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The original blue American rabbits were initially known as the German Blue Vienna, later renamed as the American Blue, after World War 1. They were developed, in Pasadena, CA, by Lewis H Salisbury in 1917 and then recognized as a new breed of domesticated rabbit by the ARBA in 1918. The white variety of the American rabbit gained recognition, in 1925, by the ARBA. This breed is. Yankee Hill Rabbitry is a small operation dedicated to the preservation of the American Blue endangered rabbit, a Heritage breed. We are an ARBA registered rabbitry with registration numbers KELLMA09 and KELLLI02. Our American Blues produce between four and six pedigreed litters a year with the kits for sale to good homes

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American Blue Rabbitry. 238 likes. I sell and breed American Blue Rabbits! I also breed American Blues with Angoras. I sell purebred American Blues for $40 each. I sell mixes for $15 This was a time when the American Rabbits popularity was at a peak, Thus the interest in the America Rabbit breed was once again sparked and a concerted effort has been launched to save the breed. The American Rabbit breed, the Blue variety, was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1918 American Blue Rabbits. Originally developed as a meat and fur rabbit, the American standard calls for bucks to weigh 9 lbs and does to weigh 10 lbs at senior weight. Long in body, topline starting behind the shoulder, the topline rises high over the hindquarter and down again, with a wide meaty loin The American comes in two colors, blue and white; we raise the blue variety. The American is a large dual purpose rabbit that can reach 10-12 lbs as an adult with a lovely mandolin body shape. I have found these rabbits to be some of the most gentle we've come across. They've been the easiest to breed, with good sized litters

The average weight of an adult black Viennese rabbit is slightly larger than its blue ancestor. Numerical indicators range from 4.5 to 5.5 kg. White Viennese - opposite. The size and weight is inferior to its blue fellow. Its average weight is about 3-4.5 kg. The lifespan of the snow-white handsome is about 5-7 years The American rabbit was originally named the German Blue Vienna. With the United States' entrance into World War I against Germany, the name was changed to the American Blue. The American is a large breed, with mature bucks weighing 9 to 11 pounds and does weighing 10 to 12 pounds. Americans are recognized in both blue and white varieties The American Blue Rabbit originally comes from Pasadena, California, developed and introduced by Lewis H. Salisbury in 1917. Like many American people, the American breed rabbit is a combination of immigrants welded together by blood to become a distinctly different and American creation. At least three different breeds of rabbit were used An example of a medium-sized rabbit, adult Americans weigh between 4-5.5 kg (8.8-12.1 lb), with does (females) being slightly larger than the bucks (males)

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  1. The American Rabbit Breeders Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, development and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy. With almost 20,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, and abroad, our members range from the pet owner with one animal to the breeder or commercial raiser with several hundred. Whether you own rabbits and cavies for pet, show.
  2. Lop-eared rabbits are easily recognizable due to their large, floppy ears. The American Rabbit Breeders Association accepts five varieties, and new lop-eared rabbit breeds are constantly being bred. Lop-eared rabbits are very popular with house rabbit owners, but sometimes their characteristic ears also need a little extra attention. Make sure your lop's ears are clean on both the inside and.
  3. The Silver Fox Rabbit is the second breed to have originated in the United States thanks to Walter B. Garland of North Canton, Ohio. This multi-purpose breed was developed by crossing Checkered Giants, Champagne D'Argent and either English Silvers and/or American Blue rabbits. The breed was recognized and a working standard was approved by.
  4. The American rabbit is a multi-purpose animal developed for meat and fur, with the blue variety being the deepest blue color of any of the recognized breeds in America. The National Breeders and Fanciers Association of America (now known as the American Rabbit Breeders Association, Inc., or ARBA) recognized the breed with an official standard.
  5. Weight M/F Color Litter Size Temperament: Mothering Experience: Notes American: United States Watch: Meat & fur 9-11/10-12: Blue, white 8-10 : Docile Good: Novice Select for good mandolin body shape; the blue variety is the deepest blue color of all rabbits American Chinchilla: United States Watch: Meat & fur 9-11/10-12: Silvery, white and.

