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This is a podiatry medical malpractice claim was filed in Baltimore City after a podiatrist performed five negligent surgeries to treat a man's hammertoes. It was filed in Health Claims Arbitration on February 28, 2018, and it is the 101 st medical malpractice case filed in Maryland this year. Summary of Plaintiff's Allegation Malpractice in hammertoe surgery typically involves mistakes in diagnosis as to the cause of the hammertoes or in the type of surgery selected or in sloppy surgery and can involve: twisted, distorted, shortened toes toes which are stiff or don't move toes which no longer functio Hammertoe Surgery A hammertoe is an abnormally crooked, contracted toe that takes the shape of an inverted V. This condition develops when a muscle or tendon imbalance causes the toe to buckle and eventually become stuck in a bent position If you have had hammertoe or other foot surgery and are still experiencing pain, immobility, or deformity months afterwards, you should contact an attorney knowledgeable about podiatric malpractice who will be able to assess whether you have a viable case

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Malpractice simply means that the doctor or medical professional acted in a way that is outside the medical norm for that field and that caused harm to the patient. Some of the most common foot procedures that can result in malpractice include: Heel spur surgery; Bunion surgery; Blood flow issues in the feet; Hammertoe surgery hammertoe surgery. May 2007 After several attempts of telling the surgeon of pain that I had been having(did not occur right away) he would tell me to massage it-the pain was affecting not only that toe but another toe and the ball of my foot, he said the the pain in the ball was because as we age the fat from the ball pushes up into the toes. Bad Oral Surgery & Dental Implants; Failure to Diagnose & Treat Oral Cancer; New York Medical Malpractice; New York Podiatric Malpractice. Current News in Podiatric Medicine; Bunion Surgery; Lack of Informed Consent; Heel Spur Surgery; Hammertoe Surgery; Diabetic Ulcers; Unnecessary or Multiple Surgeries; Minimally Invasive Surgery; Surgical Error This is an orthopedic surgery medical malpractice lawsuit against a podiatrist and his medical practice filed on February 8, 2016. It was the 59 th medical malpractice lawsuit filed in Maryland in 2016. A 2018 food surgery malpractice lawsuit filed against podiatrist in Pasadena, Maryland Summary of Plaintiff's Allegation

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Can I sue my podiatrist for damages from 5 toe hammertoe surgery problems Hallux Valgus & Hammer Toe Surgery Gone Wrong Follow Posted 7 years ago, 36 users are following. tracey2703. I may be in the minority as I have searched various sites and yet to find anyone with the problems I have . On 28th August 2013 I had both feet operated on. The left foot bunion removed and big toe straightened (this foot wasn't causing. Hammertoe deformities and bunions that continue to cause pain despite noninvasive treatments often require surgical correction. Your doctor will determine which of the many types of surgical procedures to correct these foot problems is best suited to your situation Scarring. After hammer toe surgery heals, it leaves a small scar that becomes less noticeable over time. In some cases, a keloid scar can form. According to MedlinePlus, a keloid is an overgrowth of scar tissue that appears red and inflamed, and possibly painful 2. Keloids are more likely to occur in African Americans The hammertoe surgery looks terrible. In the x-ray it looks like an old woman's gnarled toe; the toe was straight before and now the implant or pin he put in caused the toe to be entirely crooked and the scar is horrible. The other 2 toes he operated on (which we did not discuss before he cut them) now hurt along with the hammertoe

Dr. Lee discusses on The Wellness Hour how he performs toe surgery without leaving visible scars. Foot surgery without visible incisions If you were a victim of a failed bunion surgery, contact the experienced law firm of Lawrence M. Karam, PC, today. 347-537-586 Dr Neal Blitz is a leading authority on foot surgery in New York NY, along with bunion surgery and hammer toe surgery, as well as the creator of the Bunionplasty procedure. Schedule Your Consultation Today! 800A 5th Ave, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10065 435 N. Roxbury Dr, PH, Beverly Hills CA 90210. Hammer Toe Correction Surgery in Orange County Help from a Hammer Toe specialist in Irvine, California - Orange County A hammer toe deformity is a contracture of a toe. The deformity is progressive an

