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About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. S. A. R Geelani speaks to our Delhi Correspondent, Kt Hafis, about the aftermath of Afzal Guru's murder by the state. In this video, he explains the flaws an.. Nobody Supports Me Because I Am A Kashmiri, Says SAR Geelani, The 'Other' Sedition Accused. By Abhishek Jha in Interviews, Kashmir. 10th February, 2017 . More from Abhishek Jha The JNU students also had this sedition charge against them. They are no such restrictions on them as on me. After my arrest also, people weren't supporting

Former DU lecturer SAR Geelani arrested on sedition charge

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SAR Geelani acquitted in Parliament attack case dies

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In that sense, SAR Geelani, the Delhi University professor who was accused and eventually acquitted in the Parliament attack case, was a very strong man. In the words of Kahlil Gibran, Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars Mohammad Afzal Guru and three others - SAR Geelani, Showkat Hussain Guru and Afshan Guru (Hussain's wife) - were arrested for being the masterminds behind the December 2001 attack on Parliament. Subsequently, the High Court acquitted the other three, while Afzal was handed three life sentences and double death sentence 'The leadership is in electoral politics mode, not revolutionary' By Imran Muzaffar on 07/05/2016 @ 6:34 PM.. In a detailed interview SAR Geelani spoke to Imran Muzaffar at his residence in New Delhi on Kashmir, hi By Imran Muzaffar on 07/05/2016 @ 6:34 PM Azadi, JNU, Kashmir, SAR Geelani, Tihar Black and White, Cover Story In a detailed interview SAR Geelani spoke to Imran Muzaffar at his residence in New Delhi on Kashmir, his political beliefs, why the state wants to 'eliminate' him, his time in jail and a host of other issues The Indian state is.

Omar, Congress added hype to BJP yatra: Geelani. SAR Geelani, the Delhi University lecturer who was acquitted in the Parliament attack case and has been closely associated with the Kashmir issue. 24/news/41443991_1_parliament-attack-case-ram-jethmalani-sar-geelani; (last visited on September 4, 2015) Interview with Kaustubh Verma, Luthra & Luthra Law Offices (July 13, 2015). 15 Jane Schukoske & Roopali Adlakha, Enhancing Good Governance in India: Law Schools and Community

Former Delhi University lecturer SAR Geelani was arrested on early Tuesday morning. Geelani, who was acquitted in the Parliament attack case, was arrested for allegedly organising a programme at. 20. CASE OF S.A.R. GILANI. The High Court set aside the conviction of S.A.R. Gilani and acquitted him of the various charges. There is no evidence to the effect that Gilani was maintaining.

A group that had campaigned for his acquittal, All India Defence Committee for SAR Geelani, approached National Human Rights Commission; no investigation ordered to ascertain if there was indeed a threat to his life. On Feberuary 8, 2005, Geelani was shot at and seriously injured outside the house of his lawyer Nadita Haksar TV interview of accused can count as evidence: SC appearing for SAR Geelani, had cited a TV interview given by Mohammed Afzal to a TV channel purportedly confessing to his guilt but absolving. New Delhi: Former Delhi University professor SAR Geelani who was arrested, sentenced to death and later acquitted by the Supreme Court in the Parliament Attack case has died of a cardiac arrest. Geelani was teaching at Arabic Studies at Zakir Hussain College, Delhi University. He is survived by his wife and two daughters. In 2016, he was also named as an accused in the sedition case for. On February 17, a group of officials from the RAW and the Intelligence Bureau (IB) walked into Delhi University professor S.A.R. Geelani's detention cell and asked him to explain his position on. In a 2006 interview, Davinder Singh admitted to having tortured Afzal. On 15 December, it arrested the master mind Professor SAR Geelani in Delhi, and Showkat Guru and Afzal Guru in a fruit market in Srinagar. Subsequently, it arrested Afsan Guru, Showkat's wife. The media enthusiastically disseminated the special cell's version

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  1. Delhi University professor and human rights activist SAR Geelani talks about how his life changed after being labelled a terrorist and how he is now helping the innocent
  2. d, they said, was this young professor of Arabic called SAR Geelani from Delhi University, and Afzal Guru and his cousin, Shaukat, and Shaukat's.
  3. 'The Lashkar-e-Tayiba says it has nothing to do with the Indian Mujahideen. It is just the police which seems to be going on and on about this new outfit. Sometimes I wonder if it is a creation

