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This bot can make a word cloud for each users of your discord server, including emojis . Here is the GitHub if you want to check it out. The ReadMe has pics and a detailed explanation of how it works and how you can run it for your own server. Feel free to ask if you have questions or concerns about this project Levely. An easy-to-use leveling bot with leaderboard, custom banners, prestige roles, unlockable emojis, multipliers and configurable restrictions. Levely is an advanced leveling discord bot, allowing Server Owners and Admins to fully manage and customize a comprehensive leveling system in their own discord guild Custom Matchmaking and ELO Rating Bot. Create a leaderboard for any game or tournament. Host and join any game across Discord servers

Is there a bot for discord that can create a custom editable leaderboard? My discord server for World of Warships has a leaderboard for players to send screenshots of their battle results & we list the highest damage for each ship in the game Is there a bot that can create an editable custom leaderboard? My discord server for World of Warships has a leaderboard for players to send screenshots of their battle results & we list the highest damage for each ship in the game. The trouble is the server has grown and we can't edit other people's messages so all of the screenshots have to. A discord custom games, pick up games, pug, team vs team bot Easily customizable for games such as warface, cs:go, blacksquad, rainbow 6 siege, Planetfall, Call Of Duty and more!! Customize almost everything down to the last detail, including: Team Players per lobby. Captains/Random/Balanced Teams

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  1. Message Leaderboard to see the persons with the most messages in a week,month (starts counting when the bot joins a discord and only saves the timestamp from the messages) Small games with money and salary. Lovemeter. Afk-Status. Various Infos from Over.gg and more. Suggestions and Improvements are always welcome in the Support Guild: https.
  2. Manage your Discord server with leveling, moderation, Twitch, Youtube and Reddit notifications
  3. Setup your own text, embed and random commands. Give server info, news and more with BotGhost's custom discord commands. Simply input your custom tag, and create a response. Select from variables to make your bot feel more human and personable
  4. A multi-purpose discord bot with Moderation, Logging, Custom setup, 24/7 Music System and many more fun and useful commands to keep your members entertained all the time! - Sync-Codes/RyujinBo

PUBG Leaderboard. A PUBG BOT that lets you create a custom leaderboard for your own server - based on Squad TPP stats to promote group and community play. 1 vote this month The best leveling bot on discord. Create rewards, set a levelup channel, and view the leaderboard online. An RPG bot with music features, economy and more! Open Crates to Your Hearts Content, Trade with users, Answer Trivia, Gain xp and Rocket Pass Levels. All with this Massi CustomBots is a team of workers that make custom discord bots, free to download, for discord. These bots come hosted, or the more complex bots you have to config. If you want a free host, please chose one of our Node.Js bots and we will host it for you! We can also host bots YOU made for you! Join our discord here! The bots that you do not have. This Discord bot logs some interesting information about users in your guild. A user is considered as active if he is in a voice channel and not muted. Set a custom prefix with !setting prefix . You need to be a server administrator to change the prefix. The default prefix is !leaderboard: Sends a Leaderboard for the total stats with. Points. Points is a simple, clean yet very customizable points bot that features an intuitive and modern dashboard. Points can be earned in a verity of ways such as through messages, by moderators, by running the daily command, and much more. These methods can each be set on or off depending on the server's needs

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Discord leaderboard bot? Discussion. Close. 5. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Discord leaderboard bot? Discussion. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows any leaderboard bots? Something that members of the discord can share their XP totals, badge progress, etc. Then make a leaderboard that shows the rankings for the entire server (not. Levely is an advanced leveling discord bot, allowing Server Owners and Admins to fully manage and customize a comprehensive leveling system in their own discord guild. It has many delightful features including prestige roles, unlockable emojis and multiplier roles. Levely also has among otherthings a customizable banner with configurable fonts This must be run from a Discord channel and not a DM to the bot.!leaderboard [VERSUS] [GAME_NAME] Examples. Get a link to the leaderboard homepage for your Discord server!leaderboard. Get the link to a leaderboard!leaderboard 2v2 Counter Strike Tournament 2020 Season 3. Galaxies - Discord Bots. Galaxies Is A PowerFul Bot For Managing Events And Invites And Fun commands. It Has Built-in Moderation System For Easy Use! Owner: Galaxies #7777 Prefix: g! Galaxies. A bot dependable to manage events and invites. It has powerful giveaway, drop, simon says feature to power events in your server