In some cases, toe amputations are surgically performed by a healthcare professional to stave off infection and to treat disease. These intentional amputations are mot commonly used to treat diabetic foot and to treat infections like gangrene Revision Hammer Toe Surgery - Dr. Neal Blitz | New York NYC Failed hammer toe surgery can cause a short, unstable, stiff, floppy and ugly toe

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  1. Absolutely — medical malpractice is a type of personal injury claim allowing a patient to sue a surgeon or other medical professional for the negligence during the surgery. The negligence causes an additional injury to the patient's foot. Podiatric surgery malpractice is surgical malpractice that occurs during foot surgery
  2. Our medical malpractice lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have been successful throughout Florida. They have held health care providers accountable for carelessness with multi-million dollar settlements, awards, and verdicts, including one for $38.75 million dollars against a doctor who failed to perform a necessary C-section in a timely manner
  3. Podiatrist Lawrence Silverberg falsifies my medical records and lies under oath during his medical malpractice lawsuit. According to leaglebeagle.com fabricating medical entries is a federal crime, covered by both state and federal laws. Misdemeanor tampering charges typically will result in fines and jail time up to around a year. A felony forgery conviction, on th
  4. Whatever the reasons, the number of unnecessary surgery lawsuits is high. Between 2005 and 2013, over 1,000 doctors settled claims that they had ordered unnecessary surgery. Bringing an Unnecessary Surgery Lawsuit. The key to a medical malpractice lawsuit is to prove that a doctor made a medical mistake
  5. The Chesapeake Ambulatory Surgery Center. This foot surgery medical malpractice claim was filed in Anne Arundel County after a woman's tendon was negligently cut during an operation to remove a bunion. This lawsuit was filed in Health Claims Arbitration on March 26, 2018, and it is the 141 st medical malpractice case filed in Maryland this year
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  7. He also remains under investigation by the Utah Attorney General's Office, which is seeking to revoke his license to practice medicine.In 2nd District Court in Ogden, Harline faces six malpractice lawsuits. Here's a summary of each: - Tracy Fassler, a California resident, underwent breast-enlargement surgery at Harline's clinic on Sept. 19, 1991

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They handle everything from ingrown toenails to complex surgery on bones in the feet. And when they get it wrong, the consequences can be devastating. We have handled cases involving bunion surgery, Achille's tendon surgery, hammertoe surgery, fractures and more. Foot surgery, and malpractice law, are complex Hammertoe surgery is a painful surgery that unfortunately often leads to less than satisfactory outcomes. Despite this, in my experience, some podiatrists seem to really push the procedure onto the patient. However, a bad outcome is not tantamount to medical malpractice

$_____ VERDICT Podiatric malpractice - Failure to employ conservative methods when 16-year-old presents with moderate bunion - _____ performs surgery to remove bunions, mild hammertoe and mild tailors bunion on side of foot near little toe - Regrowth of bone, but not cartilage results in bone on bone abrasion and onset of severe pain Learn more during a free consultation by calling our office in Hackensack, New Jersey, at 201-546-5881 or 866-986-2056. You can also send us an email. Our attorneys handle podiatric malpractice throughout Bergen County and surrounding areas When applying medical malpractice law to the question of whether a surgical procedure was necessary, a court will instruct the jury not to rely on the concept of hindsight. For example, imagine a doctor examines a patient's broken arm via physical exam and x-ray, and determines that surgery is the best course of care in order for the bone to heal There are innumerable complications that can occur after surgery. The body is in a vulnerable state, creating a situation that enables health problems to crop up. Like any other medical malpractice case, a lymphedema cause of action requires a breach of the standard of care that is the direct cause of injuries to a patient. The standard of.

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Welcome to my blog. It has been 4 years since starting my very long and painful experience dealing with my foot deformities-- bunions and hammertoes and the surgeries on my both feet performed by the Best foot surgeon in New York and the country Lawrence Silverberg. Now I want to share what happened and to giv The bunion portion of the surgery seems to be okay. I had bad foot surgery too! I had hammertoe surgery in September 2012 on my 2nd and 4th toe. Now I need surg This topic is answered by a medical expert Medical malpractice - stock images and photos Related image searches: healthcare law; madical malpractice; medical; pediatrician; law and health; medical lawsuit; cute babied; pictures hammer toe surgery; morgue fee The sooner you call, the sooner we can help you get started on your claim. With more than 75 years of collective legal experience, you can rest assured knowing that your case is in experienced hands. Call (410) 698-1717 to arrange a free consultation with a Baltimore podiatrist malpractice lawyer at Brown & Barron, LLC I did not have this surgery but my husband had surgery on little toe - cut the metatarsal bone on little toe to allign it properly and installed plate - he had a mini bunionectomy on the outside of the foot. He also had a hammertoe surgery on toe next to small one which had caused a heavy painful callus on ball of the foot