When the High Court acquitted SAR Geelani, people started questioning the police theory. And when more and more people became aware of the case details and facts and started seeing things beyond the lies, they began speaking up. The writer, now the Executive Editor of The Caravan magazine conducted this interview when he was the. SAR Geelani was also there, and I learnt that he had already spent several years on death row in connection with the attack on the Indian Parliament, for which he was eventually acquitted. At the same time, protesting in the streets outside were the Hindu group Roots in Kashmir , wholly opposed to the idea of Kashmiri self-determination A Tribute To The Late SAR Geelani. Stand With Kashmir. 3.6K views · October 23, 2020. 2:52. Youth delegate from Indian Occupied Kashmir speaks at the UN Youth Debate. Stand With Kashmir. 2.4K views · October 22, 2020. Related Pages See All. Kashmir Crown. 970,382 Followers · Media/News Company The post-mortem of former Delhi University professor Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani, will be conducted at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Friday Former Delhi University professor S.A.R Geelani, who was arrested by the Delhi police under sedition charges, was later on Tuesday remanded to two-day police remand by a city court. SAR Geelani.

'The leadership is in electoral politics mode, not

Former Delhi University lecturer SAR Geelani, who was arrested on sedition charges in connection with a Press Club event, was granted bail on Saturday by a Delhi court, which observed that no. The witness said It is correct that accused was told by ACP Rajbir Singh not to say anything about SAR Geelani by that time my interview had already been concluded and NDTV persons were interviewing. Rajbir had requested not to telecast the line stated by accused about Geelani. So when this interview was telecast on 20th December 5 p.m. that. Former DU Professor SAR Geelani Who Was Acquitted In Parliament Attack Case Dies Darpan News Desk IANS, 24 Oct, 2019 07:01 PM Former Delhi University professor Syed Abdul Rahman Geelani, who was sentenced to death by a special court but later acquitted by the Supreme Court in the 2001 Parliament attack case, died here on Thursday following a. Afzal Guru, SAR Geelani, Showkat Guru and his wife Afshan Guru were charged with planning the attack on the Parliament on December 13, 2001. The Supreme Court later upheld the death sentence of Afzal Guru but acquitted SAR Geelani and Afshan But in a twist in the tale, SAR Geelani and Afsan were acquitted on appeal by the High Court on October 29, 2003! This was a body blow to the State's case considering they had pitched Geelani as nothing short of the mastermind in the case. But the HC upheld Afzal and Shaukat's death sentences

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Abdullah Geelani is the younger brother of the late Delhi University teacher SAR Geelani who was acquitted of involvement in the 2001 Jaish attack on Parliament. It is an open secret in Kashmir that Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, the two faces of APHC, lobbied hard to get as many as seats to sell it to the students of Kashmir Ram reveals in the same interview that, the most important of them being the case related to SAR Geelani, the then accused in the Parliament attack case, who later got acquitted from the Supreme Court of India. There are many episodes such as this one can go on narrating about. As I have mentioned in this piece above that how he whimpered.

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The accused moved Gujarat High Court to appeal the summoning order and cited the SC judgment in the Parliament attack case, which narrated that Ram Jethmalani, appearing for SAR Geelani, had cited a TV interview given by Mohammed Afzal to a TV channel purportedly confessing to his guilt but absolving Geelani Charged with sedition, former Delhi University professor SAR Geelani was denied bail by a city court on Friday. The court observed that the evidence collected by Delhi Police indicated his. READ ALSO: ABVP protests in JNU over event on Afzal Guru Another FIR was registered over the Press Club event, under which former DU teacher SAR Geelani and his alleged associates were booked for. Interview was taken in the evening of 20.12.2001. She did not make attempt to interview other accused. In response to Court question, she stated that it was a formal interview in which other Journalists from printing media were present, noting down whatever was told by the accused. Interview was not taped

Afzal may have confessed about his role, but he gave a clean chit to his co-accused Shaukat Hussain and SAR Geelani, saying, Their only crime is that they let me use their phones on a few occasions. At one point of time they were even reluctant to lend their vehicle to the terrorists, he claimed S A R Geelani, the Delhi University lecturer who was acquitted in the Parliament attack case four years ago, has embarked upon an India-wide tour to portray the real picture of the ongoing crisis. He is a pet dog of BJP and can bark continously for 24 Hrs nonstop. He is a traitor because he was celebrating Pulwama attack as he had won TRP race and the biggest broker of BJP leaders. ( There are many in the media Industry but he is the bigges..