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  1. The Dutch Rabbit is a very gentle and a well dispositional animal. They make a make a great rabbit for the beginner to the well advanced exhibitor. The senior (over 6 months) weight should be between 3 1/2 lbs to 5 1/2 lbs
  2. Americans are large rabbits with mature bucks weighing 9 to 11 pounds and does at 10 to 12 pounds. They are a hardy breed, docile in nature, produce large litters and are typically good mothers. Fryers make marketable weight fairly quickly and are easily kept on wire bottom hutches
  3. Himalayans are one of the oldest breeds of rabbit known throughout the world, dating back to ancient times in countries like China, Tibet, and Russia. It is one of the few breeds that was not man-made by crossing different breeds of rabbit. Black Himalayans are the only true and pure Himalayans*. Blue, Chocolate, and Lilac Himalayans are man.
  4. You can see the Flemish, the Vienna, and the Imperial in the mandolin shape of the American rabbit. The American rabbit is a multi-purpose animal developed for meat and fur. They come in two colors of blue and white. This rabbit is on the threatened list and if you want to help a breed get back up in numbers this is one to try

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Weight: Up to 12 lbs. The Silver Fox is a breed that originated in America thanks to the efforts of Walter Garland from North Canton, Ohio. They were developed from the crossing of Checkered Giants, Champagne D'Argent and American Blue Rabbits (although there may have been some English Silvers as well) Average body weight of the American Chinchilla rabbit is about 4-5.5 kg

American: Weight: 9 - 12 pounds. Body Type: Slate blue or white. This rabbit has well-rounded hindquarters, narrow shoulders, and long erect ears. American Chinchilla: Weight: 9 - 12 pounds. Body Type: Medium length body with well rounded hindquarters. Base of each hair is slate blue. intermediate band id pearl, top band is black The weight chart shows minimum and maximum weights according to the American Rabbit Breeders Association Standard of Perfection. Actual weights for rabbits sold as pets may vary as much as 2 or 3 pounds. Chart of Breeds American: Weight: 9 - 12 pounds. Body Type: Slate blue or white. This rabbit has well-rounded hindquarters, narrow shoulders, and long erect ears. American fuzzy lop: Weight: 3 to 4 pounds. Body Type: These small rabbits have a large, flatted bulldog face and lopped ears, and look somewhat like a Holland Lop with long fur. They have been bred in many different colors

Mar 19, 2009. 6,997. 4,068. 491. If it takes six months to get your rabbits to what they should weigh by eight weeks, it doesn't sound to me like your rabbits are healthy so much as they are starving. You can get feeds that are not GMO, although all the hysteria about GMO feeds escapes me The American rabbit breed was developed in the early 20th century by Californian Lewis Salisbury. Blue Americans became a recognized breed in 1917 and the white coloring was added in 1925. Americans were developed as a dual purpose breed for both meat and fur use. The breed became very popular, but after the 1950s breeding numbers dropped The average female Blue Heeler has a height of between 17-18″ (45-48 cm) at the shoulder, and a weight of between 30-35 lbs. (14-16 kg) The average male Blue Heeler stands at 18-20″ (46-51 cm) at the shoulder, and a weight of between 35-50 lbs. (14-22 kg) As you can see, there is little difference - particularly in height, amongst the two

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Heritage American Blue Rabbits. August 19, 2019 ·. Well as promised, several weeks late, pics of my litters or at least what I have left right now. Range from 5 weeks to 12 weeks. The two individuals are two sweeties I kept from a previous litter. This damn Missouri humidity has given them that dreaded brownish color, but when they molt they. The American Blue rabbit is a breed known for being multipurpose for their meat and fur. Originally developed in California to create an ideal blue breed, it is now rare and hard to find and it's exclusive to North America. They display a mandolin body shape with a deep blue color. There is also a white variety Weight Gain Diet for Underweight Rabbits. Rabbit's digestive systems are very efficient at squeezing every last bit of nutrition out of their food so a rabbit generally only becomes underweight if there is an underlying medical condition causing the problem A medium sized rabbit, the American Sable usually weighs between 8 to 10 lbs, with females weighing more than males, and has a commercial body type. They have a rounded head with dark eyes and erect ears that stand on top of their head. Coat. The American Sable's coat is a soft, fine and dense coat. Although their fur is thin, they can.