Allegations of improper performance of surgery were often made when the outcome of the procedure differed from the patient's expectations. The most common surgical procedures leading to the allegation were bunionectomy with osteotomy of the first metatarsal (17 percent), repair of hammer toe (7 percent), bunionectomy (7 percent), excision of. The tissue samples were from another man, who did have prostate cancer. Attorneys for Mr. Huitt filed a lawsuit against the Iowa Clinic, alleging malpractice for the wrong diagnosis and unnecessary surgery. The jury awarded Mr. Huitt $12.5 million for his injuries, pain, and suffering. Huitt v. Iowa Clinic The radiograph at the top of this page is the postoperative X-ray of a patient who underwent a Lapidus procedure for the correction of a bunion. The patient went on to develop a symptomatic nonunion, which required eventual bone grafting and revision. Although the procedure was radiographically and clinically successful, the patient continued to have some persistent symptomatology and sued the.

Had patient suffered an ischemic injury from the hammertoe surgery, these modalities would not have likely healed the infection. Severity Of Injury: Permanent: Minor - Loss of fingers, loss or damage to organs.Includes non-disabling injuries No good deed goes unpunished, especially for Dr. Terry Dubrow.. The A-list plastic surgeon and his lawyer are set to sit down with a scorned Botched patient who is demanding $3 million from.

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  1. Jury Verdict Review & Analysis - tracking trends in civil jury verdicts and settlements since 1980. Experience the most complete and accurate information to discover the value of your case. Advanced research services provides prior verdicts and settlements for any personal injury damages or liability. Obtain expert witnesses in over 1000 categories of expertise
  2. g revision hammer toe surgery, while catering to all other various foot and ankle problems. Look no further when you can have direct access to the globally acclaimed specialist team of foot and ankle surgeons, supervising & managing your Continue reading Revision Hammer Toe Surgery
  3. The biggest symptoms of nerve damage after surgery are usually numbness, tingling, burning, or muscle weakness or atrophy. Many times nerve issues after surgery are temporary, for example, many patients have nerve problems after surgery that only last for a few weeks to months (2,3)
  4. Podiatric Malpractice. Furman Kornfeld & Brennan LLP has successfully defended podiatrists in cases involving wrongful death, failure to properly treat diabetic foot infections resulting in amputations, failure to diagnose cancer, negligently performed bunion and hammertoe surgery as well as almost every conceivable theory against a podiatrist
  5. A Baltimore City jury returns a $1,000,000.00 verdict. Our attorneys have fought and won millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases in Baltimore City. If you need a lawyer to fight for you in a serious injury accident or malpractice case, call us at 800-553-8082 or get a free online case evaluation

Medical Malpractice Cases - Verdicts and Settlements List by Malpractice Type - Jury verdicts, settlements and mediations (including the largest jury verdicts and settlements by Lubin & Meyer in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island) for birth injury, infant brain damage causing cerebral palsy, medical negligence, hospital negligence, prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, heart. Paul, Knopf, Bigger is a personal injury law firm representing the residents of Tampa and Orlando. The firm takes cases pertaining to medical malpractice on behalf of the plaintiff. The attorneys litigate cases involving delayed diagnoses, surgery and emergency room errors, and improper prescription medications Hammer toe surgery Bunion Removal (Bunionectomy): Preparing For Surgery and post OP recovery 5 Things Arthritis Patients Should Know About Joint Deformity Seven Things You Never Knew About Feet Bunionette Pain Relief: How To Treat Painful Little Toe Lisfranc Fusion Surgery And Recovery Ankle Surgery For Osteoarthritis: Bone Fusion vs Joint. Podiatry Malpractice. Sheeley's expert medical malpractice team has extensive experience defending podiatrists in podiatric malpractice cases. Types of common podiatric malpractice cases we can defend include: Nerve injuries, including Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) also known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Sheeley's attorneys. Free Consultations * Stay Home & Safe With Our Video Consults * No Fee Unless Successful A Small Sample of the Malpractice Cases We Have Handled With decades of experience handling wrongful death and other medical malpractice cases against doctors, nurses, dentists and hospitals, our team has handled just about every type of medical malpractice case that can be imagined. Some of the wrongful.