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The co-accused in the case, SAR Geelani and Afsan Guru (wife of, were acquitted by the High Court 29 October 2003. On 4 August 2005, the Supreme Court, upheld the death sentence for Afzal Guru while it commuted Shaukat Hussain Guru's sentence from death to 10 years imprisonment Advocate Kamini Jaiswal who appeared alongside Jethmalani in the SAR Geelani matter says she is 'very disturbed' by the decision. He has publicly said he has retired and will appear only in. Once an accused in 2001 Parliament Attack case, SAR Gilani was acquitted by Delhi High Court after the prosecution failed to produce any concrete evidence against him. In this exclusive interview, Gilani tells Syed Asma that Afzal would have been alive if a proper lawyer had represented him in trial court

Welcome! Log into your account. your username. your passwor Rona Wilson is the public relations secretary for the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners. He was at the forefront of the struggle to release SAR Geelani in the 2001 Parliament attack case. Pune Police had raided his home in April 2018, and he was arrested on June 6, 2018

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The Special Cell says SAR Geelani led them to Afzal. But the message to look out for Afzal was actually flashed to the Srinagar police before Geelani was arrested. So how did the Special Cell connect Afzal to the December 13 attack? Weeks before the sting operation, in a recorded interview to Parvaiz Bukhari (at that time a freelance. PM Interview is very clear and firm determination of people of Pakistan. Pakistan is a democratic country and the decision is based on 220 million people of Pakistan. SAR Geelani, a professor of Delhi University was sentenced to be hanged for a two minute conversation with his family in the occupied Kashmir. The police mistranslated the.

Speech of WSN Editor Jagmohan Singh About Prof. SAR Geelani, Kashmir and Human Rights. Students For Society (SFS) and Punjab Human Rights Organisation (PHRO) marked World Human Rights Day on December 10, 2019 by organising an event in the memory of Kashmiri activist Prof. SAR Geelani. This is speech of S. Jagmohan Singh Strike called by separatist groups against the arrest of ex-Delhi University Professor SAR Geelani and JNU students has crippled the life in Jammu and Kashmir. Geelani and other students including. Meanwhile, the other accused SAR Geelani was acquitted on 29 October, 2003. When Afzal was hanged in Tihar, Geelani called the UPA government's decision a cruel and politically motivated gimmick and said the police and investigative agencies fabricated evidence against Afzal and the whole system is biased and he had faced the heat. Condemn the continuing harassment of Prof. SAR Geelani since the illegal execution of Mohd. Afzal Guru ! In a highly reprehensible act the fascist, Special Cell of the Delhi Police made an attempt to seize the phones of Prof. SAR Geelani, the President of CRPP today (18 February 2013) morning at his residence in Zakir Nagar FACTS OF THE CASE- On 13th December, 2001, five heavily armed persons entered the premises of Parliament House complex and killed the security personnel on the duty. The gun battle between the terrorists and the security guards went on for 30 minutes which led to the death of all the five terrorists and 13 guard

Exoterically, Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is an alliance of opposition political parties struggling for the derailment of Khan's regime. In reality, the case is much more complex to be comprehended. The esoteric purpose of the movement is to minimize the role of establishment in politics, avoid engineered political patterns, restore democratic values and secure the [ The CRPP was founded by SAR Geelani, who had been arrested in 2001-02 and accused of having conspiring in the attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001. He was held for over a year before being released, and acquitted of all charges in 2005. He and Rona had been close friends and fellow human rights activists since their days as.

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Perhaps what has been most baffling about the fallout from JNU, following the February 9 protest, has been the reckless reporting in many quarters of the mainstream media and across the web Vinod K. Jose, or Vinod Kizhakkeparambil Joseph, (born 1980) is a journalist, editor, and magazine founder from India. In 2009, Jose was hired by Delhi Press to re-launch the company's 70-year-old title The Caravan, which was discontinued in 1988.He is currently the executive editor of The Caravan, which calls itself India's only narrative journalism magazine and is published in the English. December 13's Bodily Fluids. By Arundhati Roy & Amit Sengupta. 10 January, 2007 Countercurrents.org. On December 13, 2001, the Indian Parliament was attacked by five (some say six) armed men