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  1. The American Chinchilla Rabbit caps out at somewhere between 9 lbs and 12 lbs in weight (this is small compared to the giant Chinchilla Rabbit which starts at 12 lb and goes all the way up to 16 lb!) The American Chinchilla has your typical commercial body. It is nice and stocky, with a good coat
  2. The Silver Fox is a large breed of rabbit, with senior (adult) does weighing 10 to 12 lbs and senior bucks between 9 and 11 lbs. Body should be medium length with filled, meaty shoulders and hindquarters. The most important breed features are the long fur and an evenly silvered coat. The coat displays a slight coarse texture and when brushed.
  3. Listed by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) as having a maximum weight of 16 pounds, the Giant Chinchilla rabbit breed was developed in the United States in 1921 by Edward H. Stahl. The purpose of this rabbit breed was to produce valuable chinchilla fur on a larger animal
  4. The blue American rabbit was developed in Pasadena, California by Lewis H. Salisbury in 1917. Some suggest that the America was the first rabbit breed developed in the United States, however, the New Zealand Red predated the American Blue by several years. Mr. Salisbury did not disclose what breeds were used to come to this variety
  5. Most show rabbits have pedigrees. However, not all rabbits with pedigrees qualify for official registration with the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Why Should You Register Your Rabbits? 3-generation rabbit pedigree. Now that you have purchased a pedigreed rabbit, you may decide that you want to register the rabbit
  6. The Beveren was derived from crosses of the Brabanconne, St. Nicolas Blue, and the Blue Vienna. In 1902, within Beveren, Belgium, the first standard was instituted for the Blue Rabbit of Beveren. After its introduction into the United States, it was recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association on December 3, 1925
  7. Pedigreed American Blue Bunny Rabbits for sale in Johnstown, Pennsylvania $40 Share it or review it. Americans are large rabbits with mature bucks weighing 9 to 11 pounds and does at 10 to 12 pounds. They have a mandolin shaped body and deep blue fur with matching eyes..

Nebelung means creature of the mist in German. This blue cat certainly seems like it could disappear into the fog of an early morning. An elegant and uniformly blue-gray cat, the Nebelung is often compared to a long-haired Russian blue. These blue cats do resemble the Russian longhair cats that were popular in the late 1800s Physical Characteristics of the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit. Size: Small size Weight: 3-4lb (1.4-1.8kg) Life expectancy: 5-8 years Litter size: around 4-6 Kittens per litter (2-4 litters per year) Coat Color: Pure White or Agouti (white mixed with a Chinchilla, Lynx, Opal, Chestnut or Squirrel color), solid color or broken pattern Coat type: A dense coat, super soft, wool type coat Polish rabbit colors. The breeds have different colors, but only six of them are recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders' Association.These six colors include Blue-eyed white, chocolate, Black, blue, Ruby-eyed white, and a broken pattern i.e., a mixture of any color with the white color

As one of the original meat rabbits and a heritage breed, the American Blue is a great addition to your barn or home. If you are interested in raising rabbits for meat or fur, show or pet, the American Blue may be the bunny for you 8.5-11. Good meat to bone ratio. Relatively new breed. It is important to know that when raising rabbits for meat that the older the rabbit gets, the tougher the meat becomes. The perfect butchering age is around 8 weeks of age. This means you will need a larger breed so it will be a decent size by the 8-week mark