Contact. 844-FOOTLAW. 844-366-8529. The Foot Litigation News page is a service provided by Foot Law. The cases below are actual cases which have been reported. Please be advised that the result of these cases is determined by a number of factors, including the particular circumstances of the case, the jurisdiction, and other unusual contingencies · Hammertoe surgery where post-op the toes become twisted, distorted, stiff, no longer function, or do not touch the ground. · Diabetic ulcers which get worse because of poor blood flow to the feet due to negligence of the podiatrist While surgery is a path bunion-sufferers often choose, if you're considering the option for yourself, make sure to do your research and make yourself aware of all the potential pros and cons. Bunion surgery can pose a risk for one or more of the following complications: 1

How did your malpractice suit go, Chris? I am considering doing the same. My doctor performed a bunionectomy and 4 hammer toe surgeries six weeks before my leaving for a 7 month vacation! I told him I had to be walking a month after the surgery because of this camping trip which would take us to 15 cities between October and May Dr. Michael Tollison, MD is a Orthopedic Surgery Specialist in Greenville, SC. Dr. Tollison has more experience with Ankle & Foot Surgery than other specialists in his area. He is affiliated with St. Francis Downtown. He is accepting new patients and has indicated that he accepts telehealth appointments. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Tollison to book an appointment Evo Advanced Foot Surgery is the World's first practice designed around the patient experience. With procedures designed to reduce the recovery time and provide aesthetically pleasing results, in the most technologically advanced practices, we strive to reset the bar of excellence in foot surgery every day

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foot surgery, bunion surgery, hammertoe surgery, podiatry, surgery, recommendations to prevent surgery, podiatrist recommendation, good shoes, comfortable shoes, All surgeons eventually get sued but if your surgeon has a high number of malpractice cases - that is a red flag A Bunionplasty® (plastic surgery for bunions), created by Bunion King™ Dr. Neal Blitz is a cosmetic or aesthetic approach to bunion surgery where special plastic surgery and/or minimally invasive bunion surgery techniques are used to hide, minimize and/or limit incisions. As with any plastic procedure emphasis is placed on the visual. Northwest Surgery Center. 1233 N Mayfair Rd Ste 304 Milwaukee, WI 53226. Make an Appointment. Show Phone Number. Share. Save. Click to Call. Dr. Brant McCartan, DPM is a Podiatry Specialist in Milwaukee, WI. He is affiliated with Ascension Saint Francis Hospital Dr. Neal Blitz, DPM is a Podiatry Specialist in New York, NY and has over 22 years of experience in the medical field. He graduated from New York College of Podiatric Medicine medical school in 1999. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Blitz to book an appointment Dr. Arthur Jeynes, DPM is a Podiatric Foot & Ankle Surgery Specialist in Traverse City, MI. He is affiliated with medical facilities Munson Healthcare Cadillac Hospital and Munson Medical Center. He is accepting new patients. Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Jeynes to book an appointment

-failed hammertoe surgery-smoking and surgery-heel fisures in the diabetic . patient-consent forms-non compliant patients-documentation-why do patients sue doctors. onychomycosis-steroid injections for plantar . fasciitis-arterial ulcerations-fixation in bunion surgery-laser management of . onychomycosis-vascular vs neuropathic pain $775,000 Podiatric Malpractice. A teenager underwent bunion and hammertoe surgery. It was contended that the podiatrist failed to recommend conservative and non-invasive alternatives before operating. It was also claimed the operation was performed without the patient's informed consent Incision: The surgeon will make one or more incisions along the inside of or on top of the affected joint. The size of the incision depends on whether the surgery is open (larger) or minimally invasive (smaller). Bone removal and/or cutting: The surgeon will then perform one or more specific procedures based on the severity of the bunion (e.g., removing the bunion or cutting the bones to. So, they built one. As the owners of Arkansas Surgical Hospital, our physicians have the freedom to make the important decisions that directly affect patients ever single day. That freedom for our physicians results in the best possible care for our patients. Arkansas Surgical Hospital specializes in orthopedic and spine surgeries with cutting.