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In a March 1964 interview, she offered this capsule view of her childhood: I was born in a little town called Monroeville, Alabama, on April 28, 1926. Former DU professor SAR Geelani's bail. SAR Geelani and Afshan Geelani were later acquitted of all charges on their appeal, while Shokat Hussain's death sentence was turned into ten year imprisonment, while the verdict for Afzal Guru remained unchanged. In a ground breaking exposure, an Indian political and cultural journal 'Caravan' has published an interview of Swami. SAR Geelani was picked up for questioning and was later arrested from Delhi. Two others - Afsan Guru and her husband Shaukat Hussain Guru — were picked up later. On 29 December 2001, Afzal was sent to 10-day police remand. In June 2002, charges were framed against all four of them.. Eighty witnesses were examined for the prosecution and ten. Arrests of Kanhaiya Kumar, SAR Geelani reignite debate on 'sedition' law - Congress spokesperson and senior lawyer Kapil Sibal said the Supreme Court has clearly defined sedition as an attempt to overthrow the established government through the means of violence, making a case that the government was falsely implicating JNU students' union president 23-01-2013 CONTD SC judgment in the Parliament attack case, which narrated that Ram Jethmalani, appearing for SAR Geelani, had cited a TV interview given by Mohammed Afzal to a TV channel purportedly confessing to his guilt but absolving Geelani

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New Delhi, Feb 16: Former Delhi University lecturer SAR Geelani was arrested today on sedition and other charges in connection with an event here in which anti-India slogans were raised, police said ന്യൂ ഡ ൽ ഹി: ഡ ൽ ഹി യൂ നി വേ ഴ് സി റ്റി മു ൻ പ്ര ഫ സ റും മ നു ഷ്യാ വ കാ ശ പ്ര വ. Interview with Afzal Guru - Voice of Kashmir Freedom Struggle. New Delhi based Journalist Vinod K. Jose meets Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru inside the high security Tihar Jail in New Delhi. Read excerpts from this rare interview with Afzal. A rusted table, and behind it stood a well-built man in uniform holding a spoon in his hand Jethmalani appeared in the appeal of SAR Geelani against his conviction by the trial court in the Parliament attack case. He was awarded death penalty. The High Court acquitted him in 2003, which was later affirmed by the Supreme Court. Jethmalani appeared for him in the HC and SC. Welcoming Geelani's acquittal, the senior counsel said. JNU row: All about SAR Geelani and Kanhaiya Kumar Phd scholar suicide: HRD committee finds anaomalies in handling of suspension issue Interview: Some professors in Hyderabad University teach.

Tarsem Jassar, who has been active in the Farmers protest, is an open Bhindranwale sympathiser, with a song on Bhindranwale released in 2017 too! Singer Kanwar Grewal, a 'Sant Bhindranwale' sympathiser, extensively toured Punjab for the Farmers Protest. Sidhu Moosewala, who released a song on Khalistan in 2020, has been a vocal spokesperson. Late Kuldip Nayyar, who once in an interview said, He fought for the release of Parliament attack accused SAR Geelani. Rona Wilson (Op-India 8 June 2018) The Robinhood - Arun Ferreira - He used to distribute drugs and money to poor tribals. He was in Nagpur jail for 5 years, from 2007 to 2012 due to alleged Maoist links I have been called an anti-national, says lawyer Kamini Jaiswal, who had represented SAR Geelani, a Delhi University professor who was arrested in the Parliament attack case of 2001

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Gazi Baba was shot in an encounter with security forces in 2004. His body was recognised by Afzal's brother. Only four accused were arrested: Afzal Guru, his cousin Shaukat Hussain Guru, Shaukat's wife Afsan Guru and SAR Geelani, a teacher of Arabic in Delhi University. Geelani and Afsan were acquitted The Supreme Court later upheld the death sentence of Afzal Guru but acquitted SAR Geelani and Afshan. Showkat was sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment and released in 2011 while Guru was hanged and buried in Tihar jail on February 9, 2013 However, effective investigations revealed the involvement of four accused namely Afzal Guru, Shaukat Hussain, SAR Geelani, and Navjot Sandhu. The mercy plea of Afzal Guru, who was sentenced to. In an interview to a Pakistani weekly the Friday Times, Geelani said, Lashkar and Jaish are our friends. They are our benefactors. They have been sacrificing their lives for us. And they have never acted in a manner that is against humanity or morality. 'Miyan ki Juti Miyan ka Sar' Geelani,. Former DU lecturer SAR Geelani arrested on sedition charge 16 Feb, 2016, 08.46 AM IST Geelani was arrested around 3 AM at the Parliament Street police station under IPC sections 124A (sedition), 120B (criminal conspiracy) and 149 (unlawful assembly) He was later found guilty along with three others - SAR Geelani, Shaukat Hussain Guru and Afsan Guru. While Afsan Guru was let off, the other three were awarded death sentence by the trial court. In 2003, Jaish-e-Mohammad leader Ghazi Baba, prime accused in the attack , was killed in an encounter with the Border Security Force (BSF) in Srinagar