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Axiol is a highly customizable and interactive easy to use Discord Bot. The default prefix is a dot admins are free to change each command with custom permission role required to use it! user avatar and much more! There is no website since everything is in the bot itself (including leveling leaderboard, settings and permissions). This. When it turned out better than I imagined, I open-sourced it and posted it to bot lists. I hope you find this code and/or bot useful. This documentation gives you a quick start to using the bot. If you see a problem, please let me know. You can use the bots suggest command, or you can join the support server. My discord username is @Circuit#5585

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TheFakeWorld Bot is a highly customisable and modular discord bot with features such as giveaways, profiles, sticky roles, and a welcoming system. TheFakeWorld Bot. Home (current) Manage; Docs; Stats; Invite; Discord; Plus; Login with Discord; Leaderboard. Here are some statistics from the -leaderboard command! Commands Used. 1. 1Storm: 9010: 2. token is your discord bot token. secret is your Hashed app key (given when you create your CFTools APP), Use https://coding.tools/sha256 to Hash your secret in SHA56 (You will need to hash your secret for teh bot to work. User-Agent is your Application ID for your CFTools APP. Client-ID is your Client ID for your CFTools APP

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My discord server for Speed running has a leaderboard for players to send videos of their speed run times & we list the highest time for each game. The trouble is the server has grown and we can't edit other people's messages so all of the videos have to be sent to the admin who runs the leaderboard and he can't keep up with all the direct. Discord Bot | Ranking (Leaderboard?) System with discord.js and MongoDB. Ask Question Asked 4 months ago. Active 4 months ago. Viewed 290 times 0 I have a few questions to ask about a ranking (leaderboard...?) system in discord.js using MongoDB. I am following a tutorial made by CodeLyon for the setup of MongoDB, but afterwards I. Yukiko is a pretty powerfull Discord bot that include XP system, Leaderboard, Music, Welcome and farewell message, Moderation, and much more! This bot is in developement state and actively updated, Feel free to come back take a look to our change logs! I want to use it! Nice! Let me help you! I don't want / don't know how to host it Get server scores. .sb scores Get channel scores. .sb scores -c Get scoreboard scores. .sb scores -s [scoreboard_name] Get user scores. .sb scores -u You can also optionally set the page number and amount per page by adding a comma-separated value at the end. .sb scores [page_number],[amt_per_page] To display the second page with the default amount of 20. .sb scores 2 To display the second. A multi-function Discord bot. Leveling | Economy | Custom Commands | Reactions-Roles | Moderation | Fun - SmaugDev/Spiritu

Announcement Bot. A Discord bot for embedded announcements! About. Announcement Bot allows server managers create custom embedded messages with an updating preview of their announcement. It lets them replace existing messages to change outdated content without having to delete and repost Carl-bot is a fully customizable and modular discord bot featuring reaction roles, automod, logging, custom commands and much more

The best leveling bot on discord. Create rewards, set a levelup channel, and view the leaderboard online Discord Bot List - Alph4 | A multi-purpose bot which has 5 modules. Custom commands, moderation, economy, welcome and utility. A multi-purpose bot which has 5 modules. The economy module allows users to type commands to earn virtual currency and compete with each other with a leaderboard. The music module allows users to listen to top. DSC Discord Bot. An easy to use advertising bot that broadcast your server bump advertisement to over `1k+` other servers. Easy to setup. Custom Prefix. Autobump with reduced cooldowns and toggled notifications. Constant Development. Bumping to some of the largest advertising servers on discord. Leaderboard. Badges

I've been developing a discord bot with discord.py, and I've run into some trouble trying to display a leaderboard. The leaderboard currently looks like: However, I want the user ids to display mentions. This is my Python code Discord Custom Message Bot Save your own own custom messages with a Discord Bot! @JakeGerber. In this workshop, we're going to create a Discord bot that allows users to save custom messages that they can have the bot send at any time. By the end you will have programmed a sweet bot to add to your Discord server We're here to help you grow & manage your Discord community. Our fun all-in-one server economy, store & games platform is designed to help you forge a stronger, longer term relationship with your community members