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  1. 844-366-8529. Sample Cases In Which Attorneys Listed On Footlaw.Com Have Participated. ILLINOIS SYNOVIAL SARCOMA. Settlement on behalf of client for $625,00.00. Client was treated by defendant during a 7 month period for chronic foot pain. Defendant doctor never took an x-ray, ran a blood test, requested prior medical records, or ordered an MRI
  2. second digit hammertoe surgery, t had regional complex pain syndrome after fifth digit hammertoe surgery, and t had a nonunion after open reduction internal fixation of an ankle fracture. Twelve patients (24o/o) were taking a prescription malpractice cases are presented to enable a discussion abou
  3. Florida Negligent Hammertoe And Neuroma Surgery - Amputation Confidential settlement for elderly client from podiatrists who performed multiple foot surgeries, some of which were not indicated. The podiatrists failed to recognize post-operative complications including osteomyelitis which resulted in amputation
  4. Having handled multiple podiatric malpractice cases in New York, I can tell you that there are occasions on which a poorly performed bunion removal surgery can be the result of malpractice. It is important for you to obtain all of the medical records, including films from both before and after the surgery
  5. Hammertoe Surgery. When it comes to second opinion for hammertoe surgery, I often advised patients to have the small joints of the toes to be fused called an arthrodesis, rather than just remove part of the bone, called an arthroplasty
  6. Medical malpractice attorneys, all board certified podiatric surgeons, helping victims of podiatry, orthopedic, and related specialty medical negligence and injuries. Swollen or sausage toes are an extremely common and known complication of hammertoe surgery and this was disclosed in the surgical consent form. Under these circumstances, the.
  7. The claimant, as a result, underwent emergency right hand and forearm surgery. Ward v. Zachary L. Chattler, DPM, P.A. (filed June 2, 2017): After an bunionectomy at Good Samaritan Hospital of Maryland, the claimant developed a hammer toe, a pinched nerve, and significant pain. Even though the claimant's right toe had been shortened and no.

A stroke is an abrupt interruption of blood flow to part of the brain. Timing is critical in stroke diagnosis because the longer the brain cells are deprived of blood flow, the more blood cells will die. A doctor who suspects a stroke will usually order a CT scan of the brain and possibly an MRI Voted Best Podiatrist Northwest Indiana for Treatment of your Foot, Heel, Toe and Ankle Pain. Our foot and ankle doctor and surgeon has 25+ years experience treating heel, foot, toe and ankle problems. Our foot doctors use advanced, state-of-the-art treatments to solve most foot or ankle problems, including bunions, hammertoes, tendon pain, heel pain, flat feet, neuroma pain, arthritis. For instance, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, bunion surgery comes with an 85 to 90 percent post-surgery satisfaction rate. And complications are rare Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit alleged that an infant child's podiatrist failed to disclose risks to the patient's mother related to a foot surgery, and the surgery was performed negligently.In this case, a Brooklyn-based podiatrist performed a surgical procedure on the right foot of the plaintiff, who was an infant at the time of the. Re: Bunion and hammertoe surgery big complications I have been trying to get a lawyer but they told me that this surgeries are always poorly performed and unless there is a missing toe they can prove malpractice

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Kirschner or K Wires Are Surgical Bone Pins. Jonathan Cluett, MD, is board-certified in orthopedic surgery. He served as assistant team physician to Chivas USA (Major League Soccer) and the United States men's and women's national soccer teams. A Kirschner wire (also called a K-wire) is a thin metallic wire or pin that can be used to stabilize. Toe amputation is surgery to remove all or part of your toe. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Call your doctor or surgeon if: Your leg feels warm, tender, and painful. It may look swollen and red. You have severe pain. Blood soaks through your bandage. Your stitches come apart. You see a rash, blister, or sore on your wound. You have a fever or chills

