada. 3.3. Kernel Compilation ¶. We may need to compile our own kernel to add/remove some features present in the system. The kernel distributed with general settings setting which should run on all the possible installations. Thus they need to support a wide range of hardware. Some of the features may be built in the kernel while some of them may.

BPF is a highly flexible and efficient virtual machine-like construct in the Linux kernel allowing to execute bytecode at various hook points in a safe manner. It is used in a number of Linux kernel subsystems, most prominently networking, tracing and security (e.g. sandboxing). Although BPF exists since 1992, this document covers the extended. Commit 089df18bfe9d (lib: move hash CONFIG options to Kconfig) moved CONFIG_SHA1, CONFIG_SHA256, CONFIG_SHA_HW_ACCEL, and CONFIG_SHA_PROG_HW_ACCEL config options to Kconfig. So in the case of SPL, CONFIG_SPL_HASH_SUPPORT enables CONFIG_SHA1 and CONFIG_SHA256 which enables SHA SW library by default. But in the case of platforms with SHA HW library support, SHA SW library becomes redundant and. Show/Hide the toolbar. ShowStatusbar Show/Hide the statusbar. SaveOptions Deprecated: since 5.39 : KeyBindings Display the configure key bindings dialog. Preferences Display the preferences/options dialog. ConfigureToolbars Display the toolbar configuration dialog. ConfigureNotifications Display the notifications configuration dialog. TipofDa Bash. wsl --set-version <distribution name> <versionNumber>. Make sure to replace <distribution name> with the actual name of your distribution and <versionNumber> with the number '1' or '2'. You can change back to WSL 1 at anytime by running the same command as above but replacing the '2' with a '1'. Additionally, if you want to make WSL 2.

*PATCH] io_uring: Remove CONFIG_EXPERT @ 2021-05-26 22:34 Justin M. Forbes 2021-05-26 22:55 ` Pavel Begunkov 2021-05-27 13:43 ` Jens Axboe 0 siblings, 2 replies; 9+ messages in thread From: Justin M. Forbes @ 2021-05-26 22:34 UTC (permalink / raw) To: axboe, asml.silence, io-uring, linux-kernel; +Cc: Justin M. Forbes While IO_URING has been in fairly heavy development, it is hidden behind. diff --git a/Documentation/filesystems/ntfs3.rst b/Documentation/filesystems/ntfs3.rst new file mode 100644 index 000000000..fb2906736--- /dev/null +++ b. The option also triggers warnings when the argument in a call to such a function has an unsigned type. Furthermore a lot of time was spent on making the user interface more intuitive and a hidden option was added to support RandR display scaling (configured via Xfconf). Breeze Icons, KAuth, KActivities, KConfig, KIO, Kirigami.

Tutorial – Master Voronoi on clothing | CAD – ScriptingWindows10でSSDの寿命を延ばす対策【第三回】 | ZAKKINKShidden_option - ZAKKINKS[SOLVED] TAL condition for &#39;mosaic edit mode&#39;? - Add-onHow to Hide Or Unhide Formulas When Protecting A WorksheetMiracle Shell 2Как показать скрытые папки в Windows 10, как сделать папкуHow to password protect a single file? - Techyv

Aparently the kmymoney issue was the same: empty kconfig file. I just successfully compiled kdevelop and kmymoney. I'll let the computer to compile the whole kde applications from scratch tonigth to see if it will fail somewhere Kernel configuration files, such as the .config file, are saved as hidden files in outdir. To list all your kernel configuration files, enter ls -a at the terminal prompt. The name can be changed using a Kconfig option. We will use the standard 1234 TCP port to open a GDB server instance. This port number can be changed for a port that best. > On Fri, 20 Jan 2012 14:45:48 -0600 > Steve French <[hidden email]> wrote: > >> My general thinking on this is as follows: >> >> If the kernel is distributed to all the workstations in an organization >> with this Kconfig option disabled, it makes it harder for individual users >> to make the mistake of enabling lanman (sec=lanman, or the Kconfig >> option) on a public network and thus send. 103 // Remove all items, that are marked as hidden in kmetainformationrc 104 KConfig config (QStringLiteral( baloofileinformationrc ), KConfig::NoGlobals ); 105 KConfigGroup settings = config .group( Show )

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