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The bot was born in March 2021. It has many features like ovens, custom embed colors, item boosts, workers etc. Getting bored of baking again and again? Try a chance to double your coins by gambling with the bot or grind as much as you can to compete for the leaderboards and be famous in the discord world The perfect bot for your Discord server! The most all-in-one bot made to engage members and moderate your server! Featuring server management, leveling, economy, games, music, statistics, fun commands, and more with an intuitive dashboard! Add to Discord See Features Discortics supports multiple entries, blacklisting & bypasses. Discortics can also end giveaways when the provided reaction limit is reached. Custom emotes are also supported. Discortics can reroll giveaways by other bots too, in a way, from any message. It chooses the winner from the first of the reacted emotes

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Well basicly all you need to do is. 1) Create Member Data List. 2) Add it to a message as a Temp Variable. But, I tried this and nothing happened. In order to make this work you need to run your bot by using cmd which will install required modules automaticly when you use the command. #5 Zamkamec, Jul 7, 2019. LVTS likes this Discord JS Leveling System Bot. A Discord Leveling Bot built with Discord.js and Canvas made by roefinoavrililo. Support Me! Invite my bot to your server by using this Link; Join my server here; Support me on Patreon here! Requirements. Your Discord Bot Token Guide Here; Node.js v12.0.0 or newe Vote Tracker. A bot that tracks server or bot votes on top.gg. Including vote logs, leaderboards, reminders, autoroles/vote ranks, custom messages & more! It is essential that once you add the bot, you type vt!setup to set up the bot to track votes for your guild or bot. The bot won't function until this is done.

Integrate your service with Discord — whether it's a bot or a game or whatever your wildest imagination can come up with In this video, we will learn how to make a system where users can set custom prefixes for a Discord bot in python using discord.py (rewrite) in 2020. If you.

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The only piece of code that you need is this: for (let index = 0; index < arrayMembers.length; index++) { usersRank.push (arrayMembers [index].memberXP); } usersRank.sort ( (a, b) => b - a); Is a for that take all the members xp from your .json file and then push them on a local array, then I use the sort to organize from Major to Minor. Share Browse other questions tagged python python-3.x discord.py or ask your own question. The Overflow Blog Podcast 354: Building for AR with Niantic Labs' augmented reality SD Discord bots can bring user experience to the next level by helping to moderate your server. It also helps that users that are looking for new ways to interact with fellow server members. 5 Most Famous Discord Bots [2021] There are lots of Discord Bots available for different uses, but below is the list of 5 Most Famous Discord Bots which are. I am currently trying to add a custom status to my discord.js bot to request new developers, and it is not working. Here is my code: client.on('ready', => { console.log(`Ready to comply.`) JazzBot is a fully customizable Discord bot that is constantly growing. It comes packaged with a variety of commands and a multitude of settings that can be tailored to your server's specific needs. Its codebase also serves as a base framework to easily create Discord bots of all kinds. Features. 110+ commands and counting across 7 different.

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MEE6 is a Discord bot featuring moderation and leveling. It has many functions, including announcement functions for Twitch and YouTube. 1 Add to Server 2 Custom Commands 3 Leveling 4 Premium MEE6 can be added to a server for free by clicking the Add to Discord button at top.gg, or from its.. Since the beginning of bots on Discord, developers have been using reactions for button-like functionality: click or tap the emoji to tell the bot to do something (react to confirm). This is how most of you have adjusted to the workaround for submitting a choice or an action to a bot

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9.!join to add a bot to your voice channel. So when you are switching voice channels, the bots follow you instead of you having to change the channel for the bot every time. You can also use !leave to make the bot stop following you.. 10.!vote-skip - you can use this MEE6 command to create a vote to skip the song instead of skipping on your own. Might be useful if there are a lot of people. Simple Discord Bot $5. A custom Discord bot with some basic moderation features and a few simple custom commands. 2 Days Delivery. 1 Revision. API Integration. 10 Conversation Steps. Conversation Script Ability to give a role to top 1 in a leaderboard. Ability to use autoroles in your server. Ability to use the fake-threshold command. Ability to use the info command. Ability to use the inviter command. A premium emblem in your Invites profile, on every server will be able to see! Ability to use embed custom color in invites and top commands.