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The one already on YT was really low quality so I took the liberty of ripping a better quality version The American rabbit breed is a very calm, quiet, and docile breed that is developed in 1917 in California. Americans were used commercially for fur and meat in the 1900s but later on it also become a great pet. It is a medium to large breed that has two color variety; the White American with red eyes and the other having the deepest blue color Enjoy a big surprise now on DHgate.com to buy all kinds of discount american blue rabbits 2021! DHgate.com provide a large selection of promotional american blue rabbits on sale at cheap price and excellent crafts. See your favorite ironman costumes and female super hero discounted & on sale. Free shipping available

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American blue rabbits for sale in Portland, Oregon. $50. Share it or review it. If you have ever wanted to raise a rare breed of rabbit and help keep them alive! Well here's your chance! I have Two purebred American's in blue for sale! These are marvelous rabbits with great personalities. They are a heritage meat breed with a large meaty loin The 10 Rarest Rabbit Breeds 1. American Blue Rabbit. View this post on Instagram. A post shared by Socks & Chonk (@socks_and_chonk) They were first known as the German Blue Vienna, but because of World War I, it was changed to the American Blue Rabbit. It is unique to North America and has become the rarest rabbit breed in the United States These come out of BEW and carry the Vienna Blue-eyed gene. These are able to breed back to other BEW rabbits to get more BEW rabbits. Current Standards for showing Fuzzy Lops: Weight limit for juniors (under 6 months): 3 3/4lbs. Weight limit for senior bucks and does: 4lbs. How it's evened up (points) Head - 30. Body - 30 People often get confused about whether a rabbit is a Mini Lop or a Holland Lop. Weight can usually give you the best clue, as Mini Lops are larger than Holland Lops. A video posted to YouTube by PetRabbits also sheds some light on this question. Colors. The American Rabbit Breeders Association recognizes many colors for Mini Lop rabbits. They.

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This breed is more heat-tolerant and gains more weight quicker than other breeds?reaching up to 10 to 20 pounds. For more information, visit The Rabbit Breeding & Teaching Program at TAMUK.Breeds developed for fur include American Chinchilla, Checkered Giant, Silver Marten, and Rex. The Angora was developed for wool and meat It looks similar to the Holland lop, but the wool coming from this rabbit is comparable with the Angora rabbit breeds. The American fuzzy lop has shorter wools than the commercial Angora rabbit. Adult American fuzzy lops can weigh up to 4 pounds, and this is the ideal weight for a specimen to qualify for the show

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A white one. Quick Facts. Purpose: Meat, pelts, shows, laboratory tests and as a pet.It is the most common table rabbit and for animal testing. Size: Large rabbit; Weight: 10 to 12 lb. (4.5 to 5.5kgs).The does are larger than bucks; Lifespan: 5 to 8 years; Country of Origin: America (California); Who they are suited for: Singles, couples, families with children, seniors, first-time pet owner In 1938 the American Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Association recognized the Blue-eyed White variety of Polish. Mr. Samuel E. Rice of Saugus, MA is credited with the development of this variety. In 1920 he had purchased 6 REW does and 3 REW bucks from W. E. Dexter. He used a 2.5 lb REW buck bred to two 8 lb BEW Beveren does

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In 1902, within Beveren, Belgium, the first standard was instituted for the Blue Rabbit of Beveren with the first exhibition of the Beveren Blue presented in Norwich, Great Britain during 1905. However, after its introduction into the United States, it was later recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association on December 3, 1925 The male senior Beveren Rabbit will be more than eight months of age and they will have a maximum body weight, ranging from 8 lbs to 11 lbs (3.6 to 5 kg), whereas the females more than eight months of age will have a maximum body weight between 9 lbs and 12 lbs (4 kg and 5.5 kg) Now the breed is called the Million Dollar Rabbit. Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants, just to name a couple of breeds used. The Giant Chinchilla has been purebred for over 45 years. The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is one of the few rabbit breeds that was created in America 1-48 of 113 results for rabbit scale Price and other details may vary based on size and color. Digital Pet Scale, Small Animal Scale with Tape Measure, Multi-Function LCD Electronic Scale with 22 lbs Capacity, Mini Newborn Pet Scale for Measuring Hamster/Hedgehog/Kitten Pet Scale, Infant Scale with Hold Function, Blue Backlight, Weight.