Minimally invasive surgery allows your surgeon to use techniques that limit the size and number of cuts, or incisions, that they need to make. It's typically considered safer than open surgery. A neuroma is a thickening of nerve tissue that may develop in various parts of the body. The most common neuroma in the foot is a Morton's neuroma, which occurs between the third and fourth toes. It is sometimes referred to as an intermetatarsal neuroma. Intermetatarsal describes its location in the ball of the foot between the. Evisceration After Surgery . In rare circumstances, the opening of a wound can become very serious or even life-threatening by completely opening and eviscerating. Evisceration means that the incision opens wide and the internal organs, particularly the intestines, begin to protrude outside of the body through the open incision does anyone know, after hallux valgus-hammer toe correction surgery, doctor arranged plaster of paris bandage upto knee.? 3 doctor answers • 5 doctors weighed in. Share. Dr. Thomas Inwood answered. Podiatry 35 years experience. Bandage: I'm not sure what the question is . Is it that you are surprised at the extent of the cast Dr. Allan Evangelista is fellowship-trained in reconstructive surgery of the foot, ankle, and leg. He is dedicated to providing comprehensive evaluation, exceptional care, and various surgical and nonsurgical treatment options to all patients

Internship Program: Hospital for Joint Diseases Orthopedic Institute (1970) Medical School: University of Maryland School of Medicine (1969) Board Certification: American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery. Achievements and Associations. Assistant Clinical Professor, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital PREMIUM. (877) 374-1417. Chicago, IL. Personal Injury, Nursing Home Abuse, Medical Malpractice. Website Email. Call Email. Profile. Justia Ask a Lawyer is a forum for consumers to get answers to basic legal questions. Any information sent through Justia Ask a Lawyer is not secure and is done so on a non-confidential basis only

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About Dr. Blitz. Neal M. Blitz, DPM, FACFAS, a pioneer in tarsal coalition surgery, is a Board Certified Reconstructive Foot & Ankle Surgeon, with 13 years of major experience. Dr. Blitz has a particular interest in tarsal coalition surgery, and has published scientific manuscripts in the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery and within the Clinics. Fraud and Perjury during Medical Malpractice Lawsuit by Podiatrist Lawrence Silverberg Bunion surgery complications- When Bunion Surgery fails Podiatrist DPM Lawrence Silverberg is also a SEO expert and the owner of bestmarketingnyc.com The three possible types of malpractice history are: Settlement - a payment on a medical malpractice action or claim settled out of court. It is not a presumption that malpractice has occurred. Arbitration Award - a payment on a medical malpractice action or claim typically based on a decision by a third-party arbiter. It is not a presumption. Anterior hip replacement is a common type of total hip replacement. During surgery, your doctor makes an incision in the front of your hip to reach the hip joint. Then they replace the joint with.

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  1. I had a surgery three years ago to remove a bunion. The doctor also preformed a correction for a very slight hammer toe condition that has devastated my live. I have a constant pain and or discomfort. It wakes be in the middle of the night and I seldom go to sleep without putting my foot out from under the cover. I need help
  2. Dr. Paul S. Cooper is a board-certified orthopaedist specializing in the treatment of all conditions of the foot and ankle.Specifically, Dr. Cooper's focus has been in the development of new technology and procedures for the reconstruction of ankle disorders, diabetic complications and failed foot surgeries
  3. imally invasive bunion surgery, flat foot surgery, laser fungal nails, neuroma, hammer toe, joint replacement or fusions, charcot.
  4. Dr. Susan E Stephens, MD works in Beachwood, Ohio is a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and graduated Cleveland Clinic Foundation in 1992. Dr. Stephens is affiliated with University Hospitals Case Medical Center, University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center and practicing for 34 years
  5. Hammer Toe Repair; Ingrown Toenail Surgery; Ingrown Toenail Treatment; Wound Care and Management; State License. Florida; Background Check. Malpractice. No Malpractice Found. What is medical malpractice? Medical malpractice is ordinary negligence by a physician that causes injury to a patient. Examples include being improperly diagnosed.
  6. Trial (and Daubert) successfully tested, Dr. Nirenberg has over 25 years experience and provides expert witness case review in: • Podiatry/podiatrist malpractice • Orthopedic Surgeon foot or ankle malpractice • Nurse or emergency room foot or ankle malpractice • Foot or ankle surgery/treatment malpractice • Foot/ankle injury cases.
  7. gham, Alabama is a specialist in Orthopedic Surgery and graduated UMDNJ-- New Jersey Medical School in 1998. Dr. Hurowitz is affiliated with Saint Vincent's Bir