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Red - Discord Bot stable Installation Guides: Installing Red on Windows Upload a custom trivia list. The bot will prompt you to upload your list as an attachment in Discord. Shows the trivia leaderboard. Defaults to the top ten in the current server, sorted by total wins. The subcommands provide more customized leaderboards Add trivia quiz games to your discord server with this free to use bot from Brainbox.cc. Featuring over 100,000 questions, nitro prizes, team play, leaderboards, quickfire rounds, community rewards, a user friendly dashboard, there is nothing quite like this bot. Invite now Hello, this is an extra tutorial on how to set a custom status to your discord bot using discord.js. Hope you enjoy! Make sure to leave a like!¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬.. A Guide to Discord Bots Custom & Animated Emojis. Now this is something that not everyone know about, but it can make your bot unique. Your bot can use any emoji, even animated ones, from any server it is in. Note: custom emojis are stored by their IDs at the following URLs:.

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Welcome to discord-telegram-bridge . A simple, small and fast discord to telegram bridge written in node.js. Install npm install -g discord-telegram-bridge Usage. Create a Discord bot. Create a Telegram bot by talking to botFather IMPORTANT: Make the bot an admin in your group, or go to BotFather -> bot settings and disable private mode Print the leaderboard. Defaults to top 10. Examples: [p]leaderboard [p]leaderboard 50 - Shows the top 50 instead of top 10. [p]leaderboard 100 yes - Shows the top 100 from all servers. Arguments <top> How many positions on the leaderboard to show. Defaults to 10 if omitted Create the Best Discord Bot. Node.js is a simple and fast language, that is also easy to learn. Which makes it great to learn Discord bot development! You will first learn the core concepts for bot development. Including custom prefixes, command handling, event handling, etc. Most of these topics are hard to find explanations for online

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So, we've added a new Use Slash Commands permission to help keep your server organized. You can turn off Slash Commands for your entire server or for a specific channel by changing that permission. The Use Slash Commands permission only affects commands created by bots. Built-in commands like /giphy, /nick, and /me will be unaffected Your Multifunctional Discord Bot Author: Tancred#0001. Help. FAQ. Dashboard (Login) Leaderboard (Login) Greetings master, I am Servant! I will help you to moderate, organize and entertain your Discord server. I am fully customizable. Any command, command category or feature can be turned on or off The Hive Tools Discord Bot provides easy access to Hive player statistics & leaderboards within your Discord server. Invite Bot. Command. Description. /about. General information about the Discord bot. /info. Get Discord bot statistics. /invite

☺️ Easy to Setup Some bots either require a backbreaking setup process through Discord, or the configurations hard-coded into the bot. Koal has the exact opposite. Using our Dashboard on this website, you can easily and quickly get your Custom Discord Bot set up to exactly how you want it. And if you get stuck, we have charismatic Customer Care members waiting to help you out EasyPoll Discord Bot. With EasyPoll, a Discord Poll Bot, they can easily create polls and your members can vote by clicking on a reaction very easily and quickly. Add to Server Vote on top.gg. Bot developed by Floxiii#0001 Stock Bot is a free chat bot available to any Discord chat server related to investing. Below is a list of some of the features. To learn more or add it to your Discord server, click any of the menu links to the left. General Used in 21,978 investing servers at Discord by 1000s of members every day. Growing list of 100s of commands 3rd. A server for drug and stims users to get together and talk a bout harm reduction, listen to music, and play games. Trivia, scattegories, truth or dare, chess, cards for humanity, connect4, othello, and more. We are going to be the nicest/chill Discord community out there The devs of these bots have multiple bots in their discord server, but they are most known for their stockbroker bot. This bot allows you to invest x amount of money and make a profit on it. They use big brain algorithms & every investment is personal, this means that not 100 players will be buying the same item at the same moment from the bazaar