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© 2008-2021 • American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club • All Rights Reserved 36 Pets and Animals. Cities. 16 Birmingham rabbits. 11 Huntsville rabbits. 8 Decatur rabbits. 3 Mobile rabbits. 3 Madison rabbits. 3 Magnolia Springs rabbits. 2 Tuscaloosa rabbits

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The American Chinchilla, also called the 'Heavyweight Chinchilla', is one among the three Chinchilla rabbit breeds characterized by a medium-length, stocky body. Initially bred for their fur and meat, the American Chinchilla Rabbits have now become increasingly popular as pets that are also displayed in competitions and exhibitions Indiana House Rabbit Society Rabbits are: Rescued from shelters or abandoned strays rescued from certain death. Screened by a veterinarian at the time of rescue and treated for any illness. Spayed or neutered prior to placement. Housed in foster homes as part of the family or at the Rabbit Adoption Center where they are socialized by Indiana. The New Zealand Black and New Zealand Blue were developed in Britain but these varieties are far less common than the original White. Appearance. The New Zealand White is a large rabbit with an average weight of 4-5kg (9 - 12lbs). New Zealand Whites have a substantial build, the body is broad with rounded haunches and short, powerful legs Mature weight: 12 pounds. Known for: Americans are friendly and easy to handle. The American rabbit is a mandolin shaped rabbit that comes in white or blue. They are know for being friendly and active. Certain breeding stock lines are capable of very fast growth, check out the video for details

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The American Rabbit Breed Affiliation (ARBA) standard recognized seven distinctive colors for this breed: dark, blue, stoop, sandy, light gray, steel gray, and white. They appear standard least weight fora senior doe is 6.4 kilograms, and also the show standard minimum weight of a Senior buck is 5.9 kilograms. Behaviour and Lifestyl If you own a Netherland dwarf- the tiny one then your rabbit may weigh 1 to 1.5 kilograms. But never compare your rabbit's weight with giant angora breeds. They are far more than that. Age: Age is another vital reason for your rabbit's more or less weight. Through age, a rabbit starts to grow and its food habit and others start changing. The Pygmy rabbit (Sylvilagus idahoensis) (Fig. 3) is the smallest rabbit in North America, measuring only 11 inches in length. It is slate-gray with a buff-colored tail and is found in the dense sagebrush and rabbitbrush areas of south-central Washington (where fewer than 50 of these rabbits exist) Introduced Rabbits Springdale, AR. American Blue Rabbitry. I sell and breed American Blue Rabbits! I also breed American Blues with Angoras. I sell purebred American Blues for $40 each. I sell mixes for $15. I have American Blue Reserve Grand Champion female. I breed her to sell her babies. $40 - $50 Today the ARBA (american Rabbit Breeders Association) is working on reintroducing the blue variety and breeders are working on the chocolate variety in hope that one day, it too, will be added to the standard. Docile, even tempered and easy to raise, the Silver Fox Rabbit is ideal for rabbit enthusiasts, young and old

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We are located in Kent Washington which is about 25 minutes south of Seattle. In 2011 we bought our first pair of New Zealand bunnies and fell in love! Shortly after we also started breeding angoras. Now we specialize in raising rare colored Holland lops including blue eyed vienna marked buns. Rabbits have been therapeutic pets to our family. American Weigh Scale Card Series High Precision Mini Pocket Weight Scale, Blue, 600 X 0.1 G (CARD2-600-BLU) 3.1 out of 5 stars 5 $14.19 $ 14 . 19 ($14.19/Count 3. high-fiber fruits (10% of the fresh part of the diet - none if dieting). - for adults (1 to 5 years) - no more than 2 oz. (2 TBL) per 6 lbs. body weight. - for adults, an approximate amount to feed would be around 1 cup of greens for 2 lbs of rabbit body weight. You may need to test your buns individual limits

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